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Digital drugs + doses


Audio drugs, digital drugs

The program for listening to digital drugs, I-Doser - affects your cerebral hemispheres to reach a certain state depending on the program you choose.

This is achieved using binaural waves, which vary depending on the chosen path of perception. Included are binaural doses for any of the existing moods.

The program includes the effects of drugs based on binaural technology. Now, not a portable version, but ported to the Wintell platform.

Download I-Doser, v5.1 (digital drugs + 100 sentiments) Download I-Doser, v5.1 (digital drugs + 100 sentiments) Download I-Doser, v5.1 (digital drugs + 100 sentiments) Virus Free by KAV
Additional 240 doses of audionarcotics Additional doses of audio drugs Additional doses of audio drugs Virus Free by KAV
I-Doser, v5.1

1. What is i-doser?

I-Doser Labs is a leading manufacturer of audio CDs and computer applications with binaural beats. We use proven and safe scientific methods to synchronize the frequency of the brain; The simulated state can be achieved using our audio CDs, or the I-Doser application, and high-quality stereo headphones. Our binaural technologies have been refined over the years of research and experimentation. Thousands of people are already satisfied with the result, and I-Doser continues to lead among programs of this kind as the only safe and effective method to create a mood or to gain some listening experience.

Recreational Simulation CDs and MP3s are collections of binaural doses on standard audio CDs or MP3 files. Each record contains certain binaural beats that synchronize the frequency of the listener's brain with the rhythm. With special auditory vibrations, sounds are combined to facilitate entry into a meditative state in which binaural rhythms more easily affect your brain and immerse you in states of good mood, euphoria, calming down, or even hallucinations. IPods, other MP3 players and regular CD players are suitable for listening to audio CDs and MP3 I-Doser. I-Doser is the best computer program with which you can experience different moods and experiences (as already mentioned, thanks to the use of binaural rhythms). Use I-Doser to play purchased doses. Each downloaded I-Doser program includes two free doses.

2. Does I-Doser really work?

All doses of I-Doser are tested by a group of people who consider themselves experienced in modifying binaural rhythms. Not a single dose is allowed for sale until its efficiency has been proven by the overwhelming majority of testers. We found that I-Doser users fall into 3 categories:

  • - susceptible to binaural beats
  • - Initially immune to binaural rims
  • - Having a peculiar immunity to binaural rhythms

Therefore, we provide several free doses with the program so that you can check whether binaural rhythms affect you. Some users have noted that the result may appear only after some time after several attempts. We can only offer you to try I-Doser yourself. The following factors may affect the success of a dose application: taking a dose in a calm environment, damaged or low-quality headphones, improper playback volume. These topics will be covered further in the FAQ. Before purchasing Recreational Simulation CDs or MP3s, we recommend that you try free doses to see if I-Doser is acting on you.

3. Is I-Doser secure?

Absolutely! I-Doser has been tested on people of different ages and has proven to be a completely safe tool. However, doses labeled as “Strong” or long-acting doses are strongly discouraged for use when driving or driving a vehicle. Use doses in such conditions in which you would apply the preparations prescribed by the doctor.

4. How to use the dose?

It is very simple with Recreational Simulation CD. Select a recording and listen to it through high-quality stereo headphones. Recreational MP3 can be listened to on an iPod or other MP3 players. Using the I-Doser program, you can pay the dose and download it after payment is confirmed. The dose is opened and played by the I-Doser program. Each dose has a description of the effect it produces. You can use each dose as many times as you wish, if you have I-Doser v4.5 installed.

5. Can I use I-Doser instead of medicines prescribed to me?

Of course not! I-Doser and purchased doses are entertaining. Although we are confident that the desired effect is achieved, I-Doser will not replace medicines prescribed to you by your doctor.

6. Can I get rid of drug addiction with I-Doser?

Yes and no. We received a lot of emails from users who used i-doser to overcome their drug addiction. I-Doser was not intended as a means of combating addiction, and we strongly recommend using professional help to those people who want to get rid of drug addiction. But if I-Doser provides assistance along with professional services, we are only happy to learn about this use of our product.

7. Is it permissible to combine the drugs that I usually take and the doses of I-Doser?

Yes. I-Doser will not in any way interfere with the effects of medicines prescribed by a doctor. Regarding drugs, we received a lot of emails in which people reported that I-Doser helps to cope with drug addiction. But we cannot recommend combining illegal drugs and doses supplied by I-Doser Labs. Any illegal drug can be dangerous, so we will not take responsibility for users who experiment with combining doses of I-Doser and drugs.

8. How long does the dose effect last?

We conducted a lot of research to find out and give our users the most accurate answer. But in fact it turned out that the time of the action can not be determined exactly. It depends on the ability of your brain to restore normal operation. See "How to prolong the duration of a dose effect?"

9. What should be done to get the maximum result from the dose?

Several steps can be taken to increase the dose potential. We believe this desire is quite natural for those who try the dose. First of all, you need to calm down. It is recommended to take the dose in solitude, lying in a darkened room. Make sure nothing distracts you, no noise! At the time of use, only you and the dose should exist. We recommend using high-quality stereo headphones, or headphones, which I-Doser Labs scientists use to develop doses listed on Listen to the recording at a soft, comfortable volume, not too loud, just relax and free your mind from thoughts. Let the dose do all the work. Listen to the entire dose and remove the headphones only after listening.

10. How to increase the duration of the dose effect?

We conducted many tests with I-Doser in order to get the maximum effect from each dose. It seems that the duration of the effect depends on how quickly your brain returns to its original state. We recommend carefully reading the dose description and taking into account the experience of previous doses.

11. All I hear is hissing and squeaking?

I-Doser plays two separate binaural beats through stereo headphones. There is a difference in the frequency of the sound signals sent to the ears; it is mixed with the rhythm and is fed against the background of white noise. Hissing or interference is white noise, it is absolutely normal and natural for the dose. For clarification, see the following FAQ questions.

12. Do I need headphones? Or can I listen to the dose through the speakers?

Headphones REQUIRED. You will not achieve any effect by listening to the dose through the computer speakers. Binaural beats are based on the simultaneous delivery of different sound signals isolated from each other into each ear. This is not possible through the speakers. The better the quality of the headphones, the better the result. Visit to order headphones that are best suited for this purpose.

13. And if my headphones do not reach a comfortable place, for example, a bed?

This problem has three solutions. First, you can listen to the recordings just by sitting at the computer with eyes closed. In addition, you can buy an extension cord and stretch it to a convenient place for you. Finally, you can buy wireless headphones. Visit to find out which headphones the dose developers used.

14. What headphones do you recommend?

Please visit We have listed the appropriate headphones used by scientists to create doses. Using these headphones, you will get the best results.

Наркотик это яд

Any drug is the strongest poison that destroys the entire body. Damage caused by taking drugs is irreversible. Drugs affect primarily the nervous system and the brain.

As a result of exposure to narcotic substances, the intellectual abilities of a person are reduced, and he gradually becomes stupid, reaching idiocy. Changes in the brain under the influence of the drug can be compared with schizophrenia. Therefore, it would be completely fair to agree with the statement that drug addiction is voluntary madness.

Changing the nature of man. He becomes lethargic, apathetic, and withdrawn. He is not interested in anything. Friends do not stand up for long in his society and in the end turn away from him. The brain and psyche of a person change irreversibly. They are not fully recovered, even with timely withdrawal from the drug.

Наркотик это яд