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What does the travel agent hide?

7 вещей, которые может скрыть от вас турагент

Imagine you came to a travel agency to buy a ticket. Of course, you want the manager to generously devote time to you, listen carefully and choose a vacation to your taste.

In fact, you and the agent are separated by a huge chasm called the “tour search system”. The agent falls into this abyss and gets the information that it considers necessary from there. You do not know how the manager is looking for a tour, where he clicks and what he sees. What does he offer - what you need, or what he needs?

Remember, a travel agency employee has his own goal - to make a sale. Therefore, he may withhold some information so that you have less doubt about the purchase.

1. The number and variety of tours.

The manager is guided by his experience, his ideas about the rest and, of course, his financial interest. He can hide tours cheaper and actively offer those that sell poorly.

2. Tour operator.

The agent imposes an operator who will give a larger commission or reward a tour for good sales. This is not always a proven and reliable company. There is a risk that you will fall into the hands of the reseller operator. In this case, all issues are resolved through many intermediaries. It is almost impossible to make changes to the tour or find out the latest information.

3. The hotel.

When buying a tour in the agency you need to quickly make a decision. The manager will not wait while you study the travel forums and read reviews about the hotel. You are lucky if you get to an experienced agent who has visited advertising tours and knows about hotels not only from catalogs. An incompetent manager, at best, will not tell you, at worst, he will make up to sell a tour. In any case, you rely on the opinion of a stranger, and this is a certain risk.

4. Fuel surcharge.

It happens that the agent until the last moment does not show the cost of fuel surcharge and takes more than necessary, or "plays" in its favor with the exchange rate.

5. Flight.

Departure time, airline and airport - agencies disclose this information on the eve of departure and even more so do not give you the opportunity to choose a convenient flight.

6. Availability of tickets.

When calling a travel agency, the manager will not disclose information about the availability of tickets. Even if they are not there, he will say that there are a lot of offers, and he will promise to "pick up something." All so that you come to the office and do not leave with empty hands.

7. The final cost of the tour.

The agent may not show the final cost of the tour. Already at the checkout you will find out that the price does not include, for example, fuel surcharge or transfer.