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The need for first aid for bleeding caused danger to human health and life. It is important to not only know what is the risk of bleeding and what kind of help you need to have a wounded man, but to be able to determine the type of bleeding. The feature types of bleeding and methods of first aid in the event of their occurrence later in the article ....

Diabetes is a very serious disease that causes a lot of dangerous complications, here are some of the signs of diabetes, which can help you in time to recognize it. ...

No matter how much fuss over design in my apartment, well, it does not look like from magazines apartment is not beysya! Like all rules and abide by, and colors are combined, and style hold up, but still that is not ...

Olya, Katya and Polina are eager to get married - it is this topic has become a major photo shoot Serebro pop group for March issue of Maxim magazine. Wedding dresses the girls picked up not the usual ... ...

After the birth of all parents, not allowing a child to grow roots in the new world, begin to lisp and hoot him. But does this make sense? Zzadumyvalis ever that actually seeing a newborn baby and see if ...

Cheat sheet for those men who care about its appearance, we publish a guide to men's shoes: a combination of colors, shapes and styles in clothing. Look for 100% is not so difficult, but it is always helpful and ...

In Germany, debate continues on the partial ban Islamic dress, covering the face. But it's not only about the burqa. What are the different types of women's clothing of Muslim women - in the gallery. ...

We are sure that everyone's strength to simulate the body of your dreams. We have gathered the most effective yoga poses that will not only improve breast shape and increase lung capacity, but also help to feel the strength and courage ...

Parking (Parking is also a portmanteau of parking.) - A technical term meaning the regular mechanism of translation device, the vehicle outside, in a fixed position provided for this purpose a safe place. ...

The benefits of vegetable oils known to all. But not everyone knows about the unique properties of each of them. We will talk about the beneficial properties of these oils such as sesame, linseed, mustard, corn, olive, pumpkin, pine, Peanut, Walnut oil, ...

Stereo image - a picture or video using two separate images, allowing to achieve the stereo effect. Clear instructions and more than 120 images to train your perception. ...


Small casual games from Alawar

Small casual games from Alawar, more than 300 of its own gaming brands

Best project on ways how to rewind or stop the electro-gas meter and how to save on the costs of gas and electricity

How to Unwind or stop the electric / gas meter

Reshebnik and calculator with solutions and examples Equations online

Online calculator and spurs for students

Maps of cities, provinces, roads of Ukraine. Topographic maps. Satellite imagery

Maps of cities, provinces, roads Ukraine, World

Manual Blood Donor (How to donate blood)

Manual Blood Donor (How to donate blood)


Dear coins of Ukraine. List of luxury coins of Ukraine

List of luxury coins of Ukraine, poroysya in his piggy bank

Rebus Silpo ( "Silpo") answers

Rebus Silpo ( "Silpo") answers

List of taxis, transportation, transport, public transport, urban transport, taxis

List of taxis, minibuses Kiev

an important

Bredusy iOS answers

Bredusy iOS answers

An updated list of ineffective drugs in 2016

10 useless medicines that you are taking

happiness Balls of origami - Kusudama

happiness Balls of origami - Kusudama

: Rules of the game in a thousand (1000)

Playing cards: One thousand (1000)

  • Kiev Bird Market
    Kiev Bird Market April 30, 2016

    Kiev bird market Forages for fishes, driftwood, plants for aquariums, fish and dugie animals for the aquarium.

  • Reference book of diseases and homeopathic HEEL drugs for their treatment
    Reference book of diseases and homeopathic HEEL drugs for their treatment November 20, 2016

    Homeopathy. Treatment of diseases of homeopathic preparations HEEL.

  • Automatic Translation site cache of pages (SEO-Friendly)
    Automatic Translation site cache of pages (SEO-Friendly) November 16, 2016

    The script automatic site translation with cache pages on the server and the translated content on subdomains site (SEO-Friendly).

  • Your questions The Sims Free Play - from infants to teenagers
    Your questions The Sims Free Play - from infants to teenagers December 23, 2016

    Secrets, tricks, description of The Sims Free Play, your question The Sims Free Play - from infants to teenagers.

  • What if the pressure jumps
    What if the pressure jumps December 23, 2016

    Problems with the pressure of typical off-season - unstable weather could adversely affect the vascular condition. To maintain a healthy vascular tone, listen to the advice of doctors.

  • Grahas 5.0 RUS (Jyotish)
    Grahas 5.0 RUS (Jyotish) December 23, 2016

    The Russian-speaking free software for Vedic astrology Grahas 5.0 RUS (Jyotish).

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