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Website shram.kiev.ua always offers the most relevant, useful information about all kinds of ways to improve lives, reduce the price of gas and electricity costs. And this is only one of the first sections since 1999. Now we can provide you with more than 5000000 pages of unique information on all sorts of inventions, know-how, hints and tips. A huge database of knowledge about how to build a website, hack or steal your password, hack or to jailbreak the new firmware from Apple. C contact is very easy to immerse yourself in a new study for a long time.

While standing in a traffic jam, you can be nervous or listen to music, and you can play with fellow travelers in the game, developing variation thoughts. In fact, these games are suitable not only for korotaniya time in traffic jams for adults, they will be useful in any forced waiting, doing nothing or mechanical work, long-distance travel, the way home, queues, cleaning. Golden collection of verbal games that help out in any awkward moment will not let you get bored and the children shake the imagination, and practice thinking outside the box, without requiring additional props and training ....

Age periodization - periodization of the development of man from birth to death, the definition of age limits in the stages of human life, adopted in society age stratification system. Each seven-year cycle ends with a specific crisis, a turning point, a situation that is sure ...

You probably did not even know that music can be a good way to overcome stress. The group of neuroscientists Mindlab International conducted a study and found a unique melody that is able to overcome the stress as much as 65%. It is enough to relax and just ...

Parakordovy bracelet or as it is called - survival bracelet is not only quite stylish accessory, but also can help save a life, if you are in an emergency situation. ...

Knives sharpened able to almost everything, but the scissors is not and most do not even represent as do. Many even think to return it to its former sharpness is not possible, and simply utilized. The fastest supersposob sharpening scissors is very ...

A small bathroom you can create a lot of problems. Deficit areas - is always bad and uncomfortable. But this does not mean that the problem can not be solved by the competent approach to the design of the room. This review will tell you about ...

The small work, which briefly describes the main specific problems faced by our body during sedentary work. The problems faced by people often conducting 40+ hours a week in front of the monitor screen (or two) ...

Google has updated the Google Earth's built-in function Timelapse. Now everyone can see how the user can alter any portion of the planet over the past thirty years. ...

You know, people "read" each other in the first minutes of the meeting? Look how she seem interesting "book." ...

If you think you have the best way to defrost food in the shortest possible time, you should think again. Studies have shown that we are all thawed food the wrong way. Academic Eksted Susan says that ...

Palm oil - a product with a rather dubious reputation. Many of the fighters for a healthy lifestyle, believe that it should be completely excluded from the diet. The thing is that the palm oil contains a high percentage of saturated fat, which ...


Small casual games from Alawar

Small casual games from Alawar, more than 300 of its own gaming brands

Dear coins of Ukraine. List of luxury coins of Ukraine

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Reshebnik and calculator with solutions and examples Equations online

Online calculator and spurs for students

Maps of cities, provinces, roads of Ukraine. Topographic maps. Satellite imagery

Maps of cities, provinces, roads Ukraine, World

Manual Blood Donor (How to donate blood)

Manual Blood Donor (How to donate blood)


Rebus Silpo ( "Silpo") answers

Answers to Rebus Silpo ( "Silpo")

Best project on ways how to rewind or stop the electro-gas meter and how to save on the costs of gas and electricity

How to save a lot of money on electricity and gas

Directory of homeopathic remedies HEEL

Directory of homeopathic remedies HEEL

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