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Tricks with which any pair on the photo will look like in Hollywood

Трюки фотосессии пары

Photos - taking photos of one or more people photographer. Photo sessions usually take place in the studio (studio photo shoot) or outdoors (visiting photoshoot on the background of the historical object). photoshoot Products (photoset) are used to illustrate magazines or to draw attention to the new film. Historically, photo shoots can be traced since 1912. Today photo shoot is an integral part of the modern wedding ritual. Itinerant photoshoot can attract the attention of the security services, if strategic objects fall into the camera lens.

Why stellar pair as good on the photo, no matter what position they have chosen? It's simple: they know the little secrets that help to emphasize strengths and hide unnecessary. We have gathered the most classic mistakes when shooting pairs in conventional poses and show you how not to repeat them. Be aware of these tricks, and your photos any pair will always look like a Hollywood couple!

Classic pose - "Embrace"

Трюки фотосессии пары

Try not to cover each other's hands, this makes an unnecessary emphasis on the hands, not the figures. Just expand the body to the camera and be sure to watch the posture, do not lower your head low.

Half-turned to face each other

Трюки фотосессии пары

Raised hand adds visual volume of the shoulder and arm itself. Moreover, it increases the optical figure. A little lower and bend it - it will look sleeker, plus visual body will become slimmer.

Take the arm

Трюки фотосессии пары

Leaning over and grabbing a partner, she will inadvertently overwhelm. And in general, a couple in the photo will be too relaxed. Take the girl by the arm, it is worth little to hide behind you - and this posture will become more effective.

Snuggling by side

Трюки фотосессии пары

It is better not to put his head on the shoulder of the partner: because of the difference in growth often looks ridiculous. Stand slightly behind him and gently touch the shoulder, remembering the posture and clutching his face. It looks more aesthetically pleasing, and visually figure becomes thinner.

Half-turned, right shoulder forward

Трюки фотосессии пары

As already said, be careful not to close the hand partner. Cuddle will look as if you press down on the girl. Correct posture - stand half-turned, but not sideways to the camera, straighten your shoulders and gently hug your partner.

posing sitting

Трюки фотосессии пары

In the desire to embrace the partner does not lean heavily on his whole body, and do not lean forward strongly. It is also wrong to put his hands on her shoulders completely. Stand slightly behind and slightly bend your partner. Place your hands gently on his shoulders, not to try to connect them need.

Poluobyatiya with a kiss

Трюки фотосессии пары

Avoid kissing on the forehead, the girl will have to bury you in the shirt. In this position, you can kiss a girl in the head, but it should not be raking in his arms, hugged lightly enough.

Poluobyatiya with a turn in the frame

Трюки фотосессии пары

Try not to lean their head to each other, so as not to be like Siamese twins. The shoulders should be straightened and slightly turned to the center.


Трюки фотосессии пары

Perfect moment - one second before the kiss. Sam kiss goes not so aesthetically pleasing on the photo for an active facial expressions, flattened noses. And often more like eating each other.

Pose in an embrace

Трюки фотосессии пары

Do not overdo it, embracing his partner, or turn into a strange figure. Just attract her to him, and, for example, the kiss on the cheek. Again, do not forget about posture.

Models: Mizev Anton and Anastasia Naumova.

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko.

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