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TOP Russian weapons - 2012

The Russian army, whose funding was increased from the proceeds from the sale of oil and gas, is in full swing on the path of large-scale rearmament designed to update its military arsenal in 2014-2020, spending about $ 770 billion on these goals.

Of course, it is no secret to anyone that the state has so many types of weapons that can make good competition in the world, and which are in demand by many armies.

More than 80 countries purchase Russian weapons and military equipment, and contracts are constantly being extended.

We represent the TOP of Russian weapons-2012 - what was most often discussed in the press and on our website in the past year


ТОП российского оружия - 2012

The Russian Ministry of Defense intends to begin the purchase of promising main battle tanks based on a single platform of Armata heavy armored vehicles in 2014. This, according to Interfax, said Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Yuri Borisov. According to him, first an order will be placed for the supply of a pilot batch of 16 new tanks.

Based on the experimental batch of combat vehicles, it is planned to conduct controlled military operation. Borisov did not specify other details regarding the purchase of promising combat vehicles. According to the current schedule, the first prototype of the tank based on the Armata platform should be created already in 2013, and from 2015 it is expected that new military vehicles will be delivered to the troops.

The technical project "Almaty" was approved by the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 23, 2012. According to the head of the Main Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Alexander Shevchenko, the project fully meets all the requirements of the military department. Uralvagonzavod is engaged in the development of a promising tank.

Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-12

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

In November, tests of the second AK-12 prototype were completed. At the moment, the production of an experimental series has begun. Little official information on these weapons is known, but it is quite enough to draw certain conclusions. Most likely the 2012 lineup will consist of machine guns and machine guns. It may well be created and a sniper rifle based on the machine, which will replace the SVD. Like the hundredth series, the AK-12 will be created for various cartridges. The new machine will receive a new energy economy. The fire control handle will have an anatomical shape. In addition, a new latch will be provided in the machine for the convenience of changing the store.

Despite the fact that gas removal automation will be present, the operation of the mechanism will be slightly softened, thereby improving accuracy. As in previous versions, on the new sample there will be mounts for the under-barrel grenade launcher and bayonet-knife. There will also be a side bar for the optical sight. In addition, it is planned to equip the machine with Picatinny rails designed for installation of auxiliary equipment, a double-sided handle and an adjustable butt.

With all the improvements, the mass of the machine will remain virtually unchanged - 3.3 kilograms.

It is too early to talk about the mass supply of the AK-12 assault rifle to the army. While it is planned to modernize the AK-74M, which are in the military arsenals of the armed forces


ТОП российского оружия - 2012

The Sukhoi company handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense the first six serial Su-35S multi-functional fighters, which will arrive at the place of deployment in the near future. According to the press service of Sukhoi, the company fulfilled its obligations for this type of aircraft under the state defense order for 2012.

The fact that the first six Su-35S will be delivered to the troops before the end of 2012, it became known in March of this year. According to Colonel Vladimir Drik, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense for the Air Force, the aircraft completed tests at the Akhtuba Test Center.

In August 2009, the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract with Sukhoi for the supply of 48 new fighters. Their delivery should be completed before the end of 2015, after which the military department may conclude another contract for the supply of an additional batch of Su-35S of 48 aircraft. To date, the military have received for testing three prototypes and nine serial fighters.

The Su-35S, which made its first flight in February 2008, is capable of speeds of up to 2.5 thousand kilometers per hour and flights to a distance of up to 3.4 thousand kilometers. The combat radius of the aircraft is 1.6 thousand kilometers. The fighter is equipped with a 30 mm cannon and 12 suspension points for missiles and bombs with a total weight of up to eight tons.

Nuclear submarine of the project "Ash"

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

The latest multi-purpose nuclear submarines of Project 885 Ash are able to hit targets on the ground at a distance of almost 1,500 kilometers from the coast.

A significant place in the activities of the Navy this year was occupied by tests of new ships, submarines and weapons, not only for the Russian fleet, but also for foreign customers. "In total, 240 tests were carried out during the year, including the successful launch on November 22 from the Bastion coastal missile system to a maximum range of weapons of more than 400 kilometers," Chirkov said.

Long-range Caliber and Onyx cruise missiles, torpedoes, rocket torpedoes and mines are the main weapons of the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine.

The Severodvinsk nuclear submarine was launched at Sevmash in 1993 and became the lead ship of Project 855 Yasen, which provides for the construction of eight modern submarines for the Russian fleet. In September last year, the submarine first went to sea for sea trials. Earlier, the head of the Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for ensuring state defense orders Andrei Vernigora told RIA Novosti that Severodvinsk would be adopted by the Navy in 2013.

The gun "Black Swift"

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

The private Russian company Arsenal Firearms presented a self-loading 9 mm pistol equipped with a plastic frame, which was called the Black Swift. It meets all the most modern requirements. According to manufacturers, this is one of the best pistols in its class due to the introduction of technical innovations. It is assumed that the Swift will replace Makarov’s pistols.

The Black Swift was developed in a few months. Among the innovations that are used in the gun, it is necessary to note the design of the locking mechanism and the barrel, in which the barrel runs linearly. The distance from the grip to the axis of the barrel is only 12 millimeters. The barrel itself rests on four sides on a kind of rail, so that it does not rotate or warp when firing. Thus, recoil is minimized, rate of fire increases.

Another innovation of the gun is the lack of a safety catch. In this case, the safety of carrying the gun is provided by three systems, due to which the trigger fires only in a certain position and only when pressed with a finger. And another innovation is the design of the store. The ejection latch is provided on both sides, the mouth of the window is inclined, which facilitates the accession of the store.

The standard modification of the gun provides for the installation of a laser target designator or under-barrel flashlight. In addition, an elongated modification was created with a barrel, the length of which is 30 centimeters. And also provides an assault modification of the pistol for a 30-round magazine.

KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

Its development began in 2010. The best engineers took part in the work, and by the end of October of this year, a prototype of a new combat vehicle was presented. A large number of modules are installed on the machine’s base, which are necessary for the performance of combat missions: for medical assistance, biochemical and radiochemical reconnaissance, and fire support. At the same time, the main task that is assigned to the car is the transportation of personnel.

The machine is equipped with powerful bulletproof and anti-mine ceramic armor, which is able to withstand an explosion of about 8 kilograms of TNT without loss of personnel. It also provides armored glass that can withstand two shots from large-caliber weapons, the distance between the places of hits reaches 30 centimeters.

The Typhoon is equipped with a six-cylinder 450-horsepower YaMZ engine, which makes it possible to easily move at high speed over rough terrain, force a ford, which is about 1.75 meters deep, and climb a slope with an angle of more than thirty degrees. The car is also equipped with night observation devices and satellite navigation; video cameras are installed along its perimeter.

The car provides hydropneumatic suspension, which is controlled from the driver's seat. The installed compressor makes it possible to change the tire pressure in the range of 1-4.5 atmospheres and hold it with a broken wheel.

KAMAZ is equipped with three bearing axles. And thanks to the powerful engine, six-speed transfer case and automatic differential lock, the Typhoon can be considered the real king of impassability.

Missile defense system S-500 Triumfator-M

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

Work is underway to create a missile defense system S-500. This is a new generation of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, in which it is supposed to use separate tasks for the destruction of aerodynamic and ballistic missiles.

Currently, the outline design of the complex has already been completed, and technical design is being carried out. This complex is designed to defeat the latest weapons of air attack, which is currently being developed in the world. It is planned to complete the development by 2015. It is assumed that the system will be able to solve problems not only in the stationary version, but will be advanced to the combat zone that will be most relevant at a particular time.

Missile system "Topol-M"

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

This is the first of the missile systems, which was created exclusively by the forces of Russian enterprises. He has great hopes in maintaining and maintaining nuclear potential. This is a unique complex that significantly surpasses the previous samples in terms of maneuverability, combat readiness, survivability, and effectiveness of defeat.

The Topol-M complex is a three-stage monoblock solid-fuel rocket located in a transport and launch container. The main advantage of missiles lies in the control and guidance system, which is installed on the complex. In addition, it is immune to the effects of an electromagnetic pulse that occurs during a nuclear explosion. Moreover, the system has a certain “secret” device, which makes it invisible to missile defense systems. It is possible to replace the integral warhead with a separable warhead, which is capable of carrying three independent warheads. All this makes the rocket invulnerable, since it is impossible to intercept three warheads at the same time.

The complex uses an incomplete hanging system, which makes it possible to install the complex even on soft ground. Improved maneuverability and maneuverability of the launcher. The life of the complex is 20 years.

Kurganets-25 and Boomerang

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

Since the first announcement of the Kurganets-25 and Boomerang programs, the terms for their implementation have hardly been adjusted. Prototypes are still planned to be sent for testing early next year. Next, a couple of years will be used to fine-tune machines and prepare for mass mass production. The military intends to get the first vehicles based on the Boomerang and Kurganets-25 platforms in the same 2013. Full observance of these terms is possible only if the designers of Kurganmashzavod and the Military Industrial Company not only know about the disadvantages of the selected solutions, but have already dealt with them. One way or another, it will be possible to speak with great accuracy about the prospects of projects only at the end of this year, when both organizations complete the assembly of prototypes.

Anti-aircraft complex "Shell-C1"

ТОП российского оружия - 2012

The Russian army this year adopted the Pantsir-C1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system.

ZRPK "Shell-C1" - the leader of the short-range air defense system. It embodies all the provisions of the developed and implemented “KBP” concept of building a universal short-range anti-aircraft complex, ensuring its superiority over foreign counterparts. It has become that missing link in the air defense system, with the introduction of which the most effective are ensured in the composition of anti-aircraft systems.

The "Shell-C1" complex is designed to provide air defense for small-sized military and administrative-industrial facilities and areas, as well as to strengthen air defense groupings when repulsing massive strikes. According to the enterprise, the “Shell-C1” is notable for its versatility, the ability to fire in motion and simultaneously shell four targets and other qualities.

The missile range of the complex is up to 20 thousand meters, and in height - up to 15 thousand meters. "Areas of destruction by cannon weapons: in range - 200 - 4 thousand meters, in height - up to 3 thousand meters.