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Rhetoric - T. Gritsenko

Lecture 7. Practical aspects of ship rhetoric

Sudova Promova

Sudova Promova - the whole promo, was prosecuted and prosecuted by those who were involved in judicial and public prosecution when looking at criminal, civil, administrative help, as well as trying to find out how to help others.

If you are in court with a promissory note, the prosecutor and lawyer will not be able to get your bags for legal review, but you must have your best judgment, analyze your evidence, keep your eyes on the lawyer, you must have , grasped.

Згідно зі ст. 318 of the CCP of Ukraine, in court debates, in addition to the prosecutor’s attorney (zahisnik), there may be a lot of accusations for the accused and the clerk, the patient and the civil representative, the civil representatives and the clerks payday.

In the civil process in the court debate, the fate may be: the positivate and representative; vidpovіdach that yogo representative; the third person, yak declared self-identified vimogi, that representative; the third person without independent vimogs, optimized authorities of the sovereign administration, professional associations, sovereign government, establish, cooperative organizations and their representatives, representatives of the huge organizations and labor collectors (19).

Sudova promo of the sovereign accuser at the criminal process with his serpentine maє: a huge-political assessment of the zlochin and the individual court; a description of the warehouse zlochin, a kind of more analysis of the zibranich and the transfer of evidence to the ship and evidence that they have their own position of fault of the court, qualified, and miscalculated.

Sudova Promova, a huge accuser, is guilty on behalf of imprisoning the clergyman and those individuals of the pooled community organization, who have also been advised to participate in the court review.

Ships Promote a civil servant and a civil servant anyhow their main servant is to give food, as well as to go to bed by the zoin of mainstream skoda.

Sudova promova of a gigantic breeder is fixed for the weekend funeral. I have a gigadsky zysisnik wiklad to a court of his own right with a drive: arrange, what can you blame the guilty of the court or the truth of yogi; may pom'yakshennya youmu

Sudova was promoted by a pro-henchman, amused with his function in criminal processes - a function of seizure and improvement of order of legitimate interest of his own.

Replica - a part of a ship’s promiscuity, mainly designed for short, in the simple form, to deny the court respect for twisted facts, dominance and fundamentally wrong judges allowed by participants in debates at their promises (Article 318 of the CPC of Ukraine).

Ship to the court to inculcate in the form of the internal reconciliation of the judiciary, to assist the court in the best possible manner in all the necessary informations, to ensure that you are fully furnished, to establish the correct information.

On zmіst і the form of ship Promotions ought to infuse the character and the oath of reference, the person of the rhetorician, the ship's auditorium.

Head of the ship promo є її їїї Зміст і rumki rhetoric.

You can see the following at a ship’s court when looking at criminal, civil, administrative, government, and gospodar certificates:

1. The prosecutor in charge of criminal rights in the court of law in Kazakhstan is convicted.

2. Promotional prosecutor in criminal justice at the court of law charged with the court of law.

3. Zakhisna promo lawyer in criminal justice in court of first instances.

4. Promotional lawyer - a representative of a patient, civilian posivach and civil vidpovidacha.

5. Samozahisna promova p_sudnogo.

6. Promov patient і th representative.

7. Promotions of a civilian positivist and civilian vidpovіdacha anyway representative (at the boundaries of civilian I will call in the criminal right).

8. Promote the prosecutor of the first lawyer in the civil right at the court of the first Instance.

9. Promote the prosecutor of the first lawyer in the administrative right.

10. Promote the prosecutor of the first lawyer in the criminal and civil right at the court of other instances.

11. Promote a huge accuser and a huge henchman in the criminal right.

12. Promote posivacha and vidpovіdacha of any official representatives at the civil right.

13. Promote the third osb abo іkhnіh representative at the civil right.

14. Promote the authorized bodies of the sovereign government, trade union, industrial enterprises, the establishment of cooperative organizations and their obedience at the civil right.

15. Promote the representatives of the huge and labor collectives of the civil right.

16. Promote osb, so be attracted to the administrative office, that representative.

17. Promov of the patient in the administrative reference.

18. Zakhisna promova of close relatives, opikuniv abo pikvuvalnik і pіdsudnogo in criminal reference.

19. Promo of a lawyer (representative of a party) in case of state support to the state court.

20. Promova prosecutor pіdtrimannі I will call in gospodarsky court_.

Vihodyachi from the subject of a ship’s charge, you’ll have to understand the structure and that ’s the price of a prosecutor’s prosecution at the time of the prosecution:

  • the week-end of the actual furnishings of the right, as if the stink of boulevard was established as an front office;
  • application for non-accused in court - about vidmova vid accused;
  • analysis and assessment of evidence, zbranih and doshenich pid hour before and ship;
  • factual furnishings and legal acts of the sovereign accused;
  • the reasons for the non-primed attraction of an individual who has been accused of being criminally criminal, propositional, and more common;
  • propositions about the renewal of infringement of the rights of the court;
  • Propositions about falsifying a share of help.

While you are in theory and practice of ship’s rhetoric, you can see the three main ambushes of ship ship: psychology, ethics and logic . The skin from them is infused, not only on the ship’s ship, but on the way.

With a shipman’s promo, please wait for a song, ideas, bring, offer, offer.

The psychological structure of the ship's debates has such components as specific features, including the psychological power of the governing body, the psychological psychology of rushing and pouring the rest on the form of the ship reconnection.

The structure of the ship's debates has such a function of ship promotion, as it is informative and informative .

Courts of debate I can see the best way to save money, to communicate, to give way to thoughts and judges. The whole form of judicial rhetoric of their own procedural positions, the process of interchange between them. Have a large number of ships promoted - a comunicative call, a way to realize a comunicative function.

Ship Promotional Visa Functionality. Promov of the skin participant of the court debates is guilty of not only reporting the progress, but the first, correct, correct reporting. Primer of visnovka and proposition, so that promo may be argued, provable, reckless.

There is a leather court rhetorician who has his own procedural position, analysis and choice of evidence, the formula of his card and his first statement, as well as the legal process of processing.

Sudova auditorium - singing the number of people at the ship’s hall, as if taking part in the examination, if you can help it, otherwise it is necessary. Cleverly, you can distribute to the Chotiri group:

1) professional participants in the process (judging, prosecutor, lawyer, court secretary);

2) representatives of the enormous number (enormous zakhisnik, enormous accuser, representatives of enormous organizations and labor collectives), to have a look at the ship’s court for their own enormous, moral clauses;

3) participants in the process, registered with the legal authorities (payday, patience, posivac, official representatives and representatives), as well as those who were requested to pay for them to pay the rest in advance by law (certificates, transfers);

4) the public, the yak came from different motives and sponukan, ale all of them about the interest to the process of this reference.

In order to reach your mark, set the ship’s rhetoric in front of you, so you need to get the audience to the whole ship. For the whole Warto good audience, audiences, motives, interests, reconfiguration.

I can attract the audience and give the song hour such prioms, as:

  • direct vimoga respect respect vid hearing;
  • pause;
  • the voice of the sounding voice;
  • beast before hearing rumors із nourished, we’ll get promoted;
  • nespodіvane overdone thoughts;
  • coax movable viralities (referrals, orders, humor, sparkly images);
  • tin, mіmіka, ruhi.

Preparation of ship Promotions are distributed on the basis of the following: zbir materials, analysis of materials, systematization of materials, letters of preparation.

Zbіr materіalіv repair in the process of vіvchenchenya criminalії help. These records, like I can do but in promises, I need to be a bit more like something else.

I’ve got a hint of zbir materials for promo ром we will forgive the piles of evidence and thoughts. With an hour, at the time of the expansion and the loss of shipboard service, the zbіr materials will accelerate.

An analysis of the materials for a ship for a boat on the cob of dyalnosti if you need help, as a rule, is of an anterior nature. On this occasion, it’s important to take care of everything that you need to analyze, so that you turn around one hour to one and the same thoughts and overhaul them.

Preparing a ship’s promo - it’s possible to evaluate the facts, improve and systematize the facts, update the procedure, prove the correctness of the proof, and give the last thought of the May Promotions.

The oversight of the written training can be better and worse for the character of the help, the auditor, the qualified prosecutor and the attorney who have complete furnishings.

Proceed to the systematization of materials more quickly, if the necessary materials are available for reference. Reznі fact, yakі pіdtverdzhuyut one th that very idea, allow you to overload the ignition of the bows. Judicial rhetor fіksuє visnovok, and the order rozmіshchuє prove that you have the right visnovok pіdkrіplyuyut. So vinikaє group mіrkuvan, z'єdnana zagalnym visnovkom.

Having finished the systematization of materials and the last message, the rhetorician should proceed to the early preparation of the ship forwarding.

Naikrasha is a form of preparation of a ship's promo - for storing up detailed details of a promo.