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Recipes of cakes and all kinds of baked goods

Learning to bake and decorate cakes (recipes and tips)

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The Right Dough

I use this dough for many cakes, just change the cream and fillings + in the dough, add cocoa if you need a chocolate cake. The dough is well combined with sour cream, curd, butter cream.

  • 2 eggs
  • 1st.sahara
  • 200gr sour cream
  • 0.5 can of condensed milk
  • 1 tsp soda without a slide (extinguished with vinegar or lemon juice)
  • 2st. flour

Eggs mixed with sugar and whip a little whisk, mix sour cream, condensed milk and soda. Add flour, stir (the dough will be like thick sour cream), you can add cocoa. From this test bake 2 cakes and then cut into 2 pieces. Shape the form with oil and bake until dry.


Quick biscuit

Girls are still a cool recipe for a quick biscuit, and do not fool the eggs separately individually! 2 eggs, 1 tbsp. flour 1 tbsp. sugar, 1 tsp. baking powder, 100 gr. oil, 1 / 2st. milk, all beat and minutes for 20 in the oven! Any cream, yesterday tried butter + condensed milk - delicious !!!


2 eggs 1 glass of sugar beat up to add half a can of condensed milk. 200 grams of sour cream .. one tsp soda (not quenching) two and a half sakana flour can be slightly less .. Half poured the oven into the mold and in the second half added cocoa (I I like it more darkly) spoons 2.5..КЕМ 450 гр..сметаны beat up with a glass of powdered sugar to add the remaining сгушенку ... white cakes has broken обмакивала in this white cream and added to brown .. Then he stood for an hour and filled the glaze .. GLAZUR. .7 tablespoons of sugar mixed with four st.lozhki cocoa added 3 or 4 st.lozh. sour cream and 100 grams of oil .. on the fire all dissolve and pour ..

Cake of Kiev

Cori: 5 whites with a glass of sugar and a glass of powdered sugar. Cold sheet grease with butter (grate) or cover with parchment paper, a teaspoon put on it in small portions whipped proteins.
Put in a warm oven and bake on low heat (130-100)
Cream 1 5 yolks to grind with 3/4 glass of sugar 300 g. discharge. oil.
Cream 2 egg grind with 1/2 cup sugar, mix with a teaspoon of starch or flour, gently, in a thin trickle pour into boiling milk (1/2 cup), stirring constantly so that there is no lumps.
When the cream 2 has cooled, mix it with cream 1.
Grind and fry a little 30 walnuts (about 200 gr.)
Put a ball of baked proteins on a large plate, grease with cream.
Sprinkle with nuts. Repeat this 3 times. (I got 4 times).
Decorate the cake at will with cream, chocolate, crushed nuts. I decorated with melted chocolate, which was added a little boiled condensed milk and cream. Boka decorated with crushed nuts and chocolate. The pot was put in a cold place for 5-7 hours. Cut with a knife soaked in hot water.
The output of the cake is about 1 kg. Given its calorie content, enough for a big company.
Ingredients: egg 6pcs., Sugar 2 and 1/4 cup, sugar powder 1 glass, oil draining. 320 gr., Flour or starch 1 tea, milk 1/2 cup, walnut 30pcs., Chocolate for decoration at will.

Grafskie ruins

the girls found the recipe, by ear-tasty))))
Try a really awesome cake. But it will take time and patience. But the result is amazing! Even those who do not like meringues, always ask for a piece of encore. We take 6 eggs (on medium, closer to a large, sized cake). Eggs should not be fresh (well, not from under the chicken), necessarily cold. Separates the proteins from the yolks, gently and beat the proteins for about 5 minutes. Then gradually begin to add sugar (but only gradually) from the calculation of 60 g sugar to 1 protein. Beat for 20 minutes. Then bake small insects in a cold oven, they should be 100-120 pieces. He takes a can of condensed milk from 200-250 grams of butter, finely cuts 150 grams of walnut (walnut) nuts and begin to create our cake. On the dish, lay out a layer of beaks, each spread the cream and sprinkle with nuts, and so each broom until they run out. In the form of a cone. This cake is called "Grafskie ruins". Surely you met him, but this one is real. I have many years of recipe, I do not remember from whom. But I rejoice my family and friends for a very long time

Cake "summer"

In the full sense of the word, it does not need to be baked, which is very good in the summer, when it's hot. I also just call it jelly.
Ingredients: 1 package of sour cream (450g), 1 glass of sugar, 1 packet of instant gelatin, 3 packs of fruit jelly (red, green, yellow), 150-200g of profiteroles (I bought ready-made ones, ) or just a sweet cracker., fruit for decoration.
Preparation: Prepare the jelly (red and green), I plant on a smaller amount of water, so that it stays better. Beat together sour cream with sugar. Gelatin diluted in 0.5 cup of boiling water and gradually pour into sour cream, do not stop whipping. To clean in the refrigerator for 5 minutes to start a little thicken, then add the cracker (or profiteroles), cut into cubes of jelly in a mold and in the refrigerator! In principle, it freezes fairly quickly. Top with fruit and pour yellow jelly. Frozen and ready! In the summer, just super! Cool refreshing cake ... While writing, I already wanted to ...

Cake Truffle Cake

For biscuit cakes:
6 yolks
5 proteins
2/3 tbsp. Sahara
1/2 tsp. tartar
2 tablespoons hot water
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
5 tablespoons flour for cakes (cake flour)
2 tablespoons starch

For syrup:
3 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons Sahara
1 tbsp. liqueur

For cream:
150 g of bitter chocolate
2 tbsp. cream

For sweets-truffles:
150 g chocolate
1/3 tbsp. cream
1 tsp liqueur

200 g chocolate for covering sweets and chips

Preheat the oven to 190C. Draw 8 circles on a parchment, 20 cm in diameter.
Beat up proteins from 1/3 st. sugar to stable peaks.
Mix the yolks with the remaining sugar and whisk until the weight brightens. Continue to beat, add cocoa dissolved in hot water.
Flour sift with starch and gently mix in the yolk mass.
Add proteins in 3 steps.
Put the dough inside the drawn circles (approximately half a cup into each) and level with the spatula.
Bake for 5-8 minutes. Allow to cool and separate the paper.

Bring water to the boil with sugar. Remove from the heat and add liqueur.

It is better to start cooking the day before the cake is assembled. Bring the cream almost to a boil and pour over the chopped chocolates. Cool in the refrigerator for several hours (or even better all night). On the day of cake assembly, whip the cream until firm peaks.

Pour hot chocolate with chopped cream and stir until the chocolate dissolves completely, add liqueur. Cool in the refrigerator for several hours. Picking up a teaspoon, roll the chocolate mass into small balls, lay them on parchment paper and set aside in the freezer for 1 hour. Melt the chocolate. Dip each ball into the melted chocolate and leave to freeze.

Moisten each cake with syrup and layer with cream. Cover the sides with cream and top of the cake. Sprinkle with chocolate chips and decorate with candy-truffles.

Delicious roulette

4 eggs..125 gr..sahara.50gr flour 50 g starch 3 tablespoons cocoa .. baking powder 1 tsp .. proteins separately from the yolks whip .. to fetch squirts there squirrels and sifted flour mixed with starch and cocoa..drawn on the sheet .. for 15 minutes in the oven .. then curtail it will cool to unfold any stuff ..

Strawberry cake

6 eggs
150 gr. Sahara
150 gr. flour

300 ml. cream (can be sour cream)
2 tablespoons instant pudding (instant)
powdered sugar
finely chopped strawberries

Beat yolks with 1/4 sugar, add flour. Beat the proteins in a strong foam with the remaining sugar and gently, portions to add to the mass. Bake 3 cakes in the form of 25 cm on oiled paper at 180 degrees.
For cream, whip the cream with pudding and powder and add the strawberries.
Cooled cakes soaked strawberry syrup with cognac, spread cream, leaving part of the cream for spreading spheres. Decorate as desired


Corgi: 250 g of margarine, slightly more than 0.5 st. water, flour (I take by eye), and you can add 0.5 tbsp. sour cream. Knead the dough, divide into 7-9 koloboks and put in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. Then bake the cakes, cut the dough with a fork, roll it thin.
Cream: 1 liter of milk, 3 eggs, 2 tbsp. sugar, 3 tbsp. l. flour with a slide, 200 g of sink. oil, sachet van. Sahara. Milk put on not a big fire to boil. Meanwhile, grind the eggs from 1 tbsp. sugar and add flour, stir to a homogeneous consistency. When the milk begins to boil, make more fire, and add this mixture to the milk, with a spoon to quickly prevent it, so that the cream does not burn and does not take up lumps. Cream to cool to room temperature.
Drain. oil, rooms. temper. beat with 1 tbsp. Sahara. When the cream has cooled down, slowly add oil to it, whipping. Bring to a uniform consistency and smear the cakes, top and sides of the cake sprinkle with crumbs. The whole cake is ready!


2 st.water
1 packet of margarine
2 tbsp. flour
8-9 eggs (depending on size)

1 liter of sour cream
1.5 st.sahara
1 \ 4 lemon cut finely povalny with a skin (if sour cream is rare, add 2-3 bags of thickener for sour cream)

Cooking method
Water with margarine and salt boil, pour flour into the boiling water and horribly trot to mix the spatula in advance with the formation of a homogeneous mass, for there was no lumps. Continue to stir for the fire until the dough is not brewed and will not peel off the sides of the bowl. Remove from heat, stirring to cool in advance warm. Eggs to drive in portions, respectively, 2-3 pcs. and knead in advance the formation of a homogeneous gliis mass.
Mass put in a pastry bag and squeeze out for baking paper, for which the contour of the cake is drawn in advance. Draw a contour with a test, squeezing the tube out of the bag, thick in the finger. Then we "connect" the contour with membranes. The oven is already in the preheated oven for medium heat near 45-50 minutes, 20-25 do not open the oven oven. Peel the cream with cream, laying them unreasonably, for the membrane lay down crosswise, let us brew in the cold 3-4 hours (preferably for the night).
On top of stacking fruits (kiwi, orange, banana, mandarin, for the beauty of pomegranate seeds if the grapes). Pour the transparent "Jelly for the cake".


0,5 litas. sour milk
0.5 cans of sugar
0.5 limes of soda
0.5 cup of sub-base oil
2 yolks
how much flour (not cool)
We bake, and then while hot we grease: 2 protein + 1 st. Sugar (beat).
Gingerbread cookies are often based on this recipe, and the form can be made different.


3 tbsp. flour
250gr of margarine
1/2 a glass of water,
knead the cakes and for an hour in the fridge.

2 stacks of milk
2 cups of sugar
3 yolks
2 tablespoons flour
150 gr. oils

Yolks grind with sugar, add flour, a little hot milk, combine with the remaining milk and bring to a boil. Add cinnamon to taste!


0.5 water or milk (warm)
0.5 tsp salt
9st. l of sugar
6 wtpp.m.
100 g of yeast
6-7 st.muki
First we put the sponge to go, and then we knead the dough. Close the bowl with a film and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours. And then we make whatever you want.


Dough: 4 eggs, 1 tbsp. sugar, 1 tbsp. flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder,
3 tbsp. l. hot water, 3 tbsp. l. sunflower oil.

Beat eggs with sugar and white. In a separate bowl, mix the whisk with sieved. flour with a baking powder.
Then gently enter into the egg mixture. Then mix the water and oil. Pour the dough on a baking sheet, laid. paper for baking and blurred. butter, and bake at a temperature. 180 degrees. I have an electric oven, I do in the ventilator mode.

At me it is bitten somewhere 15-20 mines.

Take the biscuit out of the oven, take off the paper and wrap it in a hot roll.
Allow to cool. Then gently unfold, spread the cream and roll again. Decorate at will.

Cookies Rolls

300gr of margarine (soft)
300 gr. sour cream
50 gr. yeast
Stir until the dough will stick to the hands - the dough should be soft, easy to roll out.
Divide into 4-6 parts. Put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
2 lemon drops for 1.5 minutes in boiling water, then pass through a meat grinder + 1 glass of sugar.
Dough roll out rectangles (along the length of the baking tray), in the middle lay out the filling and trowel along the edges and in the middle (a long flat rectangle with a seam in the middle (above) is obtained)
I have 2 rectangles on the baking sheet.
Bake, cut hot into long pieces, sprinkle with sugar.
And that's all! Bon Appetit!

And I make the cream "by sight" (at the rate of 1 roll):
For 3 tablespoons: sour cream (or milk), sl.oil, cocoa, sugar - bring to a boil.
Slightly cool. Adds 100 gr. Raisins, 100 gr. Walnut and 100-150g. cognac or cherry liqueur.
The cream should not be very thick - so that then all the liquid soaked biscuit, but inside there was only chocolate, raisins and nuts.

The cream is very tasty! And the roll is a little wet, juicy. And despite the alcohol content, he is not very "drunk" - children can also be given

Cake Snickers

4 eggs
100 g of sugar
1 glass of sour cream
3 tablespoons cocoa
1 packet of vanilla sugar
1 batch of baking powder
250 gr.-300 gr. flour

first cream:
1 jar of boiled condensed milk
200 gr. Butter
200 gr. nuts (I had roasted peanuts)

second cream:
400 gr. cream fat content of 35% (I took "Health" 26%)
2 tablespoons Sahara

3 tablespoons sour cream
2 tablespoons cocoa
5 tablespoons sugar
20 gr. butter.

form the bottom of the oil

Eggs beat up with sugar, add sour cream, pour in flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder, cocoa and mix everything. Bake the cake at 200 ° C until cooked. Cool and cut into two parts.

Oil whisk with boiled condensed milk, add roasted nuts, stir, lay on the cake (a little cream to leave for the upper cake) and evenly distribute. Cream whisk with sugar in a dense mass and spread carefully on the oil cream, from above put a second cake (anoint with oil cream a little, and put the anointed face on the creamy cream).

For glaze:
Sour cream, sugar and cocoa mix, on a slow fire bring to a boil. Then add the oil. Warm the glaze with a spoon on the cake. Decorate at will. Cake should stand no less than 5 hours in the refrigerator

I still sipped the corgi syrup: 4 tbsp sugar, 6 tbsp. water, 3 tbsp. cognac



2 table. hol. water
1.5 tsp gelatine
1.5 tbsp. liquid glucose
2 tsp. glycerol
450 gr of powdered sugar

Pour the gelatin with water and allow to swell. Then heat the gelatin on the stove until it dissolves, but do not boil, add glucose and glycerin. Spread and add gradually sifted sugar powder, knead the mastic first in a bowl, then on the table. That's all.
it is gelatinous mastic ..

mastic or Fondant

2 tbsp. l. water
1 + 1/2 tsp. gelatin (without roller coaster)
1 + 1/2 tablespoons. glucose
2 tsp. glycerol
455 gr. sifted powdered sugar

1. In a little warm water add gelatin, mix, allow to dissolve. Put in the microwave for 8-10 seconds (the time depends on the microwave power) IMPORTANT! Do not allow the boiling of gelatin, otherwise it must immediately be thrown out.
2. While hot gelatin is poured into the glycerin and glucose, mix to a homogeneous mass.
3. Add sugar powder in parts and knead until it is already impossible to stir with a spoon. Then pour the rest of the powder and mix with your hands until smooth.


225 g ground almonds
230 g of powdered sugar, sifted
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 small egg or 1 medium protein
mix almonds and powder, make a groove, pour in the lemon juice and egg (previously slightly whipped) and knead. You can add an almond flavor.

Gelatin mastic

1.5 tsp gelatin + 2 tablespoons water - into the microwave, but do not bring to a boil
then add 2 tsp. glycerin (or oil) + 1.5 tbsp. l. glucose (honey) - powder how many will take.



protein (cold) + 1 stack of sakh. powders

Oily glaze

Portion is calculated for a product weighing 450 g:
125 g (1/2 cup) of softened unsalted butter
225 g (2 cups) of sifted powdered sugar
10 ml (2 tsp) of milk
5 ml (1 tea) of vanilla essence

This very popular glaze can be quickly prepared from butter, sugar powder, flavoring and food coloring. Oil glaze looks very nice on the cake.

Put the butter in a bowl and whisk it with a wooden spoon or electric mixer in a lush mass.
Mix milk powder and vanilla essence with sugar powder, and also (if desired) a flavor additive. Beat the mixture until it is uniform.

Apply an even layer of glaze on the cake with a metal knife-spatula (spatula). You can make patterns out of it.

Oily cream.

Flavor additives

portion is calculated for a product weighing 350 grams
60 ml (4 tablespoons) of water
75 g (1/3 cup) of refined white granulated sugar
2 egg yolks
150 g (2/3 cup) of softened unsalted butter

Oily cream is an exquisite filling and the basis of decoration for cakes.
Preparation of oil cream takes more time, but it's worth it. With this thick and plastic cream, it is good to sandwich cakes, cover cakes and apply patterns to them. The cream persists for several hours at room temperature, but it is better to use it immediately after preparation. Do not whip the cream again, otherwise it will curtail.

Pour the water into a small saucepan, bring to a boil, remove from heat and pour in the sugar. Gently heat until sugar dissolves.
Quickly boil until the liquid has acquired the consistency of the syrup. To check, remove the saucepan from the fire and apply a droplet of syrup to the convex side of a dry tea spoon. Take another spoon, press it against the syrup, and spread it aside. The syrup should be stretched with a thin thread. If this does not work, put the saucepan on fire again, quickly boil and repeat the test in a minute.

Whisk the egg yolks in a bowl. Continue to beat, slowly pour a continuous syrup over the sugar syrup. Beat until the mixture is thick, light and cool. The raised mixer nozzles should leave a mark on the surface.

Whisk the butter in a separate bowl until it becomes fluffy. Add the egg mixture to it gradually, whisking after each serving.
Put or pour the chosen flavor additive and gently mix everything with a spatula.

Protein Cream

Protein cream is made correctly on syrup, and not on sugar. The syrup is cooked up to the state, having dipped a spoon into the syrup, and then into the cold water the hard caramel should turn out. Proteins must be beaten separately for a very long time, that would be not just foam, but a thick concision, and then pour a syrup with a thin stream. And in the end, it is necessary to add a little lemon acid, and it gives the cream to hold. You can also add a little essenia for the smell. And now the proportions: 4 proteins, 1.5 tbsp. sugar (syrup) And watch that the yolks do not hit, and not that the fatty because of this, the squirrels can not break. This recipe is tested, I studied for a confectioner, right up to 7 years ago.

Oily cream based on white chocolate

We will need:
180 gr. chopped white chocolate
2.5 tbsp. flour
250 ml of milk
200 gr. Sahara

200 gr. butter

Pour the milk into a saucepan, pour in the flour and mix well, so that there are no lumps.
Add sugar to the milk and put on fire.
Bring the mixture to a boil and boil on low heat until thick, constantly stirring (so as not to burn).
Remove the saucepan from the heat and immediately add the chocolate.
Stir until the chocolate dissolves completely and cool completely.

Beat the butter with a soft butter and add vanillin.
Gradually add the chocolate mass to the butter and beat it thoroughly until smooth.

My notes:
I cooked the cream not on fire, but in the microwave.
If you have such an opportunity, be sure to try.

The cooking of the cream in the microwave oven has significant advantages
- The cream will be cooked much faster than on the stove.
(only it is necessary to stir it every 20-30 seconds, especially at the very end)
- There is no risk that the cream will suddenly burn on the bottom.

just before the adornment, let the cream stand in the refrigerator until it thickens!

DRIMKREM "Charlotte"

Sugar-384g .; butter-422g; whole milk-250g; eggs - 67g .; vanilla powder-4g; brandy-1,6g. Yield 1000g. This cream is distinguished by its excellent taste qualities, it has a gentle melting liquor. However, its storage stability due to the presence of such products as milk, eggs, is much lower than that of creams on powdered sugar and condensed milk.
For this cream, prepare egg-milk syrup. Sugar and milk is brought to a boil. Eggs are beaten for 5-7 minutes, so that during the subsequent operation they do not curdle, up to 10% of sugar can be added to the egg mass. Hot milk with sugar is poured into a pot of beaten eggs with a thin stream, if the milk is poured immediately, the eggs will fold. The resulting mass is sent to a water bath and boiled at a temperature of 104-105 ° C until thickened (about 10 minutes). Egg-milk syrup is filtered and cooled to 20 ° C. The syrup should be dried quickly, slow cooling can lead to egg clotting, in addition, a thick dry crust may form on the surface of the syrup. To quickly cool the syrup, the dishes with syrup are put in cold water. To prevent the formation of a crust, syrup should be stirred periodically.
Butter is cut into pieces and whipped 7-10 minutes. on a quiet course, then switch to high speed, gradually add the egg-milk syrup in small portions, cognac, vanilla powder and whisk for another 10-15 minutes.
Signs of the preparedness of the cream include a 2.5 times increase in the volume, a smooth glossy surface with emerging bubbles. A cream on the wooden spatula should slowly crawl away from it, a rapid creeping of the cream indicates the content of more moisture in it. Such a cream will not hold the shape well and when stored the syrup can separate from the oil.
The full use of the syrup, established by the recipe, indicates the good quality of the oil and the availability of the cream. With a low quality of oil, the cream is similar to the curd mass and does not retain a clear pattern and shape when depositing.
Sometimes the Charlotte cream is made with condensed milk. It is prepared in the same way, only in the condensed milk is added water, beaten eggs and boiled in a water bath for 2-3 minutes, mix the mass well, and then rub through a sieve. Quality requirements:
homogeneous mass of yellowish color, well retains its shape. Cream chocolate "Charlotte"
Sugar-371g .; butter-382g; whole milk-247g .; eggs - 66g .; cocoa powder-48g; vanilla powder-1.4 g; cognac-1,5 g. Yield 1000g.
The cream is made in the same way as the cream "Charlotte", only after the addition of the egg-milk syrup is gradually covered with sifted cocoa powder. Such a chocolate cream (Ganash)
500 g cream
500 gr of bitter chocolate
50 gr oil

Cream warm, so that they are hot, but do not boil !!!
Pour the chocolate and butter broken into pieces and stir until the chocolate and butter are removed. Put in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, but preferably at night.
Remove from the refrigerator, let stand for 10 minutes and whip. Everything is ready and they can be decorated. Chocolate (black) - 250 g Water - 200 ml
Cream - 300 ml
Butter - 80 g
Sugar (sand) - 80 g
Chop the chocolate into pieces, put in a pan, add water and 200 ml of cream. Bring to a boil, mix and boil for 10 minutes. Sugar cook with 2 tbsp. l. water to get caramel. Combine the caramel with the melted chocolate. Add the remaining 100 ml of cream and chopped butter. Whisk with whisk and pour over dessert glasses. If desired, you can add 2 tablespoons of cream to the cream. l. whiskey or rum.

Cream-cream cheese cream

For the cream.
300ml cream 35%
150gr of cottage cheese
200gr of sugar.

Preparation of cream: Cool whipped cream into a steep foam, gently pour sugar and continue to beat 10min mixer. We rub the cheese through a sieve and add it to the cream and gently stir it. We put in the refrigerator for 30min.



You can buy in the following shops: ATB, Big Spoon, Antoshka, Metro, pl. Ostrovsky, the Caravan


Кондитерские бусинки
You can buy at a bazaar where spices are sold, or in specialized departments of supermarkets.


We recommend this cream ...


Only in the markets (powder: Ukraasy, Kviten)
Gel, kandurin IN MOSCOW, well, or in Kiev at a frantic price

Confectionery syringes, attachments to the code., Bags

Confectionery syringes, attachments to the code., Bags can be bought in the shops "Contact", Eva, Prostor, Ozorka, METRO, Caravan



как делать кондитерскую орхидею


how to make confectionery rosettes how to make confectionery rosettes how to make confectionery rosettes
* Click on the image to open in full size in a new window.


how to make a confectionery lily how to make a confectionery lily how to make a confectionery lily
* Click on the image to open in full size in a new window.

First, using a mold, 6 petals are cut out. If there is no molding, you can make a template from cardboard and cut it with a knife.
Then, in the petals, we work the edges so that they are wavy with the help of the back end of the brush or toothpick, and we put it on the bottle to get a convex shape.
Then we make a pestle, we string it on a toothpick (to make it easier to fasten to the cake), and we already attach our dried petals to it (first 3 upper petals in the form of a Mercedes badge, then 3 lower ones). You can make stamens out of mastic, dipped in melted chocolate. But they must dry well, so they must be done in advance!
Collected lily, I left to dry in a glass. I pre-lined it with foil and celofan, so that the lily took the desired shape!


how to make a patisserie butterfly how to make a patisserie butterfly how to make a patisserie butterfly how to make a patisserie butterfly
* Click on the image to open in full size in a new window.

Butterfly is done very simply
Melt white and black chocolate on a water bath. On the parchment draw a butterfly and then outline it with melted chocolate, put on an object for shaping the shape and in the wristband until it freezes!


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