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World of Tanks Cards

In this section you will find the tactics of the game on the World of Tanks cards, we have described the tactics of the game on all the cards, you can read how to lead in the Sturm and Splash modes. Read about the game, the features of the game on a different map and the victory will be yours.

The goal of the “Counter Battle” mode is similar to the usual random battle: the destruction of all enemy equipment or the seizure of the base. However, there is a small feature, on the map there is only one base for two teams. Commands appear on opposite edges of the map and there is one neutral base at the same distance from the spawn.

In the "Storm" mode , one team defends the base, the other in turn tries to capture it. The defensive team has clear advantages: usually a better position at height; “Victory”, if the time is out, and at least one player of the defending team survived (provided that the base is not captured); 10 minutes of battle. At the same time, the defenders have a chance to control the exits from the gorge, with the help of light or medium tanks, thus obtaining an additional advantage at the very beginning of the battle.

Tactics of playing on the World of Tanks cards

Аэродром Aerodrome The Aerodrome card is another new carat of patch 0.7.4. It is a sandy location, something like “Al-Khaluf” and “Sandy River”. There are plenty of places for ambushes on the map and there is enough space for a breakthrough along the flanks to the enemy rear More >>>
Вестфилд Westfield Tanks appear on the map in two places on the same base. Usually heavy tanks and art appear in the upper part, and Art, Lt and Fri - in the lower. As for the latter, they will respawn, in principle, randomly, but often this is the trend. Heavy tanks are fighting in the "town". Moreover, it is better to go there to maneuverable cords (such as the IS-4, “Mouse” or E-100). Details >>>
Вестфилд - Штурм Westfield - Sturm REMOVED FROM THE GAME More >>>
Карта Виндсторм WOT тактика Windstorm On the map there are two main directions along the flanks and the direction of support — through the center. Hot battles for domination in the city will take place on two bridges connecting the small plant with the central square. Details >>>
Жемчужная река Pearl River Pearl River card appeared in the range of World of Tanks relatively recently, so not really run-in and frequent mistakes on it have become commonplace for players. The card is open enough and is intended for the active actions of players. Already, on the Pearl River World of Tanks, you can figure out the most advantageous positions for a successful game. Details >>>
Карта Заполярье WOT тактика The Arctic The location is full of shelters, pillboxes, relief bends. There are no buildings here, but this is not very sad. Probably the main highlight of the card is that you never know where the suitcase will come from. Very unpredictable map Details >>>
Карелия Karelia The main thing is to take advantageous positions earlier than a respected adversary does. Both from the second and from the first base, there is no special advantage for the opposing forces. But! From the second base, Art. Is easier to get into the square of H7-G7 than from the first. But tyazh, which resurfaced from second base more vulnerable to fire arty More >>>
Карелия - Штурм Karelia - Sturm The attacking team starts the game in the gorge, the task will be to capture the base of defenders located on the plateau or destroy all enemy equipment. One of the steps on the path to victory will be to occupy the heights, in Sturm, hills play an important role, since battles are much more dynamic than in standard mode. If you were able to quickly establish control over the hills, the detection and subsequent destruction of artillery will not be a difficult task. Details >>>
Комарин Mosquito Both before the patch and after it, “Mosquito” is divided into three main zones, highlighted in red in the picture. Rush on this map is always a noble cause, but if it is organized properly. The shortest way to victory, rush through the island. But there are options to ask for and on the flanks (which is also quite effective) More >>>
Лайв Окс Live Oaks For each of the bases, the tactics are approximately the same. The two teams are divided into two groups - one goes to the city, the other to a piece of iron. On the map, these directions are marked with blue arrows. In the city of tyazh it is safer: the art does not see there and only the TT of the enemy should beware. Details >>>
Ласвилль Lasville “Lasvil ... A small town somewhere in Bavaria or Switzerland, with a mountain range and a lake in the middle. I would have bought a house there. ” Probably each of the players at least once thought so. The map is really very beautiful and bright. Details >>>
Ласвилль - Встречный бой WOT гайд Lasville - Counter Fight
The isolated mountain valley on one flank and the city blocks on the other allow you to get close to the enemy at a distance of the final throw. An open lake in the center of the field allows you to provide fire support to your allies at a sufficiently large distance. The card was added during the Closed Beta. The name in the battle record file is lakeville.
Details >>>
Линия Зигфрида Siegfried Line The map appeared in the game quite recently. Its main feature is that all classes of tanks will be found here. World of Tanks "Siegfried Line" is a spacious map, which is divided in half by anti-tank barriers. Details >>>
Линия Зигфрида - Встречный бой Siegfried Line - Counter Fight Let's start with a brief description of the “Combat Battle” mode as a whole. So, as usual, players are divided into 2 teams, the main difference is the presence of the same goal - to capture a neutral territory. In our case, you need to capture the position located in the center of the battlefield, that is, in the city. The capture target will be marked on the map, and in its center there is a gray flag, which can be oriented in space. Details >>>
Линия Зигфрида - Штурм Siegfried Line - Sturm So, on the whole, “Storm” on this map has turned out to be a rather interesting and exciting mode, with some tactical features. Below we discuss this in more detail.

Both teams, that is, the attackers and the defenders each have two starting points. Thus, the best direction to attack is the one that is closer. The defense will be divided into groups that will appear from different sides of the base. More >>>
Малиновка Robin One of the oldest cards in the game. A small village, a lake, a vast field, the ruins of an old church, a mill ... What else is needed for happiness? As soon as the game has not changed on this map. This is the very first map I saw in the game. Details >>>
Малиновка - Встречный бой Malinovka - Counter Fight The neutral base will be on the field, which in the standard mode separates commands. Both the red and green are at the same distance to the neutral flag, but to immediately take over is a bad tactic. Details >>>
Малиновка режим - Штурм Robin mode - Storm REMOVED FROM THE GAME More >>>
Монастырь Monastery The time has come to consider the most “pious” map of the World of Tanks - the “Monastery”. The map appeared in the game quite recently, but immediately fell in love with the players. It can be attributed to a mixed type of maps: there are buildings and hills, canyons, and also not very extensive, but still open spaces. Details >>>
Мурованка Murovanka A quiet village with picturesque landscapes around. So it seems that now the streets will begin to roam honest people going to church or the market. Very picturesque location. To the right are the hills in the center of the village, and to the left - the “forest of wonders,” as the players called it. Details >>>
Мурованка - Встречный бой Murovanka - Counter Fight Computer online game World of Tanks, is a world in which you have the opportunity to try yourself in the role of a tanker. To date, the game is very popular around the world. Here you can find almost all types of military equipment and ride on it in different locations, which are quite enough in the game. Details >>>
Карта Огненная дуга WOT тактика Fire arc The “Fire Arc” map is a copy of the “ Prokhorovka ” map, however, the lighting, landscape, sound and visual accompaniment during the battle was changed at this location in order to convey a greater atmosphere during the battle. The “Fiery Arc” is a reference to the events of the Great Patriotic War at the Kursk salient, when in July 1943 the largest tank battle in the history of mankind took place between Germany and the USSR.
Details >>>
Огненная дуга - Встречный бой WOT гайд Fire Arc - Counter Battle
Open hilly terrain, divided by railway embankment. Groups of trees provide excellent shelter for anti-tank SPGs. Attacking, watch the flanks. Defensively attack the enemy’s flanks. Artillery has the freedom of action, but is extremely vulnerable to raids of high-speed light forces.
Details >>>
Перевал Pass Map "Pass" appeared in the game relatively recently. And immediately caused a borax of emotions from both artillery breeders and tankers. "Pass" is a mountainous area with numerous secret passages. This is a maze of canyons and gorges. Details >>>
Перевал - Встречный бой WOT гайд Pass - Counter Fight
Details >>>
Песчаная река Sandy river Not so long ago, the game appeared "Sandy River" card. Some liked it, some did not. But, nevertheless, she is very beautiful visually and very interesting in tactical terms. The map is covered with sand dunes, there is a small town on it. Details >>>
Карта Песчаная река - Встречный бой WOT тактика Sandy River - Counter Battle The unevenness of the “Sandy River” map has repeatedly raised players' questions related to the introduction of the “Head-to-Head” mode on this map. With the patch, according to numerous requests, this mode was blocked, however with the patch 0.8.0 it was returned to the game. Let's look at what this mode is. Details >>>
Песчаная река - Штурм тактика Sandy River - Sturm The “Sandy River” map was one of the first maps that changed the gameplay of the World of Tanks, due to the “disparity” of starting positions, and the need for flexible planning of actions during an attack in any direction. With the advent of the “Storm” mode, the tactical nuances of the map diversified even more seriously. Details >>>
Провинция Provinces Map The province appeared in the world of tanks with the release of update 0.7.2 and immediately received a bunch of negative reviews from players. It represents a small piece of Italy with typical for this territory buildings, natural conditions and landscape. Details >>>
Прохоровка Prokhorovka This is one of the very first maps in the game. It is also notable for the fact that it was based on the real place of the Prokhorovsky battle of 1943 (on a minimized scale, of course). This is a fairly spacious map, with a hilly plain in the middle of the map. More >>>
Прохоровка - Встречный бой WOT гайд Prokhorovka - Counter Fight
Open hilly terrain, divided by railway embankment. Groups of trees provide excellent shelter for anti-tank SPGs. Attacking, watch the flanks. Defensively attack the enemy’s flanks. Artillery has the freedom of action, but is extremely vulnerable to raids of high-speed light forces. The name in the battle record file: prohorovka.
Details >>>
Редшир Redshire Map Redshire was added to the game patch 0.6.5. In the future, the map was graphically modified (v 0.8.0) and subjected to minor technical corrections (v 0.8.2). One of the most colorful cards and “easy” in the game. Details >>>
Редшир - Встречный бой WOT гайд Redshire - Counter Fight
The game location is a rural area in Britain. In the center of the map is a small town. Fields, smoothly turning into the hills, are a great place for decisive attacks. The river in the middle of the map does not impede the movement of technology and serves as a good guide. The name in the battle record file is redshire.
Details >>>
Рудники Mines The “Mines” card is known to the players of the “World of Tanks” for a long time, although they knew it under a different name then - Pagorki, and the map changed visually. But its essence remains the same. The “mines” are hilly terrain with a slide in the center of the map. More >>>
Рудники - Встречный бой WOT гайд Mines - Counter Fight
The high hill in the center of the map is the key point of the map. Despite the difficulties of her occupation, dramatically improves the position of the team that occupied. The village is northeast of the hill and the island to the west, despite a number of advantages, remains vulnerable to fire from the center. The name in the battle record file is hills.
Details >>>
Руинберг Ruinberg The "Ruinberg" map refers to a mixed type, as it combines two (equally divided) types of zones, it is conditionally open terrain - a field (green), a plain with an element of a village, and conditionally closed - urban labyrinths. Details >>>
Руинберг - Встречный бой WOT гайд Ruinberg - Counter Fight
On Ruinberg, the tactic in “Head-to-Head” mode is not much different from the standard one. Teams start the fight just east of the standard battle. The base is located on the square and well shot through, so its capture is very difficult. This circumstance induces teams to the classic “wall-to-wall” collision at the same familiar places: square, street, banana, village.
Details >>>
Рыбацкая бухта Fishing bay There was a map relatively recently, but already fell in love with the players. A map can be called a mixture of several maps: Prokhorovka (alley), Ruinberg (city) and Westfield (village). It perfectly combines large open spaces and narrow labyrinths of streets. Details >>>
Рыбацкая бухта - Встречный бой Fishing Bay - Counter Fight REMOVED FROM THE GAME More >>>
Карта Северо-Запад WOT тактика Northwest Visually, the landscape and nature of the map resemble the North American region with characteristic vegetation and mountain ranges in the atmosphere of early autumn. The map is replete with buildings, slides, stony shelters. The buildings are mostly indestructible, there are quite good positions for heavy equipment and places for glare.
Details >>>
Карта Северогорск WOT тактика и гайд Severogorsk The map was added in update 0.8.7, the working title was "Belogorsk 19". The snow-covered Soviet factory town, divided into two by an icy river, can be captured from many different directions, but it is perfectly clear through the surrounding hills, offering numerous shelters, firing positions and routes. Details >>>
Степи Steppes If you look at the view of the Steppes, we can see an open plain, well shot through by all tanks and self-propelled guns, but this is a completely wrong opinion. For a long time, the specialists worked out the terrain to improve the comfortable conditions for the game. Details >>>
Степи - Встречный бой Steppes - Counter Fight Ravine. The ravine is located on the 7th, 8th and 9th lines of the map, that is, on the left hand of your location. This is the direction of combat for medium tanks, as in the standard battle mode. But, however, with the introduction of the new regime, tactics have changed a bit. Details >>>
Тихий берег Quiet beach The map is a cross between Prokhorovka and Utes. Many open areas, the sea on one side, the mountains on the other, the railway line divides the plain in the center into two halves. The relief of the map is also quite interesting. Details >>>
Топь Swamp There was a map "Top" with the release of update 0.7.0. Getting used to the map is very hard. It is a marshland with many hills, a small village, a swamp in the center and two bridges. For many players, “Swamp” has caused different opinions: one fell in love with one, others did not. More >>>
Карта Тундра WOT тактика Tundra More recently, World of Tanks has several locations, most of which have already been run by players, but the new map called Tundra WOT was quite interesting and unique compared to others. Details >>>
Уайдпарк Sidepark The map is a large cluster of dilapidated buildings, factory quarters and freight trains. In general, where to hide from enemy fire. A feature of the location is that it is very small in size. Details >>>
Утес Cliff Cliff is one of the oldest cards in the game. It is a coastal area with a lighthouse on a cliff, a large plateau and a narrow passage on the left side of the map. It should be noted that almost a third of the card is not playable, which reduces its tactical value. Details >>>
Фьорды Fjords A map appeared relatively recently, one can only say yesterday. The map is quite interesting. Playing on it you never know how the opponent will go. Maybe they just have not learned how to play it ... Who knows. "Fjords" is a hilly area with a small village on the shores of the bay. Details >>>
Хайвей Highway The diversity of the landscape opens up large spaces for various traffic routes and allows you to come up with many tactics. The presence of a large open space can be used for flank attacks, and a small town in the right-hand corner of the map requires intense close combat. Details >>>
Карта Харьков WOT гайд Kharkov Urban development in the center of the map is the most important strategic area. Two more directions stand out on the map: the city square, on which you can conduct battles at long distances, and the area beyond the city limits, on which maneuverable equipment can best manifest itself. Details >>>
Химмельсдорф Himmelsdorf This is the very first card in the game. It appeared on September 18, 2009. The truth now looks like it is not at all what it looked like before. It is a German town with a maze of streets and squares. The map is very convenient for playing on ST and TT More >>>
Химмельсдорф - Встречный бой Himmelsdorf - Counter Fight Himmelsdorf, or as tankmen call it “Khimki”, is the very first city map, which was introduced in the very first versions of the game. To many, it is hated, but after entering such a new game mode as “Counter Battle”, the map was transformed. Appeared some variety for each type of technology. Let's take a closer look at the tactics of combat on such a city map. Details >>>
Хребет дракона Dragon ridge REMOVED FROM THE GAME More >>>
Эль-Халлуф El Khaluf This is a desert map, divided in the middle of a dry river and with hills located on both bases. The card is extremely interesting and many players like it. Here you will find a place for yourself and ST, and tyazh, PT in general love this card. Arta on this location is really the "god of war." Details >>>
Эль-Халлуф - Встречный бой WOT гайды El Halluf - Counter Fight Unlike other cards presented in the new “Fight” mode, the Al-Halluf map has not changed significantly for the game. It can be said that the main and principal difference for the whole regime was the appearance of just one big stone, as it is not funny. Consider more. Details >>>
Энск Ensk "Ensk" - one of the oldest map in the game world of tanks. It is a small Soviet town near the railway station. Players called this map "City N", in honor of the fictional city that is used in fiction. Details >>>
Энск - Встречный бой Ensk - Counter Fight If you look at the map from a height, then we can see the railway, to the right of which hangars are located, and to the left is the city. These two areas are the main in battle. But with the introduction of a new game mode into the game, such as “Counter Fight”, many battle tactics have changed. So let's take a closer look at how to act tanks in one direction or another. Details >>>
Эрленберг Erlenberg In sector 1, defenders of the base and strands occupy the positions attacking the north bridge. In tactical terms, the map is quite predictable. Divided by the river, it provides an opportunity for only three directions of attack. Previously, each considered it his duty to block all bridges. Details >>>
Эрленберг - Встречный бой WOT гайд Erlenberg - Counter Fight
Divided by the river in half, the card has three possible lines of attack. The central bridge is located among the ruins of a small town. The area around the north and south bridges, has a small number of shelters. As firing positions, you can use the castle and the line of hills on the opposite side of the map.
Details >>>
Эрленберг - Штурм Erlenberg - Sturm If we look at Erlenberg from a bird's eye view, then we will be able to see a beautiful snow-covered map where the river divides it into two banks. There you can see three directions: the central bridge, the gorge at the mountain on the right and the gorge at the hill on the left. Details >>>
Южный берег South coast This card will appear in the game with update 0.7.3, which should be released soon. The map is a composite image of the southern part of Crimea (as it seems to me, at least). By itself, it is very picturesque and there is something to admire. Details >>>