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Scientific articles

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Technology market. Proposal of technologies and inventions for interested persons Technology market

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“ECOTOP” is a vortex aerodynamic device of precise mechanics for preparing a perfect-quality fuel mixture in the intake manifold for any carburetor cars: VAZ, Gas, Gazelle, UAZ, Izh, etc.

Technology for refining oil and oil products
Russia has developed a unique, absolutely environmentally friendly, energy-saving technology for cleaning oil and oil products from components that are harmful to oil and oil products, such as chloride salts, aromatic resins, paraffins, water, and sulfur.


Sailing wind power-3 (VEPG-3)
The invention relates to wind energy, in particular to wind power plants.


Wind power plant "VEPG"
The invention relates to the field of wind energy, in particular to sailing wind turbines, which can be installed on ships and on land and can be used in areas where strong winds prevail and there is a shortage of electrical energy.


Ishmuratov rotary wind turbine
The invention relates to wind energy and relates to wind turbines of the carousel type with rigidly mounted wind receivers.


Immobilized Enzyme Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell
The invention relates to the field of biotechnology and is used to create electrochemical generators of electricity, specifically fuel cells, using molecular hydrogen as fuel, and oxygen as an oxidizing agent, including that which is part of air. A fuel cell is a converter of the chemical energy of the oxidation of hydrogen into electricity. The invention can be used for transport, including road transport, and for domestic purposes as a local source of energy.


Wind thermal installation
The invention relates to the field of wind energy, is intended for direct conversion of wind energy into thermal energy, and can be used in heat supply systems of premises, production facilities, mainly in the agricultural sector, but also for technological purposes (heating and drying of materials, etc.).


Method for thermal processing of worn tires and installation for its implementation
The group of inventions relates to the field of thermal processing of hydrocarbons, in particular to the disposal of tires and other rubber products.


Vacuum filter for cleaning liquids
The invention relates to the filtration of compositions used in the chemical, food and related industries.


Electronics. Schemes of TVs and other household appliances. Programs. Electronics

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Circuit of electronic voltage stabilizer with microcontroller control for 6 kW


Diagram of an ultrasonic generator for rat repelling


Program for calculating high-frequency transformers and chokes


A program for processing sound in real time. Sound System 99 FREE


The program for calculating quartz filters. Quartz rus


Physics. Research. Discoveries. Physics

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ABSOLUTE SPACE hypothesis (alternative gravity hypothesis)
This article describes the concept of ABSOLUTE SPACE, which is an alternative hypothesis of gravity. The ABSOLUTE SPACE hypothesis allows one to explain the equality of gravitational and inertial masses, “galaxy scattering”, redshift, relict radiation, the result of the Michelson – Morley experiment, the “dark sky” paradox, and also to calculate the Hubble constant, the radius of the visible part of the Universe and the acceleration of gravity. There is the possibility of experimental verification of the AP hypothesis using a Michelson interferometer.


On the possibility of moving a closed mechanical system due to internal forces
The author of the article does not come up with new laws and in no way tries to violate the existing ones.


Fluid glow in thin dielectric channels
The results of an experimental study of the flow of a weakly conducting liquid in a thin dielectric channel are presented. This task is of interest for understanding the physicochemical processes that occur in similar systems that are widely used in various devices and where the manifestation of such an undesirable phenomenon as electrification is possible. The flow in a composite channel of materials with different dielectric properties was studied. It was found that, at a certain flow velocity, a liquid glow occurs at the interface of the dielectrics. The glow has a discrete character and is accompanied by an electromagnetic component in the radio range. A description is given of a possible mechanism for the appearance of a glow.


The relationship between quantum and classical mechanics


Millimeter waves in medicine. A New Look. MMB therapy
The article summarizes the stages of development of the theory and practice of millimeter waves in medicine. Various schools, directions and methods of millimeter-wave ( MMB ) therapy and diagnosis are considered. The existing hypothesis is described that explains the principles of interaction of electromagnetic radiation ( EMR ) of the MMW range with the human body at the cellular level.

The error of this hypothesis is shown and a new hypothesis is put forward, confirmed by multiple results of functional diagnostics on the hardware-software complex ( APC ) "Vegetative resonance test"


Thin physical fields. What do we know about them?
The article is devoted to the consideration of thin physical fields ( TFEs ) and some of their properties identified during a series of experiments. The classification of DFT and the proposed method of measuring their intensity are presented. The features of the information-wave transfer of DFT to various storage media are considered.

Data are presented on the use of a number of properties of thin physical fields for the benefit of man: on methods of protection against harmful technogenic radiation, on the “unexpected” properties of positive fields, and on the use of passive generators of these fields in the service of our health.


Unified quantum field theory: matrix modeling of elementary particles.
New Theory (2005)
A unified quantum theory that describes the final level of the structure of all types of matter, including the modeling of elementary particles with an explanation of their properties (mass, lifetime, decay channels, charges, interaction, etc.), which makes it possible to include all known quantum phenomena in a general principle all aspects and devoid of theoretical contradictions. The theoretical scheme includes fields of interactions.


On the issue of wave interference
The physical processes in the formation, propagation, interference and diffraction of acoustic waves are considered.
It is shown that the energy density that is carried by the wave is proportional to the amplitude and frequency of the source’s oscillations, and when the waves interfere, the energy of the resulting oscillation is equal to the sum of the energies of the folding waves.



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Technology or method for varnishing paintings and pictures


The technology of manufacturing the best glue for gluing paper


Technology for the manufacture of adhesives for bonding organic glass


The technology of manufacturing adhesives for skin bonding


Marble bonding technology


Entertaining inventions and models Entertaining inventions and models

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A brief description of. Getting biodiesel.


Magnetic engine
The interaction of two groups of permanent magnets. Moving and stationary. The use of mainly one pole of permanent magnets. A cylindrical magnet (axial magnetization is passed through a funnel-shaped magnet (through)). In funnel-shaped magnets, the narrow part has one pole, the wide part the other pole. The cylindrical magnet is tightened into the narrow part of the funnel-shaped magnet and approaches the wide part (the other pole), but adequate braking (resistance) does not occur since this part of the funnel-shaped magnet the magnetic flux is strong near the walls of the wide part of the funnel-shaped magnet and the cylindrical magnet flies out from the wide part of the funnel-shaped magnet. And if you set the many funnel-shaped magnets so that the narrow part of the subsequent funnel-shaped magnet fits fully into the wide part of the previous funnel-shaped magnet, then you get a torus of narrow (retracting) parts of funnel-shaped magnets (funnel-shaped magnets are slightly tilted). And a group of movable cylindrical magnets will constantly rotate along this Wide parts (braking) are shielded by narrow parts and slightly inhibit movable cylindrical magnets. /


Heat source based on nasal aggregates
The innovation considered below is the basis for the creation of two product lines:
-mini-boiler rooms based on standard pumping units;
-mobile thermal units driven by the internal combustion engine of a vehicle (in particular, mobile units for hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas production).
Residence permit and can be used as:
a) a heating element without an electric drive, driven by the potential energy of the cold water main “donor”;
b) a device that reduces specific fuel consumption added to the composition of traditional boiler units (existing and planned);
c) means of increasing the completeness of combustion of heavy hydrocarbon fuels, as well as a concomitant reduction in the toxicity of combustion processes.


A mirror that does not lie does not turn the world inside out


Student came up with a suitcase reactor


Hydrogen peroxide H 2 for gas tank. The future of hydrogen peroxide H 2 O 2


Nikola Tesla A lone genius or a madman ahead of his time
They say that geniuses send heaven to earth. Each - with some kind of his own, special super-task. But the Lord sent, probably, too early to Nicholas Tesla.


Secrets of the cosmos

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Mysterious acceleration at the edge of the solar system. Telemetry data coming from “Pioneer-10”, “Pioneer-11” and “Galileo”


Iron Astronomy


The Sun - Kerra's Black Hole


Theory of vortex gravity and the creation of the universe


Compression of the Universe or a new theory of universal gravitation


Secrets of the Earth

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Where people disappear in Russia and why they can’t find them


Metal detector. Search for meteorites. Meteorite classification


The third dimension of the pyramid of Cheops and Stonehand


Ball lightning - a bunch of energy or a creature endowed with intelligence?


Natural phenomena of the planet - causes and effects


The inevitability of the end of the world


Secrets of the Ocean

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About the origin of the World Ocean