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How Vaporizers Work

Как работает вапорайзер

Vaporizer is the most modern and harmless device for smoking, which has no analogues. The invention of Vaporaizer in 1995, which was originally intended for medical purposes, revolutionized the industry of smoking accessories.

The novelty of Vaporaizer is the built-in heating element, which heats the smoking mixture to ultra-high temperatures. This technology allows you to evaporate only active and beneficial substances, and leave tar and carcinogens in stafa. It turns out that during a vaporization session, the body receives smoke, saturated exclusively with active substances. The vaporization process completely eliminates the harmful effect of tar, and therefore is harmless. For example, when vapourizing tobacco, only nicotine enters your body. The resins do not evaporate during vaporization, but remain in the tobacco. But this is not the only plus of Vaporaizer. It is very important that during vaporization there is no direct contact with fire. As is known, with classical smoking using open fire (matches or lighters), up to 80% of active and beneficial substances are destroyed! Using a vaporizer, you get all 100% of active substances. It is thanks to this that Vaporizers use frenzied popularity in America and Europe.

Are you interested in how the evaporation device is arranged from the inside? Especially for you, we disassembled the device into its constituent elements. So, what is a vaporizer, and how does it work?

When the smoking mixture is heated to a temperature of 150 to 230 degrees Celsius, evaporation of psychoactive THC (and many other substances) occurs. They are evaporated in the form of small droplets and form an aerosol, which is externally indistinguishable from ordinary water vapor. Vaporizer performs heating, using power from the built-in battery.

There are more modern models of vaporayzers, created using technologies developed by the Chinese pharmacist and inventor Hon Lik. His patents are currently owned and operated by Imperial Tobacco. These vaporizers vaporize the smoking mixture not by heating, but by high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. Not too easy to understand, is it? Therefore, most modern vaporayzeryov use the old kind method of heating to create a steam-air mixture.

Как работает вапорайзер

And now let's take a closer look at the individual components of the gadget:

1. Tank

Usually it is called a tank, if it is reusable, and the cartridge - if it is disposable. Often it is integrated with an atomizer into a single design. Typically, it is made of inactive polycarbonate plastic, but in some models it can be glass or stainless steel.

2. Atomizer

The heating element in a vaporizer is often called an atomizer or an evaporator. There are also more specialized names - cartomizers, cliromizers, and other new slang words, but the differences are very small, and the principle of operation is always the same - a tiny heater sprays the liquid into separate microdroplets. This spraying is theoretically a vaporization, but from a technical point of view - everything is much more complicated.

If you just drop a drop of oil directly on the heating element - you will get a sprayer. Surround the heater with a material saturated with oil, so that it does not come in contact with the heater directly - and you will get a cartomizer. If the oil is delivered from the tank using a quartz wick - the device will be referred to as a cliromizer ... Wicks can also be cotton, or from fine steel mesh, or from other modern premium materials.

3. Sensors and software

Some devices are turned on automatically when the user pauses, while others require a button to turn on the heat. Both of these methods use different sensors to control the heating process. Embedded software monitors various elements of the vaporizer design.

4. Battery

The battery of the vaporizer should provide sufficient current to power a tiny heater, which must be heated up to 220 degrees in a matter of seconds. Therefore, in vaporayzerah, as in mobile phones and other energy-intensive devices, mainly lithium-ion batteries with high charge density are used. In addition, they are explosion-proof, even if their charge occurs in violation of the instructions.

All these elements, being collected together (and charged with a special mixture of cannabis), form a remarkable vaporizer device, producing a vapor-air mixture enriched with the desired compounds of THC and terpenes.

Myths about vaporayzery

Myth number 1. The effect from the vaporizer is weaker than from smoking

So it seems to many who first try vaporazayzer. However, the truth is that the effect is just a little different . This is due to the lack of smoke and its harmful components. It is not difficult to guess that any inhaled substance has an effect on our body. And the influence of the by-products of combustion contained in the smoke, many amateurs mistaken for a stronger effect.

Myth number 2. The consumption of the material for vaporization is higher than for smoking

Vaporization is much more effective than smoking. And this is a fact. During smoking, up to 20-30% of active substances are destroyed due to the pyrolysis process due to direct contact of the mixture with fire. When this is vaporized, this does not happen. On the contrary, the vaporizer will help you to save your precious tobacco.