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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk



A wide document has a wide range of materials - a material object, for which one has the best method of recording information about singing facts. Please understand that you’ll expand on letters and documents, bookmarks, documents, diagrams, punch cards, telegraphic and teletype pages, magnetic pages, phonographic documents, computer codes, typewritten text, which are available.

The subject of criminal reporting is letters and typewritten documents, on some kind of hassle (signs) closed thoughts of people, singing, and the fact. As a rule, for documentation purposes, the basis (papier for writing, newspaper, newspaper, cardboard) must be put on the yak for the auxiliary barvnik (nibbled, graze, carcasses, stamps and other farby, olivschy) to put the information in the country.

Documents to be taken for the form (by size, by the appearance of singing requisites, by-laws, typing and stamping, material) and by the following:

• for the nominations - those who wish to honor the song factual rights; and those who seek revenge on the singer’s information of a predetermined nature;

• like a dzherel - official, which is similar to state authorities, institution, organization, organization, organization, organization and private property, and to enter into them;

• for the method of photography - handwritten, drunkenly, printed in drunkish and polygraphic ways;

• for holidays - original and copy.

Відповідно up to Art. 78 of the CCP of Ukraine, documents are invaded by verbal evidence, most likely by means of obedience to the filth, they saved the evil of chi boules on the subject of evil deeds, and also they can be but by the interruption of vicious deeds and vikritty vinrit. In the case of any additional problems there is a document of self-proof dzherelom evidence, they have been incorporated into them as arranged, as may be significant for reference (Article 83 of the CPC of Ukraine). Necessarily mean, scho at Art. 83 of the CCP of Ukraine, de about the documents as self-proof dzherelo proofs, toil on respect not only letters, but be documents.

As a matter of fact, the document is verifiable proof, the following is guilty of a detailed description of the protocol, I’m looking for the opportunity to take photographs and report them by criminal order.

For the additional technical and criminal expertise, we’ve developed the following basic commissions:

• set the way to get the document and that okremich fragments;

• signify the fact and the way the payment was made to the document;

• vidnovlyuyut shkodzhenі (bedrooms, roses, zotlіlі) documents;

• visualize weakly visible and invisible records in documents;

• establish the old age of documentation;

• Identify the document behind the last parts, cars, establish the group (clan) the age of the barbarian, the father of the last material of the letter.

The technical and criminal expertise is not virichnu nutrition for help but forgery of documents, moreover, we are entitled to keep the court up to the competence.

The technical and criminal expertise of documents in which we can have been designated as the last hour of the forefront and the ship's foreclosure of criminal reference, so the first hour of examining the civil reference. The right to award such an examination may be given to notaries and postponed individuals, as well as to notarized documents, as well as the applicability of the submitted document in them sum.