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27 books, which must read up to 27 years each girl

27 книг, которые должна прочитать до 27 лет каждая девушка

1. Life on loan. Erich Maria Remarque

A man, his car, a frail girl, dying of tuberculosis. The heroine spends all the money on Balenciaga dresses, and the hero really wants to believe in the best. The ironic and absurd finale turns this sentimental story upside down. If you believe in the dubious thesis that every girl at 17 must read Remarque, then let it be "Life loan".

2. Portrait of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde

A beautiful and capricious young man Dorian does not want to grow old. Talented artist Basil writes his portrait and, without knowing it, literally transfers his soul to the canvas. Now Dorian is forever young, and the portrait grows old instead of him. A beautiful mystical novel about the naive selfishness of the young, about the immorality of beauty and how it is really scary to never change.

3. Lord of the Flies. William Golding

An eerie book about the entertainment of English schoolchildren on an uninhabited island. Little boys live the opposite evolution, turning, from civilized children into evil, wild animals, cultivating fear and strength, capable of killing. The story of freedom, which implies responsibility, and the fact that youth and innocence are not synonymous.

4. The night is tender. Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Expensive cars, villas on the Cote d'Azur, silk dresses - but there is no happiness. The love triangle with the participation of a doctor named Dick, his young neurotic wife Nicole and the young frivolous actress Rosemary is the main novel about love, strength and weakness.

5. Slaughterhouse 5. Kurt Vonnegut

The subtitle of the novel - "The Crusade of Children" - is the most correct definition of the Second World War. This is a war that the children went to - 17-year-old boys with missing brains. The protagonist makes an endless movement in time, remembering his senseless and not heroic campaign against the World evil. In this book about the war - not a single battle scene. Only the stupidity and absurdity of the whole idea of ​​a young man's eyes.

6. Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov

One can argue endlessly about what it was - a filthy perversion or pure feeling, provocation or confession. It does not matter. Read this book about the relationship between the forty-year-old Humbert and his thirteen-year-old step-daughter is at least to understand why we all sometimes behave so strangely when dealing with older men.

7. Clockwork Orange. Anthony Burgess

The rebellious, cult, brutal and very teenage book. It's worth reading when you're 16, or not worth reading at all. The main character is a young man Alex, a bully, a sadist and an eerie monster rapes, kills, speaks in strange slang and unexpectedly transforms into a respectable citizen, an employee of a music archive. Logic is not present, there is only a miracle, but quite explainable - Берджесс started to write the novel, thinking, that will die, and has finished, already knowing, that the deadly diagnosis was a mistake.

8. Easy breathing. Ivan Bunin

An important story about the schoolgirl Olya Meshcherskaya, femininity and first sex, an enamored officer and a shot at the station. "Easy breathing" - this is an important quality of girls, which makes men go crazy with love, and the young ladies themselves - it is unforgivably frivolous to treat their own lives.

9. Transformation. Franz Kafka

Kafka is a difficult and gloomy writer. A young girl to love him is not easy. But you should try. Novella "Transformation" - an absurdist pamphlet on the theme of human loneliness. The young traveling salesman Gregor wakes up one fine morning with a disgusting centipede, a cockroach, a beetle, a filthy muck that his family is afraid to look at. If you leave aside the modernist pranks of the author, you understand that this is all about life, about the illusory nature of love, about the ugliness and loneliness of everyone.

10. Mistress of a French lieutenant. John Fowles

Every day on the seashore is a young woman in black and looks at the horizon. The woman's name is Sarah and there is a rumor that she is waiting for her savior-lover-sailor to dishonor her. A young man is going to marry a young charming girl. But one day sees a woman in black, and everything goes awry. Will he marry or give vent to feelings? You will decide. Brilliant Fowles wrote two versions of the finale to show that conscience is an individual choice.

11. Dear friend. Guy De Maupassant

A classic French novel with an "anti-hero" in the title role. Young journalist Georges Duroy tries to make his way in Paris. He is mediocre, greedy, cowardly and illiterate. But very beautiful. A terrible story about how smart and talented women are victims of their own blindness. This novel is an inoculation from stories with gigolos for life.

12. Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll

A great fairy tale dedicated to a little girl, a familiar author. "Lolita" without any signs of sex. "Alice" is useful to re-read in the adult state in order to develop imagination, an unexpected view of things and a sense of humor.

13. Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte

Poor, ugly governess with iron will - the most unexpected character for the novel of the era of Victorian England. Jane Eyre first says a man about his love, but refuses to obey his lover's whims, chooses independence and insists on equal rights with a man. Contemporaries were horrified by this debauchery, and young girls are still happy to reread the story of a strong and uncompromising love.

14. Scarlet sails. Alexander Greene

Beautiful, romantic, since childhood, all the familiar fairy tale about Assol, Gray and unshakable faith in a dream with a simple and clear morality - any miracle can happen if you do it yourself. For yourself or for someone you love.

15. Baby. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

The piercing history of the cosmic Mowgli left by parents on an uninhabited planet. It's not hard to guess, it's we who are the wild kids abandoned by the hippie generation to the mercy of fate. "They went on a dangerous free flight, but they did not find anything" - many Moscow boys and girls, raised on the plates of the Beatles and stories about Che Guevara, will say the same about their parents.

16. Nastenka. Vladimir Sorokin

The first and main story of the collection "Feast" about a young girl who was eaten by parents on her sixteenth birthday - should be read immediately after graduation, when the heart is still languishing in Turgenev's unhappy and Bunin sadness. The story "Nastenka" differs from "Dark alleys" in the same way as an adult life from childhood. And if you start an adult life, then with the story "Nastenka." Then it will not be any more frightening.

17. What to do. Nikolay Chernyshevsky

The first socialist story in Russian is devoted, oddly enough, not to the struggle with the tsarist regime, but to the relations between men and women. Young heroes struggle with jealousy and property, learn to respect each other.

18. The tramps of the drachma. Jack Kerouac

Returning from the war, the twenty-year veterans did not find in America the mid-40's neither the truth nor the dignity - and began to wander. To the sound of jazz in smoky clubs, to the whistling of wind through the slots of freight cars, to the sound of bones after spending the night on bare earth and, of course, to endless conversations about Christianity, Buddhism, communism, anarchism - conversations in which, for himself the meaning of the universe and the meaning of human life.

19. April witchcraft. Ray Bradbury

This is a very simple and short story about unhappy love. On several pages, one of the most sincere and lyrical writers of the 20th century intelligently explains to all young girls that unhappy love is the most magical thing that can happen to a person.

20. Notes of a revolutionary. Peter Kropotkin

The revolutionary and anarchist Peter Kropotkin talks about his life in the Corps of Pages - a military educational institution for the children of the Russian elite. This book is about how a person can defend.

21. Asylum. Diary in the letters. Anna Frank

The diary of Anna, a 15-year-old girl, who, together with her family, is hiding in Amsterdam from the Nazis who have already sent other Jews to Holland into concentration camps. Anna wittily and aptly writes about herself, about her peers, about adults, about the world and about her first sexual dreams, and this diary is an amazing document that illustrates what happens in a young lady's head when the world is collapsing. Anna did not live to see the victory over fascism two months - she was found and sent to a concentration camp, but her diary lives in translations into many languages ​​of the world.

22. Carrie. Stephen King

The first novel by the great writer King is about the unfortunate girl Carrie White, endowed with the gift of telekinesis. A detailed chronicle of brutal, beautiful and fully justified revenge for the bullying of classmates picks to the bone and, most importantly, looks much more adequate, truthful and realistic than, say, the film "Dogvil" by Lars Von Trier.

23. Foam days. Boris Vian

It is thanks to this short novel of the fabulous French mysticist Viane that we know that girls have lilies in their breasts, and musical instruments are able to mix cocktails. In a world full of cruel, ironic, but always flawlessly beautiful metaphors, I want to live my whole life. We live.

24. The neuromancer. William Gibson

One of the inventors of the cyberpunk style, the popular American science fiction writer created a gloomy, cruel and magnificent world of the future, entangled by mega-corporations networks, flooded with neon light and drowning in endless loneliness. The most romantic book of our chrome days about wanderings eternal.

25. Above the abyss in the rye. Jerome David Salinger

The history of the growth of the young egoist, maximalist and idealist Holden Caulfield for many years will remain the most famous and most instructive book about the young. That's what we are all: resentful, unkind, confused, wild and infinitely beautiful, because sincere, naive and vulnerable.

26. While the girlfriend in a coma. Douglas Coupland

The author of the popular book "Generation X", as you know, counted us all. However Copeland is not only and not so much a social writer, he is primarily a brilliant lyricist with a touch of pure insanity. "When a girlfriend in a coma" - a semi-fantastic drama about love and friendship, full of subtle, brightest observations. It was after "Girlfriends ..." that Copeland seems to be the only writer in the world who loves us seriously.

27. Trap for Cinderella. Sebastian Japrizo

A light, wonderful detective story about young French devils who love white clothes and open cars. One of the most magnificent works about the amazing girl's harmfulness, meanness, and muck, written with infinite admiration.