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999+ performances online

999+ спектаклей онлайн

Performance (French spectacle, from the Latin spectaculum "spectacle") - a work of scenic art; can be put on stage, as well as on radio (radio play) and on television (television performance).

Before you is a list where many wonderful performances of our theaters are collected, and we simply could not not share these treasures with you. A real feast for those who love the theater the way we love it.


10 days that shocked the world (Taganka Theater, 1987)

12 chairs (Leningrad television, 1966)

31 department (BDT, 1972)

451 by Farangeit (Moscow Theater "Et Cetera", 2012)

No. 13 (No. 13, Moscow Art Theater, 2003)


And the king is naked (television performance, 1992)

And it happened in Vichy (Television performance, 1989)

The subscriber is temporarily not available (TV show, 2012)

Az and Firth (Television performance, 1981)

Actress (Television performance, 1969)

Scarlet Flower (Moscow Theater named after Pushkin, 2012)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (television performance, 1983)

Allegory (Moscow Theater in the South-West, 2007)

Hello, Warsaw! (Television performance, 1971)

Amadeus (Moscow Art Theater, 2003)

Andro and Sandro (Satire Theater, 1974)

Anna Karenina (Moscow Art Theater, 1953)

Anna Snegina (Television film - performance, 1969)

Andrei Kolobov (Television performance, 1977)

Antony and Cleopatra (Vakhtangov Theater, 1980)

Anthony and Cleopatra (Contemporary, 2008)

Antonio von Elba. Theater of Roman Viktyuk, 1999.

Pansies and caresses (TV movie-performance, 1990)

And what are you in a dress coat (School of Modern Play, 1992)

Amphitryon (Vakhtangov Theater, 1998)

Arabesque (Theater on Taganka, 2009)

Arkady Raikin. Address - Theater. Film-performance of the Leningrad Television Studio, 1967.

Arkady Raikin. The magic power of art, 1971

Arcturus is a hound dog (Television performance, 1995)

Assol (Television film - performance, 1982)

AtAnde (BDT, 2010)

Athens Evenings (Television film, 2000)


Ball in Savoy (Television performance, 1985)

Balalaykin and the Company (Contemporary, 1973)

Ballad of Cyrano (Leningrad Theater named after Lenin Komsomol, 1969)

The Drummer (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1975)

Fables for rabbits (Television performance, 2005)

BDT. 30 years later (BDT, 1986)

Bashmachkin (Television film - performance, 2010)

Running wanderers (Mossovet Theater, 1999)

Trouble from a tender heart (Television film - play, 1975)

Without guilt guilty (Film-performance, 1945)

Without guilt, guilty (Maly Theater, 1985)

Without guilt, guilty (Vakhtangov Theater, 1994)

Poor Lisa (Television performance, 1967)

Poverty is not a vice (Maly Theater, 1979)

Poverty is not a vice (Maly Theater, 2011)

Ugly Elsa (Mossovet Theater, 1981)

Crazy Day or Marriage of Figaro (Lenkom, 2005)

A crazy day or the marriage of Figaro (Satire Theater, 1974)

The White Guard (Moscow Art Theater, 2005)

A white horse is not my grief (Television performance, 1986)

White Sheep (The Hermitage Theater, 2005)

White Tent (Soviet Army Theater, 1985)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Television Performance, 1998)

White roses, pink elephants (Television performance, 1987)

Benefit of Vera Vasilyeva (Television film - performance, 1974)

Benefit by Larisa Golubkina (Television film - performance, 1975)

Benefit Ludmila Gurchenko (Television film - performance, 1978)

Benefit Savelia Kramarova (Television film - performance, 1974)

Benefit of Sergei Martinson (Television film - performance, 1974)

The benefit of Tatyana Doronina (Television film - performance, 1980)

Coast (Small Theater, 1980)

Women's Coast (Vakhtangov Theater, 2012)

The Coast of Utopia (RAMT, 2010)

Birch branch (Television performance, 1987)

Bernard Shaw (Television performance, 1976)

Conversations with a clear moon (Maly Theater, 1981)

Bezpridannitsa (Television film - performance, 1974)

Demons (Maly Drama Theater St. Petersburg, 2008)

Raging money (Maly Theater, 1978)

Mad Money (Maly Theater, 2005)

Blaise (Theater named after AS Pushkin, 1991)

Boldin Autumn (The Alexandrian Theater, 1971)

Bolsheviks (Contemporary, 1987)

Boris Godunov (Theater on Taganka, 1999)

Boris Godunov. Scenes from the tragedy (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1970)

Brothers and sisters (MDT, 2005)

The Brothers Karamazov (Theater on Taganka, 1997)

Brad alone (Television show, 1995)

Brest World (Vakhtangov Theater, 1989)

Buddenbroki (Television film - performance, 1972)

Be Healthy (Vakhtangov Theater, 1985)

Paper Heart (Television Performance, 2004)

Pinocchio. Great Life (Television Performance, 2007)

Storm (Television performance, 1988)

"Margarita" is raging (Television performance, 1970)

Faster than rabbits (Quartet And, 2006)


In the eighteen boy years (Television performance, 1974)

The city has good weather (Television film - performance, 1983)

In the rooms (TV film - performance, 1973)

Waiting for Elizabeth (Television film - performance, 1989)

As an exception (Ermolova Theater, 1980)

In the steppes of Ukraine (Ivan Franko Theater, 1952 )

Va-Bank (Lenkom, 2004)

Vanina Vanini (Television Performance, 1983)

Vanya, how are you here? (Television film - performance, 1969)

The barbarian and heretic (Lenkom, 1997)

The Barbarians (Maly Theater, 1953)

The Barbarians (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1979)

Warsaw melody (Vakhtangov Theater, 1966)

Warsaw melody (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 2010)

Vasily Terkin (Mossovet Theater, 1973)

Vassa Zheleznova (Maly Theater, 1953)

Vassa Zheleznova (Central Academic Theater of the Soviet (Russian) Army, 1978)

Your daughter Alexandra (Television film - performance, 1986)

Washington History (Television Performance, 1962)

Widow steamer (Theater of the Mossovet, 1989)

Great magic (Vakhtangov Theater, 1980)

True wife (Gogol Theater, 2003)

Version (Mossovet Theater, 1980)

Spring in Moscow (Lensovet Theater, 1953)

Evening of ancient Russian vaudevilles (Vetkhtangov Tetar, 1978)

Evening call, evening Bell. Dinner with Stalin (Theater School of Modern Play, 2008)

Evening Light (Mossovet Theater, 1976)

Always alive (Contemporary, 1976)

Adult daughter of a young man or Road to Chattanooga (Stanislavsky Theater, 1979)

Viy (Theater named after AS Pushkin, 2003)

Guilty (Theater of the Moscow City Council, 1978)

Rifles Teresa Carrar (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1969)

Cherry Orchard (Lenkom, 2009)

The Cherry Orchard (Maly Theater, 1983)

Cherry Orchard (Contemporary, 2006)

Cherry Orchard (Anton Chekhov Theater, 1992)

Vladimir III degrees (Theater Workshop by Pyotr Fomenko, 1991)

Vladimirskaya Square (Lensovet Theater, 2010)

The power of darkness (Maly Theater, 1978)

The power of darkness (Maly Theater, 2009)

At the top of his voice (Television performance, 1973)

Return (Vakhtangov Theater, 1968)

Back to square one (Maly Theater, 1979)

Retribution (Television performance, 1971)

Possible meeting (Moscow Art Theater, 1992)

Remuneration - 1 000 francs (Television performance, 1983)

Carter Genschel (Moscow Art Theater, 1982)

War and Peace. The beginning of the novel (Workshop by P. Fomenko, 2006)

Wojciek (Lensovet Theater, 1997)

Wolves and sheep (Maly Theater, 1952)

Wolves and sheep (Maly Theater, 1973)

Wolves and Sheep (Workshop by P. Fomenko, 2004)

Wolves and Sheep (Theater O. Tabakov, 2012)

Waves above us (Soviet Army Theater, 1973)

Volokolamskoe Highway (Moscow Art Theater, 1984)

The Magic Needle. Television performance, 1996.

Eight Loving Women (Satire Theater, 2006)

Enemies (Moscow Art Theater, 1972)

Time and family Conway (Ermolova Theater, 1974)

It's all over (Moscow Art Theater, 1980)

Just a few words in honor of Mr. de Moliere (Television performance, 1973)

Meetings with Admiral Kolchak (Irkutsk Drama Theater named after Okhlopkov, 2005)

Counter Strip (Television Performance, 1986)

The Challenge (Maly Theater, 1981)


Hamlet (Moscow Art Theater, 2006)

Gasparone (Television performance, 1975)

Handel and the gangsters (Television film - play, 1967)

George Tovstonogov. The history of staging the play "Idiot" (2014)

Nest of wood grouse (Theater of Satire, 1987)

Speak .... (Ermolova Theater, 1987)

The Naked Pioneer (Contemporary, 2005)

Voice (Television film - performance, 1968)

Woe from Wit (The Small Theater, 1977)

Woe from Wit (Statement by O. Menshikov, 2000)

Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe of Wit (Theater on Taganka, 2007)

Burn, burn, my star (BDT, 2007)

Mountain nest (Ermolova Theater, 1979)

City of millionaires (Lenkom, 2009)

The city at dawn (Vakhtangov Theater, 1959)

The Hot Heart (Leningrad Academic Drama Theater named after Pushkin, 1953)

Lord Glembai (Vakhtangov Theater, 1979)

Lord Golovlevs (Maly Theater, 1978)

The Golovlevs (the Moscow Art Theater, 2006)

Mr. Puntila and his servant Matti (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1974)

Mistress of the Minister. Theater of the Russian Army, 2012

Engraving on a Tree (Television Performance, 1966)

Graphomaniac (Television performance, 1983)

Sin (Maly Theater, 1969)

Groza (Small Theater, 1977)

Thunderstorm (Contemporary, 2006)

Walking in Russian. Moscow Regional Chamber Theater, 2006


The lady and her men (Entreprise, 2012)

Ladies and Hussars (Vakhtangov Theater, 1976)

Lady with Camellias (Soviet Army Theater, 1990)

Further silence (Theater of the Moscow City Council, 1973)

I give you life (Ermolova Theater, 1974)

Summer-life, 1979

Summer residents (Maly Theater, 1966)

Summer residents (Moscow Art Theater, 1979)

Twenty-seventh incomplete (BDT, 1970)

Two days from the life of the former captain (Television performance, 1990)

Two women (Lenin Komsomol Theater, 2004)

Two comedies of Bronislaw Nusic (Theater of Satire, 1969)

Two Sisters (Television Performance, 1970)

The Twelfth Night (Contemporary, 1978)

The Twelfth Night (Pyotr Fomenko Theater-Workshop, 1990)

The Twelfth Night or What You Want (BDT, 2007)

The Door to Summer (Television Performance, 1992)

Double (Alexandrian Theater, 2005)

The Noble Nest (Moscow Art Theater, 2011)

Delec (Small Theater, 2005)

Birthday (Television performance, 1988)

Theresa's birthday (Maly Theater, 1980)

Day by day is not necessary (Maly Theater, 2004)

Day of arrival - Departure day (Mossovet Theater, 1983)

Day of Radio (Television film - performance, 2003)

Birthday (Television performance, 1988)

Money for Mary (Ermolova Theater, 1985)

Trees die standing up (TV show, 1977)

Children of Vanyushin (Maly Theater, 1982)

Children of strife (Television film - performance, 1986)

Children of the Sun (Kyiv State Russian Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka, 1956)

Children of the Sun (Television film - performance, 1985)

Childhood, adolescence, adolescence (Television film - performance, 1973)

Deficiency of Mazaeva (Television performance, 1979)

Gentlemen from Congress (Television film - performance, 1982)

The dictatorship of conscience (Lenkom, 1988)

Long-legged and beloved (Television performance, 2012)

On demand (Television performance, 1970)

The rain will be (TV performance, 1986)

Doctor of Philosophy (Akimov's Theater, 2004)

Doctor of Philosophy (Television film - performance, 1976)

A long day goes into the night (Maly Theater, 1989)

Down with the cucumber king (Television show, 1990)

House (Maly Drama Theater of St. Petersburg, 1982)

The house where hearts are broken (Theater of Satire, 1975)

House with windows in the field (Television show, 1979)

Widow's Home (Television film - play, 1975)

Don Carlos (Mossovet Theater, 1980)

Don Cesar de Bazan (Leningrad Theater named after Komissarzhevskaya, 1957)

Dear Pamela (Lenkom, 1985)

My dear, good (Moscow Art Theater, 1988)

Expensive immortality (Television film - performance, 1957)

Dear boy (Moscow Youth Theater, 1973)

More expensive than pearls and gold (Contemporary, 1984)

Dostigaev and others (BDT, 1959)

Dostigaev and others (Maly Theater, 1975)

Profitable place (Maly Theater, 1981)

Profitable place (Satyricon, 2010)

Drama (Television performance, 1960)

Drama on the hunt (Television film - performance, 1970)

Duel (Moscow Art Theater, 2012)

Uncle's dream (BDT, 2011)

Uncle's dream (Vakhtangov Theater, 2000)

Dyadyushkin's dream (Theater Modern, 2011)

Uncle's dream (Television film - performance, 1981)

Uncle Vanya (Vakhtangov Theater, 2010)

Uncle Vanya (BDT, 1986)

Uncle Vanya (MDT, 2009)

Uncle Vanya (Moscow Art Theater, 1988)

Uncle Vanya (Mossovet Theater, 2010)

Uncle Vanya (Theater of Oleg Tabakov's House, 2007)


Evgeny Grishkovets. How I ate a dog, 1999.

Evgeny Grishkovets. Simultaneously, in 1999

Evgeny Grishkovets. Dreadnoughts, 1999

Egyptian Nights (Pyotr Fomenko Theater Workshop, 2002)

Yegor Bulychev and others (Vakhtangov Theater, 1953)

The only witness (Moscow Art Theater, 1973)

Elena and the navigator (Television performance, 1992)

Yesenin without women (Television performance, 2001)

If (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1978)

Still Van Gogh (Theater p / O Tabakov, 1999)


Skylark (Youth Theater on Fontanka, 2008)

The Iron Will (Ermolova Theater, 1998)

Marriage (Lenkom, 2007)

Marriage (Moscow Art Theater, 1997)

Marriage (St. Petersburg Theater of Satire on Vasilievsky Island, 1996)

Marriage (Mayakovsky Theater, 2002)

Marriage of Belugin (Stanislavsky Theater, 1978)

Female Monastery (Theater of Satire, 1971)

One woman lives (TV show, 1959)

The Living Corpse (Mossovet Theater, 1987)

The Living Corpse (Alexandrian Theater, 1952)

The Living Corpse (Alexandrian Theater, 2008)

Life and destiny (MDT, 2009)

The Life of Klim Samgin (Mayakovsky Theater, 1986)

Life of Matvey Kozhemyakin (BDT, 1968)

The life of Saint-Exupery (Leningrad Academic Theater named after AS Pushkin, 1972)

There lived the poet Baratynsky (Television performance, 1983)


For two hares (Vakhtangov Theater, 1997)

Envy (BDT, 1967)

The law of wintering (Mayakovsky Theater, 1984)

Zapadnya (Theater named after Vakhtangov, 1972)

Notes of a Madman (Television film - performance, 1968)

Notes of a Madman (Television Performance, 1990)

Goblin Reserve (Television film-performance, 1993)

Meeting of the Party Committee (Moscow Art Theater, 1977)

The impoverished kingdom (Television performance, 1967)

The seedy kingdom (Television performance, 1978)

Hare. Love story (Contemporary, 2009)

The Star Hour (Television Performance, 1973)

Star time according to local time (Theater of O. Tabakov, 1992)

Stars in the morning sky (Maly Drama Theater SPB, 1989)

Hello, our dads (Television film - performance, 1969)

The Green Room (Ermolova Theater, 1984)

Winter of our alarm (Performance of the Leningrad Television, BDT, 1963)

Goldfish (Television film - performance, 1985)

Cinderella (Theater named after Vakhtangov, 1978)

Zoykina apartment (TV movie - performance, 1988)

The Golden Carriage (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1971)

Zykovs (Maly Theater, 1987)

Zykovs (Pushkin Theater, 1970)


.. And I will repay (Maly Theater, 1990)

And the light shines in the darkness (Television performance, 1988)

Ivan (Maly Theater, 1988)

Ivan Fedorovich Shponka and his aunt (Television performance, 1976)

Ivanov (Moscow Art Theater, 1981)

Playing Shakespeare (Television Performance, 2004)

A game in a detective story, Part 1 (Television performance, 1987)

Game in a detective, ч. 2. The inspector and a mafia (the Television performance, 1988)

Players (Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, 1992)

Women's Games (Moscow Art Theater, 1993)

The Perfect Murder (Satire Theater, 2010)

Perfect husband (Television performance, 2010)

Idiot (Vakhtangov Theater, 1979)

Idiot (Theater of Oleg Tabakov's House, 2002)

Go and stop the progress (Theater on Taganka, 2006)

Game of Gin (Mayakovsky Theater, 1985)

The Game of Shadows (Mayakovsky Theater, 1993)

Players (Oleg Menshikov's performance, 2001)

From the notes of Lopatin (Sovremennik, 1975)

In the name of the earth and the sun (Lenkom, 1991)

Name days with crutches (Mossovet Theater, 2000)

Interview in Buenos Aires (Mayakovsky Theater, 1979)

Intimate life (Television performance, 2002)

Irkutsk history (Vakhtangov Theater, 1973)

History of the horse (BDT, 1989)

The history of one love (Ermolova Theater, 1979)

Claimants and defendants (Television performance, 1978)


Kabala piously (Moscow Art Theater, 1988)

How important it is to be serious (TV film - play, 1976)

How he lied to her husband (Television show, 1956)

Caligula (Tetar named after the Lensovet, 1998)

California suite (BDT, 2007)

The Stone Flower (Maly Theater, 1987)

The Captain's Daughter (Television Performance, 1978)

Karamazov and hell (Contemporary, 1996)

Karenin. Anna. Vronsky (Lensovet Theater, 2005)

Dwarf Nose (RAMT, 1970)

Pocket Theater (Lenkom, 1988)

Casting (Mossovet Theater, 2012)

The Quartet (BDT, 2006)

Kin IV (Mayakovsky Theater, 2002 version)

The Bedbug (Lensovet Theater, 2000)

Clown (Television performance, 1971)

Comedians (Mossovet Theater, 2003)

Communards (Moscow Art Theater, 16971)

Cavalry (Vakhtangov Theater, 1975)

Humpbacked Horse (Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, 2009)

Contract (Television show, 2012)

Skates. Memories of the School (RAMT, 1979)

The Queen is the Mother (The "Soprichastnost" Theater, 2008)

The Royal Games (Lenin Komsomol Theater, 2005)

The King and the Dodger (Television Performance, 1994)

King - Harlequin (Theater of Novel Viktyuk, 2012)

King Lear (Small Theater, 1982)

King Lear (Satyricon, 2009)

King Lear (Mossovet Theater, 2006)

Short stories (Television performance, 1963)

Short stories (Television film - performance, 1963)

Costume (Ermolova Theater, 1987)

Cat on the radiator (TV film - play, 1977)

A cat on a red-hot roof (Mayakovsky Theater, 1989)

Cats and Mice (BDT, 2009)

Red Hotel (Television Performance, 1976)

Kreutzer Sonata (Moscow Art Theater, 2011)

Chair (Theater of Oleg Tabakov, 1987)

Bed for three (Lensovet Theater, 2005)

Little One (Lensovet Theater, 2004)

Gooseberries (Television show, 1967)

Wings (Maly Theater, 1956).

Roof (Theater O. Tabakov, 1990)

A Great Route (Contemporary, 2008)

Ksenia. The Love Story (Alexandrinsky Theater, 2009)

Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Contemporary, 1992)

Who is who (Satire Theater, 1977)

Cousin Pons (Television Performance, 1978)

Dolls (Moscow Theater in the South-West, 2011)

Courier of the Kremlin (Vakhtangov Theater, 1967)

Kiukhla (Leningrad Television, 1963)


Labyrinth (Televised Performance, 1966)

The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor (Television Performance, 2004)

Forest (Leningrad Pushkin Theater of Drama, 1953)

Forest (Small Theater, 1975)

Forest (Maly Theater, 2005)

Summer walks (Maly Theater, 1982)

Leshy (Theater named after Vakhtangov, 1981)

Lika (Television performance, 1978)

Persons (Theater Et cetera, 2008)

Lying on long legs (Ermolova Theater, 1983)

Lolita (Theater of Roman Viktyuk, 1992)

Moon water (Yermolova Theater, 2004)

Favorite pages (Mossovet Theater, 1972)

Lubovye lace (St. Petersburg State Youth Theater on Fontanka, 2004)

Love Letters (Theater of Oleg Tabakov's House, 2003)

The Love Circle (Maly Theater, 2008)

Love is like a quiet evening (Moscow Art Theater, 1994)

Kolya, who loves you (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1987)

People and mannequins. Arkady Raikin, 1974 - 1975

People and Mice (Mikhail Gorevoy Theater, 2010)

People and passions (Lensovet Theater, 1979)


M.-P. Moscow - Petushki (Theater Zoo in Nizhny Novgorod, 2008)

The small comedies of the big house (Satire Theater, 1974)

Little comedies (Entreprise, 2012)

Small tragedies (Alexandrinsky Theater, 1971)

Mama PapaSinSobak (Contemporary, 2006)

Martin Eden (television performance, 1976)

The Ides of March (Vakhtangov Theater, 1994)

Maria Stewart (BDT, 2008)

Maria Stewart (Moscow Art Theater, 1976)

Masquerade (BDT, 2006)

Mashenka (Television performance, 1992)

Large-Scale Children (Television Performance, 1972)

Matrosskaya Tishina (Theater of Oleg Tabakov's House, 1979)

Megre and the man on the bench, 1973.

Megre and the old lady, 1974

Megre fluctuates, 1982.

Megre, Minister, 1987

Bear (film-performance, 1938)

Copper grandmother (Television performance, 2004)

Medea (Mayakovsky Theater, 1967)

Medea (Theater on Taganka, 2006)

Between Heaven and Earth (Television Performance, 1977)

A Month in the Village (Workshop by P. Fomenko, 1996)

Month in the village (Ermolova Theater, 1973)

A month in the village (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1983)

A Month of Long Days (Television Performance, 1978)

Dead Souls (Leningrad Television, 1969)

Dead Souls (Moscow Art Theater, 1979)

Dead Souls (Mayakovsky Theater, 2009)

Dream, do not betray (Television film - performance, 1990)

Meshchan (BDT, 1971)

Meshchan (Moscow Art Theater, 2007)

The philistine in the nobility (Vakhtangov Theater, 1969)

Million for a smile (Mossovet Theater, 1988)

Millionaire (Vakhtangov Theater, 1974)

Lovely liar (Moscow Art Theater, 1976)

Lovely liar (Vakhtangov Theater, 2001)

Peace to your house (Satyricon, 1987)

Miss Julie (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 2007)

Mystification (Lenkom, 2005)

Mistral (Gogol Theater, 2012)

Mitya (Television performance, 1967)

I had a dream (Contemporary, 2012)

Imaginary patient (Maly Theater, 2006)

Much Ado About Nothing (Vakhtangov Theater, 1956)

Moby Dick (Television Performance, 1972)

My poor Marat (Mossovet Theater, 2006)

Young hostess Niskavuori (Television performance, 1979)

Molly Sweeney (MDT, 2009)

The milk van no longer stops here (Moscow Art Theater, 1994)

Moral of Leonardo (Television performance, 1987)

The moral of Pani Dulskaya (Television performance, 1978)

Moscow. June. Chertanovo (Television performance, 1983)

Moscow. Clean Ponds (Television Performance, 1978)

Moscow Vacations (RAMT, 1973)

The Moscow Choir (MDT, 2009)

The Moscow Nest (Mossovet Theater, 1999)

Moth (Pyotr Fomenko Workshop, 2006)

Sage (Lenkom, 2004)

MuMu (Maly Drama Theater of St. Petersburg, 1990)

Husband, wife and lover (Mossovet Theater, 2007)

We are Men (Television Performance, 1976)

We will not see each other again (Contemporary, 1981)

The rebellion (Moscow Art Theater, 1980)


In a thriving place (the Pushkin Theater, 1955)

On the Great Road (Television Performance, 1967)

On every sage it is rather simple (Maly Theater, 1952)

On every wise man is rather simple (Maly Theater, 1985)

On every wise man is rather simple (Maly Theater, 2008)

On every wise man is quite simple (MAT, 1976)

It is quite simple for any sage (Vakhtangov Theater, 1968)

On every sage it is rather simple (the Lensoviet Theater, 2007)

On every sage it is rather simple (Theater of PO / O O. Tabakov)

At the bottom (MKhAT, 1952)

At the bottom (Sovremennik, 1972)

At the bottom (Theater p / u O. Tabakov, 2000)

On the golden day (Vakhtangov Theater, 1977)

On the Golden Lake (Mossovet Theater, 1996)

Halfway to the top (Mossovet Theater, 1979)

On the Threshold (Television Performance, 1969)

On the eve of departure (Television performance, 1986 )

Napoleon the First (Mayakovsky Theater, 2001)

The heirs of Rauberden (Satire Theater, 1962)

The heirs of Rauberden (Maly Theater, 2012)

Mocking my happiness (Vakhtangov Theater, 1975)

The freeloader (Moscow Art Theater, 1971)

Our town (RAMT, 1999)

Do not sit down in your sled (Television show, 1972)

Not all cats carnival (Satyricon, 2012)

Not all cats carnival (Theater p / p O. Tabakov, 2011)

I will not pay (TV show, 1983)

Not from this world (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1977)

Slaves (Pushkin Theater, 1974)

Nedorosl (The Small Theater, 1987)

Nedorosl (The Small Theater, 1990)

Nijinsky. Crazy God clown (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1999)

Stranger (Television performance, 1980)

Stranger (Television show, 1979)

Immature Raspberry (Maly Theater, 1985)

Unusual Sunday (Television performance, 1975)

Unfinished Symphony (Television Performance, 1968)

A few drops (Television show, 1982)

Nora (Television performance, 1980)

The Night of Mistakes (Television Performance, 1975)

The night before Christmas (Gogol Theater, 2009)


On the Harm of Tobacco (Theater on Pokrovka, 2012)

Oblomov (film-performance of the Leningrad Television, 1965)

Nude with a violin (Theater of Satire, 1959)

The break (Television performance, 1973)

Objective circumstances (Television performance, 1988)

The search is announced ... (Television performance, 1981)

Ordinary life (Television performance, 2002)

Ordinary story (Contemporary, 1970)

An ordinary person (Theater of Satire, 1965)

Robbery at Midnight (Television Performance, 1978)

One absolutely happy village (workshop of P. Fomenko, 2003)

Once in Paris (Theater Modern, 2012)

Window to the courtyard (TV performance, 1980)

He was a titular counselor (Petra Fomenko Theater Workshop, 2009)

He came (TV show, 1973)

She challenges (Television show, 1998)

She was born in a shirt (Television performance, 1976)

Dangerous turn (film-performance, 1972).

Operation on the heart (Television performance, 1982)

Optimistic tragedy (Maly Theater, 1977)

Ornifl (Theater of Satire, 2004)

Orpheus descends into hell (Soviet Army Theater, 1986)

The autumn campaign of 1799 (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1986)

The Aspen Nest (Stanislavsky Theater, 1984)

Oscar and the Pink Lady (Lensovet, 2005)

Islands in the Ocean (Television Performance, 1978)

Frank polaroid shots (Pushkin Theater, 2005)

Vacation on wound (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1983)

Fathers and children (Maly Theater, 1974)

Fathers and children (Theater O. Tabakov, 2008)

Officer of the Navy (Satire Theater, 1970)

Enchanted Wanderer (Television Performance, 1963)


Pavlik Morozov (Television performance, 1963)

Chamber number six (the Pushkin Theater, 1991)

A guy from our city (Lenkom, 1977)

The pat or the game of kings (Ermolova Theater, 2000)

Pena (Theater of Satire, 1977)

Per Gyunt (Lenin Komsomol Theater, 2012)

Paratrooper (Theater in the South-West, 2006)

Before sunset (BDT, 2007)

Before sunset (Maly Theater, 1974)

Motley stories (Comedy Theater named after Akimov, 1961)

Petersburg (Television performance, 1971)

The oven on the wheel (Mossovet Theater, 1985)

Pygmalion (television performance based on the play of the Maly Theater, 1957)

Pickwick Club (BDT, 1986)

Feast at the time of the plague (Lenkom, 1974)

Plastilin (Center for Dramaturgy and Directing by A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchina, 2001)

Plato Krechet (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1972)

Carpentry stories (Television performance, 1973)

Scout Scouts (Maly Theater, 1979)

Po Po (Evgeny Grishkovets, 2007)

In occasion of wet snow (TV show, 2012)

The winner (Lensovet Theater, 1989)

I'll believe and go (Stanislavsky Theater, 1982)

The story of Belkin. Shot. (television performance, 19981)

The story of Belkin. Undertaker. (television performance, 1990)

The story of Belkin. Snowstorm (television performance, 1984)

The Story of Young Spouses (Television Performance, 1982)

Wishing for success (Television performance, 1978)

Late love (Moscow Art Theater, 1968)

Under the chestnuts of Prague (Television show, 1965)

Virgin Soil Upturned (Pushkin Theater, 1971)

While the arba did not turn over (Gogol Theater, 1976)

The flight of the black swallow, or episodes of history at an angle of 40 °. (Contemporary, 2006)

Colonel Shaber (Television performance, 1978)

Memorial Prayer (Lenkom, 1993)

Trustees (Television performance, 1982)

The Threshold (Stanislavsky Theater, 1988)

Port Arthur (Maly Theater, 1964)

Portrait (Television performance, 1987)

Portrait of Dorian Gray (Television performance, 1968 )

Dedication to Love (Television Performance, 1994)

After the Fall (Gogol Theater, 1994)

The last meeting (Soviet Army Theater, 1985)

The latter (Moscow Art Theater, 1972)

The last (Theater of PO / O O. Tabakov, 2004)

The Last Victim (Moscow Art Theater, 2007)

Flood (Vakhtangov Theater, 1983)

Abduction of the Sorcerer. Television performance, 1980.

The story, compiled from the poem by N.V. Gogol "Dead Souls" (Theater of O. Tabakov, 2007)

Bury me behind the plinth (MDT, 2008)

Why they killed Olof Palme (Television performance, 1987)

Poem about the ax (Moscow Art Theater, 1968)

Slap (Theater of Satire, 1976)

Pribannik (Mossovet Theater, 2008)

A wonderful remedy for melancholy (School of Modern Play, 2003)

Greetings from Tsyurupa (Satire Theater, 2004)

Ghost (Small Theater, 1972)

Invitation to life (Pushkin Theater, 1981)

Recognition (Maly Theater, 1976)

Confessions of the adventurer Felix Krul (Theater of O. Tabakov, 2009)

The adventure failed (TV performance, 1974)

The Adventure of Selvestre Bonar (Television Performance, 1977)

Princess Turandot (Vakhtangov Theater, 1963)

Princess Turandot (Vakhangov Theater, 1999)

A man came to a woman (School of Modern Play, 1990)

Provincial (television show, 1969)

Provincial History (Television Performance, 1977)

Seeing off the white nights (Television show, 1966)

Provocation (School of Modern Play, 2002)

Rain seller (Stanislavsky Theater, 1975)

Passage (Television performance, 1983)

The Procurator's Parable (Moscow Lunar Theater, 2012)

The passing goose (Moscow Art Theater, 2002)

The Missing Officer (Television Performance, 1967)

Last summer in Chulimsk (Ermolova Theater, 1975)

Wake up and sing (Satire Theater, 1974)

Psyche (Theater headed by O. Tabakov, 1995)

Birds (First Studio of the Vakhtangov Theater, 2013)

Birds of our youth (Maly Theater, 1974)

Travelers in the Night (AS Pushkin Theater, 2001)

The abyss (Alexandrinsky Theater, 1958)

The abyss (Maly Theater, 1976)

The abyss (Maly Theater, 2004)

Pushkin's fairy tales (Central Children's Theater, 1973)

Bee (Mossovet Theater, 1984)

A play without a title (Maly Drama Theater, 1997)

Fifth decade (Lensovet Theater, 1983)


Equals to four France (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1986)

Divorce in Narymsky (Television performance, 1972)

Stories of Mark Twain (Television performance, 1976)

Rasteriaeva street (Maly Theater, 1959)

The Inspector (Maly Theater, 1985)

The Inspector (Theater named after O. Tabakov, 1992)

Auditor (Theater of Satire, 1982)

Jealous of herself (Maly Theater, 1980)

Rembrandt (BDT, 1963)

Tutor (Moscow Art Theater, 1981)

Roman stories (Television show, 1965)

Richard III (Vakhtangov Theater, 1982)

Slingshot (Theater of Roman Viktyuk, 1993)

Relatives (Mayakovsky Theater, 1981)

Christmas Dreams (Moscow Art Theater, 2002)

Fatal eggs (Television performance, 1992)

Romance about Santa Cruz (Television performance, 1993)

Romeo and Juliet (Television performance, 1983)

Redhead (Pyotr Fomenko Theater Workshop, 2011)

Rudolfio (Television performance, 1991)

Guide wishing to marry (Entreprise, 2010)

Russian people (Maly Theater, 1979)

Russian vaudeville. Pale-faced liar. Television performance, 2001.

Russian man at rendez-vous (Pyotr Fomenko Theater Workshop, 2012)

Russian jam (School of Modern Pieces, 2012)

Brooks where trout is splashing (TV performance, 1996)

Private (BDT, 1985)


With the coming ..... (Contemporary, 2012)

Suicide (Theater of Satire, 1989)

The very last day (Maly Theater, 1973)

Sashka (Mossovet Theater, 1983)

The Wedding of Krechinsky (Maly Theater, 2003)

Wedding of Krechinsky. Theater them. Moscow City Council, 2013

Wedding of Krechinsky (Theater named after AS Pushkin, 1953)

It shines, but does not heat (Maly Theater, 1972)

His people - we will be counted (Maly Theater, 1970)

In his words (School of Modern Play, 2007)

His Island (Contemporary, 1971)

The Holy of Holies (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1988)

Sacred monsters (Theater of Satire, 2000)

Sacred Fire (Moscow Art Theater, 2002)

North-West of Berlin (Television performance, 1967)

Today, the premiere (rehearsal of Chekhov's play Three Sisters, BDT, 1965)

The Seventh Satellite (Television Performance, 1962)

Secretaries (Satire Theater, 2002)

The village of Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants (Moscow Art Theater, 1973)

Family happiness (Petro Fomenko Theater-Workshop, 2000 )

Heart is not a stone (Soviet Army Theater, 2002)

Seryozha (Contemporary, 2012)

Signor Todero's master (Satyricon, 2007)

Cyrano (Mossovet Theater, 2006)

The Tale of the Ardennes Forest (Pyotr Fomenko Theater-Workshop, 2013)

Fairy tales of the old Arbat (Leningrad State Academic Drama Theater named after AS Pushkin, 1973)

The fabulous journey of Mr. Bilbo Beggins Hobbit (film-performance of the Leningrad Television, 1985)

Through Litia (Television Performance, 2005)

Miserable (Theater on Liteiny, 1991)

Miserly Knight (Television Performance, 1999)

A boring story. From the notes of the old man (Television performance, 1968)

Sweet dream of mine (Television performance, 2002)

Sweet-nosed bird of youth (Moscow Art Theater, 1978)

Servant of two masters (BDT, 1953)

Maidens (Roman Viktyuk Theater, 2006)

A case in a hotel (Television performance, 1967)

The case at the Kochetovka station (Television performance, 2001)

The case of Dr. Lekrin (Television performance, 2004)

The Deadly Room (Theater by O. Tabakov, 2006)

Death of Wazir Mukhtar (Television performance, 1963)

The death of Tarelkin (BDT, 1983)

Funny money (Lensovet Theater, 2008)

Laughing laughter (Mayakovsky Theater, 1992)

Mixed feelings (Theater Anton Chekhov, 2011)

Look who came (Mayakovsky Theater, 1987 )

Swarthy Lady of Sonnets (Leningrad Television, 1966)

The Baskervilles' Dog (television performance, 1971)

Dogs (Television show, 1963)

Conscience does not forgive (Television performance, 1964)

The Soldier and the Tsarina (Television Performance, 1968)

Soldiers in blue greatcoats (Television performance, 1969)

Solo for hours with combat (Moscow Art Theater, 1974)

Solaris (television performance, 1968)

Son Gaft, retold by Viktyuk (Contemporary, 2010)

Sonechka (Moscow Art Theater, 2006)

Co-workers (television performance, 1973)

Hurry to do good (Contemporary, 1982)

Means of Makropulos (Small Theater, 1978)

A glass of water (Maly Theater, 1957)

The Old Man (Maly Theater, 1974)

Ancient detective (Television performance, 1984)

Old-fashioned comedy (Mayakovsky Theater, 1978)

Old-world landowners (Moscow Art Theater, 2006)

Article (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1978)

Steppenwolf King Lear (Television performance, 1976)

Persistent fog (Television performance, 1978)

Strange Mrs. Savage (Mossovet Theater, 1975)

Passionate and sympathetic contemplation (Television performance, 2002)

Fear and despair in the S of the Empire (Television performance, 1965)

Arrow Robin Hood (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1984)

Complicity in the Murder (Vakhtangov Theater, 1964)

Strict Girl (Television Performance, 1969)

Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Ermolova Theater, 1971)

Sublimation of Love (Theater of Oleg Tabakov's House, 2007)

The trial of judges (Mossovet Theater, 1986)

Fate plays a man (Satire Theater, 1968)

Schastlivtsev - Neschastlivtsev (Satire Theater, 2002)


The one that is not expected (Theater of the Russian Army, 2012)

Tablet under the tongue (Theater of Satire, 1978)

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Television Performance, 1981)

Secrets of the Madrid Court (Maly Theater, 2006)

So it will be (Maly Theater, 1973)

So we will win (Moscow Art Theater, 1987)

Such a strange evening in a narrow family circle (Television performance, 1985)

Talents and admirers (film-performance, 1955)

Talents and admirers (Mayakovsky Theater, 1971)

Talents and admirers (Mayakovsky Theater, 2012)

Tanya (television performance, 1974)

Tanya - Tanya (Theater - Workshop of Peter Fomenko, 2001)

Tartuffe (Moscow Art Theater, 1989)

Tartuffe (Theater on Taganka, 2000)

Tattooed Rose (Moscow Art Theater, 1989)

Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca (Moscow Drama Theater p / p Armen Jigarkhanyan, 2012)

To you, my youth! (Television film - performance, 1966)

Tevye the milkman (television performance, 1985)

Theatrical novel (Film-performance, 2002)

Shadows (Lensovet Theater, 1953)

Shadows (Television performance, 1991)

The theory of improbability (Ermolova Theater, 1972)

A warm place (Television performance, 1981)

Silent dungeon (Television performance, 1997)

Tom Kenti (Moscow Young People's Theater, 1972)

Thomas Beckett (Television Performance, 1992)

Tragedians and Comedians (Moscow Art Theater, 1995)

Innkeeper (Mayakovsky Theater, 1975)

Tribunal (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1973)

The Thirteenth Chairman (Vakhtangov Theater, 1987)

Triptych (Theater - Matsrea Petra Fomenko, 2012)

Three girls in blue (Lenk, 1988)

Three sisters (Contemporary, 2001)

Three Sisters (Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky, 1984)

Three Sisters (Moscow Art Theater, 1997)

Three sisters (the performance of the workshop of Peter Fomenko, 2004)

Three Sisters (Maly Theater, 2004 )

Three comrades (Contemporary, 2003)

The Troika (Television Performance, 1989)

Trojan War will not be (Stanislavsky Theater, 2010)

The Communard's Tube (Television Performance, 1977)

Difficult people (Contemporary, 1992)

A step-up on the background of suitcases. Tomsk Drama Theater, 2013

A Thousand Souls (Television Performance, 1971)


The war does not have a woman's face (Theater on Taganka, 1988)

Killer - Goncourt Prize (Television performance, 1984)

Street angel (Theater Mossovet, 1969)

Smile at your neighbor (Television show, 1968)

Humiliated and insulted (Maly Theater, 1976)

Music Lessons (Mayakovsky Theater, 1990)

Efforts of Love (Maly Theater, 2002)

Duck Hunting (Moscow Art Theater, 2006)

The old man was leaving the old woman (School of Modern Play, 1996)

When leaving, look around (Mossovet Theater, 1981)

Teacher of literature (Television performance, 1965)

Teacher of Dance (Mossovet Theater, 2007)

Teacher of Dances (Central Theater of the Soviet Army, 1952)


Fake coin (Maly Theater, 1975)

Faust (Vakhtangov Theater, 1969)

Violet (Television performance, 1976)

Physicists (Television performance, 1988)

Foma Gordeev (Maly Theater, 1983)

Foma Opiskin (Mossovet Theater, 1999)

Frederick or Boulevard Crime (Lensovet Theater, 2005)

Frederic Moreau (Television performance, 1973)

Francis Drake (Television Performance, 1971)


The Boss (The Television Performance, 1971).

The hostess of the hotel (Satire Theater, 2011)

Cold Autumn (Television Performance, 1990)


Cylinder (Theater "Sphere", 2012)

The Seagull (Lenkom, 1994)

The Seagull (Moscow Art Theater, 1974)

The Seagull (Mossovet Theater, 2007)

The Hour of Life (Television Performance, 1972)

Cuckoo Clock (Television Performance, 1978)

Chevengur (MDT, 2009)

Man and gentleman (Lensovet Theater, 1973)

Man from La Mancha (Theater of the Soviet Army, 2004)

A man from the country of Green (Television performance, 1983)

A man with a gun (Vakhtangov Theater, 1977)

Man from the side (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, 1973)

The Black Monk (MTYUZ, 2010)

Honoring (Leningrad Theater named after Komissarzhevskaya, 1999)

Chekhov A.P. Scenes (Television performance, 1973)

Chekhov's pages (Moscow Art Theater, 1977)

Chekhon TE (Television performance, 1996)

What to do (Television performance, 1971)

What happened in the zoo. (Theater Zoo in Nizhny Novgorod, 2003)

An eccentric is a dead man or a mysterious box (Maly Theater, 2003)

The eccentrics (The television performance of the Leningrad Television, 1967)

The eccentrics (Television performance, 1989)

Hanuma (BDT, 1978)

Chopotun (Television performance, 1979)

Homo erectus (Satire Theater, 2012)

Bully. Confessions of the poet (Theater p / u O. Tabakov, 2010)

The Kingdom of Father and Son (Mossovet Theater, 2011)

Tsar Boris (Maly Theater, 1994)

Tsar Peter and Alexei (Maly Theater, 1999)

Tsar Fedor Ioannovich (Maly Theater, 1981)

Flower Laughing (Entreprise, 2012)

Flowers are belated (TV performance, 1969)

Caesar and Cleopatra (Television Performance, 1979)


Shagreen leather (Television performance, 1975)

Charades Broadway or everything about Eve (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1990)

Sharashka (Theater on Taganka, 2002)

Svejk in the Second World War (Theater of Satire, 1969)

Six old maidens and one man (Moscow Theater of Miniatures, 1982)

Overcoat (Contemporary, 2008)

School of Slander (Moscow Art Theater, 1952)

School performance (Television performance, 1972)

Storm (Mossovet Theater, 1972)

Shut Balakirev (Lenkom, 2003)

Shut Balakirev (Lenkom, 2011)


Aesop (BDT, 1960)

Examination for rank (Television performance, 1969)

Emergency communication with the driver. State Drama Theater "Comedians", St. Petersburg, 2006.

Elegy (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1977)

Vigorous people (BDT, 1989)

This was for the Narva Outpost (Television Performance, 1981)

This cute old house (Leningrad State Academic Comedy Theater, 1983)

This strange Russian (Ermolova Theater, 1985)

Echelon (Contemporary, 1988)


Jubilee tango (Television performance, 1989)

Juno and Avos (Lenkom, 1981)


I do not know you anymore, darling ... (Vakhtangov Theater, 1994)

Me, Feuerbach ... (Television performance, 1986)

Vanity Fair (Small Theater, 1976)