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Pokemon GO: How to throw a Pocketball (catching process)

Pokemon GO: Как правильно бросить покетбол (процесс ловли)

Pokemon Go officially released on iOS and Android. The toy is very different from the old Nintendo-vskoy game for the Gameboy. Now you need to find and catch Pokemon in the real world with the help of your smartphone and augmented reality technology. In this post - how to throw a pokeball so that it turns out to catch a Pokémon without too much red tape.

As you have probably understood, the effectiveness of the process of catching a pokemon in a game is determined at once by several factors: the level of the pokemon (CP), the type of pokeball and the throw technique. It may happen that while you were going and aiming, the Pokemon just ran away. Because throwing balls at the animals must be dexterous and competent. And for this, it is imperative to master the technique of fast and accurate throwing of pokebols

According to the rules, in order to throw a pokeball in Pokemon Go, just swipe the ball on the screen and it flies to the pokemon. Skill comes with experience. Nevertheless, one of the most important components of success in this case is the correct combination of angle and strength of the throw. Well, and accuracy, of course. If AR (augmented reality) mode is activated on your smartphone, hold it so that the Pokemon figure is located exactly in the center of the screen.

At low levels, the consumption of pokebols is very high, because you have not yet learned how to throw. It may happen that at some point you will be left without them. Because the balls have to save. But not at the expense of the game, of course. So here's a present for you: in Pokemon Go, the pokeball with which you missed a pokemon can actually be returned. To do this, you need to quickly tap the ball that has flown away before it has rolled over the screen. It does not work every time. But still, in such an uncomplicated way, the consumption of pokebols can be reduced drastically.

Several ways to correctly throw a Pocketball

The easiest and proven method is to throw at the moment of maximum focusing of the inner circle.

To do this, put your finger on the pokeball and catch the moment when the inner circle on the pokemon begins to narrow and throw. If the pokeball gets into the pokemon when the circle shrinks, then you are entitled to a bonus of additional experience points. The narrower the “target” and the more accurate the throw, the more bonus points.

More difficult - Twisted pokebol .

As you master the skill, you can learn to twist the pokeball. To do this, you must first spin the ball in place before the throw. And then, having guessed the moment with a sight and having calculated the trajectory, throw the pokeball so that it flew into the pokemon in an arc, slightly bending around it to the left or right. For an accurate throw twisted Pokeball experience give even more. But without proper skill such throws are not recommended to abuse.

Throw top and headshots.

As you already understood, a super throw from just a good throw differs in how much and how accurately the pokeball collides with a pokemon when flying through the inner ring. As a rule, players aim at the middle of the Pokémon's body and begin to throw, snapping around the pokeball from the bottom of the smartphone screen. These same snipers are trying to throw the ball so that he fell into a circle and into the Pokemon at the maximum steep angle. And for this you need to grab the pokeball not from below, but from above, so it turns out, firstly, it is better to calculate the throwing trajectory, and secondly, less energy is required to throw the ball strongly and accurately.

Throw in the shadow.

Under each Pokémon, its virtual shadow is displayed, which allows you to accurately calculate the distance to the target and correctly calculate the force and trajectory of the throw, regardless of how actively the Pokémon maneuvers in the sight.

And a couple of nuances as a bonus

Pokémon like Razz Berry very much - and they are very distracting to them, because you can soothe a difficult and quick Pokémon with a berry, and only then throw a pokeball;

With the augmented reality mode turned off, throwing a pokeball often turns out to be more accurate , because the balls for each pokemon are consumed less.

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