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R2-D2 paper

R2-D2 paper

It is time to glue together all the famous robot from the Star Wars universe!

R2 has a barrel shape with a rotating dome that plays the role of its head and includes a single eye.

He has three props that allow him to walk, and each has a wheel.

Unlike his friend, the C-3PO protocol droid, the R2-D2 does not speak, but communicates through sequences of squeaks, whistles and trills that 3PO can translate.

It seems that his owners also understand what he wants to say.

Also, being connected to the fighter, R2-D2 can communicate with the pilot by typing his cues on the monitor.

In pepakure it is located on 77 pages.

I agree, this is not small, but this beauty will reach almost a meter in height (in finished form)!

The complexity of the assembly is easy.

All items are large.

There is not a big problem - in scanning some parts take up 2 pages.

Therefore, first go to Settings-Print and Paper Settings and mark Print aligment marks for multiple pages.

After the printout, we independently make the likeness of the valves and glue them together.

The model is open for editing. Good luck!

R2-D2 paper
Difficult high-grade R2D2 Difficult high-grade R2D2 Difficult high-grade R2D2 Virus Free by KAV
R2-D2 paper
Light square R2D2 Light square R2D2 Light square R2D2 Virus Free by KAV