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The strongest side of each sign of the zodiac: find out your superpower

Суперсила каждого знака зодиака

Every person at birth stars gave their super power. Do you know what yours?

The signs of the zodiac are 12 sectors of 30 ° each, in which the zodiacal belt is divided into astrology; certain metaphysical properties are attributed to each of these areas, which play a role in analyzing horoscopes.

Aries are the most passionate

Their amazing energy literally drags behind them into the seething love pool. Thanks to their charisma, they fall in love with everyone and everything. In addition, Aries are considered the best lovers .

Taurus - the biggest gourmets

Yes, yes, it is they who will eat the cherry from the top of the holiday cake. They just used to get the best of everything and do not think their life differently. This is manifested absolutely in all spheres of life - in food, love, homes, partners and all-all-all that Taurus only relates.

Gemini - the most intelligent

Yes, it is possible that someone knows more than them, but the ability to put their knowledge into practice is inherent in Gemini to the maximum extent. They surround themselves with whole whirlwinds of information flows and connections, feeling in this information field as fish in water .

Cancers are the most emotional

And in spite of this, it is easier for them to experience their emotions inside themselves , as if closing in their own chitinous armor, which is why many take them for hermits. But in reality, these are subtle, sensitive and emotional natures .

Lions - the most narcissistic

Of course, in a good sense of the term! After all, one who does not love himself cannot love anyone else . Remember this when communicating with Leo, and if he shows sympathy for you - be sure that she is sincere .

Virgin - the most faithful

Representatives of this zodiac sign choose a partner for life . And all thanks to their pedantry, which they project on their personal lives. They are looking for a long time, and when they find - they will be faithful to their chosen one to the end .

Scales - the most sociable

Representatives of this zodiac sign are extroverts in the most vivid manifestation of this word . They chronically do not tolerate loneliness. And the best gift for them will always be an hour or two of simple heart-to-heart communication .

Scorpios - the most insidious

There is an old saying - DON'T GIVE YOU GOD TO OFFEND THE SCORPIO. And they found such fame for a reason. Simply, if they begin to revenge, then they do it already to the bitter end .

Sagittarius - the most beautiful

Thanks to his innate beautiful appearance and ability to look after himself, in order to support him, the Strelets Troops got the title of the most beautiful representatives of the Zodiac .

Capricorns - the most purposeful

Unlike other "self-confident" signs of the zodiac, Capricorns primarily use the brain and strategic planning to achieve their goals. At all times they were the most talented commanders and government rulers . And since then, nothing has changed.

Aquarius - the most brilliant

The motto of this zodiac sign: LAZiness - PROGRESS MOTOR. And, in order not to overstrain once again, Aquarius will improve, simplify, modernize or simply replace everything that they only turn their attention to . These are the very most brilliant and talented people who create the future of humanity.

Fish are the strongest

And do not be surprised. Despite the sentimentality and deep inner world, Pisces are able to wait for the right moment and work to achieve a result. After which, usually, achieve the goal . Fishes are like a willow tree - they bend under the wind, but never break.

Sign Symbol
Western astrology
(option I)
Western astrology
(option II)
Dates of the Sun in zodiacal constellations
Aries Aries April 19 20 April May 14
Taurus Taurus May 20 May 21st 21st of June
Twins Twins June 20 21st of June July 20
Crayfish Crayfish July 22 July 22 11th August
a lion a lion August 22 August 21 September 17
Virgo Virgo September 22nd 23 September October 31
Libra Libra 22 of October October 23 November 22
Scorpio Scorpio November 21 November 22 November 30th
Ophiuchus Ophiuchus - - December 18th
Sagittarius Sagittarius 21 December December 22 January 19
Capricorn Capricorn January 19 January 20th February 16
Aquarius Aquarius 18th of Febuary February 19 March 12
Fish Fish 20th of March 20th of March April 18th
Zodiac sign Element Abode
(sign ruler)
Exile Exaltation
The fall
Aries the fire Mars (according to Shestopalov - Pluto) Venus The sun Saturn
Taurus Land Venus Pluto Moon Saturn
Twins Air Mercury Jupiter Saturn Venus
Crayfish Water Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars
a lion the fire The sun Uranus Pluto Mercury
Virgo Land Mercury Neptune Mercury Venus
Libra Air Venus Mars Saturn The sun
Scorpio Water Mars (in “Astrology of Modernity” - Pluto) Venus Saturn Moon
Sagittarius the fire Jupiter Mercury Venus
Capricorn Land Saturn Moon Mars Jupiter
Aquarius Air Saturn (in "modern astrology" - Uranus) The sun Mercury Mars
Fish Water Jupiter (in "Astrology of Modern" - Neptune) Mercury Venus