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Prince of Persia on MSDos (DOSBox) emulator (remember childhood)

Оригинальный Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia (in translation from English - "Prince of Persia") - a series of computer games in the genre of action-adventure . The first game of the series was created by Jordan Mechner and the company Brøderbund. The subsequent games of the series have different names, they were developed and published by different companies. Legendary game created in 1990 for consoles Dandy. The game was made on Dos, but now you can play it on our site and remember your childhood.

Description of the online game "Prince of Persia": the rules did not change at all, the essence of this rally is to get to the exit without being hit on any trap! The hero became more flexible, now he can jump on his haunches, make jumps of different range of landing.

Original Prince of Persia

JSMESS port MESS (Multi Emulator Super System, part of the MAME project)

MESS (Multi Emulator Super System, part of the MAME project) is one of the oldest emulators of home computers, game consoles and scientific calculators. It differs in that it supports not one processor or architecture, but about 250 different systems. JSMESS is the MESS JavaScript port, developed by Jason Scott on the order of the Internet Archive. JSMESS is available on along with an impressive catalog of games and software for various ancient platforms. Interestingly, to emulate a PC as a layer, DOSBox is used here. But if this affects productivity, then it's insignificant: you can at least now drive to Prince of Persia , and it will work no worse than when he used to have a "daddy" with his father at work.