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Horoscope for 2009 | General horoscope for 2009 | New year 2009 bull

The location of the planets in 2009 suggests that the year can become quite dynamic, leading to serious changes in the life of countries and states, and of individuals. Much this year will require revision, clarification, change. One of the highlights of 2009 will be the transition of Pluto into the zodiacal sign of Capricorn. This can lead to serious transformations in the structure of power, as well as in the life structure of individuals. Statehood will be strengthened, and the implementation of laws will now be monitored much more strictly. Each person will feel his role in the state, perhaps it will not happen immediately, but it is 2009 that will be the beginning. Every citizen will begin to treat his state more responsibly, an increase in patriotism is possible. In the economy, the role of the state will also increase, but each person will also begin to take more seriously his personal budget and responsibilities towards the state. It is possible that since 2009, many firms and enterprises will start to work "on a white basis", and the amount of taxes collected will increase. The fight against corruption will continue, but now it will become more systematic and tougher.

The next important point in 2009 will be the confrontation of the two distant planets of Saturn and Uranus. This will lead to changes that may not always seem pleasant. There will be attempts to tear down the old and create an absolutely new, there will be a reverse process, a conservative, whose representatives will, on the contrary, convince all of us that everything new is bad. But success awaits only those who recognize the experience of past generations, know how to learn from their own and others' mistakes, use the achievements in order to strive for the new. Discoveries can also be made in science; these discoveries can in some degree refute previously known postulates. Changes can occur in the political world. It is possible that the world will become multipolar, however, conflicts in the transition to the new system are almost inevitable. Now it is important to pay more attention to humanity and humanity, only in this case, progress will occur without major shocks. The conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune, which is also a very important moment of the coming year, will allow religious organizations to achieve greater influence. During this year, many people will become more religious, and the events will sometimes be difficult to explain logically. For many people, intuition may increase, new abilities and talents will appear. The impact of this aspect will be especially strong in mid-2009.

OWEN (March 21 - April 20)

2009 for Aries is a transition period, the continuation of a big journey into the future that began in 2008. The year promises to be more successful than the previous few years, but it’s better not to hope for easy and smooth achievement of goals: patience, moderation, discipline and hard work are the best allies of Aries this year. Business trips abroad, as well as relations with foreign partners will develop successfully. This year, Aries should think about raising their professional level. Autumn is a great time to improve qualifications or to get another (or first, someone like) higher education.
The year will begin with the planning of future activities and inventory of material and intellectual values. In the period from January to May, Aries will be able to renew old ties and make new useful business contacts. During the year in business you should not take risks and get involved in financial adventures, no matter how tempting and profitable they may seem. The best time is from May 15 to June 25, when Mars will be in your sign and will allow you to reach a qualitatively new career level. But this is not the moment of take-off, - such growth is possible only thanks to great efforts, concentration of all your efforts and talents, hard work and verified steps. In financial terms, the favorable time is the first half of the year, especially April and May; Caution should be observed in November and at the end of December.
All the most favorable omens of this year for Aries fall in the sphere of personal relations - everything is simple and clear here. A surge of strength and a fortunate set of circumstances will give Aries the resolve, and even the most hopeless romantic situation will end up winning and everything will work out in the best possible way. An awkward moment may arise in the second half of July - it is likely that the past will remind of itself. The beginning of March and all of June for Aries are the best time to search for new love and build relationships with relatives.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 20)

In 2009, Taurus will deal mainly with the home, family, and relations with relatives. We'll have to restore relationships, reconcile quarreled; probably some alienation in the family, especially in the middle of summer, strained relations with parents. Rearrangements and repairs are possible in the house; circumstances will force a lot to do it yourself. At the same time, the location of the planets promises the Taurus to receive an inheritance, dowry or profits from risky enterprises.
In the first half of the year, so many cases and responsibilities fall down on Taurus, so that they can fall into a state of despondency. This is what Tauruses should not allow in any case - it is better to spend the strength to bring their personal space in order and think over the list of tasks that need to be done first. With strict observance of these conditions, Saturn will be favorable to Taurus and will provide them with two excellent opportunities to significantly improve their affairs - on the one hand, to resolve the issue of inheritance, and on the other - to make good money on real estate transactions. February is the right time for career development: in just a few days, Taurus will be able to advance as in months of hard work. Financially auspicious time is March and April. Caution should be observed in June.
In April and November, the patroness of Venus will bring Taurus good luck in love and a happy occasion, which, if properly disposed of, will change personal life for the better. In late July - early August, a profitable marriage is possible, and in December, Tauruses are categorically not recommended to get involved in a secret affair - everything quickly and unsuccessfully for Tauruses will open up and turn into a loss of money and a damaged reputation.
Just before the New Year, Jupiter will enter the sign of Capricorn friendly to Taurus and will open a new page of life for Taurus. Pay attention to this period - the circumstances of life will develop in the best way for you.

TWINS (May 21 - June 21)

2009 will somewhat limit the usual activity of Gemini and will be remembered by the representatives of this cheerful, bright sign as a period of solitude, self-deepening, solid, even meditative restraint. A minimum of contacts, only business and absolutely necessary. Trips are forced and not always successful. However, the Twins will even like it all, they will regard this state of affairs not as a forced imprisonment, but as an opportunity to calmly think over their ideas, put things in order, and deal with their own feelings.
Despite the visible obstacles on the part of Saturn and Neptune figuring out their relationship, Gemini’s career will develop successfully - let there be no spectacular success, and Gemini’s steady career growth will be ensured. The most successful period for arranging affairs is April and May; then it will be possible to earn good money and make profitable contacts. Special care must be taken at the end of August, when Mars will confront Jupiter - problems are likely, both in business and in personal life. Close attention should be paid to their own behavior - Gemini can become aggressive, conflicting, prone to fights, fights, quarrels.
In August and the first half of September, the interests of Gemini will be transferred to their own home. There will be urgent matters and the need for acquisitions for the home and family. Permutations or small changes in the house are possible. It is not necessary to devote strangers to their family affairs at this period — unpleasant gossip for you can go.
The personal life of Gemini this year will develop much more successfully than in 2006, 2007 and 2008, when the sector responsible for personal relationships was busy with conflict-based planets and not romantically inclined. In 2009, the situation is gradually changing for the better, but do not forget that not everything is smooth, and old problems can be felt. The best time for love is the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, when the Twins will again believe in a beautiful fairy tale with their participation in the role of a romantic hero.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

In 2009, the Cancers will be interested in home accounting and will start keeping records of income and expenses, be careful, plan spending. There is a tendency to approach money and acquisitions wisely. Even the most generous in this period. Thanks to this, the necessary things will be acquired, and funds for a rainy day will be deposited. Reasonable investment will bring good interest. Cancers will also begin to be interested in popular medicine - many will go on a diet, will begin to master the methods of cleansing the body, lose weight. Rakov also expects recovery from a protracted illness, which began in late 2008. From their relatives Cancers will demand discipline and prudence - quarrels and disagreements are possible here.
At work, all is well. Good Jupiter will provide the Cancers with new career opportunities. Cancers are waiting for good changes, salary increase, transfer to a higher position or a successful and profitable transfer to another job. The first half of January 2009, when they are still resting, the Cancers will begin to prepare the ground for a quick career takeoff and will be insanely tired to wait until finally in May these efforts will begin to yield juicy and sweet fruits in the form of cash bonuses, substantial profits and satisfaction of professional ego . Real luck awaits Rakov in the period from the beginning of October until the end of the year - here the Raki will harvest such a crop that in early 2010 they will begin to seriously consider the possibility of acquiring inaccessible hitherto material values.
In personal relations with Rakov - peace and quiet, no events. A romantic acquaintance at the very beginning of 2009, to which the Cancers will have high hopes, will end in nothing, which will make the Cancers long to grieve, reproach their fate and feel unhappy until the beginning of October, when Mars and Venus once again turn their favorable attention to Cancers and present im two weeks of romantic getaway.

LION (July 23 - August 23)

The inhospitable Saturn has not yet left Lviv alone, but happy changes are just around the corner, and their fresh wind brings a noticeable revival to all walks of life in magnificent Lviv. In 2009, the influence of Saturn is mitigated by the presence of Jupiter in the friendly sign of Sagittarius - there are great opportunities to prove themselves, to play a significant role in any situation. Leos should try their luck - winning the lottery, roulette is likely. He wants to change his image.
In January-February, the Lions should be especially careful - there will be a temptation to enter into secret or illegal contracts, which in the end will end in deceit and dishonor for Lviv. May, on the contrary, is a good month. New good friends may appear or a circle of friends will be updated. Good time to share experiences, ideas, plans. There are good friendly relations with friends. However, one should not allow his friends to do business - serious, long-term plans may collapse due to the carelessness of friends or their reprehensible contacts and publicity. Two weeks in early August will give Leo a chance to solve their property problems. And, when in early September, Saturn leaves the sign of Leo, you can finally breathe deeply. In September, Lviv expects significant career growth, salary increase. Issues of inheritance, wills, taxes, insurance will be quickly and smoothly resolved. October is a time of rest, truly deserved. You can go on a trip, but the Lions are likely to prefer a quiet, relaxing stay at home or in the near boarding house. At this time, at the same time, it will be good to improve your health.
On a personal front, Lions are destined to shine among enthusiastic admirers. In the second half of the year, with the blessing of Jupiter and Venus, a lot of love will come to many Lions, there may be love with a person much older in age and / or authoritative, significant, famous.

VIRGO (August 24 - September 22)

Consciousness of high debt and self-sacrifice can make a Virgin take on heavy, but poorly paid duties, and also face the dishonesty and duplicity of colleagues or ungrateful clients. Nevertheless, 2009 promises to be versatile successful. Jupiter in a position favorable for Virgos will provide an opportunity to change the conditions of life for the better. Possible relocation, getting an apartment, buying a house or a summer cottage, new furniture and all kinds of comfort items, renovating an apartment.
The most successful for Virgos will be February-March-April. In these months, Virgos will have the opportunity to change the scope of their professional activity to a more interesting, suitable and profitable one. If you are satisfied with the job, career growth is possible, fast and substantial. However, the well-being will come at the cost of such incredible efforts that they will not experience the special joy of the Virgin, only moral satisfaction, incredible fatigue and the understanding that the game is still worth the candle! In November, successful foreign trips, the conclusion of lucrative contracts with foreign partners. In June and September, caution should be exercised, especially when dealing with other people's money. Also worth taking care of protecting the property - the likelihood of theft, robbery. At the same time, you should not buy luxury items, including expensive jewelry - later you will have the opportunity to buy the desired things at a more humane price.
In the realm of personal relationships, family Virgos are facing difficulties. Loads of work will lead to serious disagreements in the family - no matter how much the Virgos do not prove to their families that they work solely for their benefit, the arguments will not be heard. Difficulties related to the education and upbringing of children are not excluded. And lonely Virgos throughout the year will have good moments for a romantic acquaintance, which in October-November can be crowned by the conclusion of a happy marriage.

Scales (September 23 - October 23)

2009 will require Libra to put in order all the plans and projects. Everything must be carefully thought out and laid out on the shelves. Saturn, even in the most negative situations, is usually kind to Libra, and now he gives them a chance to correct their fate. There may be serious business contacts with older persons or respectable, reliable friends. This year, Libra will travel a lot and get to know a lot of different people. It remains only to connect your intuition, so as not to become a victim of fraudsters.
At work in Libra - full order! The previous 2008, Libra had to work hard, not seeing, in general, not the slightest results of its activities, and now it is time to harvest. In the profession of Libra will be resourceful, will come up with ingenious rationalization proposals. They can establish friendships with superiors or co-workers. In December 2008, Libra did a good job, so January 2009 is completely at their disposal. At this time, it is good to go to rest where the climate is the same as at home: an abrupt change of time zones will negatively affect the well-being of representatives of this sign. The best time for business development is March and April. In late August, Libra will significantly improve its financial situation, while November is an extremely unfavorable time for business.
In romantic affairs, Libra is rarely the suffering side, usually lucky. And 2009 will not be an exception, just do not rush to legalize relations. In the beginning of June in the relationship Libra will suppress the partner, command. On this period, quarrels with the subsequent reconciliation are likely. How soon it will come depends only on the Libra itself. In personal relations, the best periods are February-March and November, when Libra mistress Venus takes a position that is advantageous for Libra.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

In 2009, Scorpios will be busy making money. There will be additional material benefits, money, many ways to earn them. Maximum profits are expected between February and November. However, Saturn is clearly not supportive of Scorpio-merchants, so profits will alternate with losses, and the more significant the profits, the greater the losses. Scorpions of creative professions — writers, artists, musicians — are somewhat better off; they Saturn promises rapid success in the middle of the year. Do not refuse to communicate with relatives - some of them can provide significant assistance to the Scorpios, especially at the beginning and at the end of the year. It is better if the Scorpions avoid contact with fortunetellers, traditional healers, magicians and sects for a year.
In a career throughout 2009 there has been a slow but sure decline. A lot of time will be taken by the need for additional education, business trips. There are many small routine affairs. May-June is the only favorable period in a year in a career. At this time, it will be possible to conclude a certain transaction, which will give an excellent result in early 2010. In the autumn, you need to be careful when handling money, and also keep track of your promises. December will bring a lot of things related to ideology, religion, foreign cultures, foreign languages. Appear active contacts with people abroad.
Compensation for Scorpions for the difficulties in the affairs - a real holiday in your personal life! Spring and summer will be filled with vivid impressions - a lot of new romantic acquaintances; under the auspices of Venus and Mercury, light, unhindered relations are established — something that is necessary for the idle Scorpions who are tired of doing things. Family members of this sign will enjoy the comfort of a home.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

Streltsov expects a great year! That they are the machinations of the conflicting planets - Saturn and Neptune, when the whole year in their sign is hosted by Jupiter. 2009 is a great time for self-education in any field. Sagittarius will be prone to in-depth study of the material; seriously interested in philosophy, religion. Probably flashes of clairvoyance - Sagittarius can begin to see the roots of all situations. You should not just go on trips abroad and long trips - difficulties, confusion in documents, disagreements with local authorities are not excluded. In the second half of the year, Sagittarius also needs to avoid contact with psychics, magicians, fortunetellers.
Career Streltsov will move forward by leaps and bounds - the location of the planets will provide a huge energy surge. Archers feel confident in their incredible abilities; An irrepressible thirst for action will appear. The end of August - the beginning of September - especially favorable time for career growth. During this period, literally everything will work out. Even moving to another city with good business prospects is possible. Two weeks in mid-October is the only time in the year when business luck can change Strelets. During this period, important transactions and negotiations will be frustrated. By negligence it is possible to lose a large amount of money.
In personal life, too, everything is, in general, well, but not so cloudless. In the period from August to December, Strelets Troops should be careful in establishing new romantic relationships - these relationships can have a negative impact on the future. At the end of the summer, due to the conflict of Mars and Jupiter, quarrels and disputes are likely. Long-standing relationships are going through hard times; Sagittarius may suddenly find that love has passed, and ahead is uncertainty. You should not make hasty conclusions - by November everything will calm down, and the Streltsov will begin a new phase of relations with their loved ones.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)

For the second consecutive year, Capricorns fully feel the influence of celestial opponents - Saturn and Neptune patronizing them - the planet of illusions. Some of the goals you set at the end of 2007 have already been achieved to one degree or another. It remains to bring the material base for projects conceived in the fall of 2008. In 2009, Capricorns will face new work and an intensified search for new sources of income. Neptune is pushing Capricorns to unnecessary excessive expenses - you should not succumb to its influence! Reasonable savings and clear planning are the key to Capricorns success this year. Capricorns should be especially careful this year with rumors and other people's secrets - you can become both victims and involuntary distributors of gossip.
The first two or three months of the year Capricorns will work in the rhythm set by last year, and from March-April it will become clear that the existing model of business relations is outdated and it is time to change something. In June, it will become so obvious that Capricorns, having postponed indefinitely leave and household chores, will be engaged in the restructuring of their careers, and so successfully that at the end of September and beginning of October they will move to a qualitatively new career level. Business-friendly periods are January and August. Caution should be observed in June. In spring and summer, avoid trips and business trips.
Saturn and Neptune were noted in the personal life of Capricorns! There may be disagreements with relatives, legal disputes over joint money, inheritance, but there is no cause for concern - Capricorns usually win in such cases. The personal relationships that you have developed by the present moment cannot be continued in their current form, you need to change something. This does not mean ending the relationship; As your life changes as a whole, the changes cannot but touch the area of ​​the senses. It’s likely that your partner is going through difficult financial times - think about how you can help.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

2009 will complete the multi-year transformation cycle. December 2008 brought changes to all areas of life of Aquarius, entering in 2009 renewed, inspired and full of creative power. Aquarius is waiting for the reorientation of the social direction; you can become a politician or an ideologue of a new type; you can lead a large team and get income from working in an association; You may have the patronage of a very influential person or the help of reputable friends. Aquarius will have the opportunity to make money in a new, unusual way. Of course, as long as the opposition of Saturn and Neptune, which is located in your sign, continues, the difficulties cannot be avoided, but they will mainly concern the personal life of Aquarius.
In November-December 2008, certain favorable changes in your career have already taken place, and in 2009 you need to adhere to a predetermined course, to maintain and develop your plans. March and November are the best times to conclude new profitable contracts. At this time, it will be possible to remake all the cases and adjust all tails - there will be enough enthusiasm and energy for everything. Serious difficulties may arise at the end of August, during the confrontation of Mars and Jupiter.
The year of 2009 in the personal life of Aquarius is the year of victories, accomplishments and, alas, insurmountable obstacles. On the one hand, even the most timid of Aquarius are actively gaining the attention of the object of love, deftly courting and becoming seductive, as they carry the charge of passion and optimism. On the other hand, the conflict between Mars and Jupiter gives Aquarius uncharacteristic rudeness, lack of restraint, impatience, and a tendency toward reckless actions. However, in autumn everything will fall into place, and you will understand that your partner has long been ready to offer you exactly what you want - to offer or accept a marriage proposal or leave you alone for a while and give you the opportunity to understand feelings.

FISHES (February 20 - March 20)

The past, 2008, demanded from Pisces unusual strength and decisiveness. A pleasant surprise - in 2009, Pisces can once again start to go with the flow, which will certainly bring them straight ahead towards success and well-being. What you shouldn’t let go of itself is your own health, pretty shabby, when last year you took upon yourself heavy obligations, worked a lot and felt lonely, misunderstood. Fortunately, everything changes! In 2009, Pisces deliberately chose solitude, peace. Perhaps, Pisces will manifest itself psychological and parapsychological abilities, mediumship. You have a lot of anticipation, you dream of prophetic dreams.
Last year you have achieved a lot in your career, and in early 2009 you will need to work on consolidating the knowledge and achievements gained. The best time for you is February-March, two weeks before and after your birthday. You have a desire to be noticeable; all affairs and undertakings during this period will be fruitful. However, the period from March to September can be difficult - one should not forget that the master of Pisces Neptune is still in conflict with Saturn, the settling sector responsible for Pisces' career achievements. In early September, everything will change, and Pisces will begin a new period of business achievements.
The personal life of Pisces is developing brightly and rapidly this year. Lonely Pisces in February awaits a fateful meeting. Caution in romantic matters is to be observed at the end of June and mid-August - there will be many unnecessary meetings, alluring, but useless. Later you realize that it was a waste of time and energy. At the end of September, an enticing, but transient affair is likely. If you have already met your fate in the autumn of last year, then the spring of 2009 is an excellent time for entering into a marriage that promises to be durable, lasting, and, importantly, beneficial.