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Pokemon GO: How to play

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!

Popular in the late 90s, pokemons are back! Nintendo Company July 6 presented a new game Pokemon GO . Hunting Pokemon swept the whole world. Pokemon GO - travel, tame Pokemon, compete with other teams.

How to play Pokemon GO

The main task of the player is to catch Pokemon, and the most interesting thing is that you can do it while walking down the street. All events in the application are related to the real world. To play it, you need to turn on the GPS and start moving.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: Pokémon can hide in such a place

When you first start the application will offer to log in using Google or profile on, there are no significant differences between these options.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: in Europe, the connection may be unstable

If you encounter technical problems, do not rush to curse the Niantic, Pokemon Company and Nintendo, do not forget that the existing servers are not designed at all that you will connect to them. Most often, simply restart the application (one or more times), but sometimes you have to accept and wait. Always check the performance of the game before leaving the house.

How to find a pokemon

Finding a Pokémon in a Pokemon GO is not easy. In total, the game has more than a hundred Pokemon, which do not give obvious signs of their presence. Animated monsters hide in various locations: some live only in parks or in the water, and some can only be caught in the evening.

Some Pokemon are less common than others. So, I still have not met a single Pikachu, but my friend, who works in an office near a large power plant, told me that he had seen two on his way to work, but was able to catch only one.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: Types of Pokemon and their difficulty level in Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: Types of Pokemon and their difficulty level in Pokemon GO

There are no exact designations of Pokemon habitats on the map. But there are indirect signs of their presence. First of all, pay attention to those places on the map where the grass and leaves are moving .

You can search for Pokemon in two ways: just walk around the area until someone appears nearby, or track specific creatures in the tracks. Footprints work on the principle of "hot-cold", the more tracks are displayed, the farther the desired pokemon.

Do not lose sight of the zoning indicator in the lower right corner, even though it almost always does not work, and sometimes in the middle of the street you can find out where the fish that came from (Pokémon Seaking). But let's just assume that she jumped out of an open sewer or a particularly deep puddle;) But, again, there is no guarantee that you will meet on the path of a pokemon. And this uncertainty makes the game even more interesting.

How to catch a pokemon

Leaves soaring up means that Pokémon are hiding somewhere in this place. After you find a wild Pokémon, you have to tame it. Unlike the main series of games for 3DS, in Pokemon Go you do not have to fight with a Pokemon, it is enough to shower him with pokeballs. In order to catch a Pokemon in Pokemon GO tap it, and you will be transferred to the capture screen. At the bottom of the screen is a pokebol (red and white disk), and right in front of you is a pokemon. We take pokeball and throw it in the direction of the monster, choosing at the same time, when the Pokemon will be in the green circle. Just a few attempts will be enough to understand the mechanics of this simple action.

Wild monsters are divided into three categories according to the difficulty of capture, which can be determined by the colored circle in which the pokemon is displayed. If the frame is green - the creature is rather weak and one pokeball will suffice. With yellow you have to sweat, these strong monsters will break out time after time, and it’s almost impossible to defeat the red ones without additional funds. The probability of being caught is influenced by the way you throw a pokeball - if you podgadat time, and throw it at the moment when the tapering target is the least or hit the moving pokemon, the chances of success will be higher. You can also run "Twist" throws - for this you need to unleash pokebol circular movements on the screen, and then run. If you catch the monster in this way, gain additional experience.

Even within the same species, all Pokemons are different. They differ in what attacks they can use and in the number of CPs, which determines the strength of their attacks. CP varies widely, and the higher the level of your character, the stronger instances you will come across.

If you want to spend your time more productively, you can use individual Lure baits or Lure Modules bait modules . You will sometimes give them away when the level rises, but basically you have to buy them for gold coins. Coins can either be received for the protection of Gimov, or buy for real money there, in the store in the app. Items available only for real money in the game.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: Pokemon Go - how to play and catch monsters

If you missed and your pokebol has not yet rolled off the screen, then quickly make a tap on it. This will allow you to re-throw and save discs.

The higher your level, the more rare and strong Pokemon will come across to you. Time of day affects the behavior of Pokemon. If you walk in the evening, you can catch some rare night monsters.

How to play after pokemon is caught

Suppose you managed to catch a Pokemon in Pokemon GO . What to do next? A collection of caught Pokemon is collected in pokedex and you need to strive to fill it completely.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!

For each wild monster you catch, you will get experience ( 100hr for catching, and another 500xp for a new species ), dust ( Stardust ) and poke-candy of the kind that you caught ( 3 pieces ). Dust and candy are used to pump caught monsters: by spending both, you can increase it from the CP, and for a large number of candies ( 12-400 depending on the type ) you can evolve your charges, which not only greatly enhances their combat potential, but and gives you a lot of experience.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photos: personal information about your pokemon and their abilities

Even if you catch a large number of identical monsters, you still do not stop doing it. For this you get experience, candy ( Candy ) and star dust ( Stardust ). Excess Pokemon can always be transferred to the professor for a fee.

Each character has unique characteristics ( life points, attacks, combat points ) that can be pumped by training a monster. In addition, each pokemon can evolve.

But this is not all, for which we need Pokemon. They also know how to fight each other, and they do it in accordance with very intricate rules. Here we only mention that each monster has its own unique characteristics that can be pumped through training. These include hit points ( HP) , combat points ( Combat Points - CP ) and attacks ( Moves ).

Add to this the ability of Pokemon to evolution . This is important for catching a pokemon that is hard to find in nature. For example, if there are a lot of polyvags in your area, but it is difficult to find polyvirls, catch as many polyvags as possible so that one of them eventually evolves into polyvirl. All clear?


In the game there are also Pokestop ( Poke Stops ) - these are special caches, where you can find many useful pieces (pokeballs, pokemon eggs and many more interesting things). Pokestop on the map are marked with a blue marker.

They are found quite often and mark any interesting places like metro stations, monuments, playgrounds and even graffiti on the walls and installations of public art. So, playing Pokemon GO, you can at the same time get acquainted with interesting objects nearby, which previously did not even have any idea. The database migrated to Pokemon Go from Ingress, there is no shortage of Pokestop in our latitudes.

Pokestop recharge every 5 minutes.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photos: pokestop will tell you a lot of interesting things.

Going to Pokestop, it will increase in size and your smartphone will vibrate. You can activate it and you will see a picture of this place in the form of a disk. Tapping on a pokestop on the map will give you supplies like pokebols for catching pokemon, health potions for your charges and eggs, from which someone rare can hatch. To collect the prizes dropped out of the rotating disk of the pokestop, it is not necessary to tap on each of them. Just close this screen, and all bonuses will automatically appear in your inventory.

Eggs and Incubators

During your travels, you will be able to purchase Pokemon eggs, which will become available after you have covered more than one kilometer. They can also be found in pokettopes. If you want to get them faster, then you need to move more. Cycling is great for this purpose, but be aware that you will not be able to fool the system if you roll circles on your car. If you go very fast, the system will not take this factor into account.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: eggs will help grow super strong monsters

After receiving the egg, it will have to "hatch". To start incubation, the egg must be placed in a special container (incubator), which is stored in your inventory (one by default), after which the reading of the distance traveled will begin. When you pass the necessary two, five or ten kilometers, a pokemon will hatch from an egg, and the longer the distance, the rarer and stronger it will be .

Team play

Pokemon GO is also a team game. Upon reaching the fifth level, each coach must choose one of three teams (red, yellow or blue), for the superiority of which he will fight over the others. They are in the towers - Gyms ( Gimy ). The choice of the faction does not matter and you cannot change the side. In any case, no major functional differences between the factions have yet been identified.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: three types of teams in Pokemon GO

The winner is the team, which pokemons have the greatest combat power. The more often a team wins, the more likely it is to seize new training halls at Pokemon GO .

There is no direct interaction between the players yet - PvP battles and the exchange of monsters Niantic has already promised to add in the first big update.


In Pokemon Go, each Gim can be controlled by one team, whose members place their monsters there so that they protect a valuable point from the attacks of competitors. Defending the honor of their team and pursuing their own benefit, players are constantly fighting for control over the Stadiums ( eng. Gyms ), which are found scattered around the map. Battles take place one on one against the opposing team.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: Stadiums (Gimy) at Pokemon GO

Empty hymns are indicated in gray. You can take any of them and leave there one of your Pokemon. One!

A battle in the hymn of your faction pumps your pokemon and enhances the prestige of this hyme. The battle in the anthem of a stranger faction reduces prestige. When it becomes zero, the faction will lose control of this place and you can take it.

With every hymn in which your pokemon is present, you get a profit: 500 units of star dust and 10 coins per day.

The owners of the Pokemon protecting the stadium receive gold coins every day that they keep control. You can buy various useful items such as baits and egg incubators for coins. Another way to get coins is to buy them for real money.

Leaving the pokemon in the stadium, you will not be able to take it back until the enemy team captures it, expelling all defeated defenders from there.

To win the Stadium, the player of the other team must assemble a team (maximum six PokГ © mon) and fight with all the Pokémon defenders in turn without a break. For each victory, the opponent's control over the Stadium (here it is called Prestige) will weaken. When he reaches zero, you can take the vacated point and invite friends from your team to help him defend.


And now the most difficult thing begins, get ready: Pokemons come in 18 different types, and some have a twin type.

In Pokemon Go, battles are pretty primitive: every Pokemon has a basic and additional, more powerful attack. During the battle, a short press on the screen uses a standard attack, and a swipe across the screen allows you to dodge enemy attacks. To use a powerful attack, it must be charged (blue cells under the health bar), and then released by long pressing.

Each type has superiority and weakness relative to the others, and each attack also has a type and receives a bonus if it is used by a monster of the same type. There is a special efficiency table (below) for defining relations between types.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: Pokemon performance table in Pokemon GO

In the battle, you can use several techniques. A quick tap on an opponent triggers a quick attack. Long tap allows you to apply superudar. Swipe left or right allows you to dodge attacks.

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!
Photo: Pokémon Battle at Pokemon GO

The battle in the hyme of your faction can not disable your pokemon. If you win, you get experience points.

Defeating someone else’s faction in the gima will disable your monsters. To revive them and rejuvenate is possible only with the help of special items from your backpack - Potion and Revive.

Something else?

If you like walks and adventures, then explore all the interesting places in your area in search of pokemon and pokestop.

If you like card games and evolution simulators, then collect the full collection of Pokemon and follow their development.

If you prefer team multiplayer games and battles, then fight for control of the hymns and make your team the coolest in the city.

Pokemon GO is a game that gives you exactly what you want. And therefore it is already impossible to break away from it.

Well, now you understand why the whole world has gone mad?

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Pokemon GO - Get Out and Catch!