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Everything for the site


  • Creation and layout
  • Content Policy
  • Banner rules
  • HTML5 new tags
  • Adaptive Web Design
  • Content of HTML
  • HTML elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • The HTML pointer
  • HTML Self-Tutorial
  • CSS self-study
  • Website layout


  • Transparent animation
  • WEB2.0 Button Services
  • Creating a button WEB2.0
  • Flash-Banner + stub
  • JPEG or PNG where is more qualitative
  • How to remove the icon from the site
  • Web Design FAQ



  • Image optimization tools
  • CSS Compression Tools
  • Gzip-compression of fonts
  • Minimize HTML and CSS-JS files


  • CSS
  • CSS layout in three columns
  • Round corners in CSS
  • Store Images in CSS
  • CSS selectors
  • CSS hacks


  • PHP
  • CGI
  • HTML
  • PERL
  • SSI
  • RSS
  • CMS
  • JS
  • JavaScript Examples
  • Using JavaScript
  • List of HTML elements
  • Dictionary on HTML
  • Typical HTML Techniques
  • HTML Features
  • Useful regexes by example
  • Regular expressions PERL
  • PHP Regular Expressions
  • Regular expressions JS
  • Elementary regexes
  • $ _SERVER array
  • Сhmod
  • Redirects to htaccess 301/302
  • Error handling 404
  • Apache (commands)
  • How does mod_rewrite work?
  • mod_rewrite [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • X-UA-Compatible tag
  • JavaScript cookies
  • Where did the visitors come from
  • XML inside HTML
  • Prohibit indexing of a subdomain


  • .htaccess
  • 25 rules. Htaccess
  • .htaccess settings for SEO
  • .mod_rewrite and htaccess


  • Storing web fonts in CDN
  • Classification of fonts
  • Cyrillic WEB-fonts


  • ASCII character codes
  • Special characters HTML
  • Nonprinting Characters
  • HTML-codes of letters and symbols


  • Encode information
  • Chatroulette script
  • Synonym for Online
  • Scripts for BUX
  • Online statistics script
  • Scripts for $ 3225
  • Online analysis script
  • JS Hidden Menu
  • JavaKeyboard (tutorial)
  • Slide Show Script
  • Java Scripts (scripts)
  • Ucoz Grabber 1.0v
  • Free Scripts
  • CMS scripts
  • Scripts of shops
  • Scripts of galleries
  • Scripts PHP, ASP
  • Directory scripts
  • Forum Scraps
  • News and Articles
  • Link exchangers
  • Other scripts on php
  • ASP scripts
  • PopAp Advertising Script
  • Beautiful scrolling
  • Text. and Earl. counter
  • Plugins for FF
  • Stretched ceiling script
  • Base GeoIP 2011
  • UP button ia jQuery
  • Transcoding of UTF8 <-> Win1251
  • Display UTF8 in win1251
  • Spoiler means css
  • A collection of jQuery scripts
  • jQuery CSS DropDown Menu
  • Locking the menu box
  • innerHTML and onMouseOver
  • AvtoSiteMap
  • Countdown Timer
  • Drop-down menu
  • Online HTML Editor
  • Generator Metatagov
  • Web 2.0 Generator
  • Coolest JQuery Plugins

Sublime Text

  • Sublime Text 2 FAQ
  • We write the plug-in Sublime Text 2
  • Sublime Text 2 Front-End


  • Multimedia Insertion
  • Table of tags
  • Attribute table
  • Working with forms
  • Working with Frames
  • From idea to result
  • Design
  • Analysis of site pages
  • Risks
  • Search Engines
  • Directory databases
  • HTML Basics
  • Work with text
  • Building tables
  • Working with links
  • Working with images
  • CSS
  • Text formatting
  • Formatting items
  • Positioning
  • Parameter table


  • White catalog
  • Autoposting services
  • How to speed up indexing
  • Link with Yandex
  • Add to Twitter
  • Google SiteMap
  • Evaluation of website quality
  • Users are free
  • How to become a # 1 ?: Overview
  • Wrapping up and visitors!
  • Hide external links
  • Raise TIC
  • Website promotion
  • Basic Catalogs
  • Slaughter attendance
  • Registration in DMOZ
  • Promotion of the site on
  • Like buttons
  • Simple sharing in social networks
  • The best time to publish in social networks
  • Sanctions and filters Google


  • Xara WebStyle 3
  • 3D logo in photoshop
  • Validators
  • Free domain ORG.UA
  • Earn links
  • Earn at games
  • AdSense $ 5000 per month
  • Useful websites for everything

  • Google Check In Cash
  • With or without www
  • List of directories
  • Hosting List
  • List of postal workers
  • Useful services
  • Speed ​​tests
  • Domain price
  • Add to favorites
  • Gmail converter PDF to HTML
  • Google translation ban
  • Free books on JavaScript

A modern programmer always strives to improve and optimize the code of his favorite creation - a site or portal. Terms such as "PHP", "HTML", "CSS", "WEB 2.0" have long become not only something terribly incomprehensible and scary, but grew into the language of communication between the user and the webmaster on the WWW. The site has become not just a business card of the company, but now it is a full-fledged web interface for sale, dating, communication, training and many more wonderful and convenient opportunities for work, entertainment, study on the Internet. The language of the site-building is not only for people familiar with programming languages ​​but also for communication, young, talented people wishing to expand their circle of communication also into the international network ..

In addition to the programming language, there is still a huge selection of ready-made scripts, plug-ins, templates for existing sites. This is a huge help for beginners saitostroiteley. After all, now how easy it is to download a ready-made free module, script or plug-in for the site and just upload it to yourself and use a quality product without learning a programming language! A new-fashioned template sites? And hacking tips for hacking or defending ?! So much ... But, you're lucky, you've come to the right place! Here you will find all of the above, and even more!

For example, with the help of application, accessible and understandable manuals (instructions), you can easily develop your script, module for the site, make server settings protection from spam and other harmful actions, generate the correct meta tags, familiarize yourself with tables, tags, structures. Complete and understandable instructions for JavaScript, CGI, RSS, mod_rewrite, regular expressions on each page of the site specially for you in free access!

Also, to make life easier for you, and to save your wallet from unnecessary costs, we will be happy to save your traffic. On our site in the section / site / samstroy / you can download and ready collections of email addresses databases, cms - site management system, scripts of catalogs, stores, photo albums, linkbans, forums and more, many interesting free scripts ..

Even in the topic of earnings - the easiest way to earn on the site - to post paid links to other projects. Also, you can place links to the registration on the sites of games and services from not greedy precedents.

Use and download for free. If you have any questions, you can always visit our forum , and ask or find answers. Surely someone has already faced something similar before and found methods to solve the problem ...