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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

11.1.4. Contracts for Lama Date

Proteas in international trade often fall in such a way that the payment date is valid and payable per line, but you can not get paid with standard terms for laying forward land , for example, for 45 or 98 days. So please try to name the land on the laman date (broken date). Termon the weekend, please lie between two houses with standard terms (with the so-called “short” and “finish” periods). On the basis of the forward points of two of the closest standard dates and the premium / discount on the date of the lama. In such courses of exchange rate, two of the closest dates last for most of the days, and the result is multiplied by the number of days between the date and the last date. On hold is the number of forward points of forward points. Mostly the region has a wiggle’s formula, then there’s such a wiggly matima:

forward point on laman date

de fwd BD - forward points on a laman date;

fwd D - forward points of the first period;

fwd d - forward points of a short period;

D - number of days per period;

d - number of days per short period;

BD - the number of days until the lamino date.

Butt. On the 12th worm, the client turned around to the bank with the shit to pay the forward contract, pay off, but you must go on the 26th lipny, for such a wise client you should buy the American dollars for Euro. It is imperative to follow the exchange rate, for which a contract will be laid down, for remember, the bank will be quoted the following rates for selling the US dollar:

EUR / USD 0.9535

1m fwd 15 pm

2m fwd 32 pm.

The date of the end of the given forward contract є non-standard, closest standard dates є: 14 days, the one-month forward rate is quoted on this date (contract period 30 days), and that 14-year sickle is two-month forward (contract period 61 days). Period between the date of the spot and the date of the end of the contract for the laman, the date becomes 42 days.

Rosrahuєmo Prize:

32 - [(32 - 15) / (61 - 30) • (61 - 42)] ”22.

Forward rate bude: 0.9535 + 0.0022 = 0.9557.