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Regional features of Ukrainian embroideries

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

For many centuries Ukrainians have been decorating clothes with various embroidered patterns and ornaments.

Ukrainian national embroidery is known, popular and in demand far beyond Ukraine.

Male and female embroideries in different regions of the country significantly differ from each other both by the technique of the embroidery itself, and by the shape, color scheme and patterns.

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Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

Some stitching techniques and patterns can be found only in a certain ethnographic part of Ukraine.

So, today we know more than 100 different stitching techniques.

Its individual-unique manner of embroidery is in every area.

People who are interested in the traditions of Ukrainian embroideries, at first glance at the shirt, will be able to determine in which region of Ukraine it was made.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

In the Poltava region, towels and shirts are embroidered smoothly and with only white thread.

Only in very rare cases could girls use gray or red threads.

Embroidered patterns on the shirt manikins were surrounded by black, rarely colored stripes.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

In Polissya, embroidery is distinguished by some strictness and simplicity.

Geometric figures are repeated several times, thereby creating one inseparable ornament.

Most often used red thread.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

Quite simple, but at the same time, unique patterns are inherent in Volyn embroidery.

It was performed on a white or grayish linen cloth with a red thread.

Geometric patterns were the most popular, however, in the northern part of the region, vegetable patterns predominated - berries, flowers, leaves.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

In southern Ukraine , vegetable ornament and cross-stitch technique are especially popular.

In this region use a wide color palette.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

In the Kharkov region, embroidery was also performed with a coarse red thread using "cross" technique, as a result of which the patterns looked embossed.

However, it is in this region that one prevailing technique or ornament can not be determined.

Kharkov masters borrowed ornaments and patterns from different regions of Ukraine.

Therefore, the variety of techniques and drawings on Kharkov embroidered shirts can only be envied.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

The unique technique of embroidery is Chernigovshchina .

The technique is that the stitches are made with very thin threads.

If you look from afar, you get the impression that the shirts are embroidered with beads.

By the way, it is the Chernigov region that is one of the few in Ukraine, where the craftsmen really create whole works of art using beads for embroidery.

The variety of patterns and the color scale of Chernihiv embroideries are amazing - these are the most diverse geometric and floral patterns, made by a combination of white, red and black threads.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

As for the Kiev region , then there is an interlacing in one work of various ornaments (plant and geometric).

The most popular are the image of grapevines, cones, diamonds and squares.

The craftsmen use bright red and white threads.

In order to identify individual elements of the ornament, they are, as it were, surrounded by a black thread.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

Podil craftsmen on the same shirt can use several different techniques and types of seams - a cross, smoothness, a hand seam.

Most embroideries are very bright and colorful, using a wide color palette.

Most often, the ornament is executed mainly in one color, however small details are embroidered with colorful threads.

Due to this Podolskie embroideries look very colorful and bright.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

Ternopil patterns look quite convex due to dense stitches.

Ornaments completely adorn the sleeves of shirts.

Often use only one thread - red or black - however, the patterns must be covered with a thin thread of contrasting color.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

Vinnytsia traditional embroidery united almost all the existing techniques and ornaments.

However, despite this, the product still prevails one color.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

An incredible variety of patterns and ornaments has long been famous for Carpathian embroidery.

This is the image of animals, and flowers, and trees, and various geometric shapes in combination with each other.

Moreover, the unique features of embroidery have almost every village.

Carpathian shirts are considered to be the most colorful ones.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

Lviv masters leave a free white space between the elements of embroidery.

Due to this, patterns of embroideries look light and airy.

This region is also characterized by the combination in one product of different patterns and ornaments.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

Bukovina embroidery is famous for its variety of embroidery materials.

Here, silver and gold threads, silk, wool, and beads are used.

A variety of techniques and ornaments are used.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

A variety of compositions, patterns, ornaments and color solutions can be found on Hutsul embroideries.

Red dominates, which is very successfully combined with green and yellow.

Popular ornaments are herbal and geometric.

Региональные особенности украинских вышиванок

A distinctive feature of Transcarpathian shirts is the widespread use of zigzags as ornament.

The color scheme is red-black.