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Помощь сайту € £ Ұ ₴ $ ₤

The website is not commercial and exists thanks to the enthusiasm of the administrator, his participants and the help of well-wishers. If you are inspired by what we do, then we invite you to use your energy in the development of the site and join our team. We are always open to dialogue, and we will be very grateful for any help. The money will go to pay for the servers, pay the authors of interesting articles and develop the site.

Very helpful site

1. Author's materials. If you are the author of interesting materials and are eager to share them - we invite you to place them on the pages of the website - in the thematic section and in a special author column. The site has a good attendance, many will find out about your creativity. If you have author articles, lectures, other interesting materials on any subject that were not previously published, we invite you to take part in this project.

2. Rerayter or copywriter. Assistance is required in the creation of new textual materials of any interesting topics on the basis of existing (rewrite). The help of a translator of texts from English into Russian is also required. Leading sections are invited.

3. Dissemination of information about the site and materials posted here on the Internet and the real world. Tell your friends about what inspires you. Publish material from on another site along with a link to the source material. Share your favorite content on social networks or forums ...

4. A designer or artist who will create an image on a given topic or share it for posting on a website drawings of a specific subject.

5. Maker of any classification.

6. Programmer php / js any classification.

7. Your option . Above are those types of assistance that we have come up with, so the list is not complete. Surely you have something to share and how to help, so if your heart prompts, then offer your option of help ...

Thank you for visiting this page. Perhaps you are not indifferent to the development of our project. Get creative and help make this site even more interesting! Join a friendly team that works on this project.

Financial help

If you have little free time for these types of assistance, but you still want to help, then you can make a voluntary financial donation to cover expenses * .

* The site team does not respect the manifestations of parasitic existence under the guise of receiving donations. Our team consists of people who financially provide themselves.

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