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How to choose the right wine for food

Как подобрать вино к еде

Wine (lat. Vinum) is an alcoholic drink (strength: natural - 9-16% by volume, fortified - 16-22% by volume) obtained by full or partial alcoholic fermentation of grape juice (sometimes with the addition of alcohol and other substances - the so-called "fortified wine"). The science that studies wine is enology.

Aperitif (fr. Aperitif, from the Latin. Aperire “open”) is a dish (as a rule, low-alcohol drink), served before meals and causes appetite, salivation and improves digestion.

The rule “red is for meat, white is for fish” is still in effect, but still the world of wine-gastronomic combinations is somewhat more diverse. We publish simple rules, following which you learn how to choose the right wine for your dish and products for which it is very difficult to choose a wine .

How to choose the right wine for food


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