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Boobs Simulator

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Emulator of the breast, the size of the breast and its position, the nipple, the size of the nipple and its position.


mouse drag : push and pull breast
`s' key : small size breast
`m 'key : medium size breast
`l 'key : large size breast
[UP] : make larger
[DOWN] : make smaller
[RIGHT] : make harder
[LEFT] : make softer
`+ 'key : move nipple up
`- 'key : move nipple down
`` 'key : large damping rate
`` <'key : small damping rate
[SPACE] : show mass ON / OFF
[Enter] : colored ON / OFF
[ESC] : make all settings default
[F1] : show / hide help
`p 'key : show / hide inspector
[TAB] : enbodied ON / OFF