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Privacy Policy

General Provisions

This Agreement on the use of the sites of the group (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is concluded between the site’s administration and any user who accesses, connects or assists any third party in gaining access to any kind of information or content that is posted on the sites of the group.
The reference to any of the sections of the Site, as well as the placement of links to it, quoting and reprinting of the materials of the Site, imply legally binding consent of the user to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
The information located on this server is intended solely for private use for educational and consulting purposes and cannot be downloaded / transferred to another computer. Neither the owner of the site, nor the hosting provider, nor any other individuals or legal entities can be held responsible for any use of the materials on this site.
This Agreement is not a contract. The administration of the sites of the group reserves the right to change this Agreement as well as introduce a new one. Such changes take effect from the moment they are posted on the sites of the group. The use of the site materials by the user after the amendment of the Agreement automatically means their acceptance.
The site works more like a paid search engine for interesting materials.
By entering the site, you, as a user, thereby confirm full and unconditional agreement with all terms of use.

Limitation of liability

The materials are taken from books, magazines, other sources, purchased in e-shops, received through exchange and provided by AS AS (“AS IS”) without any kind of guarantees, either direct or indirect, it is not possible to verify the performance of each user - User voluntarily refuses to prosecute the owners of the site and compensation for possible harm caused to the User.
The user expressly agrees that he uses the sites of the group at his own risk. Text and graphic content, information materials presented on the site, information posted by registered users of the site, serve only for acquaintance and cannot serve as a guide for independent activities and can only be used after consultation with specialists.
The administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you by the recommendations given on the sites of the group. The User is fully responsible for any incorrect interpretation that may arise as a result of viewing, reading or copying materials contained on the Site and thus no legal or natural person can be responsible for the use of the mentioned materials. Under no circumstances shall the responsibility for the consequences that directly or indirectly entail the use of the information posted on the sites of the group be placed on the site administration and be the basis for their prosecution.
Neither the administration of the sites of the group guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free operation of the site. Also, it does not guarantee that such will be both the results obtained during the use of the site, and the accuracy and applicability of its materials.
All information and materials posted on the sites of the group are presented without guarantee that they cannot contain errors. The site administration has the right to change the information and materials posted on this site at any time and without prior announcement of such changes.
Registered trademarks, marks mentioned on the sites of the group are the property of their respective owners.

Information for copyright holders

If you are the copyright holder of any material, the link (or links) to which is posted on this site, and would not want this information to be distributed by users without your consent, we will be happy to assist you by deleting the relevant links.
For this, it is necessary that you send us a letter (in electronic form) in which you indicate the following information:

  1. Documentary evidence of your rights to copyrighted material: a scanned document with a seal, or other contact information that allows you to uniquely identify you as the copyright holder of this material.
  2. The text you wish to place accompanied by the deleted information. In it you can indicate where and under what conditions it is possible to get information, the links to which were deleted, as well as your contact information, so that users can get from you all the information they are interested in regarding this material.
  3. Direct links to pages on the site that contain links to data that needs to be deleted. Links should be of the form or similar.
After we receive this data, within 48 hours we will give an extended answer.
    a) We reserve the right to publish on the website any information sent to us
    b) We do not control the actions of users who may repeatedly post links to information that is the subject of your copyright. Any information on the site is automatically posted without any control from any side, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of posting information on the Internet. However, in any case, we will consider all your requests regarding links to information that violates your rights.

User Security

Services record exclusively the technical parameters of a site visit by an Internet user. Services do not collect any personal data about site visitors. The services use only legal technologies and only open sources of information.
The administration does not transfer the initial statistical data collected through the services to a third party, and does not provide access to these data.
Services fix the IP address exclusively for:

    - determining the uniqueness of the user while maintaining his anonymity;
    - determining the geographical location of the user accurate to the city.
Some Services set a cookie for the user, which is used solely to determine the uniqueness of the user. A cookie contains only a unique user identification number.
The administration guarantees the confidential statistics of their sites to service participants.
The administration reserves the right to use the statistical data of the sites of participants for marketing research and global statistics. Marketing research and global statistics are based on aggregated data that does not allow to obtain any information about specific sites of participants.
The administration guarantees the confidentiality of registration data trusted by participants in the services.
The administration guarantees the confidentiality of financial data trusted by participants in the services. Financial data cannot be transferred to a third party and is used only for mutual settlements between the company and customers.
! Personal information obtained by ShramSite upon registration will not be transferred without permission to third parties and individuals, except as required by law or a court order.

4. Additional information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us through the Contact Form