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Interesting facts about mushrooms

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Mushrooms (Latin Fungi or Mycota) - a kingdom of living nature, uniting eukaryotic organisms, combining some of the signs of both plants and animals. Mushrooms are studying the science of mycology, which is considered to be a division of botany, since previously mushrooms were referred to the plant kingdom.

For many years there have been discussions around the benefits of mushrooms. Some experts say that mushrooms are heavy food, which is very difficult to digest and absorbed by the body. Some people consider this product to be a real miracle, which fills the body with useful vitamins and microelements. Scientists still can not agree on the opinion of mushrooms.

It is known that even the most experienced mushroom pickers know about mushrooms that collect far from everything. The editors collected and share information that will help you get the most out of mushrooms and correctly add them to your diet.

Do not wash

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It turns out that it is impossible to wash mushrooms, because water not only destroys the structure of the fungus, but also spoils the taste.

Experienced mushroom pickers advise simply to brush the dirt with a brush before storing.

Increase immunity

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If you have a weak immune system, you should definitely include mushrooms in the diet.

The impact of this product on the body is even compared with the influence of vaccination against influenza.

Surprisingly, mushrooms can even relieve you of allergies and arthritis.

Produce vitamin D

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Being a long time under sunlight, mushrooms can "sunbathe".

Thanks to this in their cells, vitamin D begins to be actively produced.

But this property is not inherent in artificially grown mushrooms, as they are grown in the dark.

They can not be attributed to either animal or plant foods

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We are accustomed to divide the products into vegetable or animal food, and usually it is not difficult.

But mushrooms are a special case. Neither meat eaters nor vegetarians can recognize them as their food.

After numerous studies, scientists began to recognize the almost animal origin.

Therefore, vegetarians should consider whether it is worth replacing meat with mushrooms.

Contain vitamin B12

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It is believed that vitamin B12 can be properly absorbed by the human body if it gets into it from food of animal origin.

Scientists have conducted a number of studies that have proved that vitamin B12 contained in champignons is as useful and accessible to the body as it is in the beef liver and fish.

This discovery is particularly pleased with vegetarians, since they do not consume animal food, and vitamin B12, which is necessary for normal functioning, is contained only in it.

They have a "fifth taste"

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Mushrooms contain natural amino acids, glutamate and ribonucleotides, which form "minds"

This is the very fifth taste, which fully exists together with sour, sweet, bitter and salty.

"Umami" translates as "meat taste", it is thanks to him that vegetarians replace fungi with meat.

Prevent the onset of cancer

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Japanese scientists conducted studies that proved that populations actively consuming fungi suffer from cancer more rarely, those who abstain from this product.

At the moment, studies are still being carried out, which are aimed at confirming that fungi decrease the activity of already accumulated cancer cells.

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If you like mushrooms, you should not deny yourself such a pleasure definitely. But in order not to become a victim of unscrupulous sellers, always make sure that the mushrooms are firm, elastic and dry .

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Also, experienced mushroom pickers are advised to try the freshly cut mushroom at least once.

That's how you can feel its true taste.

But those who are new to mushrooming, please do not experiment and carefully select the edible mushrooms.

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