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Care for flowers and plants, search for mushrooms

Уход за цветами и растениями

Everyone in the house or apartment has indoor plants, or at least one in three likes to walk through the forest in search of mushrooms or mycelium . They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also an additional source of oxygen.

Green color has a calming effect on the nervous system, and biologically active oxygen secreted by plants increases mood and performance. Especially among us, residents of cities, because on average we spend more than 20 hours a day indoors, so the importance of plants in the interior is obvious.

In order for the plants to be healthy, proper and thorough care for them is required throughout the year. And if you like to look for mushrooms, you can’t do without our tips.

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Most indoor plants are natives of distant countries, so it is very important to know the features of the natural habitat of each of them and, if possible, bring the conditions of indoor cultivation closer to them. For each plant in the room you need to find the most suitable place, and in the absence of the necessary conditions - create them. So, some plants need a lot of sun, others need tropical humidity, and others need more water. Some are completely unpretentious, and you can generally forget about them for a while. Each plant has its own character and habits. Proper care of indoor plants does not require highly professional knowledge.

In this section, we want to introduce you to how to properly grow indoor plants. As a rule, each of them can always be helped if you know what it specifically needs. We tried to give answers to possible questions, to reveal the secrets of caring for indoor plants so that you can fully enjoy the company and the beauty of your green pets and irreplaceable friends.