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How to look better in photos?

Как выглядеть лучше на фотографиях?

Photography (Fr. photographie from the ancient Greek (genus. P.) “Light” and “writing”; light painting is a technique of drawing with light) - obtaining and storing an image using a photosensitive material or a photosensitive matrix in a camera.

Also, a photograph or a photograph (outdated photograph), or simply a snapshot, refers to the final image obtained as a result of the photographic process and viewed by the person directly (meaning both the frame of the developed film and the image in electronic or printed form). In a broader sense, photography is the art of taking photographs, where the main creative process is finding and choosing a composition, lighting, and the moment (or moments) of a photograph. This choice is determined by the skill and skill of the photographer, as well as his personal preferences and taste, which is also characteristic of any kind of art.

Not everyone likes to be photographed or photographed. This is not surprising, because the photographs show our hidden flaws, which we would like to hide or fix. And the photo makes us remember them once more! We offer you magic tricks with the help of which you will always look so charming in pictures, even if you aren’t photographed by a professional or you don’t know how to present yourself. The main thing is not to be ashamed of yourself! Photographing should bring only pleasure. Depending on the characteristics of the structure of the body of each person and the specifics of his appearance, you can choose the best angles - then the frames will be really beautiful.

How to look slimmer in the photo?

The camera makes people fuller - and that's a fact ! Do not worry, because to solve this problem is easy. If you are photographed in a direct perspective, you are guaranteed to get bigger than it actually is.

Instead, it is enough to deviate 45 degrees from the camera, put your weight on one leg, set back, lay your hands behind your back. The golden rule is to bend over and bend the leg that you are putting weight on when you're in the frame. Success is guaranteed!

This interesting video will help you figure out how to properly pose.


Dark colored clothes are slim. Simple rule, but very effective.


Do not get along with a thinner person, especially if you like clothes.


The one who is closest to the camera, will be the largest. Remember this law and do not stand there!


Use the details of clothing or relevant items to hide the protruding belly.


To emphasize the waist, do not put your hands on the sides of the figure. Need to do so, as this woman in the photo - the result is amazing. Her hands are free to lie on his stomach, as if forming a waist. This trick looks much better.

Как выглядеть лучше на фотографиях?

Chin - not a problem area, but part of the face! Famous photographer Peter Hurley, who himself was a model in the past, reveals his secrets. Hold your chin and tilt your head forward - this angle fits all. The video shows in detail how to use this technique during the shooting.

By the way, if you're pretty thin and worried about the portrait, just turn to the camera at an angle of seven eighths. At the same time you need to look a little away from the camera. Clothing is also important. It should be light colors. Well, if the background on which you will be photographed, will also be bright. Sleeves help hide skinny hands.

Как выглядеть лучше на фотографиях?

To look at ease and relaxed on a photo, ask the photographer to count to three before pressing the button. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Exhale right before they shoot you, open your eyes and smile. So you'll look naturally in the photo.

Visual tricks

A low person may rise to exaltation . If taking pictures of him will not be up to their full height, he will appear higher in the photo. And no one will notice! Another important angle shooting. If the photographer bends down and takes pictures, as it were, from below, and not from above, the photograph will visually appear as if the person is tall.

Finally, you just need to straighten up and straighten your shoulders . A confident person looks taller than he really is! This is especially evident in the photographs. And why slouch, if the growth is so small?

Как выглядеть лучше на фотографиях?

Tall people can be advised to sit at the time of shooting, so their growth will not be evident.

Youth in the frame

Often you want to look younger in photos, and then in the course is cosmetics. Do not forget that makeup usually looks brighter in photos than in life. In addition, it gives a more adult look, even to young girls. Do not overdo it!

To look young and positive on a photo, it is enough to be energetic. Static and boring photos will make anyone old. Black and white shots are a good option, often people like them a lot more.

Taking photos with pleasure is the main secret, thanks to which successful shots will be made. The art of photography is open to you. Knowing these secrets of posing, you will always look great in the frame.