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Cheating WM-Lottery | How to beat casino # 2

METHOD №2 how to beat online casinos

My second method works smoothly in the CROWN OR ANCHOR slot . This game is unique in its own way. And its uniqueness lies in the fact that with two variants of the outcome of the game (either a crown or an anchor), the gain in it all the same increases in THREE TIMES . Yes, plus if you take into account the chain of bets that can be made in this game, then very interesting thoughts come to mind.

Let us just study this very chain of bets. To do this, take the first ten of them. They go in the following sequence: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 . You can take a look at the drop-down menu for betting on the same IGRUN. (heads or tails).

That is, we, roughly speaking, get two conditions in our gambling problem. The first is the peculiarities of the bet chain, and the second is the fact that the gain increases in THREE TIMES .

Here I recall a rather old method of the game, which has long been used when playing the ROLLETE , but did not always guarantee the winnings because it worked only with a bet on either black, or red or even - not even. The method is called - MARTINGALE . He worked poorly due to the fact that in roulette the gain increases, only TWO TIMES , and not in THREE as in our case.

What is the essence of the method? The fact that the game is on the rise when betting on the same outcome of the event. If not quite clear explain in detail.

You enter the slot with the game CROWN OR ANCHOR . You bet 0.1 WMZ and choose ANCHOR if you lose, bet 0.2 WMZ and again choose ANCHOR , if you lose the bet already 0.3 WMZ and again ANCHOR , lose 0.5 WMZ and again ANCHOR . And so continue throughout the chain until you win.

The greatness of the method lies in the fact that, subject to an increase in the rate in THREE TIMES, the gain on any of the stages of the chain more than covers all the expenses of the previous lost bets and you still remain in the black. I am now too lazy to prove this statement to you with an example, but you yourself can check it simply by taking a CALCULATOR in your hands.

Although, if you want, I can make out for you the first two steps of the chain.


Suppose you bet 0.1 WMZ and lose, then lose 0.2 WMZ , but the bet 0.3 WMZ , suppose you are already winning. What is going on here? Rates 0.1 and 0.2 WMZ are lost, so in total you lost 0.3 WMZ , but the third rate of 0.3 WMZ has already won and increased three times , then the net gain from this rate is 0.6 WMZ , and you lost only 0.3 WMZ from the first two bets, hence you are in the positive at 0.3 WMZ (0.6-0.3). And so you will win if at least one of the bets in the chain wins.

And at least one will always win, because there was still no such thing as to say ANCHOR dropped out more than a decade . This just does not happen.

If you do not believe, then I tell you, take a CALCULATOR in your hands and see for yourself.

Remember the most important thing if at some stage you won, start MARTINGLE again, otherwise you will lose money.

Here, strictly speaking, this is my second method, the essence of which, I hope, you have well understood and remembered. Now go to the third method.

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