Medium tanks Germany

Medium tanks of Germany in World of Tanks is the most long-suffering combat vehicles of all other nations. Once developers have mocked them and that just does not do them, but they still remain in place. This versatile technique has the largest number of representatives of this class, the number of which reaches 22 copies, of which there are machines that can not be acquired at the moment: Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) and Pz.Kpfw. V / IV Alpha. Among them there are also universal and pets premiumnyh representatives, and misunderstandings, and these nagibatorov. In general, the German ST class gathered in its ranks a variety of machines, which, although they are not superior in battle, but that can be applied quite successfully in a variety of tactical decisions. And what they deserve your attention, we will look at in this article.


So, how do they differ from other similar models? German CT have all the properties (apart from the presence of the drum loader) as the other national models. But the German CT have the largest dimensions than the other tanks. For example, the German E-50M has dimensions that surpass even some top heavy tanks, as well as their weight exceeds that allows them to successfully ram. Is not it a strange phenomenon? Nothing special, German designers and there were not be original and created nearly its analogues TT , but with weaker armor, with a more precise instrument and with increased speed. Yes, the German tanks have versatility and can be used in different directions on the map and in a variety of tactics and not worth pointing out their shortcomings, as they do not play almost no role in combat, except that only in exceptional moments.

Comparison with other nations

As if we did not compare the German CT with other nations, they will still be in the same bracket with the Soviet ST. Only Soviet tanks are improving all the time, and German, using its basic advantages, do not let them get away far in terms of efficiency. What can you say about the distribution of the nations? Here, the situation is exactly the same as with CT. England , France , Japan , China to the US , they all have preimuschsevto in one degree or another, but they do not have such a high flexibility as the Germans and thus the command value for the tanks as the Germans. Despite all the drums loader, high damage, speed and agility, some Germans will be able to do their job and be sure to leave a mark in the battle. ST Germany - is a real crown of tank development and design skills, you only pay attention to a series of tank Pz. and Panther is, is already becoming clear as they could be dangerous German tanks in a real fight in the battle of the game World of Tanks. They have tremendous accuracy, but deprived of damage, though it is the main indicator, but the Germans he is perfectly balanced with the other elements, with the result that just does not give the enemy the chance of survival. Do the benefits of these other tanks? I think that is unlikely.

Features and Disadvantages

Now pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of German engineering. In the first place, as well as on the above data, it is worth noting the high precision, high speed, a heavy weight of the tanks, as well as their universal application. All these benefits are passed on German representative straight from Soviet tanks. But the book, the vertical angles of crosstalk, angular armor and damage from the guns have become the most visible negative aspects of military equipment. But it is worth noting a surprising fact. Like all the disadvantages on the face, they play quite a significant role in the battle, but you will not believe they are completely overlapped the benefits of German tanks, which, although quite banal, but in a real fight brings invaluable. So do not just hide all the shortcomings in the battle, play freely and confidently, and will happen some miracle that will allow you to destroy even the most formidable opponent. It is the only nation in the game, where the tanks are pretty professional in relation to the battle. While the tanks of the USSR can be attributed to the same here. Other nations can not boast, they have all the mediocre performance and efficiency, which is a little too low in contrast to the backbone of the nations, which included the Soviet Union, Germany and the United States . But we will not be given to this aspect too much attention and proceed to consider the additional equipment of steel monsters.

Recommended equipment, additional modules and crew skills

As has been said, the tanks have a base module slots, that is, have a rammer. Our class also received this basis, therefore, we consider only two slots modules. One slot is to take the telescope, which will allow you to keep a passive lit and keep firing with impunity. Yes, that's it and you have to deal with very often. Disclose this point it does not make sense. In the second module slot is aiming to put the stabilizer, which improves the accuracy and without precise weapons. This module will allow you to produce the most accurate shots in the tank movement.

Equipment remains the standard, that is, includes: a fire extinguisher, a small first aid kit and a small repair kit.

If you pay attention to the condition of the crew skills, they have only a small change, but rather completely exclude from their ranks disguise skills. As a rule, the first number belongs to repair, the second row is reserved for military brotherhood that regard 3 or 4 rows, then there is the skills set depending on your tastes and style of play. Do not forget to buy a light bulb and skills for improved mobility.

tactical use

Well, we got to the tactical use, which basically defines the basic principle of the game. It is worth noting that the German CT has two main components of the tactical: it is sniping at the enemy, and continued support for the Allies. That is, you have to take the most advantageous position on the map, damaging enemies and then slowly pour in the battle itself. This is the best course of action, however, it is almost standard for all ST. But not all PTs have such precise weapons, so the CT Germany fulfill these tactical instructions well. And remember, you should never break the PT in battle, you are a prime target for destruction, it is best to wait a while and then, soberly assessing the situation, it is possible to operate in combat. Taking into account all the recommendations, you will be able to achieve victory in battle, well, or at least decide on your playing style.

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