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How often do you need to have sex according to age

Как часто нужно зaниматься сексом согласно возрасту
“The First Kiss of Adam and Eve”, Salvador Viniegra, 1891

Sexual or sexual behavior of a person (from the Latin. Sexus - gender) - a set of mental reactions, attitudes and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of a person's sexual desire. Sexual behavior is one of the forms of interaction between individuals and is a practical implementation of human sexuality, being one of the variants of social behavior. The actual sexual behavior of a person may not correspond to his sexual orientation.

Although the sexual behavior of a person is closely related to reproductive function, but it, unlike the sexual behavior of animals, is determined by the social development of a particular person. Therefore, the sexual behavior of a person is relatively autonomous from his reproductive function.

According to experts, in order to maintain a good mental and physical condition, sex is one of the most important components.

The fact is that sex is a powerful antidepressant, which significantly reduces stress levels, at the same time it has a beneficial effect on the entire body. In addition, sex slows aging.

In order to prove this theory, the doctors at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland conducted a study.

The results showed that people who have sex 50% more look 7 to 13 years younger than those who lack regular sex.

We all know that stress is the cause of many diseases, and the fact that sex reduces stress suggests that it is great for overall health. It is proved that people who regularly have sex live longer.

Many people are curious to know whether they have sex too much or too little?

Here is a table that clearly shows how much on average you need to have sex per year according to age:

  • 18 to 29 - an average of 112 times a year;
  • 30 to 39 - an average of 86 times per year;
  • 40 to 49 - on average 69 times per year;
  • in 50 - 60 years - on average 24 times a year;
  • 60 and above - on average 12 times a year.

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