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Two days ago, samples of the new Benjamin Moore palette appeared, the trend of 2019 ....

Orphans and children with disabilities who live in institutions also need attention. We learned what Kiev orphanages need, how to send help and where you can even go to visit. ...

In February 2019, open doors are traditionally held in Kiev museums. ...

Kyiv City State Administration (KSCA) states that training was suspended due to the incidence of influenza and ARVI. ...

Find out what purpose served a small "fifth" pocket on jeans. ...

We get dictionaries and write the unfamiliar. ...

Words strongly define our karma. You can do spiritual development, charity work for ten years, but by insulting a great person, you can lose everything at all levels and degrade into lower forms of life. Where does this come from? From insults. ...

Since the 1980s, the "seasonal" ...

Out of fashion: 20 trends

Date 2019-01-22

Since the 1980s, "seasonal" decor has been sold in chains and large stores. When buying a plastic napkin or starfish in a square frame, the consumer behaved the same way as with fast food: quickly satisfying hunger, ...

If you haven't heard, universities around the world offer their courses online for free (or at least partially for free). These courses are called BOOK or Big Open Online Courses. Over the past six years, about 800 universities have created ...

Google has shown a new ad for its Assistant service, where it re-shots from the movie “Home Alone”. ...

The Cabinet approved the updated list of construction works that do not require permits. The corresponding resolution was adopted on December 18. ...


Small casual games by Alawar

Small casual Games from Alawar, more than 300 of its own gaming brands

Ways to unwind or stop an electric gas meter and how to save on gas and electricity costs

How to wind off or stop the electric / gas meter

Для Студента, Школьника. Для Обучения

Information for training and Calculator

Maps of cities, regions, roads of Ukraine. Topographic maps. Space images

Maps of cities, regions, roads of Ukraine, the World

Blood Donor Handbook (How to donate blood)

Blood Donor Handbook (How to donate blood)


Map and places for fishing

Map and places for fishing, where to go fishing 🎣

Where to go for mushrooms

Where to go for mushrooms, tips experienced

List of taxis

List of fixed-route taxis, minibuses of Kiev


The interpretation of emoji emoji

Vocabulary and interpretation of emoji emoticons 😃

Dictionary of Old Slavonic words

Dictionary of Old Slavonic words + Old Slavonic font 📚

Blood Donor Handbook (How to donate blood)

Reference blood donor (how to pass, where to pass, when to pass) 💊 💉

  • Kiev Bird Market
    Kiev Bird Market September 01, 2018

    Kiev bird market Fodder for fish, snags, Plants for aquariums, FISH and other animals for the aquarium.

  • Handbook of diseases and homeopathic preparations HEEL for their treatment
    Handbook of diseases and homeopathic preparations HEEL for their treatment September 07, 2018

    Homeopathy. Treatment of diseases Homeopathic preparations HEEL.

  • Automatic website translation with page cache (SEO-Friendly)
    Automatic website translation with page cache (SEO-Friendly) September 11, 2018

    The script automatically translator site with a cache of pages on the server and translated content on the subdomains of the site (SEO-Friendly).

  • Your questions The Sims Free Play - from babies to teens
    Your questions The Sims Free Play - from babies to teens August 01, 2018

    Secrets, tricks, description of The Sims Free Play, Your questions The Sims Free Play - from babies to teenagers.

  • Ways to make coffee
    Ways to make coffee better than in a restaurant on September 14, 2018

    To make a perfect, excellent coffee, you need to know some tricks that we will gladly share with you.

  • Grahas 5.0 RUS (Jyotish)
    Grahas 5.0 RUS (Jyotish) 01 May 2018

    Russian-language free program in Vedic Astrology Grahas 5.0 RUS (Jyotish).

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