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Free online photo and image editor in Russian

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Бесплатный онлайн редактор фотографий и изображений на русском языке (аналог Фотошоп онлайн)

Despite the mention in the title, we are not talking about the world-famous photo editor PhotoShop, but about another noteworthy editor. Just the word Photoshop itself, like Photoshop online, has already become a household name, and they are often used to refer to any image editor. Just like copiers are called "photocopiers", and diapers are called "diapers", despite the fact that these are only the names of manufacturing companies.

On our site you can open and use the online image editing service from the famous company Pixlr, which in many ways reminds everyone of the famous Photoshop online. Unlike the online version of PhotoShop, this one works much faster, while offering a wide range of features and capabilities.

The service is an absolutely free photo editor in Russian, which also does not require registration!

Photoshop Online

Бесплатный онлайн редактор фотографий и изображений (аналог Фотошоп онлайн)
Free online photo and image editor (similar to Photoshop online)

The Pixlr service, like the online PhotoShop, is an interactive photo editor that allows you to edit a photo or any other image directly on the Internet, without downloading and installing any programs on your computer. Being directly on our website, you can upload and edit a photo: resize and crop the photo, glue the photos, add an inscription, adjust the brightness and contrast, and much more.

For its work, the online editor will only require an Internet connection and a flash plug-in installed in your browser (all recent versions of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera initially have this plug-in in the database, you will not need to install anything).

Vintage Retro Effect Editor

Бесплатный онлайн редактор винтажных ретро эффектов
Free online vintage retro effects editor

The main advantages of the service are high speed, excellent image quality and a fully Russified editor menu. Thanks to the Flash-based system, the download and image processing speeds are unparalleled on the Internet. No delays or temporary downtime, the editor works fine even on the weakest Internet speeds and low-power computers.

Detailed help on all the features of the service, unfortunately, is only in English so far. But we corrected this defect and posted on the pages of our site instructions for working in the editor in Russian. It will help you quickly learn the functions and settings of the service and use them to the maximum when creating and editing images.

A large number of features and functions of the graphical editor make it an indispensable assistant both for solving quite serious image processing tasks requiring precise color settings and using various effects, as well as for simpler actions, for example, creating an avatar for Vkontakte with a beautiful inscription and color with a substrate or a simple red-eye removal from a photograph.

Editor Confidentiality

If your browser supports the plugin Flash 10 version, then there is no need to upload your files anywhere, the image for editing will be opened directly in your browser.

If you use an older version of the plugin, the file will be uploaded first to the server, and then to the program, the server has a fairly well-protected system!

The image that was uploaded is automatically deleted from the server 5 minutes after the end of work with it in the editor.