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All for a photo

Все для фотографии

In each photo there is an instant of your life ... Be it a family photo, on which your kid touches his cheek with his palm. Or a portrait on which the eyes, emotions, movement tells about your state of mind. Or it's photos of your trip that will hold memories of those unforgettable days ...

Snapshots are often made only to stop these moments, to preserve the memory of events or places where a person has been. But sometimes I want to see something in the photo that will evoke emotions regardless of memories, I want to make a beautiful photo that will hang on the wall as if it opens a window to some other world - where we have not been and It is unlikely that we will. A window into the world of art.

The world of photography is very multifaceted and complex ... Let's create this world together, the world of digital photography! It's so nice, after looking at the photo, again to feel the thrill, warmth and fabulous emotions of the sealed moment!