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Dictionary of Old Slavonic words + Old Slavonic type

Cтарославянские слова

The Old Slavonic language (st.-Slav) is the first Slavic literary language based on the dialect of the Slavs who lived in the 9th century in the vicinity of the city of Solun (the eastern group of the South Slavic branch of the Proto-Slavic language). Writing on the basis of language was developed in the middle of IX century by brothers-educators Cyril and Methodius. In the IX-XI centuries it was the literary language of most Slavic peoples and influenced the formation of many young Slavic languages ​​then. As the alphabet for the Old Slavonic language used Glagolitic and Cyrillic. From the very beginning the Old Slavonic language was a literary and literary language and was never used as a means of everyday communication.

Old Slavs - words borrowed from the Old Slavonic language, the language of liturgical books. Therefore, Old Slavism also includes church Slavs.

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And ABYE - right away, right away
ABO - or, or
ABY - to; if; if only; at least
ABBA - father, abbot of the monastery in the East
ADAMANT - diamond
AEP - air
ALREADY - if, what, which, even, and here
AGIO - meanwhile, in fact, even
IMPORTANT - like, when suddenly, so that
AZ - I
AKI - as
AKRIDA is a locust; young plant shoot
ALABYSH (alyabish) - pie, puff, fritters; ALABYSH TO GIVE (ironically) - to strike, to give a slap
ALAFA - award
ALKAT - fast, fast
ALTYN - a coin in three kopecks
ALCHBA - hunger, fasting
AMANAT is a hostage
AMEN - it is true; it is true
AMO (AMOZHE, KAMO) - where
ANAFORA - an offering; prosphora
ANO - but, however, even
ARAPCHIK - Dutch chervonets
ARKUDA - bear
ARKUCHI - speaking
ARSHIN - a Russian measure of length, containing four quarters (span) of four vertices (one third sazhen), is 0.711 m; ruler, bar of this length for measurement. Approximately corresponds to the length of the entire arm from the shoulder
ATO - yes, yes
ACTIVE - if, though, whether
BAGR - scarlet
BAGREZ - red paint; variety of cloth
BAGRETSOVYI - bright red, crimson
BAGGREY - a precious fabric of crimson color; clothes made of this fabric
THE BATH - bath
BASIC - swearing, the same as "old snivel"
BALIY is a sorcerer; the caster; doctor
BASA - beauty, grace, decoration, attire
BASKET - dress up, flaunt
BASKAK - the lord, the governor
BASK - beautiful, elegant
BACHKO - father, father
BAYAT - speak, tell
BDETI - to stay awake, not to sleep; care
BY - he was, she was, it was
BEBRIAN - special silk fabric
Poverty - impoverishment, disaster
BESIDITY - an escheat estate, income or a rent from such an estate
WHITE-WHEAT WHEAT - corn, millet
BERDO - belonging loom
TALK - bench, bench
BESERMEN - Mohammedan
UNSPECIFIED - unparalleled
FREEDOM - despair, lack of funds
THE PRIVATE - the one who is not happy, unhappy
BESTE - you were
BEKH - I was, was
BEKH - we were
BHU - they were
BIRAV - Gentleman, bailiff, elder
BIRYCH - the herald
BISCUP - Catholic Bishop
BLESS - good, good; nice, beautiful
BLOJITI - praise, praise
BLAZE - to seduce, deceive
BLASH - deception, seduction; temptation
BLUES - observe, protect
FUCK - a lie, a hoax
BO - because, because
DEATH, BOJATUSHKA - godfather (mother)
BOLO - good, good
BOLON - lowland pore, the space between the two shafts
BOLMA - most of all, mainly
BORZO - quickly
BORONA - defense
BOARDNIK - engaged in beekeeping, i.e. forest beekeeping, honey extraction of wild bees
BOCHAG - deep puddle, koldobina, pit, flooded with water
BRUNG - war
BRIANNY - figured (about fabric)
Bratynia - broatin, a vessel for beer
BRAZI - wedding feast, a feast
RIGHT - food, food, food, edible
BRAND, BREDNIK - a small seine, which is caught by the fish together, going ford
MOVING - to cherish
BROZDO - bridle
BRYN - Bryansk
BREAD - feast
BREZG - dawn
BUDI - be
BUE is courage, fervor; insolence, insouciance; riot
BULATE - steel
BURNASTY - reddish-brown (about a fox)
BUS - a large dug-out boat with a sharp nose
BUSOVO (BUS) - gray-smoky
BUYAVA, BUEVO - cemetery and grave
WILL - grass, grass; plant food; herbal remedy
Bylitsa - a blade of grass, a stem of grass; fortune teller
Bylichka - a story about an evil spirit, the reliability of which is not in doubt
FASTER - you were
BEAUTY - he was
БЯХУ - they were В

IMPORTANT - hard, hard
VAP - paint
VAPNITSA - a container for paints
VAPNO - lime
VARGAN ("on the mound, on the harpoon") - maybe, from the "Worg" - a glade overgrown with tall grass; dodgy, open place in the forest
VARITI - to anticipate, warn; protect
VASILISK - the serpent
WASHINGTON - maybe, so, as if
VEDATI - know, know; be able
VEZHA - tent, yurta, kibitka
WEYA is a branch
VELLEVIE - praise, exaltation; greatness
VELIE - great, lasting, abundant
VELICE - the great
WELZEVEL - the devil
VELMI - very, very
BEM - I know
BELIEVE - rope; peasant community
VERES - juniper
FAITH (trunks, a rope, a bucket) - a post on which the gate is hung; mowing at the door
HARVEST - coarse cloth from hemp
VERTEP - cave; a hangout; A large box with puppets controlled from below through the slots in the floor of the box, in which performances on the theme of the Nativity of Christ
RELIEF - corrupted
VERSTATI - compare, equalize
UPPER - fruits
TOP - riding; riding ahead
VESI - you know.
VLADIO - publicly, publicly
EVENING - western; evening
EVEN - yesterday
WRITE - crave
PLAY - rejoice
EXCERPTION - dissension; the debate; Search
VICLINA - tops
VICA - twig, rod, long branch
ALWAYS - when
EXTRACT - the one that
ВНИТИ - log in
BOBBY - escort
REMOVE HIS - awaken
OGGRI - snot
AGE - growth
VoI - warriors
FIBERS - stalks, straws, grass; the top part of the sheaf with ears
VONYA - smell, aroma
VORONETS - beam in the hut, serving as a regiment
VOSYAGNUTI - abstain
VOSHITITI - kidnap, take, steal
ADVENTURE - abduction
VEHICLE - rags
VSCUYu - why, why
VSEU - in vain
ENTER - to have a good time
TURN OUT - throw inside something
EXPLORE - lift up
ENTER - pay attention
RECRUITMENT - army, battle, battle
BLACK - in vain, wasted
VYSHYTITI - pick up, kidnap, take
OWNER - a beagle dog; snoop
VYMOL - the pier
OVERVIEW - look out
BUT OUT - took out
Pull out of sheath
EXPRESS (VARY, IRI) - a wonderful, promised, warm side, somewhere far from the sea, accessible only to birds and snakes
TO DETERMINE - to escape
VYSOCHI - release, withdraw by force
STOP - push out
OOM - food, meal time
EXIT - salary
EXTRACTION - teaching
OVYA - neck
VYALITSA - blizzard
STYLE - noble
VYAShCH - more
VYASCHY - greater, senior in position, noble
GHAVRAN - the crow
GAY - oak grove, grove, small deciduous forest
Garip - a foreigner, a stranger
GBEA - joint, fold; turn
VERB - word
GLADY - hungry, insatiable, greedy, rapacious
GLE - shin, ankle
Gloom - noisy fun, game; mockery
Gobino - wealth; crop
GOVERNO - post
GODINA - good clear weather, bucket
TO GO - to marvel, admire, stare; stare, stare; mock
GOLIK - broom without leaves
GOLITSA - leather gloves without a lining
GOLKA - noise, scream
THE HOLLANDER - chervontsi, beaten at the St. Petersburg Mint
GOLOMA - a lot; open space
GONZATI - avoid
GONZNUTI - escape by flight
MUCH - skillfully, skillfully; very, very
MOUNT - up
LOWER - upper, high; heavenly, divine
TOWN - part of the bridge
HORSE - mustard
GOSTIKA - guest
GUEST - a merchant
GARNET - gun
GRANESLAISE is a church verse; the work is commendable in honor of someone
GRANDLORD - the name of a complex book
GREZN - bunch; bushing trees or shrubs; fruit, berry
ГРИВНА - monetary and weight unit, silver or gold bullion weighing about a pound; necklace
Gride - prince's bodyguard, druzhinnik, warrior
BREAST - frozen
SAD - hard, sad
THE SHELL - the shelf going from the furnace to the wall
Guba - the gulf, the backwater
THE GUEST is a singer, musician
GUDOK - three-stringed violin without cut-outs on the sides of the body
GUMNO - a room, a barn for compressed bread; ground for threshing
Д ДВАЩИ - twice
DEBR - mountain slope, gorge
DEVER - her husband's brother
NINE - a period of nine days
LEAVE - dough for test, quartz; bread dough
DEI - already, is it
CASE - for, for
DAY - morning dawn; the star
THE DESERT - the right hand
WISE - right
DETENTION - business, action
DO - to do, create, perform; speak
DIVIY - wild; cruel, rude; marvelous
DENMY - arrogance
DMITSY - to become arrogant
DAY - Today
DOBLE - valor, valiantly
WINE - beautiful
WELFARE - to provide, supply; proper
DOCUMENT - so far, since
CONSTRUCTION - peace treaty, consent
DOLU - down
DONDEZHE (DONDE) - as long as
DOSYULE - old, old
DOHA - fur coat with fur inside and out
Drola - dear, dear, beloved
FRIENDSHIP - Comrades, community, companions; army; wife
FRIENDLY - another; princely
DOUBLE - strong, strong; valiant; skillful; well-born
Daughter - daughter E - when; while
FOOD - really; Is it not otherwise, however
THE END-wild boar
HERO - what if, when
EKZARH - a spiritual person, convicted by a special, higher authority
Elephant - Elephant
ELIKO - how much, as soon as possible, who, what
ELITZA - those who
ELMAGE - because, because, when
EMATI (IMATHI, EMELET) - take, take
EMHSHAN - wormwood
ENDOVA - a wide copper cup with a spout; ravine
Epistle - a letter, a message
ERNISHNY - from "Yernik": small, small forest, small birch bush
EROFEICH - bitter wine; vodka infused with herbs
FOOD - food, food
ETER - some, somebody
Ж ЖАГРА - a wick for ignition of gunpowder
ZHALNIK - cemetery, graves, churchyard
HUMAN BEING - Grace, Award
STILL - crave
WISH - corn, abscess; turtle
Jelly - grass
ЖЕЛЯ - Sadness
MARRY - chasing, chasing
ANIMAL - life, property; soul; livestock
ANIMAL HONESE - deprive life of life
ANIMAL LIHOVAN - Life is deprived
FAT - wealth, abundance
ZHITO - bread on the vine, crops; wealth; barley (northern), rye unmilled (southerly), any spring bread (east).
EVERYTHING - sacrificing
ZHUPAN - old semi-caftan
WISH - complaining, crying
GOT - top of the city wall; fence
ZAGNETA (ZAGNETKA) - ash pan of Russian furnace
CONCURRENCE - the last day before the fast, which is allowed to eat fast
CLEARANCE is a shame
ZAZRYT - to blame, blaspheme, condemn
MESSAGE - delay, delay
ZAKYYANIE - sneezing
CHATEAU - ledge in the river bed
Zalaz - danger, disastrous
HALL - twisted bundle of ears; is usually done by a sorcerer or a witch to damage or destroy the fields, as well as the owner of the field
MISUSE - confusion, anxiety, excitement
ZANE - for, since, because, because
ZANEZHE - for, since, because, because
ENOUGH - stained or contaminated something new clean; eased the heart (from "renew", to give the heart to ease the heart).
COMMANDMENTS - ordering; punish
HAPPY - be happy
ZARAZITISA - to be killed, to fight
THE CROWD is a large haystack of bread, not round masonry, but rather oblong
Zasek - sysek, closed; baffle
SASPA - groats
Shadow - shadow
ZATI - save, avoid
ZATCHYNY - deaf, deserted
Borrow - take, grab
BUILDER - builder, architect; potter
ZELIE - grass, greens; medicine, poison; powder
GREEN - very, very; accurately, carefully; perfectly
ZERO - strong
ZAE - earth
KIND - take a look
ZIPUN - peasant caftan of coarse thick cloth, in the old days without a gate
Znamenie - sign, instruction
KNOW - knowledge
ZRAK - type, image, face
ARROWS - mature berries
THIRD - see, watch
And the IDE, the IDEA - where, when, since
IZHE - who
IZVET - reservation, explanation; slander
EXPRESS - to declare
ISRAEL - treachery
ISRAEL - traitor
EVERYBLE - excellent
ISOGRAPH - icon painter
IZUMETIS - lose my mind
ISHAMATA - to catch
EXIT - delete
ICON - administrator of church property
IMATI - to take, borrow, seize
INDE - in another place, here and there; or
INO - then, in that case, so, is it, only
IPAT - voevoda
ИПОСТАСЬ - a person, a being
IRI - paradise, warm countries
ИСКУСИТИ - to experience
CONFESSION - order, tell
EXERCISE - praise, glory, thank you
BEGIN - to destroy
The most important thing, the essence, the result
SOUTH - in passing
ISTOPKA - hut, bath
INITIALIZE - to take
STRAIGHTEN - pull, stretch; stretch out
ISHEM - honey, intoxicating drink
To KAZHENIK - a skopec
COSTING - instruction, exhortation
THE PATTERN is the mentor
CALIGA - boots with low bootlegs
KAL - impurities, dirt
COLD - dirty
CALUGER - monk
CAMARA - roof, shelter; tent
KAMO - where
KANORHATI - read recitative; sing psalms
Cap - cap
CAPITS - going together
Kapno - together, together
KATUNA - wife
KENDAR - a measure of weight (about 3 poods)
KERAST is a snake; echidna
CEREMIDE - plate
KURSTA - coffin, grave
KLYUK - cunning, deceit
KEY - horse, foal
KEY - suitable
KEY - steering wheel, helm
KMET - warrior
Kob - treasure, fortune telling; happiness, luck
CONVENTION - insidiousness
KOI (QUE) - what, what
TIGHTS - quarrel, turmoil
KOLO - cart, cart, wheel
KOMARS - vaults on the roof
COMON - fighting horse
KOMBAKI - Communion
COMKING - Communion
KOPRINA - silk
FOOD - food; kind of taxation, maintenance; feast, treat
FEEDING - feeding
THE KOROSTA - coffin
COSNETS - procrastinate
COSNO - slowly
KOTORA - quarrel, feud
COTTAGE - scolding, swearing, quarreling
KOFAR is a slave-Indian
KOSHCHEI - a slave, a prisoner
KOSHCHUNA - sacrilege; funny jokes
Kramol - mutiny, rebellion; malice, cunning; ambush
KRASNA - yarn, weaving mill
KRIN - lily
EXCEPT FOR ERROR - looking away, despite this
KROILOSHAN - clergymen
KUDESA - miracles
KUNA - marten skin, money symbol in Ancient Russia
KUPINA - bush, shrub
BUILDING - market, marketplace
BATH - together
BOOM - tent
KYY (KIY) - which one, which; some
KAMET - warrior, druzhinnik L LAGVITSA - bowl
LAGODITI - indulging; to do pleasantly
LANITA - cheek
SLAUGHTER - gluttony
LASKOSERDIY - gluttonous; effeminate
LEK is a game of dice
LEPOTA - beauty, splendor; decency
LEPSHIY - the best
LYCE - deception, cunning; heresy; conspiracy
SUMMER - plant shoots
SUMMER - you can
LYOKHA - ridge, heap
LIHVA - interest
FALSE - evil
FIGHT - number, count
Lishchenk - insignificant, unhappy
LOVE - hunting
LOVITVA - hunting, fishing
BREW - a place for bestial and fish hunting
Lozhesna - the womb, the womb
LONIS - last year
LUKA - bend, convolution
LUKAREVO - winding
LUKNO - basket
LYCHENICA - bast shoes
ANYONE - well, anything, maybe even
LOVE - love, affection; addiction, predilection; compliance
LYSTYY - cunning, cheating
LYADINA - thickets, shrubs; young forest
M MAESTAT - throne, throne
Mamon - a kind of monkey
MASTROTA - skill
Megistane - dignitaries, grandees
МЕТАНИЕ - bows
MECHNIK - prince's druzhinnik in Ancient Russia; guardian
CUT - sheepskin; outerwear; cloak
MNITI - think, believe
MOB - bath
Grave - hill
MELGE - network
MUSICS, WOMEN - linger, slowly
Mongols - the Mongols
MUSIC - musical
MUSIC - music
MUKHOYAR - Bukhara cotton fabric with wool or silk
MUSCLE - small insect, midge
MUCHORTY - plain, frail
The MURDER is the tax collector, the crook
MYTO - pay; submit, trade fee; outpost
Н НАБЪДЕТИ - take care, help
NAV - death
NAVODITI - slander
NAZIRATI - to observe
APPLYING - to indicate, represent
NAIPACHE - especially
PURPOSE - mentor, teacher
OTHERS - tambourines, drums
FIRE - to get, find
NALYATSTI - to strain
DROPS - in half, in two
DIRECTLY - suddenly, unexpectedly
Nephevati - invent
NARIT - to call
NAROCHITY - certain, known; noble; a great
APPAREL - order, establish order
NASAD - ship
THE LEGACY is a descendant
NACCHITI - to inform, announce, inform
THE EXPRESSION - inheritance of the prince's throne
NAYU is our
NAYATI - hire
NEVEGOLOS - ignoramus
NEGLI - maybe, perhaps
NON-BALANCE - negligence
LOVE - displeasure, annoyance; strife
GERMAN - foreign, foreign
HOMO - dumb
NON-COLD - Pregnant
UNEXPECTABLE - hostile, devilish
Nepschati (Nepschvati) - to believe, to doubt; think
NETY - nephew
UNKNOWN - incorruptible
NOTHING VELIOS - nothing special
NAUGHT - peas
NOLI - maybe; almost, up, then
NUDMA - by force
NEED - hard
NEEDED - forced, bad
Us - us
NURSHCHA - a ruin, a den, a hole, a rifle
ABOUT BREATH - to deceive, put to oneself
OBACHE - however, but
BELIEVE - hang, hang
OBESTITI - to notify, notify
LOOK AFTER - bypass
RELATIVES - to exalt, glorify
TO START - to retreat from something
Oblo, oblong - round
FLOOD FLOOR - on the other half, on the other side
STORY - seducer, wizard
IMAGE - view, image; icon; example, symbol, sign
PERSECUTE - to impose a quitrent
OBVITY - hang, hang
Whether the PSB is, then ... then, or ... or
EVERYTHING - sometimes
OVY - one, one, this, that one; such, some
ODESSA - on the right
SINGLE - top single-breasted clothing
ODRINA - a building, a hut, a stable
BELOW - what if
OKAYATI - to call miserable, pathetic; deem unworthy
SURROUNDING - around, about
Oksamit - silk fabric with pile of gold or silver threads
OKUSHATSYA - try, try to do something
OLAFA - reward, gift
OLE - however, but
OVZHENNY - closed
SOMETIMES - recently
ONOMO both
ONSITSA - someone, some
ONUDU - since then, from there
OPANICA - bowl, dishes
BACK - tail
DARK - change, bend
AGAIN - back, back
ORATAY - plowman
ROCK - plow
OLD - horse
ORTHMA - a veil; blanket
EfE - here
OBSORBITIS - to grieve
OSLOP - pole, club
OCH - point
OSTROG - palisade, fence of stakes or logs
OBSTY - to surround, to lay siege
OTAI - secretly, secretly
OTBREBATISYA - to be eliminated, removed
HOST - father
REPEATER - Otseprenets
From where, from there, why, why, because of that
DENIED - condemnation, prohibition
The adolescent is a teenager, a young man; the retinue of the personal guard of the prince
REPORT - renounce
REMOVE - damage, spoil
TO HATCH - to hide; to leave; be outdone; abstain
OTSET - Okaq
OCHE - if
OCHINA - the fatherland, the inheritance handed down by the father to his son
Oshuyu - left P PAVOLOKI - silk fabrics
PAKI - again, again, again
PARDUS - cheetah, leopard
PAROBK - boy, servant, servant
PAHATI - flutter, flutter
PECHE - more, higher, higher, better
FALSE - wormwood
Foam - money coin
CHANGE - outwit
FREQUENCY - get scared
TO OVERRASE - interpret, translate from another language
PECHES - an abrasion
PERSI - breast
FIRST - a handful of earth, earth, decay
PESTUN - educator
STANDING - care, care, troubles
LIVING - care
NIBLIB - pedestrian
NIBLIQI - infantry
PIRA - suma
FLEECE - noise, scream; turmoil
FLEET - body
BODY - bodily
PLUSNA - foot
BEWARE - bundle, skein
STORY - news, message, story
WELDED - silk
MISTAKE - to plunge
REPEAT - tell, tell, show
Poganskiy - pagan
PAGANY is a pagan
SIMILAR - comparison, use
PODRUCHITI - subordinate
SUPERVISOR - subordinate
LEAVE - flattery, craftiness
SHAME - sight; ridicule
CANDY - watch
POCKET - bent, twisted
POKOSNY - passing
FIELD - judicial duel
POLMA - half
BREAKFAST - scaring
MORNING - south
SUNDAY - north
FULL - open
POMAVATA - give a sign
PONE - though, at least
PONT - the sea
Get - grab, grab
SUPERMARE is a 1000-step travel measure; daylight
PRIORITY - to promote
Poreclo - nickname
Defects - stenobitic tools
POWDER - dust
PORT - piece of cloth. clothes
PORN - canvas
PORUB - dungeon, prison, cellar
DISSOLVE - split, split; to harm
AMBASSADOR - a verbal agreement, consent; proverb
MESSENGER - witness
AMBASSADOR - by the sun
PLANED - plague, epidemic
CONSUMPTION - to exterminate
STREAM - contrive, try
POTYTI - hit, kill
WALKING - sniffing
SOUNDING - mockery
BEGIN - to take
RIGHT - real, correct
PREVRATITI - draw, incline
PRELAGATE - scout, spy; messenger
PRELESTNY - lying, deceptive
PRELEST - deception, delusion; seduction; diabolical plots
SPREAD (PRY) - dispute, litigation; objection; a court case
CONVERSION - the middle of something
PRESENTLY - famous, illustrious
CLAIM - threaten
PRETORGITI - tearing up
PRETYKATISIA - stumble, stammer; to err
PRESSING - to dry out
PROMISE is a threat
PRIVABITY - to invite, invite; draw
WAIST - top short clothes
PRARAZITISY - to oppose
VISIT - to visit, visit; send mercy; to consider
PLEASANT - always
PRISON - native, close
PRYYAPATI - fit out
PRITOCHNIK - the writer of the parables
PROK - balance
SPACES - stretch, stretch; continue; spread out
AGAINST - imprint, list; duty
PROTOZANSHIK - the guardian
PROSTITUTION - predetermine
OTHER - future, in the future
STRETCH - dry, fry (with immersion in oil), oven
PYRO - pride, arrogance
FIRST - finger
Friday - Friday
DIVIDING - to disperse; disappear
DISAGREE is a shame; dissension
BUILD - divided into three parts
CANCER - tomb
RALO - plow
Ramen - shoulders (from neck to elbow)
RAMENO - tense, strong, fast
RAMO - shoulder
SPACE - arrange
Raspos - pop-breaking
RATAI - plowman
CORRUGENCY - love, passion
Jealousy is diligence
REZANA - monetary unit
RESOLUTION - usury, covetousness
REKL ESI - (you) said
REL - crossbeam
RESNOTE is true; dignity
REX - (I) said
Speech - speak, say
Reshit - unleash
RISTING - running, walking fast, jumping
ROZHEN - pointed point
Rozhtsi - pods
РОТА - клятва, присяга
РУЦЕ – руки
РЯДЕЦ - чиновник
РЯДИТИСЯ - сговариваться, устраиваться
РЯДОВИЧ - купец; торговец в торговых рядах
РЯДЪ - строй, порядок, ряд
РЯП - рябчик, куропатка
РЯСЫ - украшение С СВАРА - ссора
СВАРИТИ - бранить, укорять; казнить, поражать
СВЕНЕ - кроме, сверх, вне, помимо; вопреки
СВЕРСТАН - приравнен
СВИЦКИЙ - шведский
СЕ БО – ибо вот
СЕМО И ОВАМО - сюда и туда
СИЛЬНИК - силач; всемогущий
СИЛЯЖЬ - низкий кустарник
СИНГЛИТ - совет вельмож
СИРЕЧЬ - то есть
СИРОМАХ - бедняк
СИЦЕ – так
СКАРЕДНЫЙ - скверный
СКАРЛАТ - дорогая ткань, вид бархата
СКАРЯДИЕ - скверность, мерзость; печаль, тоска
СКИМЬНЬ - львенок
СКОЛИЯ - черви
СКОРА - шкура, мех
СКРАНИЯ - виски, щеки
СКЪПАНИЕ - расщепление, рассечение
СКУПЬ - вместе
СЛАНА - иней
СЛАНЫЙ - соленый
СЛОВУТИЕ - молва, слух; знатность
СЛОВУТНЫЙ - знаменитый, известный, славный
СЛУХ - доносчик; ухо
СЛЫ - послы
СМАГА - пламя, огонь, жар
СМОТРЕНИЕ - попечение
СМЫКА - колодка
СНИДАТЬ - есть, закусывать
СОБИНА - имущество
СОКОЛАТИ - болтать, стрекотать
СОЛИЛО - блюдо
СОНЬМ - собрание, сбор; съезд, собор
СООБЕДНИК - сотрапезник
СОЧИВО - чечевица
СПОД - круг, группа
СПОНА - препона, препятствие
СПЯТИ - опрокинуть, обратить в бегство
СРАЧИЦА - исподняя рубашка
СРОК - отрывок, кусок
СТЕГНО - бедро
СТЕЗЯ – тропа, узкая дорога
СТЕПЕНЬ - ступень
СТЕРВО - труп; гибель
СТОМАХ - желудок
СТРАНЬ - подле, напротив
СТРАННЫЙ - странник; иностранный
СТРАСТЬ - страдание, бедствие, мучение, несчастье, порок
СТРАТИГ - военачальник
СТРУЖИЕ - древко копья
СТРЫЙ - дядя по отцу
СТРЪХА - нижняя часть крыши
СТУД - позор
СУГНУТИ - настигнуть, догнать
СУГУБЫЙ - двойной, удвоенный
СУЕТА - напрасно, впустую; ничтожность
СУЛИЦА - короткое метательное копье
СУРЬСКИЙ - сирийский
СУСТУГ - металлическая нагрудная пряжка, застежка
СХОДАТАЙ - выходец, потомок
СЫНОВЕЦ - племянник
СЫР - творог
СЫРОЯДЕЦ - дикарь, варвар
СЪВАЖАТИ - побуждать к ссоре
СЪВЕЧАТИ - условиться
СЪДЕТЕЛЬ - создатель; assistant
СЪЗДАТИ - построить, создать
СЪЛУЦИЙ - горбатый
СЪПЛЕТАНЬЕ - ссора, свара
СЪСУТИ - насыпать
СЪТУЖАЮЩИЙ - притесняющий
СЫТА - вода, подслащенная медом; разварной мед
СЯКЫЙ - такой
Т ТАЛЬ - заложник
ТАРЪЛЬ - плоская круглая посудина
ТАТЬ - вор, грабитель
ТАЧЕ - потом
ТВАРЬ - изделие, произведение; создание, творение
ТЕЗОИМЕНИТЫЙ - одноименный
ТЕМЬ - поэтому
ТИУН - домовый управитель при князьях и боярах
ТОВАР - стан, обоз; имущество
ТОЛМА - так
ТОЛМАЧ - переводчик
ТОЛСТИНА - грубая ткань
ТОЧИИ - подобный, такой
ТРЕБНЫЙ - нужный
ТРЕСКА - жердь, кол
ТРЕСКИ - спички
ТРОСТЬ - палочка для писания; трость, палка
ТРЯСЦА - лихорадка
ТУГА - печаль, тоска, скорбь
ТУЛ - колчан
ТУМБАН - большой барабан
ТУНЕ – даром, напрасно
ТУТНЬ - гром, грохот; конский топот
ТЩА - напрасно
ТЩАНИЕ - старание, забота
ТЩЕТА - суета; недостаток, убыток
ТЯЖЬКЫЙ - тяжелый, опасный
У УБЛАЖАТИ – прославлять
УБО – так, итак; в таком случае
УБРУС (УБРУСЕЦ) - платок, полотенце
УВЕДЕТИ - узнать
УВЕР - утешение, успокоение; утеха, радость; наставление
УВОЗ - спуск, подъем
УГОЗНИТИ - избежать
УГРИН - венгр
УД - член
УДОЛИЕ - ложбина, долина; яма
УЖЪ - веревка
УЗОРОЧЬЕ - драгоценные вещи, украшенные узорами
УЙ - дядя по матери
УКЛАД - дань
УКЛОНИТИ - отклонить, направить в сторону
УКОРИТИ - устыдить, осудить, оскорбить, обидеть, унизить
УКРОП - горячая, теплая вода
УКРОХ - кусок
УКУПИТИ - собрать, составить
УЛУЧИТИ - получить, наследовать
УМЕТЫ - отбросы, грязь
УНЕ – лучше
УНЕНЧ - просящий
УНОТЫ - юноши, юные
УНУК - внук
УНЬЦЬ - олень, теленок
УРИСТАНЬЕ - бег, скачка
УРОК - уговор, условие; наставление, указание; плата, подать, штраф
УСМЯГЛЫЙ - усталый
УСНИЕ - кожа
УСПЕНИЕ - погружение в сон; мирная кончина
УСТРЪТИ - встретить
УТЕЧИ - убежать
УТИНОК - щепка
УТЫЙ - исхудалый
УХАРИ - маски
УХЫЩРЕНИЕ - хитрость; искусство; ремесло
Ф ФАРИС (ФАРЬ) - конь
ФРЯЖСКИЙ - итальянский; европейский
ФУТРИНА (ФУРТОВИНА) - буря, непогода
Х ХАРАЛУГ - булат, сталь
ХАРАЛУЖНЫЙ - булатный
ХАРАТЬЯ (ХАРТИЯ) - пергаментная рукопись, грамота, книга
ХИНОВИ - половцы
ХИНОВСКИЙ - половецкий
ХИТРОСТЬ - мудрость, искусность
ХОРУГВЬ - знамя
ХОТЬ - любимый, любимая, желание
ХУПАВЫЙ - тщеславный, гордый, хвастливый; нарядный; ленивый
ХЫТРЕЦ - художник, творец
ХЫТРЫЙ - искусный, знающий, мудрый
Ц ЦВИЛИТИ - огорчить, мучить
ЦЕЛОВАТИ - приветствовать
ЦЕЖЬ - кисельный раствор
ЦЕРЬ - трут
Ч ЧАДЬ - слуги; младшая дружина
ЧАЮ – ожидаю
ЧЕКАН - топор
ЧЕЛЯДЬ - прислуга
ЧЕРВЛЕНЫЙ - красный
ЧИ - разве, или, хотя
ЧИЛИ - или
ЧИРЫ - башмаки
ЧПАГ - карман, мешок
ЧРЕДИМЫЙ - придерживающийся установленного порядка
ЧРЕСЛА - поясниться
ЧУМ - ковш
ЧЮДЬ - западнофинские племена
Ш ШАР - краска, цвет
ШАРОВИ - краски, цвета
ШЕЛОМ - шлем
ШЕРТ - напиток; клятва; договорные отношения
ШИША - вор, бродяга
ШУБАШ - военачальник
ШУЙЦА - левая рука
Ю ЮЖИК - родственник
ЮЗА - цепь, оковы
Я ЯДЬ - еда, пища
ЯЖЕ – которая, которые, которых
ЯЗВА - рана; беда, печаль
ЯЗВЕНЪ - ранен
ЯКО - что, так что, чтобы, ибо, хотя
ЯКОЖЕ – как; чтобы
ЯПОНЧИЦА - накидка, плащ
ЯРУГА - проходимый овраг
ЯРЫЙ - мощный, буйный
ЯСТИ - есть
ЯТИ - взять, брать, схватить, достигнуть

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