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cariot (fishtail) / caryota

It belongs to the areca family (palm trees).

General description: This palm got its name because of the peculiar outlines of drooping leaves that have “torn” margins. It grows up to 1.5 meters. The most common species is Caryota mitis (Cariot mild). It is densely covered with wedge-shaped green leaves. In Caryota urens, triangular leaves do not grow so thick.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Kariota:

Illumination : Needs bright but diffused light.

Irrigation mode : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter. Does not love in any way overflowing, nor drying up of the earth.

Humidity : Needs frequent spraying (2 times a day), especially in summer or in a well-heated place.

In the summer it is better to place in a fresh atmosphere (in the park or on the balcony), in a room protected from the wind and from direct sunlight.

Temperature : Moderate, optimally 14-18 ° C, maximum 22 ° C in summer and winter.

Soil : Requires benign drainage. Allowed to add charcoal or expanded clay.

Recommended soil mishmash: 2 elements of clay-sod land, 2 elements of pustane-leaf soil, 1 share of peat, 1 part of rotted manure and 1 share of sand.

During the period of growth it needs regular supplements 1 time a week with liquid complex fertilizers or special fertilizers for palm trees.

Breeding : Crushing during transplantation. Also at soil heating seeds are sown.

Transplant : Cariot does not like transplant. Transplanted in the spring, only at what time the pot is made close (the roots begin to grow through the drainage holes).

Pests : affected by spider mites (in a dry atmosphere, leaves and stalks are woven over the web), mealy worms (covered with a snow-white cotton-like gun), scutes (brown plaques appear on the leaves and stalks, leaving sticky secretions).

In these cases, the plant must be sprinkled with insecticide solutions (actellic, decyst, fitoverm, etc.) until the cure is full.

Karyota (Fishtail) - Caryota

cariot (fishtail) - caryota