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Exit to the Astral

The nervous energy stored in the neurons of the brain is usually used only 4%. People live with a tremendous underload, which they do not even know about. The problem of reaching the Astral is, in essence, the problem of subordinating your own brain. It's him, the brain, that prevents us from "flying"! Interrupting internal dialogue and leading an impeccable life, we master psi-energy not by 4%, but somewhat more - by 6, 8 or 10%, depending on our advancement on the way of the Warrior.

The great astral wanderer was the businessman Robert Monroe mentioned by us: he even developed a technique for leaving the physical body. Everyone can try it, but it is better to have experience of concentration and meditation behind them. Promotes such occupations clear and dry weather, and the atmospheric stress and thunderstorms harm. The stomach must be empty. The best time of day is from 23 pm to 3 am.

Monroe advises to take a comfortable lying position - as if before falling asleep. "Devastate" the mind, that is, completely control the mental processes, you will help a simple tool called "finger rest". Take a smooth pebble and, clutching between the middle and index fingers of one hand, roll over, repeating to yourself a mantra, for example, your own name.

It is even more useful to squeeze several thin uncut pebbles between the bent fingers at once, and even better, several quartz crystals of 5-7 centimeters in length. You can use thin metal plates or tubes. Hold at least three thin solid objects between the fingers of each hand, squeezing them almost to the point of pain. In the East, with the same purpose, the rosaries are sorted and aloud the suras of the Koran. American researcher Wanda Moore speaks about this state of detachment:
- I empty my mind, slow my breath and pulse, concentrating on the plane of light somewhere in the back of the brain. It takes me from three to fifteen minutes - and I'm losing my temper!

Muscles are relaxed. Resign yourself to the fact that the first time you can not succeed. In this case, after ten minutes of trying to simply go to sleep. But in order not to fall asleep prematurely, raise the elbow of the relaxed arm over the bed. As soon as you begin to doze, the hand will fall and you will be awakened.

Forget the pressure of the bed and the pillow on your back and head - this will help you forget about the strength of the earth's gravity. In the absence of this force, any person will necessarily take off. The main obstacle preventing the exit from the body is the fear of not going back. Do not be afraid: you will certainly return!
- Mentally imagine that you are becoming lighter and easier, that you are slowly climbing up, and how wonderful it is to soar in space! says Monroe. - Be sure to think about how wonderful it is, for subjective associations are extremely important ... In the imagination try to respond to separation in advance, before it happened. If you manage to stick to only these thoughts, separation from the physical body will occur, and you smoothly swim up. But the first and second time may not work ...

Lying on your back with your eyes closed, you can think about standing at the head of the bed and watching your own person. Another similar trick:
lying in the same quiet pose on the back, you can imagine how your astral body turns on its side, then on the stomach, back again and so on, faster and faster. Eventually it will start to rotate around the physical axis. Your flesh lies motionless inside the rotating energy cocoon. In one perfect moment the centrifugal force literally throws the cocoon outward.

The moment of separation is accompanied by a growing sharp sound in the head. Remember how Carlos Castaneda described the sound accompanying the displacement of the assembly point The power of this sound can scare you half to death. Did the modern assault bombers, the reader, fly above your head? If so, do you understand what kind of sound
there is a speech.

When this sound suddenly breaks, you feel a click at the base of your neck or solar plexus, for a moment you lose consciousness and ... it's done - you are in the Astral. Loss of consciousness is of fundamental importance: at this moment the mechanism of vision of the physical plane is disconnected and our psyche is focused on the astral plane. A person becomes a seer, that is, he sees with his entire energy body, without the aid of the sense organs.
- Something very intriguing happened to me. Most accurately, this could be described, saying that my ears suddenly burst, recalls Carlos. - After that, I felt a faltering in the middle of my body just above the navel, and even more sharply than in the ears. Right after that everything became incredibly clear: sounds, pictures, smells. Then I heard an intense noise, which, oddly enough, did not disturb my ability to hear the quietest sounds. It seemed that I heard the noise by some other part of myself, not related to my ears.
Another way. Try to roll over in your head mentally, as if making yourself comfortable. Do not help yourself with your hands or feet. Start with the rotation of the head and shoulders. Slowly, gently, softly! If you hurry or move in jerks, you can swirl like a log on the water. Then, having lost orientation, you will have to feel back to the original position, continuing to rotate.

However, if you felt that the rotation was easy, and the sensations of friction and gravity disappeared, then you began to separate from the physical shell. A trained person achieves this in just two turns by 90 degrees. In this position, stop the rotation in your mind and it will stop. It remains to imagine that you, lying prone, float above ... by yourself. And again you will not hear so much, how much you will feel the same growing, rather unpleasant roar, loud chirping, ringing, buzzing or crackling. Then he suddenly leaves you with a characteristic click. You will experience an instant failure of consciousness and ...
- After separating, soar over the physical body, not moving away from it further than a meter, - advises Monroe. - Do not try to move to the side or even higher. How to determine the distance? You will feel it. Your vision is at zero. You are programmed not to open your eyes. Imagine yourself not far from the physical body - this is enough to really not move away from it.

A very similar method is called the propeller method or a somersault. Lying on your back, you imagine that your legs are rising above your head and the body is turning upside down. Cultivate in yourself a very accurate sense of this coup. Remember what you experience when lifting in an elevator, climbing the ladder, taking off on a swing ... Finally, dizziness begins, a powerful sound will sound in your head, and after an instant loss of consciousness you will feel yourself in the astral body.

An experienced Warrior displays an astral projection using a method that resembles concentration. You can look closely at a small portrait placed above the eye level. Similar defocusing is achieved by staring at the flame of a candle or a small spot on a white wall. At the same time, the mind slides lazily and indifferently over the surface of the object, as if inviting the subconscious to take the initiative. The same effect is achieved with the help of breathing exercises with mantras, of which we spoke above.

But what's next? Having got to the Astral, the person is at first scared or falls into a shock, but very quickly it is overtaken by the feeling of pleasure. There is a rapid growth of all abilities, even omnipotence. It seems that everything around is illuminated by a translucent light: in addition to outdoor lighting, each object also shines from the inside. There is a sense of belonging to eternity, and the sickness and decrepitude that have just poisoned life are remembered with difficulty.
Many astral wanderers reported having no bodies, but others travel with their hands and feet. The reason for this discrepancy is the different advancement of eyewitnesses.
Do not go immediately to distant worlds. It's as simple as it is dangerous. Learn to confidently return to the physical body at first. Do not be frightened, looking at him, motionless lying in bed under you. Make sure once again that it's you and no one else. Zoom into the room. For the first time this is enough.
"To return, it's enough just to think about it," Monroe said. - If you apply the first method of separation, then reunion with the body is achieved relatively simply. Completely returning, you can again move any part of the body and resume any physical sensation. Every time you return, open your physical eyes and physically sit down to make sure that you are completely "reunited." This is necessary to maintain the orientation and maintain the confidence in the ability to return at will, the most important thing is for the consciousness of constant contact with the material world to which you currently belong ... If you separate from the body with the help of rotation, then to be reunited with a physical body, slowly approach it and after feeling full contact, make a reverse turn on 180 degrees. It does not matter in which direction you will rotate.

If you manage to get out of the body and return to it, try now to move back and forth over your physical shell. Imagine these movements - slow, without sudden movements. Try moving your arms and legs to make sure they are completely still. Now circling. Jump.

Do not move away from the body for more than a meter. Set this up in advance, because you can be at the mercy of fantastic emotions and desires. But do not be terrified if you suddenly feel that you can not return to your body. This will only exacerbate the situation. Just think about the physical body and return slowly ...

First Warrior Journey

Now let's try to make the first trip. Just do not imagine yourself a shaman, otherwise you will be carried far. First, imagine who you want to visit. Call it by name, and most importantly - call in his brain a bright portrait. Professor Rainer Johnson and does believe that a distinct visual image is the key to all astral outputs. He notes on this occasion:
- The concentrated intensification of the desire to see another person leads to the fact that we see the person whom we wanted to see.

This "concentrated intensification of desire" must be trained. It all depends on your imagination and the will to win. Remember the exercises you already know in contemplation and learn a few new ones. Try to remember a simple drawing: look at the original for one second, and hold it in memory for three more seconds with your eyes closed. Repeat exercise 10 or 100 times - until the image of the drawing completely coincides with the original.
Train with more complex patterns, go to color, and then volumetric images. Put first a few simple and then more complex items on the tray and remember them with your eyes closed, but not with the help of intellectual effort, but purely contemplative. Imagine the book you are holding now. Go around her with your eyes closed and see all its facets as they really are.

After these exercises, sit comfortably in the darkened room on a chair, and in front of you place another chair. Close your eyes and imagine in front of you the person sitting on a chair. Without getting up from your seat, imagine that you move along with the chair and ... merge with the person sitting with your back to you.

Then do not worry about which direction to go. Your navigation system is much more perfect than the most modern spacecraft. Thinking about who you want to visit, turn 360 degrees. Keep your arms outstretched.

In one perfect moment you will feel the right direction: you will be pulled there like a magnet. In Astral, thinking means acting, because a bundle of long fibers your solar plexus is attached to the lines of the world. It is worth thinking about the destination, and you will instantly be just thousands of miles away, next to the person you are interested in.

At first you will identify your new opportunities with ordinary human. Having decided to move to the next room, you rush to the door to open it, and deciding to go to the refrigerator in the kitchen, you will by habit pass the ledge of the bathroom ... Very quickly you will realize that for you from now on there are no barriers.

Solid objects you will see through like an X-ray machine, and for your penetration they will not be denser than air. You will be able to run around on the floor, keeping only half of your "I" on the surface; the other half will hang from the ceiling of neighbors next floor.
As a rule, you will not be able to influence physical bodies and objects in the Astral. You can never drink beer there and eat chicken. Toilet is also completely useless. One astral traveler was desperately trying to light a light in her house, but she could not cope with any switch.

True, the French researcher Durville put many successful experiments of this kind. He hypnotized his subjects, then deduced duplicates from their physical bodies. Dervil fixed the material effects: his ghosts pressed the bell button, knocked the balance off balance and even closed the door of the cabinet.

Coming to Astral, you can experiment. In any case, the colossal experience of the sorcerers of Mexico is entirely on the side of Durville. Only in your own physical body, do not try to change the position of the legs and hands - away from sin. Remember: you are with your physical body in different dimensions.

Astral bodies, like children, are very curious and adore all sorts of spectacles. The company from the physical world seems to them no more than a troupe of actors on stage. Fortunately, the instinct of self-preservation, nestled in consciousness, forces the astral body to eventually return to its place.

Otherwise, millions of people would be in a lethargic sleep. Yes, yes, the reader: it is the wanderings of the astral body that explains the phenomenon of a multi-day or even a long sleep. The astral part disagrees with this individual and does not want to drag out the abominable earthly existence - there are so many beautiful parallel worlds abrupt! It is there where people can not distinguish between lethargy and death, and people are buried alive.

Guru Van Avera from Saratov offers a slightly different scheme for reaching the Astral. Take a comfortable position lying in a dark room. Enter the dive status that you already have. Feel your inner energy, but do not focus on it: today we will move much further!

Imagine that your limbs are stretched and thickened. Soon they will become unusually long and thick. Being in a dive, it's easy to imagine, although sometimes you have to tense up a bit ... Did it work? A few minutes will pass, and you will simply stop lowering, where your own hands and feet are located, stop feeling their weight.

It seems to you that the fat, outwardly extruded limbs are raised and spread out to the sides, as if in weightlessness. Convince yourself that they do not obey you, that your hands and feet have become completely extraneous to you objects. This sense of separation and lack of control of the hands and feet is very important in order to tear the consciousness away from the habitual image of one's own body.

Imagine now that the limbs continue to swell, their outlines are blurred, dissolve ... Then the same fate befalls your body and even your head. The body turns into a heavy, hot kissel, into a dense fog, consisting of energy. You lose your physical shell, but the energy-filled channels and chakrams remain with you: the immersion continues!

Concentrate alternately on all your seven chakrams in the direction from above, from the skull down to the sacrum. Perhaps you will notice a difference in the frequency of energy that fills each chakra - your attention can be fixed by their different colors, sizes and even density.
In this phase of immersion, seek to lose orientation in space. Fine, if you do not already understand where the top is, and where the bottom is. In general, the usual physical world exists for you somewhere very far away, and you have nothing to do with it. All that connects you to him now is the memory that you are in your room. Becoming a viscous energy fog, you disappeared into the surrounding energy sea. It is not hostile and not alien, but a sea you know well, because it is from here that you extract energy from breathing.

Keep in mind that you have not yet reached the ferocious energy ocean of Reality, but are "just" in the lowest level of the astral world, in a thin layer between the familiar "earthly" world and the Reality. If it is more convenient for you, consider the place where you are now, like a tambour, a sluice, a gateway or the canopy of Reality.

If you really disappeared here, the assembly point has already moved from the familiar anchor. Concentrate your attention to your Hara center now. Be sure to achieve this: the fixation of consciousness on the Hara will allow you to move in the "thin" energy ocean. Summon all your will to help - strain the willed chakra that is located at the base of the throat, and direct the energy impulse to Hara from there. Try again and again - until you reach the desired. Hara will become your navigator on the eve of Reality.

For further immersion, your "I" must be moved to the heart chakras. This is not so simple, because usually we are used to realize ourselves in the front of the brain, closer to the eyes. You may need many attempts. For the first time you will be able to achieve this, most likely, just for a moment. Try again and again. In fact, you are now pushing the astral body beyond the physical, you move the assembly point farther into your cocoon.

Your consciousness as if makes overkiel, turns over: the heart chakram becomes upper, and the third eye and throat chakram turn out to be below. Very strange feeling, right? Repeat it again and again, hold on to it! Call for help the rhythm: as soon as the heart throws the mind back to the head, again tilt the mind to the heart. Here and there, back and forth ... A lot of time and energy goes into shaking the ordinary consciousness. From the first time you can not achieve what you want at all. Well, we'll postpone until tomorrow, until the day after tomorrow.

However, if you swing your mind right, then after a few pumping (from head to heart and back), you suddenly feel the same growing sharp sound in your head - near your ears or in the back of your head. The sound can remind you of a loud crack of a broken branch, the noise of a rushing waterfall, the roar of a low-flying jet that seems to split the sky ...

In fact, this sensation originates in the throat chakram, at the base of the neck, but we perceive it as an unexpected powerful sound. Immediately following this roar, you will find your consciousness rushing in a giant tunnel or falling irresistibly into a bottomless well.

Your astral body has left physical! About the physical body, you keep only a vague memory: yes, somewhere in the other world there is one. Remember the shamanic universe? You are already wandering about it. You too could do it - without peyote and fly agarics. And, like the shaman, your physical body looks now asleep.

The shaman falls out of its axial well to the bottom of the sea or rises to the clouds beyond the clouds, where it fights with evil spirits and solves the problems of fellow tribesmen. But where does the civilized European come from, starting in astral travel from the threshold of the 21st century? Of course, you can start to study the familiar physical world (the average according to the shamanic classification): any continents, cities, islands and mountains will open to you, if you just want to. Any planet, comet, asteroid, satellite are waiting for you. You can visit even the orbital station "Mir".
However, with the opportunities of the ordinary world, it is incomparable that they offer astral plans in their bright "tourist avenues". There are, as we know, a great many of them - completely parallel, non-overlapping, unlike worlds. Guru Van Avera in his wanderings invariably rested against a boundless brick wall or a wide river. In other words, the way forward is closed. Going to the left, the former military parapsychologist invariably ran into a long, predicamentary series of lives (reincarnations) that had already been lived before by his soul. If you also meet such a multiseries movie, you can admire the fragments of your former lives.

However, there was little hope that your soul had previously been in the physical world, as we said. Only the soul of the Warrior can survive in a ruthless Reality and regain its own body. Perhaps, it is your soul that is destined for a long life, and your everyday existence is now only the first in the chain of reincarnations!

What awaits us if you choose the right path? Most likely, you will meet your guide guides through the endless semblance of Reality - one or two glowing entities that you can regard as your own guardian angels. At critical moments, guides will come to your rescue, but do not expect them to get you unscathed from any situation. Remember the saying: rely on God, and do not be bad yourself. If you have a Teacher in the physical world, it is very likely that you will recognize it in the luminous essence of the guide.
But what is a wall or a giant, boundless river? What is behind them? There Reality, the reader. There is an absolute cosmos, propped by energy strings. There is the fifth dimension, the Astral, where creatures from different worlds get knocked out in deadly battles. It is there that the souls of the dead rush. In life, only experienced magicians return from there mentally and physically fully. Only the Warrior can stand in the energy nightmare of the Astral.

It is not necessary to choose either the path to the left, the path to the right, nor, God forbid, directly. While it is important to learn to confidently go to the limit of Reality - and no more! And now it's time to return. The benefit is much easier than coming here. Imagine your physical body lying on the bed in your room. Identify your "I" with this body and focus on the will chakram at the base of the neck.

Return to the normal state of consciousness you will feel like a lightning flight, even a lightning loss of consciousness is possible and ... here you are at home: lie in your own body and try to get used to the presence of hands, feet and head. Keep in mind that your members will initially not be fully felt, vague. Do not hesitate, get out of the dive.

Imagine that your body, just such a viscous, heavy and hot, hardens and cools. After a few minutes you should feel just relaxed. Switch to the things around you, smells and sounds. Perform cleansing breathing exercises. Do not eat anything for at least four hours.