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Funny Yandex Panorama

Секретные локации в картах Google Maps

Yandeks.Panoramy - service that allows you to watch the panorama of the streets of cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey. It is an extension of Yandex.Maps. The service was launched on September 10, 2009, and for the first time only panoramas of Moscow streets were presented in it. Over time, the service developed, and began to appear and other major cities of Russia, as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, in the fall of 2011 appeared the cities of Turkey. They give the opportunity to view three-dimensional types of streets, interiors of buildings and panorama of cities from the height of a bird's flight.

The main feature of Yandex street panoramas is the quality of images: panoramas are shot on cameras and only in good weather in spring, summer, autumn. Only in rare cases (for example, the panoramas of Veliky Ustyug and Pripyat) they are removed in the winter.

Yandex Panoramas Burn but Google is Google and an interesting thing Google Street View. You can watch for hours and never guess what it will please you in the next moment.