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General astrological forecast for 2010 | Common Chinese Horoscope for 2010 | New 2010 year of the tiger

  • General astrological forecast for 2010
  • Common Chinese Horoscope for 2010

  • General astrological forecast for 2010

    In general, 2010 is an active one, prompting to action and not tolerating passivity. Old problems now and then will remind themselves - someone will face the echoes of the economic crisis, and someone will solve their own problems, one way or another related to the events of the past. The main thing is not to get lost, and if obstacles get in the way, methodically overcome them. Something has to be sacrificed, so be prepared for the fact that the movement will follow the principle of "step back, two steps forward." As the year is constantly pushing something to do, there will be no mistakes. However, it is better to do and regret than not to do it and not just regret it, but lose even what has been worked out before. A year will help to strengthen the strength of the spirit, will allow to show firmness of character and to cultivate persistence in oneself. On the "Russian perhaps" is not worth it - if you suddenly found yourself in the weak spots, be sure to patch them as quickly as possible. In this case, nothing threatens you, and your business will move forward successfully. Prospects and opportunities will not open without a fight. You'll have to prove to yourself and your competitors that you are the best. It is important not to miss new opportunities, to see them where many do not see. However, beware of impulsive actions - haste and excessive emotionality can lead to rather unpleasant consequences. During the year, not all periods are unambiguous. The beginning of spring can be marked by difficulties, when success comes to patient and consistent. April will please with new prospects, you can start projects, take interesting proposals. The most important factor of your success is the ability to analyze old mistakes and not to repeat them. Summer will attract like-minded people to you, which will be difficult to organize at the same time. Chaotic time, rich in new ideas, new plans and new interesting people. Do not try to catch everything at once - now the main thing is to rally around yourself a reliable team. Autumn can be marked by tensions in international relations. There may be some crisis situations in the economy, but they will not be as fatal as the crisis of 2008. This, rather, echoes. The spiritual values ​​will come to the fore - one should pay attention to relatives and friends, do not show cruelty, strive for mercy. Until the end of the fall there may be problems in personal relationships, now is not the time to make new acquaintances and start weddings. But the end of the year will be very romantic - it will be successful and personal life, and financial.

    I would not like to start the forecast with the word "ambiguous", but, apparently, still have to. It will be a very controversial year. We live in interesting times. One aphorism says that when the wind comes, only stupid people erect walls and fences, and smart build windmills or a sailing fleet. Such a statement can also be attributed to the next year 2010.

    It will be a very active, dynamic year. The year is difficult, but still relatively calm - the year of accumulation of forces and "zakalatyvaniya" holes ahead of the upcoming 2011, which, according to forecasts, promises to be extremely tense. This year it is worthwhile to build windmills. The year will teach you how to overcome obstacles, we will have every chance to strengthen our own willpower and spirit. It's worth finishing the unfinished business and trying to cover up your weak spots, in this case you will be safe. 2010 is held under the sign of the Sun, and for a place under the sun it will be necessary to compete, proving to yourself and competitors that you are the best. Try not to miss new opportunities. Ability to analyze their mistakes and not step on the old rake oh, as it will be useful in the coming year.

    The previous year under the sign of the Sun - 2003
    Briefly about the iconic events-2003
    • 20.03.2003 - Invasion of Iraq
    • 14.04.2003 - Decoding the human genome by 99%
    • 21.05.2003 - Earthquake in Algeria (it is worth looking at one more forecast)
    • 23.11.2003 - "The Rose Revolution" in Georgia
    • 26.12.2003 - Earthquake in Iran

    Nevertheless, 2010 promises to be productive. The astrological picture is that more planets have passed into cardinal signs (if in brief, then Jupiter and Uranus will enter the sign of Aries in summer, Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn). This gives rise to some hopes for constructive solutions to complex situations, instead of planning and discussing these. Unfortunately, the tense situation will not evaporate by itself (Saturn in opposition to Uranus will maintain a background of tension until the peak - August 2010). But it would be a mistake to think that the astrological picture is formed only in a negative way.

    There is reason to believe that the presence of Pluto will force us to proceed to solve problems, albeit not in the most mild way. In September, there are all grounds for normalizing the general stress of the first half of the year. This means that before this period it is necessary to expect instability in the economy, politics, deterioration of international relations. I would not like to be a pessimist, but local armed conflicts are not excluded. Approximately at the end of May (for more details, see below) Uranus will enter the Aries sign, it can give the chance to spill out the tension in the minds. And if we take into account the position of Mars in Leo, the most probable time for the manifestation of unrest and local conflicts is the interval until 8.06.2010.

    At the domestic level of problems and all sorts of troubles one should expect from February. The opposition Mars-Mercury alludes to the fact that skiing and other activities of extreme sports should be canceled. And Valentine's Day is worth to be met in a cozy nest, but not on a trip.
    27.04 we can talk about the last wave of the crisis, the current crisis is a consequence of the opposition of Saturn and Uranus, which happens once in 44 years. In the period from 10 to 27.04, however, even in the entire first decade of the month, we should expect a mass of events of negative significance (conflicts, activation of criminal and terrorist groups, power crises, dollar rate jumps and inflation). It should be noted that this situation began at the end of 2009 - 21.10.2009 - 26.02.2010 and 4.08. - Sat 6th, 2009 (peaks 15.11.2009, 31.01.2010, 21.08.2010) Saturn-Pluto Square - the aspect will tend to force decisions of all difficult issues, will contribute to the escalation of tension, possibly cause political crises. Periods of tightening nuts in all senses.

    From the positions of the planets, which can give trends in the deterioration of the situation, it is worth mentioning a few more.
    5.04.- 14.09.2010. Opposition Saturn-Uranus - changes in the sphere of politics, up to the change of governments, deterioration of the social and legal aspects of life, crisis of the ruling circles. But at the same time, and parting with the past, a change in technology and the principles of building politics and life. The last time this situation was in 1988.
    28.05.2010 - 14.08.2010. Uranus passes into the sign of Aries - the time of changes, revolutions, qualitative leaps, affecting absolutely all spheres of life. This aspect marks the transition from contemplation to science, from the passive acceptance of the existing to the desire to manage the situation.
    29.10.2009 - 6.04.2010, 21.07.2010 - 4.10.2012 Saturn switches to Libra. Strengthening existing problems in the social, political and legal spheres. On the other hand, Saturn in Libra will teach balance in all areas of relationships, develop new principles of partnership for a long-term period, the ability to communicate on an equal footing, to take responsibly to one's words, not to go to extremes, and use diplomacy.

    Not everything is as bad as it might seem: the passage of Jupiter through the sign of Aquarius (5.01.2009 - 17.01.2010) and entry into the sign of Pisces (18.01.2010 - 27.05.2010) give all grounds to assume periods of consolidation and consolidation of positive priorities - humanism, nobility, situations with assistance and care at all levels.

    A feature of the year is also the presence of retrograde motion of various planets. In addition to the delay and all kinds of obstacles, this also gives a reminder to take into account past experience and not step on the already mentioned rake.

    This year we should expect a wide variety of projects, new ideas and changes. The concept of an "active life position" can acquire a new meaning. Do not sit on the couch, but also do not rush headlong into the implementation of new ideas. Sharp jumps will not be for most signs, but slow progressive growth is guaranteed. In 2010, every person will have chances to realize himself as a person, spiritual values ​​will come to the fore. Do not be cruel and aggressive in any of its manifestations, it is worth remembering mercy, and harmonious development.

    Yet 2010 will be relatively calm, but in 2011 and 2012 the peak of the activity of the Sun is expected. Instability will only increase, disputes will become more acute, tension will reach its maximum.

    The end of 2010 will be more mild and calm, both in financial and in terms of personal relationships, romantic ones as well.
    In the periods of influence of eclipses in 2010 it is undesirable to make fateful decisions, start important business, go on trips. This is especially true of Lviv, Dev, Libra and Scorpio.

    Solar eclipses:
    • The ring solar eclipse - 15.01.2010
    • Total solar eclipse - 11/07/2010
    Lunar eclipses:
    • Private - 26/06/2010
    • Full - 21.12.2010

    Avestan horoscope for 2010

    It is based on the 32-year cycle of Saturn (Modern cycle of Saturn 29,5). It is believed that the totem of the year symbolizes the general mood and the inner basis of man.
    There is a totem of the year - the main sign, and antitotem - the antipode of the current sign.
    The annual cycle begins on March 21, with the first sunrise.

    Totem of 2009 - Beaver, antitotem - Otter (nutria). The main characteristics of the totem of the outgoing year - diligence, beauty, harmony, economic, traditional, accuracy. In the year, Beaver should have been engaged in lawmaking and strengthening traditions, a good year for the path of love and harmony.

    Totem 2010 Tortoise, antitotem - River Gull.

    The Year of the Turtle is very strongly connected with the earth. In this year, you should not try to seize or remodel the land, start big construction.
    In the war, which begins in the year of the Turtle, it will be difficult to determine the winner, more often than not, it turns into something long and painful. An example is 1914.
    However, in this year it is favorable to start cultivating the land. In everyday boundaries - take care of the garden, flowerbed, at least flowers on the window.
    The year is also favorable for finding hidden in the earth - minerals, treasures. Unfortunately, the totem this year also speaks of the possibility of strong earthquakes caused by disturbed land due to its disrespectful and irrational use.

    This year, luck will favor those who have set a goal and slowly, but relentlessly, go to it. The highest charisma of the Turtle Year is associated with harmony and wisdom in relationships with earth and nature, cognition and understanding of the inner order and harmony of the world.

    In order not to be like the antitotem of the year - the River Seagull - one should not be treacherous, unscrupulous, and plotting. The influence of the antitotem can manifest itself in the absence of a "protective shell" - self-confidence. We remind you that next year Turtles should not try on other people's masks - in this case you can get under someone else's negative influence. Be yourself and confidently go to the goal in harmony with yourself and the world around you, and everything will turn out the best way.

    Zodiac horoscope ARIES for 2010

    Aries (21.03 - 20.04)

    Horoscope Aries

    In 2010, typical Aries will not look for easy ways and solutions. On the one hand, passing through the sign of Uranus provides a qualitative transition to the state of active actions and making difficult decisions, often different from the previous line of behavior. On the other hand, Venus and Mars in August will bring new notes into relationships with loved ones and loved ones, it will be difficult not to get lost in emotions, own image and in the future direction of the movement.

    It is worth mentioning that some watersheds for Aries will be January and June. In January there will be directions in which it is worth waiting for changes and looking closely at the surroundings and signs that are served by ordinary events. True, strong and understanding that they need Aries will be able to grab the bird luck in January, the rest should be more attentive to the environment and wait for June, preferably not dramatically dramatizing the situation. But the November will be particularly rich in events, especially after throwing and rethinking their life's path in the first half of the year. New work, overseas business trips, perhaps, the training of a new profession. The main thing is to moderate your cockiness and tame rancor, and everything will turn out well.

    With the career will develop in those Aries who in advance bothered and counted their steps in advance. In this case, do not expand on your own plans.
    Be more attentive to your own savings and think three times before each waste in March, June and August, and then you will be able to harvest in November.
    Aries, in 2010, be more sensitive about your attachments, they have every chance of suffering from your hyperactive nature. For some Aries the year will bring new elected ones, some will take away past passions. Endure until August - and take care of filling your life with aesthetics and travel.
    In autumn, it is worthwhile to cherish the health - probably, chronic diseases will worsen.

    Be energetic and do not become deformed, this year is a kind of the beginning of a new cycle. Start it worthy. You will not regret.

    Zodiac horoscope Taurus for 2010

    Taurus (21.04 - 20.05)

    Horoscope Taurus

    The next year will be held for Taurus under the sign of personal relations. Loving, friendly, creative. In existing relationships, understanding from the half-word, half-look, single Taurus have every chance to meet great love. True, in any barrel of honey you can not do without a small spoonful of tar - the period from May to June will be a little bit out of the general status of the half-doom for 2010. But the junction of Jupiter and Venus will not leave the Taurus without a chance of happiness and mutual understanding.
    The year is very favorable for Taurus, who devoted themselves to creativity and self-realization. In January-February, some Taurus will see distant countries or will engage in a large-scale creative project. In February, it is also worth getting rid of old rubbish and outlived relationships. It is especially worthwhile to listen to your own ideas in the middle of February - they can turn out to be fateful. The dynamics of March will be similar to the merry-go-round, or even to the roller coaster.

    In April, Taurus better not be irritated once again in vain because of the stagnation of affairs caused by retrograde Mercury. Summer months, however, is also not the most active period. In the summer it is worth planning a vacation for the beginning of June, not starting new businesses and being more attentive to one's own health - there may be worsening of chronic diseases and simply health problems. But July and August will become a very vain period - your attention will be demanded immediately by a lot of cases, but you can deal with them by force, if, of course, they deal with them. August-October is the most favorable month for active romantic relationships. Moreover, both new acquaintances and the transformation of friendly or business relations into something more are possible.

    Venus and Mars - this is a very rattling cocktail of romance, pressure, sexuality, all sorts of adventures of spirit and body.

    But the second half of the year will be more rich in events and opportunities. The opportunity to earn, the opportunity to change jobs, place of residence. The second half of the autumn will be calm and measured, giving the opportunity to meet very successfully next year. Although in November it is desirable to take care of your own finances very carefully. But with the advent of December, the Taurus will again be in the ranks, and again - a victorious offensive on all fronts.

    Zodiacal horoscope TWINS FOR 2010

    Gemini (21.05 - 21.06)

    Horoscope Gemini

    2010 for Gemini will be quite stressful. Although in general the year will bring more luck to careerists than for romantics.

    January will be pretty calm - the tone is set by the retrograde Mercury (4-15.01.2010), which will be slightly "confused". In this period it is worth watching the events and people who surround you - they will set the tone for the next year. The main thing is to find the same "upward flow" that will take you to the heights of your career in February. In March, the new moon 16.03 is able to clarify much in the matter of bringing clarity and putting things in order in their own lives.
    Maybe. The twins realize the necessary direction for the whole year. This will help you not to break in a very busy period from April to August (the exception is only May). This time, hide or run away from problems and difficulties, as Gemini usually likes to do, they will not succeed. We will have to strain ourselves to solve life's problems, but those who make an effort will not regret it in the future. In September, it is worthwhile to clarify and expand its plans - this is a good time to apply your talents in the field of languages, travel, study, creativity.

    In October, try to be simpler and not complicate the relationship beyond what is necessary, and in the last ten days of November you will be rewarded with positive constructive changes in your own life. In December, the tone will again be asked by the retrograde Mercury - it is worth considering the restructuring of its plans and relations for the next year. Because unresolved problems and situations will be repeated until the Twins learn how to solve them.

    Twins should listen to their own health in the summer and not fall into melancholy. The year will still be very exciting, and a good mood will be the best anchor.

    Zodiac horoscope of the Russian Cancer Society for 2010

    Cancer (22.06 - 22.07)

    Horoscope Cancer

    Tests will not bypass typical Rakov. January and February will be a favorable period for them - the time of harvesting, professional growth, changing jobs, apartments and activities. This is also a favorable period of the embodiment of cherished desires, perhaps, reassessment of existing relations. Travel, travel or just trips will be determined by Jupiter in the "travel sector". March is a good month for those who go on the road, and May will be a good time for a possible vacation. The main thing in this period is to keep calm and not succumb to the provocation of chaos that will attack you on your heels. The sea, villa, flowers, trips will be the best way to stay in harmony with yourself and others. And in this case, possible health problems will be treated by regimen and proper nutrition.

    It should be noted that the most difficult for the Rakov will be July-August. The watershed for this sign will be passed on June 21, in August it is strongly recommended not to start repairs, do not engage in clarification of relationships and give out loans on time, if any. Salvation for Cancer for this period - in creativity, constructiveness and ability to not start up on trifles.

    In September, Mars and Venus in Scorpio will force you to take a fresh look at your own image and update your wardrobe. This is a very creative and romantic period for your relationship with the world around you. In October-November the general mood will not change, but the need for more precise control over the events of one's life will be added, and one should not take too close to heart all the disputes and verbal battles that this period will be rich with. Listen to the mood of Venus, not Mars.

    December will force once again to be at the crossroads and a couple of times to remember the old rake with an unkind word. But the end of the year will remind the happy end of old movies.
    Be wise and discerning, look after your emotions and do not be afraid of choice - and you will have an excellent, albeit difficult one.

    Zodiac horoscope for 2010

    The Lion (23.07 - 23.08)

    Horoscope Leo

    To whom many give, they are asked more. The whole next year will pass under the sign of the Sun, the planet of the Lion. In addition, Pluto will also be in the sign of Leo for the whole year. Such provisions will have the most revolutionary effect on this sign. In particular, on the professional activities of Lviv, their position in society and on health. This year, one should not make rash steps or succumb to violent passions, it is better to remain faithful to your partner, to closely monitor your health, and to reasonably handle finances.

    In January-February, the Lions should take care of themselves - go through a doctor's examination, expand their wardrobe and visit a beauty salon. Proposals for work during this period should also not be missed.

    The Lviv period will be quite difficult in April-August. April-May painfully hit by income - just right to think about the mode of careful monitoring of purchases and spending. It is not worth borrowing or lending large sums of money. July-August will be very unfavorable for trips - there may be injuries on the road, breakdown of vehicles, theft. Be careful and careful.

    In the fall, significant changes in the circle of communication are possible, a recapitulation of the circle of sympathies and antipathies, a re-arrangement of priorities and goals. But let the Lions not be upset about this - next to them will remain only really important to them people. The kings of the savanna simply lose their retinue from random people. Autumn is a favorable time for new romantic and business acquaintances, for some Lviv it is also a period of official registration of relations, birth of a child, etc.

    Despite all its difficulties, the year is still more constructive: incomes will grow gradually, a good time for employment by career and self-realization. This is the year to determine the direction of the movement for the Lion for many years to come. Particular attention should be paid to the days of solar and lunar eclipses and not to take any fateful decisions these days, not to go on trips and not to interact with complex mechanisms.

    The zodiac horoscope of VIRGO for 2010

    The Virgin (24.08 - 22.09)

    Horoscope Virgo

    For typical Dev, this is the year of professional development and moving forward, shifting the emphasis from personal relations to the business sphere and the sphere of self-development. Profitable partnership, expansion of the range of business ties. It is worth to improve their business and leadership qualities, the ability to communicate freely. Jupiter will spend the whole year in the sign of Pisces - this situation contributes to the development of new and transformation of old relations. At the beginning of the year (before January 15), it is worth taking a breather and auditing your own plans and goals. The greatest activity will begin in February: events, communication, old contacts, new acquaintances, proposals of a business nature. Approximately in the same rhythm will be March. In April and May, it is worth taking one more small step to streamline current affairs, and do not once again throw away promises - they will have to be carried out. Perhaps, it is worth mentioning that in April-May there will be the last outbreak of depressiveness and deterioration of relations with partners in marriage. It's worth finding a little time for your close people, and you will not regret it.

    June is a time of heavy workload, hard work and financial problems. Saturn in Libra will make reserves, plan spending and introduce a regime of austerity, to plan and reorient the budget. August also falls out not the easiest, but in the first decade is also almost extreme.
    Autumn will be a more calm and stable period. It is only necessary to keep your secrets from unnecessary eyes and ears, not to play secret novels - they will necessarily become public, not get involved in questionable business with former friends or business partners, smile more often, give up bad habits, and throw out heavy thoughts.

    Be calm and mature, do not commit rash acts or actions that will make you regret something - this will help to spend this year successfully and with future benefits.

    Zodiac horoscope for weightlifter for 2010

    Libra (23.09 - 23.10)

    Horoscope Libra

    Libra in 2010 is more likely to prepare himself for hard and hard work, than for surprises and gifts. For Libra, this year will be the year of gaining integrity, the year of determining the direction of movement, the year of reassessment of experience. Libra should learn the system approach and perseverance.

    In January, Venus (ruler of Libra) will move in conjunction with the Sun, which will provide a lot of new ideas and plans. However, it is not necessary to hurry with their implementation - this is the time of accumulation of power for a breakthrough in the further realization of bold fantasies.

    The period January-February is a favorable time for harmonization of relations with a partner, family, completion of current affairs, it is also necessary to take care of one's own health. At this time, everything will turn out to be easy and simple. The main thing is not afraid to take the initiative and not hang in reflection on every issue that requires a choice. Timely use of circumstances is your current period.

    In March, in its second decade, Mars will add dynamics. Your success depends on the extent of your activity. A good time for any financial affairs, the implementation of large-scale working projects. Good time to sign contracts. At this time, Libra will not be enough 24 hours in a day to realize what was planned.

    Unfortunately, in April - May a busy schedule will make you uneasy. Retrogradny Mercury will bring a share of turmoil and slips into working issues. At this time, it is worth taking up leisure, switching from work to hobbies, perhaps taking a vacation, attentive to one's health. If Libra did not deal with health issues at the beginning of the year, in this period, exacerbations of chronic diseases caused by stress and irritating factors are possible.

    In late May - early June, Uranus and Jupiter enter into the sign of Aries. This rather restless combination will give a vibrant life to Libra's explosive and revolutionary spirit. Such a combination will lead to a total reassessment of existing relations in all spheres of life. At the same time, the greatest changes are in the relationship with the partner: breaks, new novels, crazy feelings and "impossible relationships." It should be noted that Libra, first of all, will involve in the partner the possibility of joint creative self-expression and activity, so the view of Libra will be focused on bright, prominent representatives of the opposite sex. However, this will not mean reciprocity of feelings. Although Libra during this period is lucky ...

    The transition of Saturn to Libra will force the latter to pay attention not only to their emotions, but also to the business side of life. Saturn make people born under the sign of Libra, be pragmatic and organized.

    In the fall, during the retrograde Venus period (8.10-18.11), it is worth refraining from large spending and major purchases. December will be a little tense in relations with loved ones and close ones, critical December 14. For some Libra, in addition to aspects of tension, it is worth mentioning the dominance of the erotic side of relationships over other aspects of life in December.

    Libra should strive for integrity and harmony, and prepare for a new steep leap next year. 2010 you will remember for a long time.

    Zodiac horoscope SCORPIO for 2010

    Scorpio (24.10 - 22.11)

    Horoscope Scorpio

    A good year for the realization of oneself in relationships and creativity will fall to the Scorpions. This year is favorable for finding new contacts, auditing the circle of communication, exchange of information.

    A significant event in 2009 for the Scorpions was the confrontation of Saturn with Pluto. It destabilized the life of the sign. However, with the advent of the new year, the life of the Scorpions will not be easier, because until March 10, 2010, the second ruler of Scorpio - Mars - will be retrograde. The main thing in the current confusion is to catch in the "big fish".

    At the beginning of the year, it is necessary to revise old relations and ties. New business will appear quickly. Particularly successful is January - February. Scorpions, prepare to suffer from the lack of time for yourself. In these months, you need to maximize the order and restart the old ones and start new large projects - this will set the tone for the whole year.

    After January 18, Jupiter leaves in the sign of Pisces, so the situation will be discharged. Scorpions can rely more on themselves than on the will of rock.

    The second half of February is a reserve for emotions and emotions. Favorite, family, friends and children (in family scorpions) - all this will excite, cause pride, tides of tenderness and require special attention. We need to prepare for increased attention to the sensual side of life. March will be filled with meetings and business, although back in February it seemed that there was nowhere else to go.

    April-May will be a difficult period in communication and in a romantic relationship. Quarrels with friends and loved ones, troubles at work - this is only a small part of the events of this period, which will determine Venus and Mercury in relation to Mars. Try to temper jealousy and possessive feelings.

    The end of May - the beginning of June - the time of large-scale tasks. Do not be distracted by rest. Hard work and personal control will save business from trouble. Rest in July. The first month of summer is favorable for repairs and household chores, which are connected with land and real estate. In August, try not to conflict at work and be careful on the roads - there may be accidents and deterioration of health. Motorists, motorcyclists and bicyclists at this time will not be lucky with their iron friends. There will be frequent breakdowns and unsuccessful service. Better force them into the garage.

    But the first half of autumn is a fertile time for communication and flirting. Do not extinguish, take the initiative. Otherwise in the middle of October retrograde Venus with Mars in Scorpio will make lonely scorpions yearn. In the autumn, you need to treat your loved ones more carefully. Possible breaks and treason.

    December will be held under retrograde Mercury. Stagnation and delays in business will cause more often to scroll in my head pictures of the past.

    Scorpions! Try to be more reasonable about money in 2010. Do not go on about jealousy and quick temper. Do more creativity and self-expression. Then the year will pass properly.

    Zodiac horoscope SAGITTARIUS for 2010

    Sagittarius (23.11 - 21.12)

    Horoscope Sagittarius

    2010 for Sagittarius will be held under the sign of the House. That's right, with a capital letter. A troubled year, but the changes are mostly favorable. This year, you should rely more on yourself, even learn to trust yourself and not be afraid to follow your desires. Your friends will be next to you in difficult moments of rethinking the attitude towards your loved ones and the sad periods of disappointments.

    The most favorable period is January-February (peak 14.02). A good time for improving financial well-being, buying land, real estate, other large investments. It is possible to conclude a profitable contract. Relationships in the couple will please with harmony. However, during this period it is undesirable to start financial affairs with friends - borrowing or borrowing, otherwise later, in April-August, you risk disputes and even conflicts on this ground, related to the inability to pay off these obligations in full or on time.

    Traditionally, the difficult period is April-March. Decline of all activity, quarrels are possible - both at home and at work. Some Sagittarians will not be lucky - perhaps, they will be affected by the last wave of the crisis, or they will fall under the contraction. True, these events will soon become the impetus for a new career jump, than just a sad event. The rest of Sagittarians should devote this time to raking up blockages, systematizing accumulated information and other constructive actions for developing a strategy for the year.

    In the beginning of June, once again double-check all incoming information and do not believe idle gossip. You are too trusting, and this can be used with not very good intentions. A peculiar watershed will be 6.06 - after this date many Sagittarians will have a desire to change their line of business, acquire a new hobby, make a new stormy romance (at this time really stormy and not like the previous ones). A favorable period for creative and addicted people - for them the successful time of large projects has come. Do not forget to rest if you do not want to urgently deal with health issues. The last week of July is the most difficult for the entire period from April to August. Do not get lost - your task is to shoot and survive. Do not talk about your ideas, thoughts and feelings at this time - all this can be used against you. It is necessary to refrain from all transactions with large amounts of money, it is undesirable to conclude new contracts and obligations.

    September will be calm and full of deep reflections on the essence of things and relationships. In October-November, you should forget about some unpleasant working moments and tense up, but try to make the best impression on the current or future employer. Also, a favorable period will begin for flirting and all sorts of novels - official, telephone, intellectual, Internet romances. The peak of this period will be at the beginning of December. Family couples should revise their way of life and try to think out an interesting program for a year, and also devote their time to children.

    Sagittarians should learn to open their hearts this year and trust their desires. Ability to believe in yourself and your abilities, the ability to find your corner of the house where their heart lives is the best investment next year.

    Zodiacal horoscope CAPRICORN for 2010

    Capricorn (22.12 - 20.01)

    Horoscope Capricorn

    Capricorns also refer to the signs that the coming year will give many opportunities and ask accordingly. It is worth mentioning that 2010 promises radical changes for this sign. For them, a year can be a year of a big turn in destiny, career and personal life. The year of earning future bonuses - those who take risks, be patient and know what awaits, one can not worry.

    The mood of 2010 and 2011 Capricorn will ask Saturn's passage through Libra - this is a period of great ambitions and large-scale projects, flight of thought and reasonable solutions. Not practical, but reasonable - for practicality and painstaking preparation was the passage of the Virgo sign. By the way, to some extent the attitude to the upcoming events and the current base for them were laid exactly during the passage of the Virgin. Therefore, if you persistently and painstakingly worked on your future, now you can reap the rewards.

    January-February will be marked by the growth of the information component of your life. You should ask yourself the main directions of development for this year. You perfectly memorize the necessary information, train well, expand the circle of your communication - in all this will help you phones and the Internet. Communication, communication, sociability, easy flirting - these are the key words for this period. Therefore, do not neglect the invitations to various events of the business format - there you have all the chances to make useful acquaintances and connections, which will later come in handy. March is a good month for personal contacts. If you are thinking over the beginning of another novel - do it in March, and do not regret it. Retrogradny Mercury (18.04 to 11.05) - this is the period when it is better to deal with putting things in order in old matters: complete, explain, order, explain.

    June-July will be the most filled and dressed up period. Capricorns will have to mobilize all their strength and attention to the decision of urgent matters. Rest, rest, go on vacation better in early autumn. In the summer, work themes will require the support of additional forces - your friends, relatives, colleagues. Perhaps you will find that cavalry, artillery and aviation can also be very useful. The main thing in this period is not to go against your principles. Of course, Saturn will save you from illusions, but his position in this period of time - in Libra, and therefore on the side of law and justice. Wait for the fall and try not to break.

    August-September are more available for vacation: the weather and people will please you. Lonely Capricorn will be satisfied with the resort, and not only, novels. Family Capricorns should spend more time in the company of spouses and children, if, of course, they are. If not - then this period is very favorable for family planning. October-November will be more worried about Capricorns due to problems in the team and affairs by the workers. December will be a good time for putting things in order and recruiting forces ahead of next year.

    In general, Capricorns will have a lot of lucky tickets next year. For them, the main thing is the ability to be in the right place, at the right time and in the right mood. And at the same time be able to trust yourself and your calculations.

    Zodiacal horoscope of AQUARIUS for 2010

    Aquarius (21.01 - 19.02)

    Horoscope Aquarius

    Aquarius is waiting for an eventful year. For this sign, it's time to harvest from past projects. A fairly stable year in order to begin to translate previously constructed plans into real life. The year promises an even, positive-creative mood for most representatives of this sign; the main thing is that those around you do not interfere with the embodiment of the crazy ideas of Aquarius.

    The events of January have formal meetings and are successful for actualizing their own plans for the whole year. It is possible, however, that many of Aquarius will be visited by inspiration and an idea with a capital "I". Most likely, this will happen in the period before and after the solar eclipse (15.01). January-February is a good time for establishing relations, short-term financial investments, working with information, partners. At this time, it is worthwhile to save money in a stocking for less favorable gaps of next year. However, it is worth noting that the whole year will be favorable for small earnings, in addition to the main work sites. March, most Aquarians simply will not notice - they will still be in the stream of events of February.

    End of April-beginning of May - in this period Aquarians are better to slow down a little, pause and solve long-established cases, pull up tails and do health. Do not start deals with large amounts of money, it is undesirable to deal with disputable legal litigation - the decision will not be in your favor. Refrain also from travel, otherwise you risk becoming a victim of deception. From May 28 - the transition of Uranus to Aries - will add revolutionary notes to your melody. In the future period, it will be easier for you to give up work or relationships that weigh you down. Aquarius will revel in the course of change.

    June will be more successful in terms of making the goods shine old business than the beginning of new ones. The most difficult period of this summer is the second decade of June to August. At this time, it is necessary to exercise increased caution, minimize all cases, take care of health. Leave in this period also does not add to the joy - it's better to plan it for June. In August, Uranus again returns to Pisces and will give an opportunity to rethink what happened in this period, to find weak strategies in their own actions.

    Autumn will be more calm, especially in comparison with the first half of the year and the summer period. The social and creative life of Aquarius is somewhat intensified in November. In December, once again, arrange the ordering of affairs and routine, this will give you an extra chance to spend New Year's holidays on a trip.

    For Aquarius, the year will be successful and rich, their talent will be in the right place and at the right time will be as relevant as ever.

    Zodiacal horoscope of FISH for 2010

    Pisces 20.02 - 20.03)

    Horoscope Pisces

    Pisces should be prepared for a year of great achievements. 2010 is the right time to bookmark and implement large-scale projects. One should not be afraid to tear yourself away from the sofa and plunge into the abyss of events and plans. Self-improvement and self-realization, communication, romantic mood will be for Pisces the main themes of the year.

    The beginning of the year is best devoted to communicating with friends, visiting exhibitions, master classes and hobbies, rather than business communication. Although it is possible that in the first half of January, Pies will receive promising proposals. Set them aside. And only if the proposal is no longer relevant in the second decade, give it more time.

    An important event in January is the entry of Jupiter into the sign of Pisces (18.01). This position serves as a signal to change the strategy of the year. Fishes can be sent to develop and conquer new territories. February and early March should be devoted to opportunities related to communications, large-scale projects, the Internet. Pay special attention to repeated proposals for cooperation, interest clubs, creative companies - an excellent source for inspiration. March is also successful for making new romantic acquaintances, lonely Pisces is given another chance to not miss their happiness. Family Pisces is worth remembering the ability to understand people and not to take in confrontation the needs of children and partners.

    In March-April, it is desirable to avoid sharp angles, especially in communicating with close friends and family. Particular attention should be paid to the analysis and re-examination of incoming information, it is not necessary to take any fateful decisions without proper analysis. Business will not move as actively as many Pisces would like. In this period, it is worthwhile once again to update the unfinished business and old professional ties.

    In June, it is important to take care of your nerves and not get involved in questionable financial matters. Although Pisces is lucky this year, but the risk must be justified, and decisions - weighed. Be also attentive on the road - this is a very traumatic period. By the way, such recommendations are relevant in July. It is worth lying on the bottom and not doing any business, except for short-term ones. Trust your intuition - this will help avoid pitfalls in a difficult period for finance and affairs, which will end in the last decade of August.

    Period from September to October is better to devote rest. At this time, also exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible - Pisces will have to make every effort not to see the hospital bed. In business, a good strategy will be a balanced attitude to large-scale, costly projects, but still Pisces is lucky. This gives one more opportunity to cope with the single unpleasant moments of the period. Try to keep things in order - it's very useful in an eventful December. Do not let your inattention to detail lead to problems. December is another period for fruitful communications and romantic relationships.

    Pisces should preferably remember that this year happiness goes alongside them. And if they are sufficiently attentive and determined to grab it, then you will not have to regret it. Do not forget about the rest. And do not be afraid to dream.

    Common Chinese Horoscope for 2010

    The new 2010 year is the year of the Metallic Tiger , belonging to the Element of Metal, whose talisman is silver-silvery color will bring good luck in business.

    Tiger - 14.02.2010-02.02.2011 Metal

    Element: Tree
    Direction: East-northeast
    Quality: courage, courage
    Number: third
    Friend: Horse, Dog
    Opponent: Monkey

    Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calendar: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

    History shows that these years are not calm:

    • 1998 - year of default in Russia
    • 1986 - the year of the beginning of perestroika and the Chernobyl disaster
    • 1974 - The Revolution in Portugal and the Conflict in Cyprus
    • 1962 - the height of the Caribbean crisis

    Previous years of the Metal Tiger - 1950, 1890, 1830.

    These years were marked by such events as:

    1950 - June 25, North Korea launched a war against South Korea in order to unify the Korean peninsula and establish control over it.

    1950 - October 7, the 40,000-strong Chinese army, which set out to "liberate" Tibet (from prejudice), met resistance from eight thousand Tibetan soldiers armed little better than they were armed 7 centuries ago. Half of them died in battle.


    • The Sherman Act was enacted in the United States - the first federal antitrust law that criminalized a monopoly, restricting trade, attempting to establish a monopoly and restricting trade, creating a union of firms and colluding with the same purpose, and giving the federal government or the injured party the right to initiate a judicial the case against those who commit such crimes.
    • The world's first metro in London.
    • The Cape colony tried to seize the Transvaal.


    • July 28 - the beginning of the July Revolution in France.
    • October 4 - Belgium proclaims independence from the Netherlands.
    • November 29 - the beginning of the Polish national liberation uprising.
    • A cholera epidemic has swept across Russia. In Tambov and several other provinces, cholera riots occurred.

    The first adjective that comes to mind when trying to describe the next year is ambiguous. The second is dynamic. This year is unlikely to be calm, there will be no time to rest. Metal Tiger - one of the most controversial signs, too many contradictory elements embodied in it. It's Wood and Metal. Metal interacts with the Tree, destroying it. Disagreements, misunderstandings, conflicts, changes, demolitions, movements, growth, dynamics - that will be characteristic for this year.

    It will be a successful year for big undertakings, promising and large-scale undertakings. The year will be favorable for the development of science, medicine, technology, as well as for a variety of arts. In these areas, we should expect tangible changes for the better.

    In the year of the Tiger, many cases will be decided by the "gallant rush of cavalry." The tiger is a rebel, but he is also a "sanitary officer". From his blows, not only the weak, but also the strengths of this world will suffer. Most likely, we should expect plums of compromising material, the publication of dirty details and shocking photos from the lives of famous and rich people.

    In some Asian countries, in order to move through the jungle, the natives wear masks with a face on the back of the head - it is believed that tigers do not attack a man in front. Lightning jump from the back and snacking of the spine is Tiger's favorite way of hunting. Therefore, the control and ability not to substitute the back will be especially relevant for this year. It will also be a very good year to learn how to look your fear into your eyes.

    In the year of the Tiger, the role of a good rear will be played by the family. Tiger, despite all his dangerous features and rebellious nature, an excellent family man. Tigers not only keep their faithfulness to their half, but also hunt and produce food for their own cubs. Home comfort and a purring big cat by the fireplace - unless this picture can leave someone indifferent? This is a good year for building a reliable family foundation for those who have not yet made this choice. Children born in the year of the Tiger, very active and restless "crows-cubs", undoubted ringleaders in any company.

    In general, the year risks becoming a turning point for any established stereotypes, foundations. The tiger is very charismatic, ambitious, quick-tempered, does not count very much with someone else's opinion. Unfortunately, in this year there will be all the prerequisites for the prevalence of power over the search for compromises. The rejection of the old, revolution in many aspects of life is also very characteristic of this year. But the love and the desire of the Tiger to restore justice should help keep the world afloat. Probably, the world crisis will be held this year its critical point, and there is every reason to assume that this will happen after April. The second half of this year promises to be positive and constructive.

    The tiger favors lawyers, security forces. The main blow can take over the spheres of the Tree - humanistic, freedom-loving, individualistic.

    Difficult times for the woodworking, textile industry and agriculture, education, public relations and relations.

    Some other astrological aspects of the next year show that it is necessary to expect troubles connected with fire elements - fires, including forest fires, explosions. In addition to these troubles, there may be trouble on the road, be more cautious, but do not give up possible trips. Remember about control.

    Next year, the situation will also favor various trips, relocations and relocations. Travel, business travel, change of residence - that's what likes neposide-Tigra. Activity, dynamics, games, the disclosure of new talents and, most importantly, do not sit still - the key to success in the coming year.

    It will be a very beautiful and dynamic year. In order to somehow balance it, it is worth letting some part of the energy of Water into your life. Go to the sea (yes, yes, travel), swim and splash more often (the tigers like to play). Perhaps the emanations of Water will allow you to maintain control and become wiser in the coming year.

    Chinese horoscope RATES for 2010

    Rat (1912, 1924, 1936, 1949, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

    Horoscope Rat

    Year of the Tiger for the Rat will give you a chance to make good money and go on a trip. The rat is just lucky on family fronts, she has every chance to gain understanding in family affairs. But at the same time this year will not be easy, because Rats will have to deal with unfinished and fussy affairs, full of contradictions, especially in the first half of 2010. In the second half of many Rats there are interesting opportunities to strengthen their business positions, financial position and family relationship. The rat builds up its strength and organizes its life before the tense year of 2011. In general, the year is more favorable.

    Chinese BOSA horoscope for 2010

    The Bull (1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1948, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)

    Horoscope of the Ox

    For the Bull, the year of the Tiger will be marked by concern for his future destiny. This year can be very different, but the general advice - not to sit still - is especially relevant for this sign. For the Active Bull, this year may be the beginning of recovery, and those Bulls that prefer to sit out this year, risk drowning in their own irritability, uneasiness, self-pity. Such a climate of calm does not add, and at times the Bull becomes simply dangerous to others. 2010 for most born in the year of the Bull is important in terms of maintaining financial stability. Unpleasant events in the first half of the year may even force one of them to look for a new job or try to somehow adapt themselves to current circumstances. However, in the second half of the year, the Bulls will find reliable friends and new spheres of influence and application of business qualities.

    Chinese horoscope TIGRA for 2010

    Tiger (1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

    Horoscope Tiger

    It would be strange if the Year of the Tiger for the Tiger itself was unsuccessful. This is his year! Tigers are active, deafened by their roar and fascinated with grace. Tiger will continue climbing the career ladder. Do not exclude promising trips, proposals for new work related to other countries. During the first half of 2010, the working qualities of the Tigers will find a decent scope for application. Proposals related to the chief's chair are also possible. The events of the second half of 2010, if the Tigers are not afraid to take risks, will bring financial success and professional growth. Tigers should be ready to change jobs, as well as to reorganize their company, which will further promote their well-being. 2010 lays a new 12-year cycle, it makes sense to work a little. All omens exclusively with a plus sign. Free Tigers once again think about the family hearth, and they necessarily all will develop exactly as intended.

    Chinese Hare Horoscope for 2010

    Hare (Cote) (1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

    Horoscope Hare (Cat)

    Kotov in 2010 will be concerned with the unstable relationship with partners (both business and in love). Cats have a chance to understand themselves and in their relationships with others. Debts and unfulfilled obligations, as well as plans that could not be implemented last year, can deliver many unpleasant minutes. This situation will be especially evident in the first half of 2010. Difficulties for this sign are surmountable, the main thing is to remember about the need to monitor their actions and deeds. New plans and projects will force people born in the year of the Cat to show their best qualities, change jobs, show character, but in the end, an active position will bring greater profits. Someone from Kotov will be lucky to make a trip abroad, which will bring them many unforgettable impressions and creative ideas. In general, if the Cats do not forget about self-control, the year promises to be good.

    Chinese Dragon Horoscope for 2010

    Dragon (1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

    Horoscope Dragon

    For the Dragon, the year of the Tiger will be more than successful - he will be able to "shine" and receive a worthy reward for all his labors. However, for this, the Dragon will have to be very active, work hard and do not forget to rest. Tiger is an old friend of the Dragon, they will be comfortable to be friends, have fun and work together. In the first half of the coming year, people born in the year of the Dragon, there will be a reassessment of the scale of values, life priorities will change. All the old cases that could be done easily before 2010 will require more efforts, more patience and endurance in the new year. The dragon, slipping on the spot, quickly runs the risk of returning to the gray (and even black) strip of its cycle. Since the second half of 2010 Dragons will enter a new rhythm of life and will get used to changes - both in the internal and external world. The main thing for Dragons in the coming year is not to set your own back and be more flexible. Flexibility will help to quickly fix matters, they will quickly go up the hill, and it will be a reward for the losses and difficulties of the first half of the year. Dragons will be able to make up for losses, and also bring harmony into the relationship with the world.

    Chinese Snake Horoscope for 2010

    The snake (1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)

    Horoscope Snake

    The Year of the Tiger for the Serpent will be very difficult, but will lead to new heights. She just needs to believe in herself, and everything will be fine. The ability to adapt is the most important quality for people born in the year of the Serpent in the coming 2010. The situation throughout the first half of the year will vary greatly and often, and not always for the better. Not exactly a favorable atmosphere is expected in the family life, love dramas are not excluded. But in the second half of the year, the ability of the Serpent to "hide" and not be irritated once again by trifles, as well as abandon ambitions, will help to cope with the situation and bring about a relative stability and harmony. Accustomed to win at the expense of will power and confidence in their rightness, in 2010 many Snakes will face a rupture of friendly, working and loving relationships. This is the year of trials that Snakes must endure with honor.

    Chinese Horoscope Horse for 2010

    The horse (1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002)

    Horoscope Horse

    The sign of the Horse in the year of the Tiger is in a triple combination with it - this is a very favorable combination. A year will bring a lot of positive emotions if the Horse itself becomes more benevolent towards the people around her. Begins a successful period for self-improvement in all aspects of life, expanding life prospects. For an active Horse this will be the year of laying the foundation, perhaps for the rest of life. Horses of a female can expect a successful marriage and, possibly, the birth of a child. Men-horses can count on a successful marriage or, conversely, a successful divorce. The main thing is dynamics and activity. In any case, the horses will not be bored, that's for sure! Perhaps the only unpleasant moment may be some difficulties in dealing with relatives, neighbors and distant ones.

    Chinese Horoscope Goats for 2010

    Goat (1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003)

    Horoscope Goat

    For Goats this will be a very difficult and controversial year. It will be lonely and melancholy, it will seem that in all respects, both workers and personal, coolness and deterioration manifested itself. This is the year in which Kose should exercise caution and wisdom, because her charm no longer works. This is the year of reckoning for past mistakes, some of which will come back with a vengeance. Some Goats will face a loss of work, a break with their loved ones and other unpleasant situations. But it is the work that will bring salvation to Kozam. It will have to "plunge into the head." The trick, the ability to see the benefits, resourcefulness and a lot of work - it is these qualities will be useful for people born in the year of the Goat, will help them not to get lost. If Goat revises his principles and refuses such features as insincerity, distortion of facts, excessive talkativeness, excessive coquetry - it will be easier for her to sit out this difficult year, especially his second half, which promises to be worse than the first months. During this period, you will have to give up your career, and also on the possibility of additional earnings. We hope that many Goats have enough wisdom and flexibility to pass this year with dignity.

    Chinese horoscope MONKEY for 2010

    The monkey (1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)

    Horoscope Monkey

    A monkey in the year of the Tiger will miss, for her this is the year of preparation, reflection and self-discovery. Although for some representatives of this sign, especially for those who in the first half of the year will engage in constructive reflections, the second half can become very eventful and eventful. These Monkeys are waiting for good offers, peace and peace in the family. Nevertheless, the beginning of the year for most monkeys born in the year is a rather difficult period. At this time they will need support, in a reliable home, in the participation of close relatives or leadership. Particularly difficult year will be for Monkeys who are engaged in trade. Women born in the year of the Monkey can be sexy and charming, and it will be difficult for many men to resist the power of their hypnotic impact. Everyone without exception, Monkeys better go on a trip - there they are waiting for luck. Some of them to smooth the negative consequences of the influence of the Tiger can be advised to carry a suspension or a key ring with a figurine or a symbol of a tiger.

    Chinese horoscope of COCK for 2010

    The Rooster (1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

    Horoscope Rooster

    For people born in the year of Rooster, 2010 will also not be the simplest. This is the year of completion of the old cases before the difficult transitional next year. In 2010, Roosters should not start any new business, but only fruitfully promote and complete the old developments. Expanding the circle of communication will lead to increased pressure from the boss, colleagues, friends and relatives. Therefore, the Rooster should keep his beak closed and do not attract too much attention. Both Rooster and Tiger are leaders by nature, but if you bet on the Cock and Tiger fights, the outcome will be clear in advance. The second half of 2010 for Petukhov will be more favorable, many can count on stabilizing the financial and social situation. The main thing for them this year is to take more care of their affairs, than about how they look in the eyes of others.

    Chinese horoscope DOGS for 2010

    Dog (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

    Horoscope Dog

    For Dog it will be a very successful and auspicious year. The dog in its element, this is the second of the signs, which are in triple combination with the Tiger. Luck and opportunities will come in an amount sufficient for shoveling and laying out over large piles. Year of recognition of success and merit, the year of the implementation of previously conceived strategies, to which the Dogs are inclined to plan. Those who worked actively in previous years will be more lucky - it is time for them to reap the fruits of their labors. Benevolent Dogs who do not do meanness, completely disinterestedly help others, will receive pleasant surprises from strangers. For many Dogs this is the year of expanding the circle of acquaintances, acquiring a family hearth and a reliable cozy booth with a marrow bone. Dogs must be different this year, especially the second half, especially autumn. For creative Dogs this will be a year of great achievements, a year of great success, but also a year of checking the boundaries of the self-sacrifice of the Dogs in the fields of human relations. Everything will end perfectly. Sincerity and self-sacrifice will be the main trump cards in catching luck for the tail.

    Chinese horoscope PIG for 2010

    Pig (1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)

    Horoscope Pig

    The year for the Pig will be rather ambiguous. On the one hand, this is a very busy period, rich in events, both positive and negative. But, paradoxically as it sounds, the year will also be a time of inner peace and comfort. The thick-skinnedness and ability not to take everything to heart for Pig will become more a virtue than a disadvantage. For many people born in the year of the Pig, 2010 will be the beginning of a new 12-year cycle, so they will try to change their occupation, throw away old goals, in some ways "jump off the brakes" that often hampered them last year. It's a Pig-friendly year - it's worth using this circumstance. They are waiting for true love, a family hearth, little piglets and their own barn. A roof over your head in general will be one of the main topics of this year. True, do not rely on external reserves, it is better to use your own savings. Pigs should spend a good time, rest, flirt and travel, gaining strength before the next year. You can also plan, develop and launch new projects - the Tigger likes to show activity. In addition, for the Pig this will be a successful springboard for the future jump. In general, Pigs should remember: if they dig a penny, but at the same time remain in a pleasant relaxation - luck will find them.

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