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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

2.3 Bringing food to guard

For the purpose of organizing the supply of food, the bureaucrats must pay for robots, and in structural units - for maintenance and repair. Monitoring of the day spent on starting health service protection.

Navigation and overwork knowledge and protection of human rights is carried out for all human rights, as well as hiring a job and periodically in the process of labor activity.

The form of conversion is knowledge of safety and security за ispit for examination tickets.

It is up to the standard rules of internal labor order for robots, who are hired to work with jobs, need to follow the rules of labor requirements, labor rules and technical safety rules. With the help of methodology, on-site visits are carried out. Behind the character and the hour of the past, the stench is spent on the introductory, first, repeated, pre-scheduled and complete.

Introductory instruction of the employees as well as services to go to the cob of labor activity when they accept a job.

An introductory briefing to conduct special services for the service of the guard of praci abo person, yaki for the penalty paid for obov'yazki.

The program and the practice of hardening the robot master.

Pid hour іnstruktazhu robіtnikam poyasnyuyut osoblivostі i character virobnichoї dіyalnostі, osnovnі vimogi bezpechnoї organіzatsії robochem mіsts, order koristuvannya sanіtarno-pobutovimi primіschennyami th nadannya pershoї Relief in razі neschasnih vipadkіv and takozh Vidi vіdpovіdalnostі for nevikonannya vimog receptionists pratsі, zagalnoї rules that osobistoї gіgієni she Lots Other .

A note about the introductory technical training for a special magazine, as well as documents about taking a specialist to work.

The first instruction on working hours is to conduct a robotic work, but the master isn’t only able to work on a robot, but only once the work is translated into one kind of work for the last.

For the first time, instructing the wizard to know how to work with the technician for the type of labor, instructing for this profession, using robotic methods, operating rules, and learning to use it, you need to

Depends on the nature of the robot, upon completion of the initial instruction on a working day, a practitioner with a length of 2 to 15 years is required to undergo training for special purposes, which is indicated by punishment.

The instruction was completed by the viconaut to work at the journal of the initial instruction on the workplace.

Repeated instruction periodically on a working day is carried out at the line one by one until the graph is hardened by the head engineer, but we can’t re-enter three months for most of them on robots six times.

You have to look at the instruction manual in order to know the knowledge of the technology of safety, to know how to forget about it for a long time, to have the power of people’s memory, as well as to carefully observe the legal regulations.

A pre-scheduled instruction on working hours is carried out by the priests for such circumstances:

  • in case of a technological process, they have introduced new regulatory acts, which have been destroyed in practice;
  • when the robot has a break for 30 calendar days, it’s not easy to work for robots and 60 days for work;
  • when the authorities of the sovereign seem to have been unaware of the practical principles of careless practices, the normative acts and the protection of practices.

The pre-instructed instruction ends with re-knowledge and knowledge of the experience of non-custodial practices.

Tsіloviy іnstruktazh to conduct a kurivnik robіt at such vipadka:

  • at the time of one-time robotic work, I don’t have to do anything with other things;
  • in case of accident, elemental dangers and even negative negligence;
  • during the work, on the check-outs, clearance permits are issued, as well as dialing in documents.

Tsіloviy іnstrukta including vіdomostі about the appointment and nature of the arrears, virobnichi furnishings, possible nezsepeka, non-standard situations during the weekend of labor operations and fiksuєyutsya in the order of admission, with permission to carry out the given.

Rivne knowledge recognized by the princes in the process of coming to power to protect the princes є one of the main principles of sovereign policy in the sphere of protection of prazі. In view of the effectiveness of the great world to lay down the level of injuries and occupational abuse in the minds of virology.