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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.4.3. Analytical region rozrahunkіv z pratsyuyuchimi

Rosrachunks with a practical method for processing documents are to be inserted in rozrahunkovs of standard forms No. П-50 and No. П-52, or rose-and-pink ones with standard form No. П-49.

Rozrahunkovі vidomostі for the salary payment of the principal for a month are stored at the rate of "Pay the salary", "Loaned, transferred, paid, paid", "Put down on the first day of the sum to pay".

Rozrahunkovo-payment in view of the opportunity to function: in the first place, for the help they want to come to see the shopping malls in prazuyuchimy, in a different way, stink є the shape of the analytic region of the shopping mall "Rozraunki pay for the price." Indicators of the whole rahun are victorious for soundness as well.

For the payment of salary pay, you can pay the rate of payment, add to the yak an additional column “Letter of receipt about the receipt of the certificate for the type”. As a viewer, pay for a friend half of the monthly fee for payment at home, keep up with accountants for the skin shop, showroom, and then hold the account for payment at home.

From the amount of the salary paid, insured by the applicable law, you may be rescued only by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a surcharge of allowance, alimony of the salary of letters of liability with the provisions of the courts and administrative authorities, paid for.

Vіdrakhuvannya for viconavchayuschikh leaflets to circumnavigate in the manner prescribed by law.

The salary of the principal is to be seen stretching out for a month (on business days, in organizations, establishments - once), at the front end - for the first half month and the remaining cut-off - for a friend.

For the type of paid pay є rozrahunkovo-pay_vidomosti.

B.3.4.4. Obligatory pay in system rakhunkіv

The area of ​​rozrakhunkіv behind the salary is maintained on two subrachunas of the rakhunka “Rozrakhunki z pay pratsі”. The loan subrachine —1 was presented with an insurance payment, and in the loan subrachka —2 — the salary was deposited. At debit rakhunka I’m imagining all of my vidrahuvannya, pererahuvannya i viplati. To the credit balance of the whole rachunka showing the goiter’s involvement in front of the percussionists on the first the number of cutaneous offensive for the last month.

The amount of the pay and pay was imagined as accounting records at the deposits of the accepted variant of the cost area.

If pіdprimstvo vikoristovu rahunki "Vitrati for elements", then the entries will be as follows:

First record.

Debit of a rakhunka "Spend on payment

Credit rahunka "Rozrakhunki z pay pratsі"

The other for the loan “Spend on the payment of funds” and the debit of different expenses for the assigned expenses.

Yakshcho pidprimstvo not vikoristovє rachunok "Spend on the payment of money", then on the basis of the detailed table will be such a record:

the debit of the costs of the annual expenses for the due costs: “Basically, the fee” - the fee for the work of the main costs;

“Additional virobnitstva” - the pay of the robot of additional virobnitstva;

“Consolidated sales” - the salary of the employees, insured for overseeing, servicing and repairing the ownership of the main workshops, the salary of the technical and technical staff, service and maintenance staff;
"Administrative Vitrati" - the pay of the administrative and managerial and service staff of the factory management;

“Servicing and government grants” - the pay of labor and communal state grants;

“Rozrakhunok for insurance” - a sum of insured help with timeless impartiality;

“Unsupported lodging” for “Funds of economic stimulation” - sums of premiums, insured for a racket of money to the fund of material abuse;

“Reserve of on-going vitrates and payments” - sums of initial, insured robots;

loan subrachun "Rozrahunki pay pratsі."

Wages paid, wages, bonuses, help with hourly impairment, pensions (pratsuyuchim), deposits are scanty, as well as payment, payment of the documents, as well as the law,

Debit , subrachunk —1 “Rosrachunks for payment pracі”,

Loan of loans to “Kasa”, subrachoon — 2 “Rozrakhunki with payroll and payments”, “Rozrakhunka with additional lenders”, “Rozrakhunki with lower operations” (for wicked documents) and so on.

Oblіk not otrimanno regularly pay and pay . At the same time, do not repay the sum of the insured salary (through the non-appearance of the indemnity) to re-pay the deposited salary with the following entry:

The debit of the subrachoon —1 “Rosrachunks for the saliva”,

Loan subrachunk — 2 “Deposit rakrahunka”.

Remove from the bank pennies for the type of salary you pay, but do not pay off immediately, turn to the bank, which is in kind for the first quarter of the month (organization).

The analytical deposit area is payable at the bottom (cards) of the deposit deposit area, but it is always available in the registers of not visible pay deposits, which are stored in cashier.

There are several types of subsidiary salary payments that can be stored in the following way: debit of subrachunk — 2 “Rozrakhunka by depositors” and credit of the rashkah “Kasa”.