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cissus / cissus

Refers to the family of grape.

General description : Cissus is an evergreen vine with antennae stretching towards the light. The ideal support is a tube with moss. You can grow and look like an ampel plant.

Usually in the indoor setting the following species are bred:

Cissus antarctica (Cissus Antarctic) owns bright leathery leaves up to 10 cm long, hastily grows, reaches 2.5 m in length. Has a compact variation.

Cissus discolor (Cissus multicolored) owns leaves up to 15 cm long, with silvery and light purple spots. The underside of the leaf is red. Quite demanding in nursing.

Cissus striata (Cissus striped) owns red stems and small leaves up to 2, 5 cm in length, young leaves have a pink color.

Recommendations for the care of the plant Cissus:

Illumination : Needs bright, but diffused light.

Irrigation regime : Abundant during growth, moderate in winter

He does not adore overflow, nor the drying out of the earth.

Humidity of air : It loves high humidity, it is necessary to spray often, periodically to wash under a shower. Keep away from drafts.

Temperature regime : Optimum 15-18 ° С, minimum 10-12 ° С, for Cissus multicolored, minimum 16 ° С.

Soil : Recommended soil mix: 1 share of turf, 1 share of leaf, 1 share of peat land, 1 share of humus, 1 share of sand.

During the growth period, it needs fertilizing once a week with liquid complex fertilizers.

Breeding : by apical and stem cuttings in spring and summer.

Transplantation : Young plants are transplanted annually, mature, older than three years are transplanted after a couple of years, but annually replace the upper layer of the earth.

Pests : Affected by a spider mite (in a dry atmosphere, leaves and stems are braided with cobwebs), scabbards (brown plaques appear on leaves and stems, leaving sticky discharge).

With a small infection, the plant is allowed to help finish with a soap solution and a warm wash.

In case of severe damage, spraying with an insecticide solution is recommended.

Cissus rhomboid

Cissus Antarctic

Cissus colored

cicus rhomboid

a kind of cisus of the rhombo variety Elen Danica

cissus antarctic

cissus colored