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Alawar Entertainment is one of the leaders in the distribution of casual games in Europe. Through a network of own sites, the company distributes downloadable games from its collection, which has more than 500 titles.

An intuitive interface, ease of downloading games and a large amount of additional materials make Alawar Entertainment’s own distribution sites the main source of high-quality entertainment content for millions of players from around the world.


"Honest Gambling" is not just words! The presence of an indisputable proof of honesty in the form of receiving an encrypted response to the rate (MD5) + ZIP archive, in every game, confirms the absence of fraud!

Card games

There is not a single healthy person in the whole world who somehow would not feel attracted to excitement. Look, for example, on lotteries in which prizes or large sums of money are played. People are willing to stand for hours to pay big money for the right to hope for a major win, because in the end, it is this single valuable win or prize that is the main magnet of the lottery and only one person will receive it, and sometimes millions of people.

Darts (Darts)

The prototype of the modern darts and Darts boards were arrows and spears, which the soldiers in medieval England were aiming at self-made targets to improve their skills and support the competitive spirit in their free time.


Theory of impact in billiards. As is well known in physics, the laws of elastic bodies are examined in great detail and formulas are derived expressing the force of hitting balls, speed after hitting, etc.


The full rules of bowling are mandatory for all events held under the auspices of or with the sanction (permission) of the Russian Sport Bowling Federation. These rules, set out in Chapters I-II, comply with the rules of the International Bowling Association for the system of ten pins (WTBA) and are used in all international competitions held under the auspices of or with the approval of the WTBA, or in which players participate - members of national bowling federations included in the WTBA.


Roulette is a gamble (roulette in French means "wheel", "small wheel"). The croupier launches the ball in the opposite direction of rotation of the wheel, from that number to which ball fell the previous time, which should fall into one of the numbered cells, making at least three full turns on the wheel.

Cells numbered from 1 to 36 are colored black and red. The numbers are not in order, although the colors of the cells alternate strictly, starting from 1 - red. The cell labeled 0 is green and called zero. Most roulette wheels used in the United States (the so-called American Roulette) have a second zero sector, marked “00,” also painted green.

European roulette is artificially divided into 3 sectors for fast bets. In American roulette, you can bet on a special combination of five numbers (“Five Number Bet” or “Box of Five Bet”): 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 .

Roulette is called the “bloody wheel” due to the fact that the sum of all numbers on the roulette is 666 (the number of the beast).

Black Jack

The meaning of the game "Black Jack" is to score 21 points, you can less, but in no case, no more. All pictures are 10 points, ace 1 or 11 at your request, tens - 10 points, nines - 9 points and so on. Our potential enemy is the dealer, who also picks up the cards. If he has less points than ours, then we won, if more we lost. Equally - a draw.

Water parks in Ukraine

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Pools in Ukraine

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Skating rink in Ukraine

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