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Standard Horoscope for 2014

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Horoscopes on the signs take into account not only the peculiarities of the position of the planets, but also the individual inclinations of the zodiacal groups.

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Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Aries 21.03 - 20.04

Are you ready for a flurry of romance, creativity and new relationships? This year events in the sphere of love will be especially intensive, in which representatives of the opposite sign (Libra) may be involved. Get ready for a serious change in your concepts of beauty, peace and justice. 2014 promises you endless opportunities to improve your talents and become the best lover. This does not mean that you will have to sacrifice your uniqueness, individuality and the inherent belligerence of the sign of Fire. However, you can better master the art of finding a compromise. From the beginning of March, the stars will start to be rearranged in such a way that after a birthday you will begin to better balance between yourself and other people. You may get the impression that you are still trying to do things that are no longer relevant for you or for your partner, but this is not the case. Deep down you are a real romantic and are looking for real, beautiful and harmonious relationships. This year you will have the opportunity to experience what you have never experienced before. And if we talk about love, then something very important will happen in the summer when Jupiter moves into the realm of romance and pleasure.

Your controlling planet, Mars, from the very beginning of the year will begin to add fuel to the fire of relations with other people, and this will last long enough until July. You will try to direct maximum effort and energy in order to make relations with everyone as harmonious and equal as possible. In the first half of the year it is better for you to save your strength and not to get involved in unnecessary battles. Life will teach you so many lessons of diplomacy, peace and tranquility, that you may wonder where all your inner fire has gone. Do not worry, he will return in the summer and bring a sea of ​​sexual energy when Mars moves to Scorpio and begins to have a transformative effect on intimate spheres by the end of the year.

The Knot of Destiny will have a great influence on your relationship, starting from February to the very end of the year. All new meetings will develop into a strong relationship of a different nature - from business to romantic. If you are still single, then do not be surprised if the situation begins to rapidly change in early spring, and even earlier.

In the next few years, you will constantly learn to give and take in relationships with people. You need to get rid of the fear that you can lose your independence and freedom - only then can you establish strong stable relationships. Ask yourself: is it possible to have both? A sincerely loving partner will support you and accept who you are, fully and completely. It is quite possible!

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Taurus 21.04 - 21.05

2014 is the year of development, fruitful work and well-being. If you, as a typical Taurus, often neglect your own needs, tackling other people's problems, then this year you need to pay more attention to your own life and to change it for the better. This does not mean that you are selfish and callous. On the contrary, having solved all your problems, you will be able to better help those around you, because you will not be constantly exhausted. In the past 2013, you learned how to transfer control of the situation into the right hands. The good news is that the fog will finally disappear when the South Node comes out of your constellation this March. You got rid of many unnecessary things, ranging from material possessions and ending with some concepts and points of view. All this was so much that now you can hardly recognize your own life. Yes, you definitely learned to simplify your life in 2013, and now you are ready to refill it with beauty and harmony. In 2014, communication, work and orderliness will play a very important role. If you have already promised yourself for an eternity that you will start to play sports regularly, have a full sleep and work less, then this year you need to fulfill these promises.

In 2014, you will have many opportunities to expand the circle of communication and obtain new knowledge. Your curiosity will reach a maximum level by July. Use this situation to turn negative thoughts into more optimistic and far-sighted thinking. This year you have every chance to find inspiration, hope and clear goals. If you have long wondered about why you live on this Earth, then this year you will understand. Now, when you know what things in your life turned out to be useless, free space for new ones appeared in it, which will help to significantly improve your world.

This year, a lot of attention will be paid to work and health, so try to direct the largest part of your energy to your daily activities and your well-being. You gradually learn to maintain balance and find more and more new ways to make the workflow more interesting and easier. This happens because your whole way of thinking is changing in a positive way, and you understand: loyalty, hard work and perseverance do not mean that you are obliged to show these qualities even when the situation is more like a heavy duty than pleasure work.

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Twins 22.05 - 21.06

Your hard and diligent work in 2014 will pay off with interest! The reward was partially started in 2013, but the real success is still ahead. It is a year of perseverance and reward for it. In addition, monetary luck will not turn away from you. Make the most of Jupiter’s generous influence on the financial sphere of your life, which will last throughout the first half of the year. The profit, which began to arrive in the summer of last year, will last until this summer - take advantage of this and set aside more money for a possible rainy day.

Perhaps the best thing that awaits you this year is that there will be less work and more entertainment. Instead of investing all your time and energy in everyday affairs, you will feel in yourself a penchant for creativity and romance. The North Node of Destiny will finally leave the sphere of influence on the sphere of work and will move into the sphere of love - this will happen in February. You will begin to focus more on the people, places, and things you love most. Think of 2014 as an opportunity to plunge into childhood again. Your creativity will grow to the skies like never before in the last 20 years. All this does not mean that you will invest less energy in work, but you will begin to understand better that it is equally important to pay attention to love and rest.

Communication, travel and new knowledge will become one of your main interests, as well as opportunities to increase your income. Starting in July, you will begin to travel a lot. You get unprecedented pleasure exploring new places, so this will be a real gift from heaven. In addition, your legendary curiosity will reach new heights, and you will try to learn as much of the new as possible. The main thing - do not spray energy enough to lose your main landmarks.

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Cancer June 22 - July 23

You are still on horseback as Jupiter continues his generous journey through your constellation in 2014. The most complete success will manifest itself in the first six months, and only after that, in July, will Jupiter go to the next to your sign - Leo. But do not be afraid that after this success will leave you. Beginning in July, the stars will converge in a combination favorable to the financial sphere, and this state of affairs will last until the end of the year. So, if you have been waiting for profits for a long time, you will see for yourself how your financial situation will noticeably improve this summer. During the past year, you have gained confidence, and increased self-esteem will bring excellent results. At last you have begun to set higher demands on life!

The sphere of relations also will not remain without attention of stars in 2014. It may seem to you that in the past tense there have been enough dramas in your life. However, Saturn and Pluto will continue to actively influence your personal life throughout the year, so you should tackle your psychological problems and try to forge love relationships. You will begin to understand that you should not blame someone of one of the couple, if the relationship does not bring past joy.

Having learned some difficult lessons about the distribution of power, you will begin to better feel your personal boundaries. In the long term, preservation of integrity remains a pressing issue, and you still have a lot of work to do on this. You understand better and better how important it is to manage the flow of your own life and act according to the rules you set yourself, rather than relying on the expectations of other people. You master the art of subtly feeling the boundaries of the permissible and achieve your own, without crossing the line. First of all, you must clearly establish who you are and what is necessary for your life to develop successfully. After that, you need to learn to clearly and clearly express your desires and demands. No need to beat around the bush - you are too good for that!

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Lev 24.07 - 23.08

In 2014, your lucky star will rise and shine. Are you ready for such luck? This summer, Jupiter, the planet responsible for fame and fortune, will begin to exert its influence on you, rewarding you with the high status that you have long dreamed of and deserved. Use the first half of the year to prepare for it at the deep levels of your consciousness, because the second half of the year will exceed your wildest expectations! With you will thirst for communication so many people that you barely have a little time to be alone. A happy stage begins in your life, which happens only once in 12 years, so get ready to live as brightly and powerfully as you can!

You also need to carefully follow the words. This year it is almost impossible to avoid extremes, and you will be overwhelmed by the temptation to display all your dramatic abilities in expressing your feelings, since the North Node of Fate will influence the sphere of communication. You need to master the art of diplomacy and talent to find compromises to avoid problems in dealing with loved ones. This does not mean that you can not stand on your own. The point is that you have to be more tactful and feel the right moment in order to defend your point of view. You also begin to better understand how important it is to take into account someone else's point of view in order to gain mutual understanding.

The process of transformation and development of your personality, which began in 2013, this year will be even more intense. You will understand yourself better on a deeper level. There is no place for self-deception in your mind. Self-awareness is a very useful thing. You are a clear proof that wisdom comes through self-knowledge. This year you will have the opportunity to apply all the accumulated knowledge in the field of personal relationships. Now that you know exactly what you want to achieve in life, your value and attractiveness in the eyes of others will rise to the skies!

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Virgo 24.08 - 23.09

For you, 2014 will be a year of rest and relaxation. You are known to all as a hardened workaholic, but this year completely change your opinion about yourself. Now is the right time to relax and have fun! Although the first half of the year, like almost all of the past, will turn out to be quite tense socially, by the summer you will be ready to enter the phase of solitude. A large amount of communication, it turns out, requires an incredible expenditure of energy. You are more sensitive to this than other people, and it is incredibly difficult for you to suppress the desire to help and support all those who came to you for advice.

Your psychological reincarnation and renewal, which began at the end of this year, will become even more intense. Your mind and communication skills will become even worse. You have worked hard to eradicate those thinking patterns that are doomed to fail, and these efforts will pay off when you feel that you are able to control the flow of your thoughts. It is very important to regularly clear your thoughts, for example, with the help of long walks or physical activity. Too intense mental activity can be very tedious, so you need to turn off your thinking from time to time in order to rest and recharge yourself with fresh energy. This art you taught Saturn, which last year actively influenced the zone of intelligence.

Money and debt will be key issues in 2014, as the Knot of Destiny moves into the financial sphere. You are tired of exorbitant expenses and are determined to keep a balance of earnings and expenses. Your determination to balance your budget will put this task first in the list of priorities over all others. When finances are all right, your mind is calm and creative energy is limitless. Additional efforts and very small sacrifices will bring excellent results. You will be more than satisfied with your financial position by the end of this year.

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Scales 24.09 - 23.10

If you used to be sad and lonely, do not be afraid - in 2014, new bright relationships are waiting for you! You are by no means alone. If you have a partner, then you will find many useful lessons and insights concerning romance and strong long-term relationships. This year you are aware of and will be able to break the code-dependent behaviors. If you struggled with the burden of commitment, you will receive the indispensable support of Saturn and the Knots of Fate in getting rid of doubts. Grandiose changes will occur in March, when the North Node of Destiny will move to your constellation and launch a whole series of significant events and new relationships that will last at least several years. All your relationships (not only romantic ones) will undergo significant changes, like you yourself. Themes of justice, balance and beauty will become especially relevant in March. You will feel that everything has finally fallen into place, and those around you have learned to behave diplomatically and to make compromises in communication with you. In general, your life in 2014 will be much nicer.

Jupiter continues to bring career success throughout the first half of the year, so take advantage of this to the maximum and change the situation for the better. Last year, you were not deprived of attention and praise, and this year your professional status will increase. If you were thinking about where your place in life is, then now is the time to decide and rightfully take it. There are no excuses for inaction - fate is very generous to you, so you should not leave her gifts without attention. In addition, you should not miss such a great opportunity, which falls only once in 12 years. After July, your possibilities will expand in relation to goals and long-term plans for the future. You will be able to strengthen the success to which you have been going since last summer.

In social life will begin a huge revival. You will get many chances to expand your social circle, as well as so many invitations to fun and interesting events, that it will not be easy to decide which ones to go for. Starting this summer, the area of ​​communication and friendship will expand over the next 12 months. You will meet many like-minded people and just nice people. Your playful cheerful nature will manifest itself in full force, and life will be full of joy and fun. The level of creative energy this year will be higher than ever, because you will be overwhelmed with positive emotions and enthusiasm. This year you will find many wonderful things!

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Scorpio 24.10 - 22.11

Intensive development continues! Last year you had a chance to go through a lot, and now you know for sure that there is nothing permanent except change. Thanks to the passed tests you became even stronger. Now the image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes is perfectly applicable to you - no wonder it is often associated with your sign. You have got rid of a lot of things in your life, and now a real rebirth awaits you. Having destroyed an old layer behind a layer to the basis, you are ready to something new. This year it will finally become clear what you want and what you are most attached to. The motto of the representatives of your sign: "All or nothing." And this year you will have the opportunity to most clearly show your character. You want to live in full force, even if you have to go to hell and go back. This desire makes you give all the best. You are ready for anything for your development and growth, for getting rid of fears and doubts - after that you will become even stronger. This is the opportunity that the 2014 year will give you.

The influence of Saturn and the North Node of Fate creates a sense of inevitability of fate. The North Node will leave the zone of influence on your constellation in March, and at this time a new stage of development will begin in your life, especially in terms of personal relationships and obligations. In this phase, you need to properly understand yourself. In 2013, you learned more than one difficult lesson about relationships. Apply the knowledge gained in order to understand how the relationship with the most important person in your life - with yourself.

Saturn will continue to influence the development of your personality, and every day will be like an exam for you. This can be quite tedious, because the influence of Saturn causes a sense of isolation from the outside world. But then you will have the opportunity to figure out what you are. When there are no more reliable sources of support in the world around you, what will you choose - search for them within yourself or disappointment? The essence of the test is to throw away regrets and find a reserve of new forces.

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12

2014 year may be a record in the amount of communication. A kind of isolation, in which you were in 2013, has finally come to an end. For a freedom-loving nature like you, there is nothing more unbearable than alienation. Fortunately, the coming year will radically change the situation. It may come to the fact that in the end you will not mind a little rest from the reigning fuss. Now you will happily return to the circle of friends and will actively set new goals for yourself. You live in order to achieve what you want, overcome obstacles and conquer new heights. This year practically nothing is impossible for you! You will surprise yourself even with your success. In addition, friends, relatives and colleagues will support you so actively that the probability of failure is zero.

Another main theme of this year will be allies and friends. You have never needed the support and approval of friends so much as in 2014. Fortunately, close people will faithfully help you with everything over and over again. There is nothing more valuable than that. Friends are an inexhaustible source of energy and joy for you. This year is great for gathering around you a company of like-minded people. It doesn't matter what this company will do - joint business, creativity, spiritual development or anything else. The most important thing is unity. Your strength is in quantity, so make more effort to build and strengthen ties.

The financial situation will be very successful this year thanks to the favorable influence of Jupiter until July. During this period, you can safely take out loans or ask for other types of financial assistance or investments that at other times might seem too complicated or unrealistic. You can take risky steps, but do not get into large debts. This year it is worth thinking about strengthening its financial position. Given your creativity, you should not doubt that you will find excellent ways to do this.

This summer, you will be pulled on a journey when your ruling planet Jupiter enters the zone responsible for long journeys. Fortunately, by July you will reach a position where you can afford it.

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Capricorn 22.12 - 20.01

2014 will be a great year for your career! Perhaps it will be one of the most successful due to the flow of cosmic energy, which will take you to the next professional level and bring you closer to your goal. First, from January to July you will be influenced by powerful cosmic forces. Secondly, the North Node of Destiny will meet with Mars in the area responsible for the professional sphere, ensuring your advancement along the career ladder. And finally, in the first two months of this year, Venus will whip up your ambitions. Staying in the retrograde phase in January, it will encourage you to reconsider your old goals and relationships. Perhaps old friends and former beloveds will reappear. As Venus advances in February, there will be a revival in your relationship with someone, and unexpected profits are possible.

Your ruling planet Saturn will continue its advancement in the zone responsible for friendship and ambition. The work on reassessing values ​​in social life and long-term life goals, which you started last year, will significantly advance. You understand that in order to build something indestructible, it takes time, and this year your efforts in this direction will begin to pay off. You are also becoming more aware of the important role that friends, colleagues and business partners play in achieving your goals and maintaining emotional balance. As before, you appreciate the presence of such faithful allies in your life.

Another important topic of 2014, on which attention will be focused, is family and home. You are happy to get rid of obsolete and unnecessary things and habits. It's time to revisit many concepts related to the family. You don't need them anymore. This year it is necessary to avoid conflicts and maintain peace by all means. You should not quarrel with relatives on the same occasions from year to year. Keep a neutral position and do not enter into any conflicts. Such behavior does not mean at all that you are a bad person, so get rid of the guilt feelings inherent in all Capricorn for having found the strength to throw off the shackles.

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Aquarius 21.01 - 19.02

For Aquarius, 2014 is the year of the expansion of horizons. Your attention will be focused on long journeys, philosophical issues and spiritual development. If lately you have been sitting at home, now it's time to pack your bags. You are waiting for exciting adventures! Life has prepared for you several important journeys, both literally and figuratively, during which you will discover a ton of new, unexpected things that can only be discovered through personal experience.

Throughout the first half of the year, Mars will influence the travel industry, and in March the North Node of Destiny will join it. Therefore, the desire to travel will persistently declare itself, especially at the beginning of the year. If you cannot literally travel, find a way to expand your mental and spiritual horizons. For this purpose, suitable, for example, learning a foreign language or deepening your education.

Due to the influence of Jupiter in the first half of the year you will have a lot of work, because this planet affects the scope of work. Your daily schedule will be filled to capacity, but it will be very helpful. You will hardly have enough time to stop and take a breath for a minute, but, fortunately, in July the situation will change. In your life, a new stage will begin, in which relations will come to the first place, and everyday affairs will be relegated to the background.

Saturn will continue to strongly influence your life this year. He finds himself in such a strong position only once in 29 years, so take advantage of this to the maximum. This planet loads you with many responsibilities, but it raises your prestige. You even surprised yourself with your dedication and diligence, which showed the whole past year. Such discipline and dedication provided excellent results and inspired even more hard work. Starting in March, you will need to think more globally. To successfully do this, you need to get rid of some obsessive ideas, because of which you tend to stagnate and get lost in the details.

Зодиакальный гороскоп на 2014 год

Fish 02/20 - 03/20

2014 is the year of cardinal transformation and rebirth. You are waiting for such a significant renewal of personality that your inner world will never be the same again. Of course, this will entail the transformation of the world that surrounds you in the most fantastic way. The first half of the year will be full of romance and pleasure. The huge stream of love that burst into your calm and cozy world last summer will continue to rage until July. The question is not crazy love, but why it seems so natural. The charm of what is happening will not collapse until summer, so enjoy the fairy tale reigning in your life. And when summer comes, you may have to make a choice and settle down.

Jupiter will have a particularly strong influence on the creative sphere of your life, which will continue throughout the first half of the year. Consider this stage to be your second, third, or whatever childhood you like, because you will enjoy unspeakable pleasure from games and self-indulgence!

Perhaps the best news of this year is that in the summer of your career a dizzying take-off is planned. If lately there has been a recession in this area - do not be discouraged. Lucky and generous Jupiter will move to the area responsible for the scope of work, and will open up so many opportunities for you that your eyes will run! You need to choose very carefully, otherwise the career stagnation will last until next year.

This year it is also necessary to work on restoring balance in all spheres of life, especially financial. You can not stand to be in debt, and if you show more creativity, you will find a way to eliminate all debts. You know how to discourage those who want to stick their nose in their own business, but often you forget to use this talent in business. However, once you clearly understand what needs to be done, nothing can stop you.