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Useful Web Services, Webmaster Links

Adding a site to search engines

»Http:// - add a site to the search engine Yandex

» - adding a site to the Google search engine

» - adding a site to the search engine and the Aport catalog

» - Adding a site to the search engine

" - adding a site to the MSN system (new)

» - information about adding a site to the Yahoo! system (new)

Query analysis

» - determination of the frequency of requests in the search engine.

» - determination of the frequency of requests in the search engine Yandex.

» - determination of the frequency of requests in the postal system Mail.Ru.

» - official service for determining the frequency of requests by Yandex Direct.

» <- unofficial service determination of the frequency of requests by Yandex Direct.

" - a bourgeois service that shows the frequency of requests for search engines.

Analysis of the density of words

»Http:// - a word density analyzer, an estimate of the" nausea "of the page (new)

»Http:// - the word density analyzer

»Http:// The tool helps to define in the text the total number of words, sentences and symbols, including spaces and commas. It can be claimed, for example, by translators or SEO-optimizers.

»Http:// - Determination of the density of keywords

Definition of PR

»Http:// - a bourgeois service for determining Google PR for pages of sites by date centers.

"Http:// - a bourgeois service for the mass definition of Google PR.

»Http:// - a bourgeois service for determining Google PR for site pages.

»Http:// - the bourgeois service for determining the OL pages of your site.

»Http:// - Russian service for predicting the future of Google PR for any page of your site.

"Http:// - a bourgeois service for predicting the future of Google PR for any page of your site.

"Http:// - Russian service for predicting the future PR of the specified page of your site.

"Http:// - a service that contains information about the history of Google Page Rank updates.

»Http:// - mass definition of PR

»Http:// - Check of the TCI and PR, the counter of the definition of TCI and PR.

"Http:// - another good service for determining PR and TCI. Its plus is that it can be written into any design, plus the usability of the service at altitude.

»Http:// - definition of PR pages

»Http:// definition of the PR

»Http:// - Multi PR Checking

»Http:// - definition of the PR

»Http:// - definition of the PR

»Http:// - definition of PR, site positions, etc.


»Http:// - Russian service, which will help you determine the density of keywords on the page you specify. In addition, the service has the following features: text optimization and keyword generation.

»Http:// - the bourgeois word matching service

»Http:// - this bourgeois service will slowly and slowly check who and what keywords are referring to your resource with the help of which keywords, and also will check the positions of your site in the search engines for these queries.

»Http:// - this Russian keyword analysis service that collects links up to 3 pages and has many separate useful utilities.

»Http:// - Russian service for determining the number and density of words and phrases in the text of the page.

"Https:// is a keyword tool for conducting advertising campaigns on Google.

"Http:// - tool for hinting the key layer for conducting advertising campaigns in Yahoo.

"Http:// - a bourgeois keyword search service for professional search engine optimization and promotion. The full functionality of this service is paid!

»Http:// - checking the cost of the key (new)

»Http:// - determination of the number of requests per day by overture and vorttracker (new)

Working with links

"Http:// - the best service for checking back links at the moment. More than 500 URLs per minute. (new)

»Http:// - Russian service for checking back links.

»Http:// - Russian service of checking back links, indexed by Yandex.

"Http:// - the Russian service of mass check back links. Checks up to 50 links per session.

»Http:// - Russian service, checking the presence of indexed links to your site.

"Http:// - the bourgeois search service for the most relevant relevant references and resources.

»Http:// - Russian search engine for indexed in Yandex links.

»Http:// - Russian service, which allows to identify duplicate links and domains with which the exchange was made.

"Http:// - getting the list of links from the page.

"Http:// - checking back links and visibility of their Yandex, Google, Rambler.

»Http:// - checking back links with noindex, script. (new)

Evaluation of the resource. Buying and selling links

»Http:// - the domain name value analyzer.

»Http:// - personal accounting of the seller and buyer of references.

»Http:// - a bourgeois service for rapid assessment of the cost of a domain name.

»Http:// - Russian service for estimating domain parameters and its cost.

»Http:// - a bourgeois unusual calculator for estimating the cost of a link from a resource.

"Http:// - the bourgeois estimator of links from various resources.

»Http:// - Russian service for the sale and purchase of links from the main pages of sites.

»Http:// - Russian system for buying and selling links from various pages of various resources.

»Http:// - Russian service-price for the sale of links from a variety of resources.

"Http:// - a relatively young Russian stock exchange for buying and selling links.

»Http:// - Russian service for evaluating the effectiveness of a link from a given page.

»Http:// - the bourgeois service at the cost of the link from this page of the site.

»Http:// - Russian service for calculating the cost of links from this page of the site. It is based on: TIC, PR, presence in Yandex Catalog and Catalog Dmoz, as well as the number of external links from this page.

»Http:// - Russian service for estimating the cost of linking the smord. It is an analogue of the program CS Yazzle.

"Http:// - Russian service for the evaluation and analysis of the sites of the sea and buying links from them.

»Http:// - Russian service for selection among all back-links from the moors and determining the cost of links and promotion in general.

»Http:// - Russian service for choosing among all back-links from the moors and determining the cost of links and promotions in general. Has more opportunities than the previous service.

»Http:// - advertising system. Free placement of thousands of direct links from authoritative sites. A convenient control system for placed links, support for unique texts for each site, work with internal pages.

»Http:// - this is the bulletin board of webmasters about buying / selling websites, scripts, links, advertising spots.

»Http:// - purchase of links from the main and internal pages of sites with wide possibilities. (new)

Domain names. Whois. Exchange of names

»Http:// - Russian service, helping to find a suitable free domain name for your resource.

»Http:// - search for free domain names by lists. There is a possibility to check on the Ukrainian regional areas.

»Http:// - search and registration of a suitable domain name.

»Http:// - checking the free domain from the list. The constructor of domain name matching.

»Http:// - a convenient in use module for checking the employment of a domain in dozens of zones. There is a check on the Ukrainian regional areas.

»Http:// - universal search of domain names for all zones. Automatic selection of a domain name.

»Http:// - checking the employment of the domain. Regional Ukrainian zones.

"Http:// - whois service. Information on ip addresses and domains.

»Http:// - daily statistics of changes in the main gTLD zones.

"Http:// - news of the domain name industry.

"Http:// - checking domain names and much more useful.

»Http:// - Domain registration, secondary domain market.

"Http:// - the archive of the released domains.

»Http:// - interception of domain names.

"Http:// - service of interception of the released domain names.

»Http:// - interception of domains, purchase and sale of domains.

»Http:// - the Whois service. Search in the RIPN database.

»Http:// - Ukrainian service of network identifiers (nic-handle).

»Http:// - whois on the Ukrainian domain names.

»Http:// - Russian seo-whois service.

»Http:// - cheap hosting, registration of domain names, sale of domains from Yandex Catalog.

»Http:// - Quick check whois.

»Http:// - To find a domain name, it is necessary to enter a word (or phrase) in Russian. The service will give out all possible variants of domains on this subject, all domains are checked by Whois-service and should be free. (new)

Simulators of search bots

»Http:// - the bourgeois simulator of search bots.

»Http:// - the British simulator of search bots.

»Http:// - the bourgeois simulator of search bots. It differs mind and wit and allows you to simulate bots Google, AltaVista, Inktomi, etc.

»Http:// - a convenient burzhuy simulator of search bots.

»Http:// - the bourgeois spider-simulator. There are some glitches with the encoding. After receiving the result, you will have to manually change the encoding.

Phrase and link generators

»Http:// is a Russian generator of unique key phrases for reference texts.

"Http:// - a bourgeois generator of words and phrases with misspellings. Work with databases of information.

»Http:// - The AllSubmitter title script is used to select site names, and then enter them into the" Text Expression "field of the AllSubmitter project editor

»Http:// - Script KeyWord Maker is designed to create alternative site names.

»Http:// - the generator of unique key phrases for registration in the catalogs -" Alternative Names of the Site "" Keyword's Maker "

»Http:// - generation of a random link (new)

Registration in catalogs

»Http:// - registration of your site in 1611 catalogs. Service fee.

"Http:// - a tool for promoting websites on the Internet by means of their sensible automatic registration in hundreds of directories. Service fee.

»Http:// - service of registration of your site in catalogs.

»Http:// - registration of sites in white catalogs. There are tariffs with multi-lines.

"Http:// - another registration service in the catalogs.

"Http:// - very old and once a good service for registering in directories. (new)

Bulletin board delivery
»Http:// - Free ad serving service in popular bulletin boards (new)

Useful services

»Http:// - Russian service for free posting and exchange of articles.

"Http:// - Russian service creating icons to sites from pictures.

»Http:// - ip calculator.

"Http:// - a service that shows updates to search engines.

»Http:// - service of reminders. Sends you reminders about events and meetings.

»Http:// - Russian service for estimating the cost of promotion and optimization of your resource.

»Http:// - e-mail encryption service. Anti-Spam | Protect your Email Address.

"Http:// - wayback vachine -" time machine ". Saves in the archive the index page of domains.

»Http:// - low-level viewer of server responses

»Http:// - Visual editor WYSIWYG, converter Word2HTML (new)

Search for plagiarism and duplicates

"Http:// - the bourgeois search system for plagiarism.

»Http:// - Russian service for the search for plagiarism.

Link exchange services

»Http:// - a huge number of sites for the exchange of links, a huge number of thematic categories.

»Http:// - the service of the exchange of references. A huge number of sites offered for the exchange of links.

»Http:// - link exchange. Proposals for the exchange of links.

»Http:// - link exchange. Proposals for the exchange of links. (new)

»Http:// - a service for exchanging links. Proposals for the exchange of links. (new)

»Http:// - service for the exchange of links. (new)

Working with mail

»Http:// - Service for collecting e-mail from the Internet. Recommended for beginning link managers.

"Http:// - e-mail encryption service. EmailEncoder v1.0.

"Http:// - another e-mail encryption service. (new)

Author's blogs

"Http:// - Se blog: The Doorway Club" Phentermine "

»Http:// - The hut of Internet marketing

»Http:// - Notes of the Internet marketer. Author's blog of Andrey Muraviev (Grandmaster).

»Http:// - Author's blog of Alexander Sadovsky.

»Http:// - Ilya Segolovich's Blog.

»Http:// - Notes. Blog of Sergei Petrenko (Gray).

"Http:// - eTARGET: management of the audience. Very interesting blog, we recommend.

»Http:// - about: blank - creative SEO-blog.

"Http:// - Community for optimizers. (new)

"Http:// - The community is designed to help webmasters and site administrators find partners for reciprocal link exchange. (new)

»Http:// - LinkTrade - buying and selling links in RuNet and not only.

»Http:// - SEO in St. Petersburg. A look from the inside. Communicating SEO Petersburg. (new)

»Http:// - Groundless fantasies about search engines and business.

SEO Forums

»Http:// - the largest forum of SEO specialists in RuNet. Articles, news, blogs, discussions.

»Http:// - SEOChase

»Http:// - forum from the developers of the program AllSubmitter

»Http:// - forum from the developers of the program Smile SEO Tools

»Http:// - SEO forum

»Http:// - SEO forum

»Http:// - the second after sercha SEO-forum in RuNet

»Http:// - the most forum for webmasters (many useful) (new)

»Http:// - a bourgeois site with SEO-articles, tuzla and forum.

»Http:// - Another good English-speaking SEO forum

»Http:// - Forum of cheerful SEOs, optimization of meetings, promotion of photo reports.

"Http:// - one more bourgeois SEO-forum (new)


»Http:// - checking HTML

»Http:// - checking CSS

»Http:// - check RSS

Programs for promotion and promotion of sites

»Http:// - Semonitor - the program for website promotion. It consists of a set of utilities covering various aspects of the optimization process. The proposed solutions are easy to use and are successfully applied by both professionals and novice optimizers.

»Http:// Allsubmitter - a program for website promotion. The maximum quality, fast and controlled registration in any information resources of the Internet (search engines, catalogs, ratings, message boards, shareware sites, news resources, link exchange, etc.). Are you tired of working with an "ordinary" browser, but want a high-quality registration or want to get the most from automatic registration? Then AllSubmitter will be your choice.

»Http:// Smile Seo Tools - the program for automatic and semi-automatic registration of a site in catalogs and ratings, it is a real optimizer and link manager. The registration block eliminates the routine of filling out forms. The block of analytics gives a clear and adequate picture of reality.

»Http:// - CS Yazzle - a utility designed to evaluate the cost and complexity of website promotion in search engines. The program searches for links from the head pages of sites and produces an estimate of "weight

"Referring pages, while calculating the approximate budget required to promote the site. It is possible to export the received data to the CSV format (opens in Microsoft Excel).

»Http:// Page Promoter is a complex for promotion of a site on thousands of search engines and catalogs that performs all the tasks of planning promotion, analysis and monitoring, as well as directly works on search engine promotion of the site. Page Promoter is the only software of this level at the moment, providing full linguistic support of the Russian language. Thus, the program processes pages by the same algorithm as search engines that take into account Russian morphology. The product is presented in three editions (Standard, Professional and Expert), which will allow you to choose the most suitable functional solution for the development of your resources.

»Http:// Site-Auditor - a program with which you can quickly collect the data necessary to assess the visibility of the site in RuNet. With one click you will get all the necessary data from the main search services used in the Russian Internet segment, namely: Yandex, Rambler, Aport, and also in the most popular international services of Google and Yahoo. In addition, in case the counter is detected on the analyzed site, the utility will collect data on the number of visitors and pages viewed over the last 7 days. If counters of other statistical systems are found, then they will be given references.

"Http:// Free Promote is a free program for promotion of sites and software, through semi-automatic registration in search engines, directories, soft directories (FreePromote fully supports PAD files).

»Http:// - Add Site is a program for registering sites in 650+ search engines, thematic catalogs and ratings of the Russian Internet, and is a basic tool for website promotion. The product is presented in two versions: AddSite Pro, AddSite Lite and AddSite Free - which allows each user to choose the most suitable cost and functionality.

»Http:// - Advanced Web Ranking is a search engine ranking software that emulates a manual search through each search engine. It works exactly like if you were manually checking your keywords. This way, Advanced Web Ranking is able to produce reliable and accurate website positioning reports.

» - Pantera - программа, которая позволяет решить проблему размещения вашей информации на досках объявлений России и ближнего зарубежья.

» - Espanadir - программа, предназначенная для рекламы Ресурсов и сервисов в сети Интернет путем размещеия объявлений на досках.

» - Программа LinkAudit, упрощающая ведение учета и контроля покупки/продажи рекламных мест на сайтах на главных и внутренних страницах. Во многом упрощает работу Seo мастера: позволяет контролировать сроки окончания оплаты, тИЦ, PR, количество ссылок на странице, наличие в Yandex, DMOZ каталогах, наличие ссылки, индексацию поисковыми системами, оповещение по email и многое другое. (new)

» - Программа Linkomania, необходимая для успешного продвижения сайта в интернет. Она возьмет на себя учет и проверку внешних ссылок на ваш сайт: в результате регистрации в каталогах, форумах, различных сайтах, при обмене ссылками. (new)

Скрипты каталогов

» - бесплатный скрипт, не требует mysql, генерирует статичные страницы, открытый код. Пример -

» - дорогой и очень хороший скрипт, поддерживает администрирование десятков каталогов из одной админки. Открытый код. Пример - (пустые логин-пароль)

» - Free Link Exchange Directory Script SkaLinks демо тут:

» - Вашему вниманию представляется очень простой и удобный инструмент для этого самого обмена, как ручного, так и автоматического - новый скрипт каталога сайтов FlashCat. Демо:

» - довольно оригинальный на наш взгляд движок каталога. Платный, стоимость пакетов тут:

» - Directory Manager helps you to maintain a link directory for your Website. It is an easy-to-install, simple and stable application written in PHP.

» - Plasticat - не просто скрипт каталога, а инструмент для создания настоящего, полноценного сайта. Очень удобная админка. Защищенность и безопасность. Смена дизайна - проще некуда (есть подробные инструкции по смене дизайна). Техническая поддержка - одна из лучших среди программ такого рода. Открытый код, неограниченное число доменов. Серьезный скрипт для серьезного каталога. Требования к серверу: PHP 4+, MySQL 3.23+ Цена на 09.01.2007 - 6000 рублей.

» - прост в установке, возможность интеграции в любой сайт, возможность использования mod_rewrite адресов (интеграция в любой сайт сохраняется при этом в полном объёме), возможность создавать как каталог с очень жёсткими правилами, так и «белый каталог». Пока бесплатный.

» - CNCat представляет собой приложение для создания каталога интернет - ресурсов. Программа проста в установке, настройке и управлении и обладает следующим набором функций: Добавление, редактирование и удаление ссылок; Создание и редактирование категорий неограниченной степени вложенности; Размещение каждой ссылки в нескольких категориях; Проверка работоспособности ссылок; Проверка обратных ссылок etc. Цены здесь.

» - полнофункциональный скрипт каталога и размещения статей. Стоимость скрипта: 1 лицензия: 15$ (wmz)v

Скрипт каталогов статей

» Lore v.1.5.8 Rus - При помощи скрипта Lore 1.5.6 вы сможете создать каталог своих статей, заметок. Удобная сортировка по каталогам, есть поиск и т.д. Скрипт русифицирован. Требуется поддержка PHP и наличие одной базы MySQL. Цена: $0,5

» - подборка свободных скриптов для публикации статей

» - размещение статей.

» - DGT. EvoArticles – мощный скрипт направленный на создание собственного сайта с многочисленными статьями, идеально подойдет для онлайн энциклопедий, газет или сайта с уроками для графических редакторов и прочих программ.


» - pagepromoterbar, Тулбар, показывает Тиц PR, наличие в каталогах и пр.

» - SEOBar тулбар для оптимизаторов

» - Яндекс-бар

» - тулбар Google

» - Программа оценивает поисковые параметры сайта, а так же параметры сайтов непосредственно в выдаче поисковиков Google, Yahoo, MSN, Rambler, Yandex и

Теория информационного поиска

» - Российский семинар по Оценке Методов Информационного Поиска

» - Поисковая система “Turtle”. Физиология и анатомия. Полезный материал по теории информационного поиска.

» - Информационный поиск и поиск по сходству.

» - просто шикарный каталог материалов по информационному поиску. Материалы на английском, немецком и русском языках.

OTHERS - позволяет посмотреть сайт под разными браузерами и операционками. Возможно выбирать разрешения, вкл. или выкл. яваскрипт и т.д. - Генератор уникальных ключевых фраз для текстов ссылок. "Задача: надо создать много-много уникальных неповторяющихся фраз для ссылок. Есть список словосочетаний. Мы его всячески перемешиваем и создаем ссылки." - сервис ищет страницы аналогичные заданной. Позволяет найти копипастеров ворующих у вас статьи. - таблица для определения google's PageRank - украинский форум для веб-мастера. Молодой еще. Будет много чего вкусного. - уникальный по возможностям и функционалу русский on-line сервис, который позволит в кратчайшие сроки произвести анализ вашего сайта. - определение ПР, также есть неплохая подборка уникальных сервисов. - Временной 10-минутный почтовый ящик. Удобно, если не хотите светиться основным почтовым адресом. - поисковая система для CSS-правил и селекторов. Получился неплохой справочник. - Сервис для генерирования скриншотов сайтов - сервис «Почта на картинке» - генератор модных нынче кнопочек. - генератор иконок для сайта. - проверка всех показателей сайта (тИЦ PR WR и прочее , есть массовая проверка доменов) - анализатор контраста для текста и фона - анализатор цветовой гаммы сайта Багато скриптів(меню,гостьові книги...) проверка тИЦ, ПР и т.д. сборка неплохих сервисов (english)