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6 secrets which will allow to look ideally on a photo

Секреты идеального фото

The photo is able to help remember any moment of life or capture any person at this moment. This is why every person strives to look in the frame as effectively and attractively as possible.

We are sure that each person is beautiful and cute in his own way, but certain skills of a professional photographer will help to form a frame so that it is perfect.

Photographer Jodee Ball (Jodee Ball) has created a visual guide that reveals the main mistakes in posing.

Accept a laid-back pose

Секреты идеального фото

The S-shaped position of the body looks more relaxed, since there is no complete symmetry and soldiers' construction in the frame. Also, you should pay attention to the hands - the picture will look better if you have only your thumbs in your pocket, and the rest will be visible.

Expand the case to three quarters

Секреты идеального фото

To look slimmer in the photo, you should try to avoid a straight line of shoulders, for this you can expand the case to three quarters. In the second photo, both palms in the frame, they gently lie on the hip - this makes the pose easier and more elegant.

Watch your hands

Секреты идеального фото

Sometimes you need to touch the face in the frame. In this case, it is very important to ensure that the palm is not deployed into the camera, but smoothly repeats the face oval.

Lower your shoulder

Секреты идеального фото

A dropped shoulder visually lengthens the neck, making the face more open. Also it is necessary to avoid the hidden hands. On the second photo, the hand lies on the elbow, and does not hide behind it, and it looks much better.

Bend the knee

Секреты идеального фото

When posing sideways, do not forget about the S-shaped position of the body. You just need to slightly bend the knee and lower your shoulders slightly, and the silhouette will appear slimmer in the picture, and the pose as a whole will be more relaxed.

Tilt your head slightly

Секреты идеального фото

The picture will look much more interesting if you do not look at the camera at point-blank range, but slightly deploy the case. If you tilt your head a little, you will create the effect that you are looking at the camera from the bottom up - this is another way to get better in photography.