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Stones and Oberegipo Zodiac

Камни и обереги
  • Agate - saves from the evil eye, poisons, gives longevity and health;
  • aquamarine - "the stone of lovers", protects conjugal happiness, promotes well-being in life;
  • diamond - a symbol of innocence, firmness and courage, brings happiness;
  • amethyst - protects from drunkenness, restrains passions, "widow stone";
  • beryl - fosters the constancy of the senses, a good companion of wanderers;
  • turquoise - "the stone of happiness", helps the lovers, a symbol of unchangeable and faithful love;
  • bull's eye - very strong amulet;
  • hyacinth - symbolizes good luck, strengthens strength;
  • garnet - cheers the heart, a guard against the "evil eye";
  • jadeite - guards from misfortunes;
  • pearls - "tears of melancholy", protects from the pain of unrequited love;
  • emerald - brings happiness and joy
  • carbuncle - reconciles friends
  • coral - keeps from lightning, protects from evil eye
  • cat's eye - a very strong amulet, a guard against the "evil eye"; stones
  • lapis lazuli - "healing stone", protects against evil rock
  • malachite - strengthens spiritual forces, children's amulet
  • jade - the "stone of life", reflects the "evil eye"
  • olivine - provides sympathy for others
  • onyx - "the stone of the leaders"
  • opal - gives hope
  • rhodonite - protects against wrong actions
  • sapphire - a symbol of loyalty, chastity and modesty, brings happiness in love, protects a woman from slander
  • sardonyx - protects from infidelity and lies, magnificent amulet
  • carnelian - keeps conjugal happiness and fidelity, protects from witchcraft
  • ruby - reciprocity in feelings
  • tiger's eye - the strongest amulet
  • Topaz - pacifies anger, fosters friendship
  • zircon - improves mental abilities, excites the pursuit of science
  • chalcedony - helps cope with mental weakness and despondency
  • chrysolite - drives away nightmares
  • chrysoprase - predetermines success, brings calmness
  • rhinestone - for women provides happiness in love, relieves bad dreams
  • amber - protects from enchantment, evil eye counteracts evil forces, protects children
  • jasper - a guardian of life and health

Stones and amulets for Aries

Aries is the sign of Fire. People of fire type adore jewelry. Jewels support and console women of this sign, but men are very sensitive to them. They like to choose expensive trinkets, like toys. In addition, the jewels inspire them with inspiration, give them extra energy and are a personal amulet or talisman. Aries Talismans are usually expensive things.

These are bright ornaments, chains or stones, with which Aries never parted - until they want to dramatically change their life. Of the stones of Aries, the diamond is the most suitable, the metal is gold. Both are their symbols. Diamond represents nobility, courage, firmness of spirit. He supports resolute and brave people, bestows honors and highlights personal qualities, helps in the struggle for truth. Perhaps he strengthens the dictates of fate, so Aries, as a "pioneer," needs to strengthen all the qualities of his character, if he enters into a fight for a just cause. This year, natural stones and ornaments are preferable. Do not forget your favorite stones, you better use the traditionally familiar amulets.

Ruby will be the main stone of the year. He will support in the roads, help to distinguish truth from lies. But do not forget to remove this stone in time, because if you carry it for a long time, then, accumulating negative information, it can poison the owner. It is worth putting on (or carrying around) on special occasions when you need extra support. It can be replaced by amber, which will regulate energy well.

Gold jewelry will also fill you with your energy. If you are carrying a chain, donated by people who love you and acquired at a good moment, then try not to remove it all year.

Mother of pearl in silver will help to remove emotional problems in the fall.

Diamonds, diamonds are successful in late February and March, as well as in April and June. They will help to resist the wiles of enemies, to show firmness.

Stones and amulets for Taurus

To stones Taurus is treated with special reverence. They feel their texture, learn to work with them regardless of whether this is a professional matter or a hobby. Taurus penetrates the "soul" of the stone, understands its essence, and if creates from the stone, it sees the shape of the future product and unerringly chooses for itself amulets, talismans, jewelry for different occasions, and also healers.

Constant stone of Taurus - topaz. He maintains the physical condition of the Taurus in equilibrium. Topaz has the property of calming the nerves. Even in antiquity, he was considered "the suppressor of the angry." Collect the necklace from the gems. You can wear it at any time, when you need special support. But the stones of the year should be transparent, without cracks and turbidity. Aventurine can be successful in early spring and late summer - early autumn. Its power is in removing false obstacles. Avoid the malachite in the fall. In the second half of the year, until October, the grenade will be successful. The second half of the year will give the opportunity to wear sapphires, but only in cold weather. They will add to you firmness and self-confidence.

The stone of the year can safely be considered yellow topaz. Knowledge, profit, plans for the future can be highlighted by its light, reflected in the eyes of truth.

Stones and amulets for Gemini

Agates are the traditional Gemini stone. White agate helps cleanse, helps in sickness. Multi-colored, layered agate supports masculine and feminine strength, helps with liver diseases and quenches thirst. It is believed that it must be held by the cheek so that the thirst is not greatly agonized. Black agate is more suitable for decisive people - leaders or fighters for justice. He protects, helps tame evil power, protects from witchcraft, but it must be periodically removed and given a "rest", soaked in salt water, allowed to lie on the air, "scorched" with fire. You can not always wear agates. With constant wearing, they catch up with sadness, sadness, instill a sense of loneliness.

For unstable Gemini, beryl is very suitable, which helps to maintain matrimonial fidelity, strengthens family ties and inspires love, supports in good spirits. Diamonds will relieve you of turbid relations with partners, people around you. Stones in the ring can give sudden insights, an understanding of what is happening, foresight.

Crystals of crystal can become not only a pleasant decoration in the room. You can easily clarify for yourself some things relating to the relationship between you and your subordinates, as well as the relationship between you and the people who play an important role in your life. It is only worth thinking about. But their location should be at the window, in a bright spot where the crystals receive more natural light. Milk opal or smoky quartz in large stones can quench the thirst for change, will remove the empty worry. Keep them in your hands if necessary.

Stones and amulets for Cancer

Constant stones Cancers - emerald, pearls, moonstone. These stones, as well as white and pink coral, chrysolite, topaz, amber and ruby ​​Rakam should be worn periodically.

The magic emerald brings Cancers happiness and joy, which they so lack. Pearls give Cancers foresight and forebodings, serves as their amulet, but pearl jewelry must be worn in pairs. In unpaired execution, pearls inspire sorrow and a sense of loneliness in the soul. But you do not really want to be alone on this summer holiday of life. Moonstone gives Cancers deep knowledge and insights, getting rid of illusions and rational view of things. Mutney, moonstone warns of impending troubles. In winter, lapis lazuli, turquoise and rubies can be a powerful support in business. But in the roads you will be supported by emerald and hematite, amulets for travel and health.

In the spring, chrysolite will give you more charm, support feelings, help in understanding others. At the end of spring and early summer, topaz will give you shine and help in the way of financial plans. Emeralds will please the eye for a year, but the most successful in the summer. In autumn, do not forget jasper to make clear the confusion of the events. It will help preserve some "sobriety" of the mind. Red garnet will allow you to understand the fall seductions of the fall, and crystals of crystal and lapis lazuli will be successful at the end of the year, in winter.

Stones and amulets for Leo

The characteristic stones of the Lion are ruby, diamond, amber, carnelian. Ruby - the favorite stone of kings - has mystical properties. In all ages he was considered a powerful amulet, because they believed that when approaching danger or the enemy, the stone changes its color. In addition, the ruby ​​saves from poisons, cleans the poisoned air, stops bleeding. The kings loved him most of all because he strengthens natural talents and all the qualities of a person, reveals both kindness and hidden evil in the character of a person. Choose red rubies to help and support forces throughout the year. They are especially successful at the beginning of the year, in winter, in April, June and August. They will look triumphant in December. In the spring, a different kind, holy fools, religious fanatics and psychopaths obsessed with various ideas.

Despite the controversial situations, all the year round the higher ones forgive you all your eccentric antics and statements, continue to treat you well, even stand up for you, give maximum creative and business freedom, but control.

Money in the beginning of spring leaves, as if in sand, but as if on necessary. You do not have time to retain and distribute the funds received. March will bring profit on condition of good and honest work. This year, money, sometimes considerable, will come spontaneously, but on condition of hard work. Sometimes things will not be easy to move, but you will have time to find a way out. March, for example, will create around you gossip, controversy, scandals. Opponents will try, or you will say something is wrong, and the authorities will think about your role. There will be a temporary simple, but the decision will turn in your favor. In April, they will control, challenge your success, but your activity will beat out ill-wishers.

In March, and also in October, the amethyst will help to avoid illusions. Amber will help balance the energy throughout the year, but periodically "soak" it in clean water. The power of amber can manifest itself most in the middle of autumn. Avoid black and gray stones, even if you like them. There may be empty plans, disruptions, depressions. Avoid transparent white stones, especially in spring and in the middle of autumn, as they will also fog your look, highlighting not always those things that are needed for clarity.

Metals of the year are gold and silver, but they should not mix.

Stones and amulets for the Virgin

Layered agate, yellow sapphire ("cat's eye"), jasper, onyx, beryl - these are the traditional stones of the Virgin.

Layered agate has the power to increase attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex, reveals hidden ill-wishers, regulates metabolism and saves from poisons. In ancient times, agate was ground into food for the patient, and also put into the mouth with strong thirst. For the frame of agate it is necessary to use silver, reinforcing the quality of the stone.

Beryl brings happiness to family life, helps to maintain fidelity and feelings for many years. Jasper, malachite and charoite will be a successful addition to the hardness of your character in the first half of the year. In the spring, you can add chrysoprase to festive parties and exits, but avoid it in the fall, it will not bring the desired luck. Topaz will occasionally bring sympathy, especially in April and May. Emerald can be winning all the warm season. He is successful for you in transactions, financial transactions, contracts, as well as in personal matters, especially in achieving the sympathies of others.

Less adornments in the second half of autumn, but silver and dark agate can serve you powerful amulets all autumn.

In the winter, at the end of the year, rubies and diamonds, precious stones, silver and platinum will strengthen all your pluses.

Stones and amulets for Libra

Libra - representatives of those signs that like to decorate and can not do without it. However, jewelry is very selective. The main stones of Libra are amethyst and nephrite. However, amethyst can not be worn all the time. It changes color depending on the mood and energy changes in a person's state, that's why it should be worn under the mood. The shimmering multicolored amethyst has the ability to restrain passion, for which it was called "widow stone", and also to deter from drunkenness. Both are necessary for Libra: the first is for those who suffer from constant abstinence, and in the name of observing decency, they press feelings into themselves, and the second - to men of this sign who often reach alcoholism and debauchery, although they are able to contain their desires. Nephrite helps Libra in their main problem - positively affects the kidneys, recreating the body's water balance, and also on the vessels, strengthening them. Apparently, therefore, he was called the "stone of life". It is believed that jade brings luck to its owner in bold undertakings and enterprises. Stones and amulets in 2009. Sapphire will give you strength in achieving your goals. If you love turquoise, it will help you to gain the favor of others. Silver and platinum are good wards in the winter at the beginning and end of the year. Gold items without inserts can support from spring until late autumn.

Amethyst is best kept in crystals in the room to clarify unresolved issues and incomprehensible matters.

The financial operations will help dark agates in a beautiful frame in the spring, in the summer - rubies, and in the fall grenades.

Charoite can become a good spirit support. Contemplative moments and hours of rest spend with jade, the more so that he will suggest thoughts about eternity. But do not get too carried away so that you do not get depressed. More successful for rest and meditation can be white corals and crystals of crystal (not pressed).

Fianites, crystals, sapphires and diamonds (in limited quantities) are good in the winter, at the end of the year.

Stones and amulets for Scorpio

Traditional Scorpion stones include pomegranate, lapis lazuli, Labrador, malachite.

A pomegranate is necessary for Scorpio, since this stone can "cheer the heart". He gives this sign a lot of optimism, tunes for a good wave. Malachite is a stone with a great power of attraction and impact on the opposite sex. It increases personal charisma, helps the lovers. However, in critical periods it is better not to wear it, so as not to attract undesirable attention. Stones and amulets. Malachite will bring you success in the second half of winter and in spring, but in order not to lose your head, alternate it with lapis lazuli. He will give your feelings and emotions of wisdom, and you will be able to stop in time, where it is necessary. Chrysolite will help to shine in March, April and May, and also in November. Avoid the amethyst in the first half of the year, and malachite in the second half. Emerald will be successful all year, except for the beginning and the end. He will give you softness, add intuition, will induce to action. Mother of pearl in silver will be successful in spring, summer and autumn.

Corals are successful in spring and summer, and diamonds at the end of the year. If funds permit, add sapphires. In extreme cases, replace with gems, they can bring variety to your feelings. Tourmaline will support the whole year.

Things from charoite, especially necklaces and rings, will be successful in late December and January next year.

Stones and amulets for Sagittarius

As a rule, the stone of Sagittarius is considered turquoise. They wear it in all places where this stone can be hung. Sagittarians are also suitable opal, lapis lazuli, nephrite and black garnet. Opal refers to those stones that inspire cheerfulness and hope, drive out the spirit of despondency. No matter how strong Sagittarius seemed, it is disarmed by blunders and defeats. A stone that inspires confidence and hope is necessary for them. Turquoise, associated with Venus, brings to Sagittarius luck, love, patronage and good disposition of the authorities. In addition, turquoise also has healing power. It stimulates the work of the heart and eliminates unnecessary fussiness. Stones and amulets in 2009. Turquoise will help you to win the love of people who like you. Just do not take it like a Christmas tree. In many cases ruby ​​can become a stone of the year. He will help in personal relationships and transactions. You will feel self-confidence and periodically feel how it presses. So, it's time to finish the meeting or stop the conversation.

Dark stones, such as obsidian, are used on rare occasions when you need a victory. Do not wear them too long, so that the energy of the stone does not destroy you.

Emeralds will help you in dealing with children and loved ones. You can prefer them on vacation.

Topaz will be successful in the middle of spring and deep autumn. His sphere is important. And amber will carry you over all troubles, especially in the autumn period.

Stones and amulets for Capricorn

Traditionally, sapphire and garnet can be considered the stones of Capricorn. Sapphire is the "stone of the wise." He gives rise to the desire for high goals, the ability to understand the circumstances, helps modest, chaste people, supports fidelity in love and gives a sense of peace. Capricorn is also suitable for topaz. It strengthens spiritually and brings joy, creates an inner understanding of truth, a sense of prosperity, supports the choice of goals and deeds of material. The beginning of the year will bring good luck with products made of gold and silver. Simple things can be successful charms. Lapis lazuli will be good in winter. In spring, red and white corals will be a pleasant addition. They can serve not only as decorations, but also energy assistants in the bedroom.

Garnet can be a successful addition to emeralds in the spring and summer. But in the warm season, do not fix excessive attention on jewelry. Only amber in all products will protect you. But this year you are inclined to limit yourself to products made of silver and enamel. They will be most successful in the second half of the year. In winter, you can add precious stones to your arsenal, especially chrysolite, sapphire, diamond.

Stones and amulets for Aquarius

Traditional stones of Aquarius - sapphire, diamond, aquamarine, alexandrite, opal.

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom. He brings Aquarius happiness, protects from slander, gives foresight. Sapphire also helps people to be chaste and modest, protecting them from adversity. Diamond is a symbol of courage and strength. He gives Aquarius a chance to make a choice without hesitation, to win in embarrassing situations, but only if the case is right. Alexandrite inspires fearlessness, optimism, faith in success. Opal gives hope and accompanies success in the noble struggle. Beware of shining like a jewel. You will be attracted attention if you are even in crystal. But crystal is good for personal relationships, for the popularity that you want to gain this year, as well as for business relationships. In cases, the role of crystal in February and March is most successful. At the beginning of the year, choose diamonds, they will be the most profitable in personal matters. In March, jade is successful, but not for permanent wearing.

In the spring for success in business and warmth in dealing with people, topaz is good. He will help in the middle of autumn. Corals will help in knowledge in the first half of the year. The middle of the year will bring sympathy in the creative circles with pearls in silver. Support in the second half of the year, in the fall, will serve as an amethyst. Transparent blue stones, especially sapphire, will be successful in December and January 2008. Aquamarine is good in autumn and early 2008.

Stones and amulets for Pisces

Pisces stones can be called chrysolite and chrysoprase, bloodstone, amber, corals. Also suitable diamond, topaz, ruby ​​and jasper, emerald, amber.

Topaz and diamond bring success in business and realize your aspirations. They emphasize the qualities of the character of Pisces, talents, they are endowed with patronage. Chrysolite gives peace, peace, love, as well as good sleep and harmony. Corals strengthen intuition, and amber brings to equilibrium. Rubies and diamonds will keep you all year round, but if the ruby ​​is always good, except March, then diamonds should not be worn in the fall. Since February, pay attention to the semi-precious stones and work with them. Perhaps you will pick up placers of gems or rocks in the breed that will respond to your moods. Chrysolite will become a powerful addition in everyday life, at important meetings, in business in February and March. Malachite will successfully emphasize your personality in the spring.

During the year, especially in the first half, keep hematite with you. It will help balance forces, strengthen health. Autumn for these purposes is more successful jasper. Emeralds and pomegranates are good all year round, especially in autumn. Amber - in the summer.

In the autumn, the lack of jewelry is the best amulet. In the winter for holidays, choose sapphires, but they should be of good quality. Crystal will bring clarity and help to concentrate in the winter.