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Magical experiences that will make children gasp and explanations to them

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

We have a lot of things in the kitchen, thanks to which we can conduct interesting experiments and experiments with children. Even an adult can make for himself new discoveries from the category of "as I did not know this before . "

In addition to the interesting experience, it is important to inform the child what is happening in each of the experiments. The story of how this is done does not reduce the admiration and delight of children, because they make their little discoveries!

We have collected for you the most amazing experiences that will take your breath away from both children and adults. We are sure: because you show and tell everything, they will not become duller.

Egg in a bottle

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: an egg, a bottle with a neck diameter smaller than an egg, a thin strip of paper, and a drop of vegetable oil.

Experience: Is it possible to shove an egg in a bottle without breaking a bottle or an egg? You can, if it is quail. But we will try to do this with the usual. To do this, boil an egg and clean it from the shell. Lubricate the neck of the bottle with vegetable oil. Light the paper and throw it on the bottom of the bottle, and then immediately place the egg on the neck. When the paper goes out, the egg is sucked inside.

What happens: The fire burns oxygen in the bottle and rarefied air is formed in it. The reduced pressure from the inside and the usual atmospheric pressure from the outside act together and push the egg into the bottle. Due to its elasticity, it slips through the narrow neck.

Cola and Mentos Fountain

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: A two-liter bottle of diet Coca Cola and 5-6 dragees Mentos.

Experience: In order not to pour the whole house with cola, it is best to conduct this experiment on the street. Mentos dragees should get into the bottle at the same time, because the reaction starts almost instantly. To do this, they can be put on a piece of paper bent by a groove and allowed to slip into a bottle, or even better, put it on a string one by one and drop it into a cola at once. Another important point - try to bounce back quickly so as not to cater to the sweet fountain.

What happens: The rough surface of the dragee causes carbon dioxide dissolved in the drink to actively release. The cola foams rapidly, and with a force bursting out of the bottle, forms a fountain.

Elephant toothpaste

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Plastic bottle, tray, dry yeast, 6% hydrogen peroxide, food coloring, liquid soap or dishwashing liquid, water.

Experience: Put the bottle on the tray. Pour half a glass of hydrogen peroxide into it, add a little soap or detergent and take some food coloring. Separately, mix 2 tablespoons of warm water and 1 teaspoon of yeast thoroughly in the cup (work on this for at least a minute), and then pour the mixture into the bottle. Almost immediately, colored foam, which resembles toothpaste that is squeezed out of a huge tube, will actively climb out of it.

What happens: Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen, and yeast as a catalyst accelerates the reaction. Soap contributes by multiplying the bubbles. By the way, the bottle and the “toothpaste” will heat up - during the reaction, heat is released.

Plump colors

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Pancake flour, fine salt, water, food coloring or gouache, cotton swabs or a thick brush, thick drawing paper.

Experience: To make a paint of the same color, you need to mix in a cup 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of salt, and then add three tablespoons of water and paint there. In the same way prepare paints of other colors. It is better to draw on thick paper or cardboard with cotton buds or a thick brush (use a separate one for each color). After the drawing is ready, “bake” it in the microwave - 4-5 minutes will be enough at a power of 600 watts. During this time, the paint will swell and harden and the drawing will become voluminous.

What happens: Our paint, in fact, is the usual dough, only colored, so it rises in the microwave.

Ice gems: paint the ice from the inside

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Ice cakes (any cups and bowls are also suitable), a tray with sides, salt, liquid food colors or paints, pipettes or teaspoons.

Experience: In advance, in the evening, freeze more ice in large and small molds. The next day, prepare strong salt solutions in several containers and add paints there. Spread the ice figures on a tray, and drip salt solutions on them with a pipette or a teaspoon. Salt will melt the ice, “drilling” in it moves, and the paint will paint from the inside with intricate patterns.

What happens: When the sodium in the salt comes in contact with ice, a reaction occurs with the release of heat, which causes the ice to melt. That is why in the icy streets sprinkled with a mixture of sand and salt.

Home rain

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Large transparent container (jar, salad bowl), water, shaving foam, pipette or teaspoon, liquid food coloring. Instead of dye, you can take gouache or watercolor and dilute them in water.

Experience: Pour water into a container and squeeze lush clouds of foam onto it. Then drip a pipette or a teaspoon on the foam in different places a few drops of the dye and wait - it will soon rain from the cloud.

What happens: The paint seeps through the foam and sinks to the bottom due to greater density. Experience helps to show and explain to children what rain is.

Starch worms

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Cornstarch, water, thin metal baking sheet, subwoofer or column, gouache or food dyes.

Experience: Mix 2 cups of starch with 1 glass of water. Pour the liquid into a baking tray, add a few drops of paint and place it on a subwoofer or column. Turn on the dynamic music, gently press the baking sheet with your fingers, and enjoy the rhythmic dance of the multicolored worms.

What happens: Water with starch is a non-Newtonian liquid that behaves quite differently than usual. If you act on it with force, that is, beat, squeeze, crush, it becomes solid, thanks to which you can even run around it. Music is something like sound beats of different strengths. The mixture, responding to them, hardens and moves.

Lighted match

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: matches, flashlight.

Experience: Light a match and keep at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the wall. Shine a flashlight on the match, and you will see that only your hand and the match itself are reflected on the wall. It would seem obvious, but I never thought about it.

What happens: The fire casts no shadows, as it itself is the source of light.

Fireproof ball

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: 2 balls, candles, matches, water.

Experience: Inflate the ball and hold it over the lit candle to show the children that the ball will burst from the fire. Then pour simple water from the tap into the second ball, tie it up and bring it back to the candle. It turns out that with water the ball calmly maintains the flame of a candle.

What happens: The water in the ball absorbs the heat generated by the candle. Therefore, the ball itself will not burn and, therefore, will not burst.

The pencils

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: plastic bag, pencils, water.

Experience: Pour water in a plastic bag half. Pencil we pierce the bag through in the place where it is filled with water.

What happens: If a plastic bag is punctured and then water is poured into it, it will pour out through the holes. But if the bag is first half filled with water and then pierced with a sharp object so that the object remains stuck in the bag, then there will be almost no water flowing out of these holes. This is due to the fact that when a polyethylene ruptures, its molecules are attracted closer to each other. In our case, polyethylene is tightened around the pencils.

Loose ball

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: a balloon, a wooden skewer and some dishwashing liquid.

Experience: Lubricate the top and bottom of the tool and pierce the ball, starting from the bottom.

What happens: The secret of this trick is simple. In order to keep the ball, you need to pierce it at the points of least tension, and they are located in the lower and upper part of the ball.


Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть
Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: 4 cups of water, food colors, cabbage leaves or white flowers.

Experience: Add in each glass a food dye of any color and place one sheet or a flower in the water. Leave them overnight. In the morning you will see that they are painted in different colors.

What happens: Plants absorb water and thereby feed their flowers and leaves. This is due to the capillary effect, in which the water itself tends to fill the thin tubes inside the plants. So feed and flowers, and grass, and large trees. By sucking up the tinted water, they change their color.

Floating egg

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: 2 eggs, 2 cups of water, salt.

Experience: Gently place the egg in a glass with plain clean water. As expected, it will sink to the bottom (if not, the egg may be rotten and you should not return it to the refrigerator). In the second glass pour warm water and stir in it 4-5 tablespoons of salt. For the purity of the experiment, you can wait until the water has cooled. Then dip the second egg into the water. It will float near the surface.

What happens: It's all about density. The average egg density is much greater than that of plain water, so the egg goes down. And the density of the brine is higher, and therefore the egg rises.

Crystal Candies

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть
Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: 2 glasses of water, 5 glasses of sugar, wooden sticks for mini kebabs, thick paper, transparent glasses, saucepan, food colors.

Experience: In a quarter cup of water, boil sugar syrup with a couple of tablespoons of sugar. Pour some sugar onto the paper. Then you need to dip a stick in the syrup and collect saccharine with it. Further distribute them evenly on the stick. Leave the sticks to dry overnight. In the morning in 2 cups of water on the fire, dissolve 5 glasses of sugar. You can leave the syrup to cool for 15 minutes, but it should not cool down much, otherwise the crystals will not grow. Then pour it over the cans and add different food colors. Put the prepared sticks into the jar of syrup so that they do not touch the walls and bottom of the jar, a clothespin will help with this. Then you just have to wait, watch the process, and then - eat the resulting delicacy.

What happens: With the cooling of water, the solubility of sugar decreases, and it begins to precipitate and settle on the walls of the vessel and on your stick with the seed of sugar grains.

Glowing water

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

This experience will require some preparation and additional purchases, but it will look especially impressive.

Looking for: one tall glass, a solution of washing powder (20 ml), three percent hydrogen peroxide (10 ml), a three percent solution of luminol (5 ml), several crystals of potassium permanganate.

Experience: Pour detergent solution, hydrogen peroxide and luminol solution into a glass. Separately, rub several crystals of potassium permanganate and also send them to a glass. When you try to mix the mixture, it foams and will sparkle beautifully.

What happens: luminol begins to glow when it reacts with hydrogen peroxide.

Self-inflating balls

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: ball, soda, bottle, vinegar.

Experience: pour soda into a ball, and pour vinegar into a bottle. Put the ball on the neck of the bottle, and then turn it over so that the contents of the ball spill into vinegar, and watch.

What happens: the fact is that by adding soda to vinegar (soda slaking) carbon dioxide is released, which inflates the balloon.

Magic candle

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: one candle and a lighter.

Experience: light a candle and extinguish it after a while. When the candle goes out, smoke will rise from the wick. If you bring the fire to the smoke, the candle will light up again.

What happens: the smoke that rises from the wick contains paraffin fumes that light up easily. These pairs of light and comes to the wick, as shown in the gif.

Ball and funnel

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: funnel and ping-pong ball.

Experience: flip the funnel wide down, put the ball in the funnel and support it with your finger. Then start blowing into the narrow end of the funnel and stop supporting the ball with your finger, without stopping to blow. The ball should stay inside.

What happens: the faster the air passes by the ball, the less pressure it exerts on the ball. The air pressure between the walls of the funnel and the ball is much less than the outside, so as long as you blow, the ball will remain in the funnel, even if you flip it vertically. A vacuum cleaner can be adapted to this experience.

Ball and orange

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: one orange, inflated balls (as you wish).

Experience: Cut a piece of peel from an orange, as if you were peeling an orange for food. Pressing on the peel, drizzle the juice of the peel on the inflated ball. The ball will burst.

What happens: There are many substances like limonene in orange zest. It actively dissolves rubber, so a thin ball cannot withstand it.

Lava lamp

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Salt, water, a glass of vegetable oil, several food dyes, a large transparent glass or a glass jar.

Experience: Fill the glass for 2/3 with water, pour the vegetable oil into the water. Oil will float on the surface. Add food coloring to water and oil. Then slowly add 1 teaspoon of salt.

What happens: The oil is lighter than water, so it floats on the surface, but the salt is heavier than the oil, so when you add salt to the glass, the oil begins to sink to the bottom along with the salt. When the salt disintegrates, it releases oil particles and they rise to the surface. Food coloring will help to make the experience more visual and entertaining.

Personal rainbow

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: A container filled with water (bath, basin), a flashlight, a mirror, a sheet of white paper.

Experience: In a container, pour water and put a mirror on the bottom. We direct the light of a flashlight at the mirror. The reflected light needs to be caught on paper, on which a rainbow should appear.

What happens: A ray of light consists of several colors; when it passes through the water, it decomposes into its component parts - in the form of a rainbow.


Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Tray, sand, plastic bottle, food coloring, soda, vinegar.

Experience: A small volcano should be molded around a small plastic bottle made of clay or sand - for entourage. To cause an eruption, you should pour two tablespoons of soda into a bottle, pour in a quarter cup of warm water, add a little food coloring, and in the end pour in a quarter cup of vinegar.

What happens: When soda and vinegar come into contact, a violent reaction begins with the release of water, salt and carbon dioxide. Gas bubbles and push the contents out.

We grow crystals

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Salt, water, wire.

Experience: To obtain crystals, you need to prepare a supersaturated salt solution - one in which salt does not dissolve when adding a new portion. At the same time it is necessary to keep the solution warm. To make the process better, it is desirable that the water be distilled. When the solution is ready, it must be poured into a new container in order to get rid of the garbage that is always in the salt. Further, the solution can be lowered wire with a small loop on the end. Put the jar in a warm place to cool the liquid more slowly. In a few days, beautiful salt crystals will grow on the wire. If you get the hang of it, you can grow quite large crystals or patterned crafts on a twisted wire.

What happens: As the water cools, the solubility of the salt decreases, and it begins to precipitate and settle on the walls of the vessel and on your wire.

Dancing coin

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Bottle, coin, which can cover the neck of the bottle, water.

Experience: Empty unclosed bottle should be put in the freezer for a few minutes. Moisten the coin with water and cover it with a bottle taken out of the freezer. After a few seconds, the coin will begin to jump and, hitting the neck of the bottle, will make sounds similar to clicks.

What happens: The coin raises the air, which shrank in the freezer and took up a smaller volume, and now it has warmed up and began to expand.

Colored milk

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Whole milk, food dyes, liquid detergent, cotton swabs, a plate.

Experience: Pour milk into a plate, add a few drops of dyes. Then you need to take a cotton swab, dip in a detergent and touch the wand to the very center of the plate with milk. The milk will begin to move, and the colors will mix.

What happens: Detergent reacts with the fat molecules in the milk and sets them in motion. That is why skimmed milk is not suitable for experience.

Fireproof bill

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: Ten-ruble note, tongs, matches or a lighter, salt, 50% alcohol solution (1/2 part alcohol to 1/2 part water).

Experience: In a spirit solution add a pinch of salt, immerse the bill in the solution so that it is completely soaked. Remove the bill from the solution with forceps and allow excess fluid to flow out. To burn a bill and watch it burn without burning.

What happens: As a result of burning ethanol, water, carbon dioxide and heat (energy) are formed. When you ignite a bill, it burns alcohol. The temperature at which it burns, is insufficient to evaporate the water, which is saturated with a paper bill. As a result, all the alcohol burns through, the flame is extinguished, and a dozen slightly wet remains intact.

Walk in the balls

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for: two dozen eggs in the cells, a trash bag, a bucket of water, soap and good friends.

Experience: Lay a garbage bag on the floor and put two boxes of eggs on it. Check the eggs in the boxes, replace if you notice a cracked egg. Also check that all eggs are oriented in one direction - either with sharp ends up, or blunt. If you put your foot correctly, evenly distributing the weight, you can stand or walk around the balls barefoot. If the extreme from reckless movement does not want, you can put a thin board or tile on the tops of the eggs. Then nothing will interfere.

What happens: Everyone knows that it is easy to break an egg, but the egg shell is very strong and can withstand a lot of weight. The “architecture” of the egg is such that, with uniform pressure, the stress is distributed throughout the shell and does not allow it to break.

Pinhole camera

Волшебные опыты, которые заставят детей ахнуть

Looking for:

  • A camera that supports long shutter speeds (up to 30 s);
  • A large sheet of thick cardboard;
  • Masking tape (for pasting cardboard);
  • Room overlooking anything;
  • Sunny day.


  1. We glue the window with cardboard so that the light does not come from the street.
  2. We make an even hole in the center (for a room 3 meters deep, the hole should be about 7-8 mm).
  3. When the eyes get used to the darkness, an upturned street is found on the walls of the room! The most visible effect is obtained on a bright sunny day.
  4. Now the result can be shot on a long shutter speed camera. Exposure 10-30 seconds will do.