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How to crack a password in Excel (Excel password hacking)

Как взломать пароль в Excel (Взлом пароля Excel)

Have you ever set a password to an important Excel file and safely forgot it? I've had this happen often. In addition, sometimes a very valuable and interesting file came across, but it was password-protected and in order to gain access to it, it was necessary to pick up a password.

I would like to tell you about the various methods of solving this problem. How can you choose (restore) a password to MS Office files, including Excel. To increase the speed of selecting a password, some programs can connect a graphics card graphics processor (GPU). The password pickup speed is increased up to 40 times.

100% working plugin for hacking the password to Excel documents

Instructions on how to break an Excel document password:

  1. 1. Download file
  2. 2. Run Excel document
  3. 3. Download the downloaded file as a Visual Basic module.
  4. 4. Choose from the top menu - "Remove Password"
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Как взломать пароль в Excel (Взлом пароля Excel)

What is important to know when selecting (hacking) an Excel file?

The password is set on an Excel workbook (copy protection, deletion, rename, change, etc.), on a sheet (protection from editing cells of a given sheet), on VBA (protection against viewing and editing code) the program finds instantly, or rather does not find, just opens access with another password, that is, the password set by the author you will not know, but you hack the protection.

It is quite another thing - the password to open the Excel file.

Excel 2000-2003 and 2007-2013 use different file encryption algorithms. In this case, the password in the Excel 2000-2003 file is selected ten times faster than in versions 2007-2013.

For example, I set the password 99999 to an Excel 2003 file (files with the .xls extension) and Excel 2013 (files with the .xlsx extension). The first file the program cracked in 19 seconds, in Excel 2013 it took about an hour to find the password on my average PC power.

Very often, the password is set as a date of birth, for example, 23021983 (February 23, 1983), so I put an 8-digit numeric password and launched OFFICE Password Recovery, specifying the type of password search — only numbers. Excel 2003 - the file was hacked in 53 seconds, Excel 2013 - the program shows that it will take about 35 days.

If the password is more complex and contains numbers and letters, for example, pass123, then the program goes through the passwords from its database (about 2.5 billion passwords). It took 19 minutes for my PC to iterate through these combinations in Excel 2003, Excel 2013 (186 million passwords - 69 days)

Let's summarize when OFFICE Password Recovery can be useful:

  • When hacking the protection of a book (change, copy, etc.), a sheet or VBA projects (instant hacking);
  • If you know that the password consists of numbers only (guaranteed and acceptable time)
  • If you know the password structure, for example, remember that the password starts with the word Vasya, and then some other numbers and the like (use a mask when selecting a password).
  • If Excel 2003 (files that end in .xls), you can try to run on a common database, dictionaries, etc. (very high speed selection)

If I had to crack (pick up) the password in Excel (for opening) and at the same time I wouldn’t have what it looks like, then for starters, I would look at the file extension, if it looks like “Document xl” then this is Excel 2000-2003. Therefore, I would run it through the OFFICE Password Recovery program, first setting the password “Only digits”, from 1 to 10 numbers (this is approximately 1.5 hours), if the password was not chosen, I would choose “Use by script” (this is approximately 20 minutes), if not found, I would select “Brute force”, set “All capital Latin” and “Numbers only”, the length of the password would set 7 (approximately 11 hours) or 8 (approximately 16 days) depending on the importance of the document and willingness to wait so much. If you fail, I think I would have thrown this thing.

Как взломать пароль в Excel (Взлом пароля Excel)

If the document looks like “Document.xlsx”, then this is Excel version 2007-2013, at first I would drive only by numbers, setting the password length to 7 numbers (this is about 3 days), if I’ve failed, I’d only send all Latin ones capital letters, password length 5 (about 4.5 days). The rest would try only depending on the importance of the document and the ability to wait for the file to be hacked for more than a month.

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