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10 films expanding consciousness

Films that allow you to look at life from a different angle and leave an indelible imprint on the soul for the rest of your life.

After viewing which you will feel a quiet delight and involvement in the universal ecumenical plan. has compiled a list of films, the main one of which is the plot, and understanding it the first time will be difficult.

Fight Club

Бойцовский клуб / Fight Club

One fine day, a small man of one large system, entangled in the sticky networks of everyday life of consumer life, meets an active Tyler Darden, a soap dealer, in an airplane.

And from this fateful meeting, the life of a simple clerk changes radically.

Island of the Damned

Остров проклятых / Shutter Island

Two federal marshals, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Oul, arrive in a psychiatric hospital for especially dangerous criminals to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the patients.

The usual investigation is twisted by a hurricane that cuts off the island (on which the clinic is located) from land, and the viewer from reality.

Something is amiss on the island. And everyone knows about it ...

Jacket / The Jacket

Пиджак / The Jacket

Joe Starks, a desert storm veteran, a character with a persistent character and sincerely kind eyes, ends up in a mental hospital after being accused of a crime he did not commit.

Mr. Nobody Nobody

Господин Никто / Mr. Nobody

A child loves his father, he loves his mother just as much, but he is obliged to make a choice, the choice on which his whole life depends, about which he knows much more than his parents.

Is it a gift or a curse? Does it even matter?

He knows what awaits him. Does he want this? Unlikely.

Thirteenth Floor

Тринадцатый этаж / The Thirteenth Floor

One large specialist in the field of computer development and programming has created a system that allows a person to plunge into the real virtual reality that simulates New York in the 30s of the XX century.

Not waiting for the moment when it will be brought to mind, the newly-minted, but no longer young, the creator decides to briefly visit his new reality with the goal of sexual joy.

The Fountain

Фонтан / The Fountain

Three stories in three different time periods, stories of selflessness in the feeling of one person.

And each story can be awarded a separate film, and each story must be awarded an Oscar, only for sincerity, only for love.

The Truman Show

Шоу Трумана / The Truman Show

You will not see bears on bicycles here. And the clowns are not here.

There is only Truman who lives on TV.

In his world there is not a trace of cruelty, tears and cynicism.

You can sympathize with him or envy. Cry or laugh.

This show will forever freeze in your memory.

Remember / Memento

Помни / Memento

Leonard’s young man has a rare disease - the loss of short-term memory.

He remembers everything until the day X - the day of the death of his wife, but does not know where he spent the night yesterday and what kind of people surround him.

With this diagnosis, people are in specialized institutions, but Lenny has a goal - he must avenge the murder of his wife.

The Matrix

Матрица / The Matrix

All life on the planet is a dream.

You can’t wake up without outside help, but you can figure out what’s really happening.

People live every day, not suspecting that they are just energy.

Inappropriate person / Den brysomme mannen

Неуместный человек / Den brysomme mannen

The film is about the choice. About the framework that we set for ourselves, acting in life as it is customary

Most dream of working with a good view from the window, their office, apartment, and free relations.

The inhabitants of this strange city have it all, and, at first glance, no problems.

They live without emotions, even smile by inertia, and not because they want to give someone their joy